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Wing Luke Museum
2013.030.001 Letter Letter to Mrs. Shaughnessy from Annie Shimasaki in a WRA relocation camp. Detailed information on camp personnel and logistics
2013.033 Report Compiled information about Japanese employement and housing in the late 19th and early 20th century. Notes on Japanese Employment and Housing
2013.033.001 Document Draft of book, Up Hill: The Settlement and Diffusion of the Chinese in Seattle, Washington. Some maps and typed pates
2013.033.002 Document Chapter 1, "The Roots" and Introduction, typed
2013.033.003 Document Stapled, typed draft of Uphill: The Settlement and Diffusion of the Chinese in Seattle, Washington. 60 pages
2013.033.004 Document Typed document: Seattle's International District: The making of a pan Asian American community, Second Edition
2013.033.005 Notes Handwritten notes on notepad and in spiral notebook
2013.033.006 Pamphlet Records in the NATIONAL ARCHIVES- PACIFIC SIERRA REGION for the Study of Ethnic History. Reference information Paper 83 National Archives and Records Administration 1994
2013.033.007 Pamphlet We the People: Asians in the United States Census 2000 Special Reports, Issued 2004 by US Census Bureau
2013.033.008 Article The Chinese and Green Gold: Lumbering in the Sierras. Sue Fawn Chung University of Nevada, Las Vegas. 27 Pages.
2013.033.009 Article Newspaper article, "Spellman's Office Occupied," February 4, 1975 Seattle Times.
2013.033.011 Report South Downtown Construction June 2000 Update
2013.033.013 Report Examines Wards Cove civil rights case. Representative of historical legislative acts to protect civil rights. Wards Cove and the Reconstruction of Civil Rights
2013.033.014 Booklet Seattle's Character
2013.033.015 Article Printed Exerpt Printed January 27, 2003 Brief survey of Chinese immigration 1860-1965
2013.033.018 Article Calendar made in 1984 with pictures of the Northwest Issei and Nisei from before 1942. The Way it Was
2013.033.019 Exercise, School University of Washington term paper by Edmon Lee examining the exclusion of Asian Americans. The Exclusion of Asians in the Minority Process
2013.033.020 Application Application for approval of Pioneer Alaskero Project. A traveling exhibit of photographs and text documenting the first wave of Filipino immigrants to the U.S. Final Application
2013.033.024 Article News article about Dr. Choh Hao Li and Dr. Yamashiro facing discrimination. An Indictment of Sociologists
2013.033.025 Article Two articles from the Seattle Post-Intelligencer about anti-Chinese sentiment. Seattle's Chinese Expulsion, Recession Fueled the Anti-Chinese Riots
2013.033.032 Report A proposal for a one-hour public television documentary about the story of asian Americans in Washington,. Home from the Eastern Sea: The Story of Asian Americans in Washington State
2013.033.038 Report Request to the Department of Construction to forgoe the vacation of South Lane Street. Outlines the potencial for severe traffic problems and current traffic conditions in Seattle's International District. Contains maps and printed photographs of the area. Vacation of South Lane Street
2013.033.040 Report Proposals for various projects in the International District. Community/Cultural Center Proposal Japan Cultural Center Proposal Vegetable Garden/P-Patch Proposal Street Trees Proposal International District Proposals
2013.033.041 Report A proposal and analysis for the International District Mini-Park. Includes alternative site map with conditions reports of potencial sites. Siting the International District Mini-Park
2013.033.043 Exercise, School A typed essay including handwritten notes, postcards, and an outline detaling the foundation of the Filipino community in Seattle. Foundations of a Filipino Community in Seattle: the Filipinio Labor Union
2013.033.044 Report Corrected Action Program (CAP) records. Flier for call to action, letter to city council from the Commitee for the Corrective Action Program, common action plan for International district, letter to the mayor, information sheets, introduction to Seattle Housing Assistance Plan, paper outlining anti-Japanese problems, selected works of Mao Zedong, project logs, Alaska Cannery Workers Association, the Kaibigan newsletter. A collection of writings pertaining to the king dome stadium construction and the harmful effects on the international district. Corrected Action Program
2013.033.045 Report A collection of emails and articles on Chinese laborers in the Seattle area. A brief history of the International District. Street map of Seattle. Muralist Linda Petchnick's email about Farqharson mill. History of Chinese in Puyallup and Seattle
2013.033.046 Records ICDA Community Development Association. Draft of letter to McDonald's Corporation protesting having a McDonald's constructed in the International District. Table summarizing leading causes of hospitalization in the International district. Article from the Seattle P-I discussing the effects of a McDonald's in the International District. List of all businesses in the International Dsitrct. Records for neighborhood preservation. McDonald's workplan. McDonald's in the International District
2013.033.047 Records King dome records of land use and effects on citizens around the International District. King Dome Impact Records
2013.033.048 Records Civil rights news articles from the Seattle Times 1972-1992. Letter to Doug Chinn from the Seattle Civil Rights and Labor History Project. Seattle's Civil Rights History
2013.033.049 Records Drafts of the book, The International District Condition. Stating the fears that the International District was becoming a "decaying slum". The International District Condition
2013.033.050 Records Study of the definition of an "underserved" population. Recommendations to better serve the needs of Asian/Pacific Islanders. Department of Social and Health Services breifing on Asian/Pacific Initiative. Minority Affairs Initiative. Asian/Pacific Initiative
2013.033.051 Booklet Seattle entertainment booklet featuring the arts, sightseeing, and restaraunts. History article of Pioneer Square. Seattle Guide: This Week's Scene in Seattle
2013.033.055 Records Collection of newsarticles from 1899-1949 related to Chinese immigrants in the Seattle area. Collection of Newsarticles related to Chinese Immigration
2013.033.057 Records Handwritten notes on Seattle Waterfront History. Notes on Seattle Waterfront History
2013.033.080 Records Collection of articles related to Chinatowns in the U.S. Article "American Chinatown: A People's History of Five Neighborhoods" by Bonnie Tsui, "Chinese Vancouver: A Decade of Change", "The Mullberry Street Neighborhood". American Chinatown Articles
2013.033.082 Records Handwritten notes on history of Chinese immigrants to Washington. Notes
2013.033.084 Records Draft copies of books. Books all outline the history of Chinese immigration to Washington State. Drafts of "The Chinese in Seattle: Portraits of the First 100 Years" Drafts of "The Settlement and Diffusion of theChinese Community in Seattle, Washington"
2013.033.088 Records Draft of book containing a historical overview of Chinese immigration in Washington State. Attached are handwritten notes and research from writing the book. Draft of "Chinese American Portraits: Stories from Washington State"
2013.033.091 Report Handwritten notes in a notebook about the history of Chinese in Seattle. Research, quotes from books, draft paragraphs. Notes
2013.033.119 Notes Handwritten notes by Doug Chin on book "Northwest Passage: The Great Columbia River" by William Dietrich, 1995. Notes on sections about anti-Chinese sentiment. Includes list by Doug Chin of Chinese associations in Washington. Notes on book "Northwest Passage: The Great Columbia River" by William Dietrich, 1995
2013.033.120 Notes Typed and handwritten notes by Doug Chin about anti-Chinese sentiment in Seattle and on the book "Chinese Village in Chelan Falls Steele". Notes by Doug Chin
2013.033.127 Records Timeline of Chinese in Washington events from 1789 to 2012. Chinese in Washington Timeline
2013.036.001 Proclamation National PArk Service Affiliation documents Proclamation Talking points Program Affiliation
2013.038.001 Document Cathay Post #186 History Book research Production and Blueline proof Cathay Post History
2013.200.001 oral history interview Oral history interview with Gerard Tsutakawa
2013.200.002 oral history interview Oral history interview with Diem Chau
2013.200.003 oral history interview Oral history interview with Saya Moriyasu
2013.200.004 oral history interview Oral history interview with Ronald Ho
2013.200.005 oral history interview Oral history interview with Stewart Wong
2013.200.006 oral history interview Oral history interview with Susie Kozawa
2013.200.007 oral history interview Oral History interview with Erin Shie Palmer
2013.200.008 oral history interview Oral history interview with Susie Lee
2013.200.009 oral history interview Oral history interview with Cheryll Leo-Gwin
2013.200.010 oral history interview Oral history interview with Ronald Ho and Stewart Wong
2013.300.001 oral history interview Oral History interview with Moy On Chin
2013.400.001 oral history interview Fashion: From Workroom to Runway Andy South
2013.400.002 oral history interview Fashion: From Workroom to Runway Banchong Douangphrachanh
2013.400.003 oral history interview
2013.400.004 oral history interview
2013.400.005 oral history interview
2013.400.006 Oral History Interview Fashion: From Workroom to Runway
2014.004.001 Scrapbook Clippings from English language papers on China in 1938 Crew member of the USS Augusta
2014.004.002 Booklet How to See Tsingtao and Shanghai
2014.004.003 Booklet Photo booklet on Shanghai China "So-This is Shanghai"
2014.004.004 Pamphlet Souvenir book for the USS Augusta and USS Marblehead for a leave party Sight Seeing Souvenir Book
2014.006.006 Article Article - Nymphia Lam's wedding, 1945
2014.006.007 Certificate Certificate - Nymphia Lam's music club 1937
2014.006.008 Program Program - Portland Chinese Presbyterian Church dedication 1973
2014.006.009 Program Program UO graduation 1972 - Larry Yok
2014.006.010 Program Program Chinese WW II veterans ceremony Chinese WW II veterans ceremony
2014.006.011 Stencil Stencil - WWII Army, Frank T. Yok 1944 F.T., Yok
2014.006.012 Container Box and bag of Chinese medicines
2014.006.026 Scrapbook Scrapebook Nymphia Lam's American Legion scrapbook American Legion
2014.006.065 Document Envelope from Carolyn Yok with Frank T. Yok's U.S. Army discharge form.
2014.006.068 Document Envelope "U.S. Department of Labor" immigration documents for Y. T. Lam and Goldie Chan. Includes a family tree made in 1982 and other family history documents.
2014.006.069 Document Envelope "Legal Docs" with deed to Frank and Nymphia Yok's Eugene home. 2495 Charnelton Street, trademark registration for "Foo's", immigration documents for Tom Yok and Chin Yung Yok (Rose Yok).
2014.006.071 Document Envelope "Nymphia Lam Military Docs" with Nymphia Lam's birth certificate, Navy discharge, Navy orders for duty, Navy discharge certificate, American Legion membership cards, U.S. Navy song book, Nymphia Lam photo in uniform.
2014.006.074 Article Envelope from Cyrus Lam containing clippings re: Dr. Lam's brother.
2014.006.076 Document File folder "Mom and Dad's" files containing Dr. Y. T. Lam's death certificate; Lewis and Clark College letter (status of Goldie Chan Lam's Perpetual Scholarship Fund), attorney's letters (Dr. Lam's life insurance policy); Dr. Goldie Chan's will and documents pertaining to her estate's probate procedure.
2014.006.077 Document Envelope with Chinese war bonds.
2014.006.078 Document File folder "U of O alumni" containing Lincoln High School 1950 graduation of Deanna Lam. U of O "Daily Emerald" January 20, 1944 with article about Nymphia Lam's Navy enlistment. Nymphia Lam's U of O diploma. Nymphia Lam's College Preparatory Lincoln High School certificate. Nymphia Lam's elementary course certificate. Nymphia Lam's U of O graduation announcement. Memory card for Anne Chan's funeral (Goldie Chan's sister in law with George Chan). U of O graduation program and related documents for Larry Yok. Nymphia Lam's U of O statement of junior standing.
2014.006.079 Document Spiral-bound book "Golden Anniversary Reunion Keepsake Photographs" with photo of Nymphia Lam on page 19 (pages are not numbered) and brief autobiography of page 110.
2014.006.080 Document Envelope "University of Oregon Alumni Association" containing "Order of the Emerald" certificate and photo of the 50th class reunion for Nymphia Lam.
2014.007.007 Scrapbook Scrapbook Travel postcard collection
2014.007.024 Map Map Taoist divination map Die-Xian game Chinese Quiji
2014.007.046 Menu Take out menu Victory cafe, 652 Jackson St. Victory Cafe
2014.007.047 Menu Take out menu Chinese Kitchen, 24th and Union St. Chinese Kitchen
2014.007.048 Report Annual Report Jackson Street Community Council 1956
2014.007.049 Sign Sign Paper sign "Official Car, International Festival - Seafair"
2014.007.050 Flyer flyer Seattle's Fabulous Chinese Community Night
2014.007.051 Newspaper Newspaper clippings on Chinatown and Arthur King.
2014.007.053 Certificate Copy of birth certificate for Gow Lilly Chinn. Born in Seattle, Washington in 1913. Copy made in 1976.
2014.007.054 Flier Flier with green photocopied photograph and information on the New Society for Preforming Arts (written in Chinese). Also includes a photocopied picture of a Potlach float in a parade on July 4, 1938 in Seattle, Washington.
2014.007.055 Document Immigration documents for Choi Wing Look. Folder contains: Registration Card Certificate Smallpox Vaccination Certificate Certificate of Identity Envelope from Immigration Service for Certificate of Identity
2014.007.056 Envelope Empty envelope addressed to Fong Wing Toy from Mae Wah Theatre. Envelope sent from Canton, China to Seattle, Washington.
2014.007.057 Document Two copies of letter requesting that Choi Wing Look's son, Choi Wing June, be permitted to enter into the United States as the son of a citizen. Includes photographs of father and son. Folder also includes a dual nationality certificate for Choi Wing Look and an evelope with a return address from an attorney in Seattle.
2014.007.058 Booklet Light blue booklet/informational packet containing information about various art and cultural organizations. Title in Chinese reads: "Music and art preservation".
2014.007.060 Booklet Program booklet for a commisioning ceremony. Title of booklet reads: "Commisioning Ceremony Republic of China Navy Ships (NGRC) U.S. Naval Station Seattle, Washington'
2014.007.061 Booklet YWCA booklet/pamplet for an educational program for Chinese women and girls in the U.S. Folder also contains a Taiwanese card.
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