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Wing Luke Museum
1991.031.002 Drum Laotian or Thai bronze round waisted drum with flat top bearing 4 frogs, concentric birds, fish, leaves, circles, ribbons, star, sides: ribbons, textile patterns, circles; 2 loop handles
1991.031.003 Robe 19th century Manchu man's full length blue official's garment fastened with 4 loops and metal gold ball buttons. Tapered horseshoe cuffs. Silk k'o-ssu construction (woven design, not embroidered) decorated with nine 5-toed gold dragons, mountains, waves, clouds, scattered bats and fishes. At center is a lotus blossom. Five more gold dragons at neck band. DAMAGE: Condition is fair, stain on lower "mountain" border, sleeves worn and frayed with holes. On cuff the gold couching is deteriorating and missing from right cuff.
1991.031.004 Table, Serving Elm and lacquer food serving stand. Top has 12 sides, carved apron and 4 legs with 4 cross bars joining bottom of legs. Some old repairs.
1991.031.005 Box Brass rectangular betel nut box with chamfered corners and two loop handles on ends, inlaid with silver abstracted lotus flowers; hinged lid; 4 inner lidded compartments
1991.031.006 Print Title: "31 Flavors Invading Japan: French Vanilla" Black on buff color paper. Japanese Ukiyoe figure ice cream cones, calligraphy.
1991.031.008 House Japanese miniature "okimono" (object for display) of a country hut made of bamboo. Model includes house with verandah, front and side yard, bathhouse, fence and gate. Entire model held together with joinery or wooden pegs, however, some pieces are secured with glue. A: Base of model, stained varnished wood surrounds an unstained, off center, inset square. The outer covering of the bamboo is varnished and cut into squares to indicate the stepping stones to the building. B: Roof has individually cut wave shaped tiles covering the four corners. Two sides of the roof meet to make a long peak on which there is a three-tiered ridgepole. Underneath, beams are indicated but do not create an actual support. The roof is designed more as a "lid" with a square lip which fits neatly into the base of the house. From one corner dangles a square "lantern" made of solid bamboo. C: Wall with a little shelf at the base which slides under the inset part of "A"; has a rectangular window with 4 sliding shoji screens and a hinged 3 sided box attached to the wall which is used to hold pieces "S-U". The edges of the shoji screens and the rim around the window are stained a redish brown. The screens also have a dark brown rectangle inset near their base. Thin unstained pieces of bamboo crisscross to support the thin rice paper behind them. The pale shiny exterior of the bamboo is used above the window and a speckled piece of it is placed above the box. There are 4 notches at the top of the wall. Two cut at angles into which the beams of part "H" fits and 2 outside of these cut square so that the lip around the inside of the roof can fit into them. On the inside of the wall are 2 long vertical grooves, one on each side, into which the 2 perpendicular walls slide. D: Wall facing "C" has a shelf which fits into "A" and notches at the top for "H" and "B". It too has a hinged 3 sided box but it swings off to the side and fits into wall "E". Outside are 3 large slabs of speckled bamboo; inside is coverd by 6 thinner plain outer bamboo. Dark stained piece overhangs a scroll. These are part of a "tokanoma" which is completed by floor pieces. E: Wall that slides between "C" and "D" and contains 2 shoji screens. It also contains 2 small screens which serve as sliding window coverings. F: Floor panel slides in before "E" and "G" and rests on ledges of "C" and "D" so that there is space betwen it and the floor of the inset on "A". Two large pieces of bamboo make up the floor with a gap between them. On the side against wall "O" is a dark stained altar-like slab holding a little vase with silk and paper flowers (ikebana) below the scroll. A cabinet with dark sliding bamboo doors sits next to the tokonoma. G: Wall has 5 vertical strips of light colored varnished bamboo facing on the inside and 3 vertical strips of speckled bamboo facing outside. It slides between "C" and "D" and faces "E" on the end furthest from the tokonoma. H: Ceiling which lies below the roof and fits into the grooves at the top of "C" and "D". Two beams lie across the ceiling and fit into the grooves. Below the panels making the smooth ceiling are thin strips running perpendicular across the bottom as supports. I: Outhouse with a tiled roof like the main house and sliding doors. Two pegs underneath fit into "A" to hold it in place. Inside a partition divides the building in two, one with a hole in the floor and the other with a cylindrical attachment on the back wall. A window extends across the back. J: Gate has a smooth curved roof and the sliding gate doors have rectangular lattice work. K: Patio has a peg which fits into a hole on the outside of wall "C" and legs to hold it above "A". L: Patio smaller than "K" and fits into "E"; dark stained. M, N, O: Fence pieces made up of sturdy posts and two cross bars to which twigs are attached. (M has 4 posts, N has 3 and O has 2. P, Q: Patio railings which fit on the patio ledges. "P" has post on one side and fits on "L" and "Q" has posts on both sides and fits on "K". R: Solid fence section with light colored bamboo sandwiched between two darker pieces on top and bottom; 2 pegs beneath which fit into "A" at right side of "M" fence. S-W: Solid panels which are housed in the 3 sided boxes attached to "C" and "D". They have one smooth side and one side with horizontal bars. They would be used to cover the shoji screens on the outside of the house. X-Z, AA-AC: Tatami mats which cover the floor; rectangular pieces of bamboo, varnished on top with their long edges stained a darker brown.
1991.031.009 Stirrup Pair of Japanese stirrups, iron and lacquer with inlaid silver signature. Kaga school work, signed Zen Zaemon. Extensive wear to lacquer interiors.
1991.031.010 Box Lidded lacquer box, originally made for storing shells for the shell game. Decorated with raised gold makie designs of the Tokugawa family crest on black lacquer background, engraved gilt bronze hardware. A: Lacquered wood square box has bentwood corners, horizontal ridges around outside body, 4 legs attached to the middle of each side widen at the bottom, black lacquered interior, exterior including legs have an all over painted gold design of cherry blossoms framed by a four-petalled grid pattern, on the four corners is a large mon of three hollyhock leaves within a black circle framed in gold paint; recesses black lacquered lip at top of box, two intersecting wood cross bars support the bottom; legs, which raise the box have engraved gilt bronze shaped tips at the top and bottom of each legs, engravings include scrolling leaf shapes on a crosshatch background, three diamond shaped finding are rivetted down the front of each leg, two legs are pierced with a hole which originally held a binding cord. B: Lacquered wood square lid has bentwood corners, horizontal ridges around outside and a convex top which extends beyond the sides, same gold cherry and petalled grid pattern on black as on box, hollyhock mon painted on center top and the top of the four mon featured on the box are visible at the bottom of the bentwood corners, each top corner is covered with a cloud shaped gilt bronze hardware with engraving of a stylized flower and vine-like leaves, black lacquered inside lid is cracking.
1991.032 Sash Black silk brocade obi with same color design of mountains, pine, chrysanthe- mum and plum blossom. Underside is lined with black cotton twill.
1991.033 Robe Short robe of off white silk satin w/embroidery. Blk satin cuffs 3-7/8" wide w/ floral embroidery incl chrysanthemums & conch shell ending w/blue piping.Above this is band of blk satin 1-3/4" wide w/cream or gold colored outline embroid- ery of floral patterns then another line of blue piping. Around the bottom of the robe, along the side slits & going 21" up the front opening is continuous band of blk satin 1-3/4" wide, bounded by blue piping, w/embroidered floral patterns. A similar band around the neck below the high Chinese collar. In the ctr of the front & both lower front panels are circular embroidery patterns about 9" diamter w/bird & floral motifs. Scattered thruout the rest of the off white satin background are numerous embroidered patterns of traditional motifs In ctr of back & lwr left & rt portions of back are circular embroidered patterns idential to those on the front. Scattered throughout the balance of the back are embroidered traditional patterns similar to front. Collar is a band of offwhite silk satin 1-1/4" wide, edged w/blue piping, w/floral embroid ered patterns. The front is fastened w/five blue silk knots and frogs the same color as the blue piping which runs the length of the front opening.
1991.035.001 Bag, duffle Dark olive green canvas duffle bag Inscription: Jack T. Kudo 16620
1991.035.002 Bag, Duffle Light khaki canvas duffle bag Inscription: J.T. Kudo Ruth Y. Kudo, 1104-E. Fir St., Seattle, WASH.
1991.035.003 Tag, Identification Plywood tag with string attached and inscription: Tag No. 14139 on one side and Jack T. Kudo, No. 16620, Minidoka on the other side
1991.035.011 Painting Painting of buildings at Camp Harmony at Puyallup Pastels
1991.035.012 Painting Painting of two men making geta (sandals) at Camp Harmony, Puyallup Pastels
1991.035.013 Painting Painting of men playing horseshoes, with several people running away - in Camp Harmony, Puyallup
1991.035.014 Painting Painting of three women outside women's bath house at Camp Harmony, Puyallup
1991.035.015 Painting Painting of man dressed in Japanese style in front of a microphone at Camp Harmony, Puyallup
1991.035.016 Painting Oil painting on primed canvas Animal jaw bone with teeth on top of volcanic rock with fungus and lichen growing out of holes.
1991.036.001 Chest Small 3 drawer wooden chest with greasewood handles. A: chest, BCD: drawers Made from scrap lumber available in Japanese- American Internment Camp in Idaho
1991.036.002 Chest Large wooden chest with drawers top and bottom and sliding doors in the middle, enclosing compartments
1991.036.003 Iron, Curling SOLAR Heating stand with electric wire, switch and plug to hold 4 clamp type curling irons, two with rubber handles. Metal plate with company name, Serial No. 306463
1991.036.004 Painting Oil painting of landscape in "Arizona"? Painted on the back of a board with a picture of a bird and Japanese calligraphy. Wooden frame
1991.036.007 Ashtray Ash tray made in Minidoka Internment Camp of concrete with polished stones of maroon, beige, black, brown, gray set in it on the outside. Oval shaped, two wells, one larger than the other, groove to hold a cigarette leading to larger hole.
1991.037 Hat Chinese wedding headdress. Fabric covered cardboard backing 10" wide. 3-3/4" high. Back has purple circular flower patterns on white background surrounded by fine purple dots. Front has a pink paper background with decorations of artificial flowers, beads and beading. Nine strands of beads dangle from bottom of headdress. Two white silk ties at the two ends of the headress tie the headdress to the head.
1991.038 Hat Fabric (silk?) covered framework lined with orange fabric. Semi-rigid frame is 17" long, curving around the head. ON the front there are 7 crenellations to which decorations are fastened. The front of the headband is covered with turquoise colored silk w/a band of red tape around the edge. There is a row of simulated pearls on the lower front edge of the headdress. Above that is an irregular band of silver colored sequins. Above them are four butterflies of red and green sequins, plus two of silver and green sequins, from which extend coiled wires, covered with orange thread, at the end of the wires are large simulated pears. Along the top are twelve turquoise colored pom-poms. At the back of the headdress a black elastic band, 5/8" wide, joins the two ends of the headdress.
1991.039 Hat Pink satin hat with sequin trim. Bonnet-like hat of pink satin with pink satin bow to tie under chin. In the front a semi-circular padded shape with a padded bow in the middle. Stands up. All is covered with purple and silver sequins. A pink satin train hangs down behind bordered with purple sequins and a row of bugle beads. Also around the edge are purple sequined flowers bordered with silver bugle beads, silver sequins leaves and silver sequin swirls. Maybe a dancer's hat?
1991.041 Hat Chinese opera headdress. Paper or leather base painted gold, tarnished, and blue, cut out patterns. Back reinforced with wire. Bottom center, front & center front have circular mirror insets. Proper left front has a cut out dragon colored blue & gold w/red outlining around mouth fastened to base with wire. No corresponding decorative element on right side. Around the upper edge of the headdress are mounted by wires four decorative elements, a trident pattern over blue leaf forms topped by a flower element. The central decoration of this row is missing. Below this row is another row of decorative elements, a central gold disc surrouned by blue aureoles and topped by a red pom pom. There are three of these elements. A fourth, left center is missing. The inside of the mask is white with gold traces. A cotton cord connects the two back ends of the headdress.
1991.042 Hat Black Mandarin Court Hat: Black silk satin hat constructed of four pieces with black velvet upturned brim. In center of top is a red silk tassel with a brass finial in the middle. The hat is lined with red cotton and on the black inner band is sewn one plain ribbon that extends from side to side.
1991.043 Headband Black silk satin headband with quilted design of flowers and leaves of black thread. The band is bordered by black ruching. Lined with peach-colored felt with peach cotton ties. Curved headband which narrows in the center.
1991.044 Headband Black silk satin headband with 4 bands of same black silk satin around edge. Lined with red and black patterned flannel.
1991.045 Headband Black silk headband with couched floral design of stiff black trim. Edging of black braid. Lining of bright pink cotton twill.
1991.046 Hat Chinese hat of quilted black silk with rectangular top 6-1/2" x 7-1/4" rounded at corners. Sides of hat 2-3/4" high.
1991.047 Hat Chinese black silk skullcap with button knot of black silk cord on top. Six triangular black silk pieces from top. Below these is a band of black silk 1-1/8" wide. Below this another black silk band 5/8" wide, this band extends around bottom edge of hat int ointerior making a band 1/4" deep. The lining is made of 6 triangualr pieces of dark blue cotton twill.
1991.049 Hat Black silk satin skullcap with top made of 6 pie shaped pieces. Wide silk band and narrow silk band around the edge. Black silk knot at the center top. Lined with black cotton twill.
1991.050 Hat Basketry pillbox shape of natural and dark brown coiled reed, perhaps nito, a twining fern. Around the rim are 3 strips of red dyed rattan. Protruding on each side is a bank of coarse black hair, possibly horsehair. On top of the hat are 3 strips of red-dyed rattan with a flat shell button. A beige cotton string is attached on each side at the bottom edge of the rim. The string is knotted in the middle. Bontoc bachelor's hat (see The People and Art of the Philippines, p 239). Worn on the back of the head, sometimes holds tobacco.
1991.051 Hat Natural woven reed pillbox. Around rim are 2 strips of red dyed reed. No decoration. No lining.
1991.052 Hat Black rayon skullcap with a red rayon top knot with a red tassel. Red rayon lining. Has label saying "Made in Japan".
1991.053 Hat Black silk fabric with flat wings on a wire frame- work. Has embossed metal insert at the top with floral patterns stamped at the two ends. At bottomis oval wire cage to fit on wearer's hair.
1991.056 Lantern Lantern wood frame with 6 sections. Carved Kylin ornaments. 10.25 x 10.5" etched glass in frame (6), 8 x 24.5" etched glass in frame (6), Etched glass panes (some broken) (6).
1991.057.001 Hat
1991.057.002 Hat Small hat with two layers of hexagonal weaving in nito*, and a layer of palm leaves in between. Crown has 6-pointed star outlined with dark nito and a woven hexoganal point on top.
1991.057.003 Hat Hat (Salakot*) made of palm leaves stitched over a light bamboo hoop. Pointed crown with 4 squares of dark fabric stitched with brown nito*.
1991.057.004 Hat Hat (Salakot*) made of palm leaves stitched together, round brim, pointed crown stitched with nito*, rim of 2 bamboo hoops stitched wit nito. Inside head ring (baat*) coiled and woven
1991.057.005 Hat Hat (Salakot)* made of flattened palm leaves stitched together. Conical shape. Crown is stitched at point with Nito*. Rim has 2 bamboo hoops stitched with Nito*. Inner head form*.
1991.057.006 Carving Carved Batikulin wood sculpture of a boy lying on the back of a water buffalo which is grazing. Glued to base. On bottom: "Edjawan's, 1527 P. Leoncio, Sampaloc, Manila
1991.057.007 Carving A: Carved Batikulin wood sculpture of a man sitting and fishing off a rock, B: with a hat, and C: a fishing pole and fish. A fishing creel (basket) sits next to him. On bottom: "Edjawan's Shop, 1527 P. Leoncio, Sampaloc, Manila, Philippines (Batikulin wood)
1991.057.008 Carving Carved Batikulin wood walking water buffalo
1991.057.009 Carving Carved Batikulin wood sculpture of a water buffalo lying down
1991.058.001 Hat Round basketry hat with cone-shaped crown of 5 layers: exterior - hexagonal weaving; thin black paper with gold characters; palm leaves; colored paper; interior - hexagonal weaving
1991.058.002 Suitcase Lidded basketry chest of reed woven with cord, bamboo rim, burlap corner coverings. Deep lid fits snugly over bottom. "Sawdust" may indicate wear or insect activity
1991.059 Cape Basketry rain cape with interior pocket Made of dark brown grass fiber layered and held in place with fiber binding. Pocket of knotted bast fiber with twill weave flap
1991.060.001 Book A "book" with a bevelled-edge front and back wooden cover and loose bamboo pages with cursive calligraphy on both sides (approx. 60 pages) held together by a cord through one set of holes. Condition: One cord is missing. Bamboo pages are dry and brittle
1991.060.002 Fan Circular fan made of peacock feathers. One side has 12 feathers towards edge and 5 in center, other side has one large feather in center, mounted on blue tubes, blue and red thread handle
1991.061.001 Robe 19th C. Ch'ing Dynasty, formal Palace Robe. Blue damask with medallions of dragons. Side closing, ribbon band, embroidered band, black satin band. Embroidered white satin cuffs.
1991.061.002 Robe Late 19th C. Ch'ing Dynasty Woman's Summer Robe. Blue Damask, black satin banding, ribbon banding, Embroidered cuffs. Embossed gold ball buttons. Side closing.
1991.061.003 Skirt Early 20th C. silk satin skirt of blue satin with black satin bindings. Satin stitch and Peking Knot crysanthemums, citron, butterflies. Partial lining of yellow damask.
1991.061.004 Vest Early 20th C. vest. Blue silk damask, ribbon band depicts butterflies. Satin stitched cranes, bats and cloud scrolling. Black satin banding. Coral pink silk lining. Orange "gilt" buttons.
1991.061.005 Skirt 2 Skirt panels, late 19th C., of pumpkin colored faille with black satin binding, robbon band and embroidered vases and flowers, scrolls, clouds books, fruit medallions, etc. - Peking knot
1991.062 Cape Embroidered satin cape made in China for West. semi-circular fuschia satin cape with white satin-stitch embroidered flowers, shoulder capelet and stand-up collar, blue watered silk lining
1991.063.001 Shoe Shoe for bound foot. For decorative use, not wear. Red background with painted flower design, Upper band fleur-de-lis design; lower band butterfly design. Finely stitched sole. English printed paper between side layers, painted design, pinked cloth edges indicate decorative use.
1991.063.002 Handkerchief 1918 Silk handkerchief, ivory color background. Eagle grasping American flag at top. Soldier wearing brown uniform is writing letter, enclosed in heart. Poem and monogrammed "S" in lower right.
1991.065.001 Comb Handmade black wooden comb with fine teeth, rounded top with a pattern of squiggly lines Donor's mother brought these combs from China. Chow See Woo immigrated to Seattle in the 1880s
1991.065.002 Comb Handmade wooden tan-colored comb with fine teeth, rounded top.
1991.067 Scarf
1991.069 Hood Grass fiber rain hood with interior base of vegetal material running hori- zontally and in a circle at top, and tied to a U-shaped fiber frame with grass cordage. The exterior is shredded fiber which comes from the inside of the horizontally sewn vegetal material. The front top fibers are trimmed short. On the crown is a circular piece of bark cloth which is stitched with white cotton to the top of the hood. Used by field workers as rain protection.
1991.070 Boiler, Double Ginsing Double Boiler (?) Porcelain pot with lid on aluminum stand. Top part is missing.
1991.072 Banner Banner with a small string attached at the back to hang it. Background is an off-white with dark blue waves at the bottom and two dark blue birds flying up from the right side. Large red symbol in the middle.
1991.073.001 Painting Oil Painting "High School Girl" Young woman sitting, profile.
1991.073.002 Painting Framed Oil Painting "Rock Island Dam"
1991.073.003 Painting Oil Painting "Bridge"
1991.073.004 Painting Oil Painting "Picnic" According to a newspaper article by Margaret Callahan this painting won an award in the semi annual Shunjaki Club art show. The Callahans purchased the painting in the 1930s at a second hand store for $5.00
1991.074.002 Embroidery Needlepoint Square of stiffened off-white mesh fabric, hemmed at the edges, with two embroidered shapes, straight on on side, curved on the other. Worked in tent stitch on the canvas drawn with pencil line design. Medium blue background with wine colored medallion in the middle resembling a stylized character. Partial medallions appear at each end. In between are two leafy X shapes in purple, yellow green and blue green. The designs are outlined in white. These shapes were embroidered to be cut out and used for clothing pieces, possibly a collar.
1991.075.001 Vest Damask channel quilted vest (Xiabel) in grayish mauve with a stand-up collar, black satin bands, gold couched and blue braid trim. Side fastening 2 gilded buttons with motif of "long life" Tag on collar: Quinn & Latchford, New York, 323 Fifth Ave.
1991.075.002 Chaps 18th C. Ch'ien Lung Era Riding Skirt or Chaps of Cobalt blue ground with polychromed and couched gold threaded scaled dragons (4 claws), bordered. The two sections have hobnails placed over whole
1991.075.003 Robe 18th C. Ch'ing Dynasty Imperial palace summer robe Zhang Fu (Informal). Navy silk tribute gauze ground, blue collar, sash, and "horse-hoof" cuffs, couched gold dragons and flaming pearl, clouds,et.
1991.076 Album Family album with a green cloth cover and glossy printed pages bound with 2 red braid ties. On the cover is painted old Chinese style calligraphy in white and gold, the Japanese flag in white and red, the American flag in red, white and blue and 3 white and gold cherry blossoms. The opening of the album is on the left so that the American flag appears backwards. Written in Japanese script in Japanese-American style for Nisie (2nd generation). Photographs has been reproduced onto the pages with decorative frame designs. Photos included Emperor and Empress (Showa) as well as figures from Taisho era. Next are scenes from Washington State, photos of the Japanese language schools in WA. (incl. Seattle and Bellevue), family photos and celebrations. A translation of family names and origins accompanies the album (translated for the E.O. 9066 exhibit)
1991.078.001 Headdress Cylindrical Akha headdress with a bamboo form covered with black cloth. Top is round and it is spread open at the bottom. The top has rows of woven bamboo strips, white seed beads, three rows of tin disks and a row of green buttons. Tassels and pompoms are on the sides and two hairy tails. Three beaded chin straps hag down from the bottom edges.
1991.078.002 Hat Black cotton cap decorated with tin disks, quilt patches, multi-colored pompoms on beaded strings, coins, insect bodies, hair and a double ringed chain.
1991.078.003 Hat A circular headdress with separate ear flaps. A: The hat has a central u shaped wooded slate form. this is covered with blue cloth and padding. Around the outside is a series of colored bands stitched together. On the edges of the bands is a string of small metal flowers stitched together. A long sash, 27", is attached to the back . It is black on one half and has embroidered flowers on the other. A sash of black and fuschia cloth stitched side by side id sewn t one end of the exterior banded material and some of this is stitched to one exterior side and some hangs loose with the back sash. B & C: Triangular ear flaps. These triangles of stiffened cloth have colored bands of cloth in the center and on the edges of one side are embroidered flowers, and on the other designs on black velvet. they tuck into the cloth over the wood frame.
1991.078.004 Shoes 1 Pair of cloth embroidered shoes. Each has two layers of white cotton cloth soles sewn together and turned up at the front in a point. The uppers are black felt embroidered with butterflies in red, fuschia, white, yellow and green. A blue cloth stripe runs from the tip of the shoe to the top opening. the openings are lined with black cloth and the interior is lined in blue cloth. The shoes are narrow at the heal and wider at the toe.
1991.078.005 Sash Red cloth sash with yellow, blue, green and white woven designs. The design consists of two bands of alternating colors running the length of the sash. Alternating yellow and white lines form alternating bands of red, blue, red, green, red, ble and red. At the ends are crisscrossing lines of white and yellow and in the center of these is a wider band of yellow and white diamonds with a blue stripe down the center. The threads are woven into thick cords at the ends of the sash.
1991.078.006 Hat Beige felt hat with black velvet lining fron Xinjiang, China or Kazakistan. The hat is made up of four sections, each embriodered with a floral outline. The four sections are sewn together, leaving a three inch section at the end of each unattached, to form the dome of the hat. The outside is beige felt and the inside is black felt. Two flaps result on each side and these are folded up. Black felt outlines the seams on the outside of the hat.
1991.079.001 Sculpture 1 - piece of Greaswood driftwood painted and lacquered. Created at an Internment Camp. Possibly Minidoka.
1992.001 Deck, Card Poem Card Game, "Iroha" cards, Lidded cardboard box containing 48 picture cards, 48 poem (written in Hiragana) cards, 4 blank cards. The folk- sayings must be matched to the picture cards.
1992.002 Painting 9 paintings of monks? in robes and carrying various items, on opaque white pith (A-I) Originally in a glass topped fabric-covered cardboard box (J & K)
1992.003.001 Pin Pin in the shape of a Red Cardinal bird, carved from orange crate wood, painted and varnished. Black painted wing & tail outlines, crested head, yellow beak, wire feet, safety pin on back. "Handmade" written on back.
1992.003.002 Pin Pin made in the shape of a duck in flight. Hand carved from orange crate wood, painted and varnished. Wire feet, safety pin on back, green head, yellow bill, white ring around neck, red around upper body, white lower body with red broken lines. Multicolored wings of black, blue, brown, beige, brown and white. Green spot on tail. "Handmade" written on back.
1992.006 Coin 25 small round coins with square hole - Chinese calligraphy on one side; 5 large round coins with square hole - Chinese calligraphy on both sides; 1 sm. coin "20 cents, Kwang Tung Prov."
1992.007 Picture, Cut-paper Paper cut "Kiri" framed and matted. Black paper cut out with colored paper and paint behind. Depicting 9 farmers (7 men, 1 woman, 1 child) picking produce, placing in crates, truck behind
1992.011 Picture, woven
1992.012 Embroidery
1992.013 Garter
1992.014.001 Basket, Winnowing Basket of split bamboo reeds in an unusual weave weft: over 5 under 2, warp: over 3 under 4. Flattened egg shape. Rim of narrow split bamboo fastened with bamboo strips.
1992.014.002 Model Carved stone tomb replica. Tomb with etched design in black stone has removable door with coffin inside. Old man in robe. Two cannons on base with wheels, one base is in pieces.
1992.015 Collar
1992.016 Scarf
1992.017 Banner Gold silk hanging tapestry. Black embroidered border with tan scrollwork and flowers in blues and tan. The main part is embroidered with butterflies and flowers in tan, greens, and blues. There is a figure in robes surrounded by flowers and animals, including a frog and a dragon, in the center on each end of the tapestry.
1992.018 Embroidery
1992.019 Banner Light green silk tapestry with pale yellow fringe. Designs are machine embroidered. Bright pink border with blue and green flowers. There are pink, yellow, and blue roses in each corner, echoing the roses in the center. Repeated motif of buildings, trees, and clouds all over.
1992.020 Embroidery
1992.021.001 Costume "Hanbok"-Girl's costume. A: Short jacket: lime green with striped sleeves. B: Vest of lime green satin. C: Red full skirt with gold characters embossed at the hem. D: Black satin cap. E: Small silk damask purse: turquoise and purple. Jacket is called a "Chogori" and skirt is called a "Ch'ima". All items are sewn together at the collar. The purse is attached with a straight pin to the right sleeve.
1992.021.002 Costume Hanbok-Boy's costume A: Pink damask top with ties. B: Fuschia vest ("Baija"). C: Lime green jacket with striped sleeves ("Chogori"). D: Blue gauze weave vest. E: Pink damask pants ("Paji"). F: Black hood. Items are sewn together at the collar. All items except the pink damask pants are in Box 106-see Notes.
1992.022.469 Cloth Large piece of red silk cloth. Sewn all around on top side with 5/8" border. Border is band of fabric trim with black background and sparkling gold-colored meandering pattern, framed with upper and lower edge, also at the top are three rows of Chinese calligraphic characters, centered on the cloth. They say" Opening of the Wing Luke Memorial Museum. December 1, 1967" The central area of the cloth has been signed, in both English and Chinese, by various people in a random fashion. The people were apparently at the opening of the museum on December 1, 1967.
1992.022.470 Frame, picture Small wooden picture frame with mimeographed photograph of Wing Luke in military uniform.
1992.022.471 Frame, Picture Silver colored wooden frame and stand. The photograph turns in the stand. Black and white photograph of Caucasian man.
1992.022.472 Box Sucrets Box Blue, tan and white lidded metal lozenge box . Inside are four keys. Written on the back is a note: "Wing Luke Memorabila 43. Sucrets box containing 4 keys, 2 lapel pins (US Army discharge) 2 watch charms, 2 lapel pins, 1 tie pin.
1992.023.001 Basket A: Round dark brown basket base B: Lid with double green tassel
1992.023.002 Basket A; Lacquered dark brown round bamboo basket B: Lid C: Tassel which has come loose from basket lid. Double tassel with pink cord in knot design
1992.023.003 Basket A:Light brown round bamboo basket B:More shallow top tier C:Fitted lid Handle is attached to bottom of basket from China
1992.023.004 Basket Natural bamboo basket in plain weave. Square at botton. Round at top.
1992.023.005 Tray Handmade wood tray with brass trim. In the center of tray bottom is round disk of brass with hammered, stylized Chinese character "Fu" meaning happiness, good fortune and prosperity.
1992.023.006 Teapot A: Copper tinned teapot with a rounded bottom, flared base, fluted sides. Handle is flat metal wrapped with split bamboo. Loose on one side. B: Separate lid with a brass finial
1992.023.007 Embroidery Couched fruit pattern of different shades of gilt on umber silk background, badly frayed. Border of black silk satin with mitered corners, bound with self black silk
1992.023.008 Bell A: Largest brass bell with thunder line, dragons and Chinese characters. B: Middle -sized identical bell C: Smallest identical bell
1992.023.009 Basket Round dark brown stained bamboo basket with double bottom in twill weave.
1992.023.010 Sachet Dark stained bamboo basket with separate woven reed stopper attached with string. Beads and old Chinese coins are attached for decoration.
1992.023.011 Currency Paper currency of 1 yuan from Chinese People's Bank
1992.023.012 Jar Small earthenwear Ginger jar with blue-green glaze. Hexagonal shape
1992.023.013 Teacup Outside: Diamond pattern around rim. Wide band of leaf, vine and sun pattern in green and orange- red. Inside: Wide band of rice grain pattern.
1992.023.014 Moistener Clay water dropper, for applying water to an ink stone, made in the shape of a pomegranate.
1992.023.015 Dish A and B are identical shallow brass bowls on a circular foot with engraved dragons in the center of the dish. "China" is stamped on the bottom.
1992.023.016 Ashtray Flat rimmed brass dish with incised floral pattern
1992.023.017 Stand Carved wooden stand for a vase or figurine. Openwork carving of vine-like patterns, rectangular shape
1992.023.018 Stand Circular wooden stand with three feet. Carved pattern around curved sides. Probably used with figurine 1992.023.020
1992.023.019 Shoes Pair of children's shoes. Body: Black silk toe with gold thread butterfly; red satin sides with embroidered floral design. Sole: Layered stitched leather; sides painted white.
1992.023.020 Figurine Ceramic figurine Bodhidharma
1992.023.021 Amulet A: Carved white jade, semi-circular shape with open work pattern of a cicada with wings extended Swastikas carved in the wings. B: carved wooden stand.
1992.023.022 Vase Small earthenwear vase-shaped jar with bulbous body, narrow neck and flaring top. Black\brown glaze with numerous surface blemishes.
1992.023.023 Candlesnuffer Brass candle snuffer with a long twisted handle and a head shaped like a Chinese official's hat. "China" stamped on handle. Black carbon, wax accretions on snuffer
1992.023.024 Bottle, snuff A: Ivory snuff bottle with 3 figures carved in relief on one side and an incised black scene of a lady holding a fan on the other. B: Stopper with a small spoon attached.
1992.023.025 Holder, cigarette Ivory cigarette holder in the shape of a dragon's head and neck. Black eyes.
1992.023.026 Dish Leaf shaped dish made of solft grey metal (perhaps pewter). Handle has insert of green stone
1992.023.027 Tray Round brick red lacquer tray with design of two persimmons and 3 leaves painted on the surface. Sides of rattan bound circles with lashed bamboo stalk. Black lacquered bottom.
1992.025.001 Embroidery Embroidered Chinese rural scene of a farmer carrying a load of grass across a dike with hills and buildings in background, trees and rocks foregroud Dark wood frame, metal hangers, green braid
1992.025.010 Jar Ceramic Jar Tappered brown glazed jar.
1992.026.003 Poster World War II poster of Sun Yat Sen often referred to as the father of the Chinese Republic. Upper left is blue flag of Kuomintang, upper right is flag of the Chinese Republic
1992.029.001 Spoon Bronze spoon, lotus petal shaped tip, long curved handle, willow leaf shaped dipper end. The metal is corroded.
1992.029.002 Spoon Bronze spoon with curved lotus bud tip, long curved handle and a willow leaf shaped dipper end Cracks on both sides of dipper.
1992.029.003 Chopsticks Pair of brass (?) chopsticks with circular ridges at top, tapered.
1992.029.004 Chopsticks Pair of brass (?) chopsticks with pock-marked design on upper half, tapered lower half. String remnant tied around each stick near top. Very light weight, hollow
1992.029.005 Chopsticks Brass (?) chopsticks, not a matched pair. One is square shaped and plain. The other is hexagonal shaped with grooves near the top. Badly corroded.
1992.030 Carving A: Carved wooden Buddhist figure Lacquer painted surface with traces of gilt paint. Standing figure with bare feet, right arm raised at elbow, holding separate lotus flower. Left arm down at side, hand making a gesture (thumb and two central fingers broken off) Carving has a flowing robe, draped over left shoulder. Feet are set on two wooden blocks which fit into a rectangular base (B) 4" x 2 5/8" x 5/8" The base fits into a larger wooden base (C) made of four wooden pieces carved to look like a tree trunk, lacquered and gilded. In set in this base are 9 glass balls simulating jewels. D: Carved wooden lotus flower to be held in right hand, 3" long.
1992.031 Skirt Woman's embroidered silk skirt in 2 identical pieces Orange red silk damask with woven floral design. Bands of black satin, pale green satin with pink and blue embroidered flowers, yellow silk satin with machine woven butterflies, flowers, peaches in pink and green, blue borders.... Center of orange red silk with embroidered design of water lilies ducks and chrysanthemums on a rock. Half of skirt is pleated.
1992.032.001 Vase A: Cloissone vase with black enamel background & design of birds, pink and white flowers and bush clover B: Painted black wooden stand (Hong Kong)
1992.033.001 Hat Twined NITO fern "pill box" shaped hat. Design of concentric bands of black and natural beige. Red rattan strips across top and around sides. Metal military button on top. 2 teeth on side.
1992.033.002 Hat Twined Nito fern basketry "pill box" style hat. Concentric bands of black and natural color nito Red rattan fastened across top and around sides. White shell button, jawbones and teeth on sides.
1992.035.001 Holder, Pen Wing Luke's fountain pen set on a marble base with a brass plate reading "Wing Luke, Assistant Attorney General, 1957-1962" A: pen B: base A.. Pen holder. It has a marble base, cream in coloration, formed of a rectangular piece of marble with a curved groove approximately "1 wide in the top along the base's length. The base has a green piece of felt adhered to its bottom. A gold holder for the pen projects at an angle from the upper area of the top side of the base. This gold piece can turn 360-degrees; also on the top is a gold rectangular plate engraved with "Wing Luke/Assistant Attorney General/1957-1962." B. Pen. It has a brown handle with small raised lettering near its base reading, "W.A. Sheaffer Pen Co./Fort Madison, Iowa, U.S.A./Made in U.S.A." Attached to the handle is a silver band which screws into the holder, a longer black band, and then the gold and silver colored tip for writing. C. Box lid. It measures 5.5" x 5.5" x 1.5" and is made of heavy cardboard. The top of the lid has a framed "S" on gold background in the upper left corner and the word "Sheaffer's" in cpaital letters in the lower right corner. The background is cream in color. The top is framed on the left and right sides by two bands of dark brown and gold which also fram the upper and lower sides of the lid. The left and right sides of the lid are dark brown. The upper and lower sides of the lid have central u-shaped cuts on the edge of the lid. D. Box bottom. It measures 5 3/8" x 5 3/8" x 1 5/8" and is made of heavy cardboard. The outside of the bottom of the box is covered in gold-colored paper. The inside of the bottom of the box is lined with a peice of gold-colored cardboard which fits into the bottom of the box and rises to cover 1/2 of the sides of the bottom of the box. The outer bottom side of this piece is printed in black with "W.A. Sheaffer Pen Co./Ft. Madison, Iowa, U.S.A./Made in U.S.A./Box No. DS 15 C" in the center of this side. E. Support piece for box. It is formed of a piece of cardboard, one side cream in color, which has been folded into an open-ended rectangular box, measuring 1.5" x 5.25" x 7/8". F. Short cardboard tube. It measures 1.75" in length and 3/8" in diameter. It fits over the tip of the pen.
1992.035.002 Seal In a brown plastic envelope in a blue box: Circular seal says "Wing C. Luke, State of Washington, Notary Public, Commission expires April 7, 1957" A. Metal hand-held press for embossing a seal. It has a horizontal lower part holding the upper and lower plates of the seal. The plates are held directly aligned above and below one another but slightly apart by two strips of metal which extend from each plate and join at their other ends. A handle with a locking function and a textured top is angled above so that when depressed the two plates come together. The lower part of the seal is engraved on one side with " 'Official'/Pocket Seal/Pats. No. 2,077,853- 2,706,448---2,998,766/Others pending" and on the opposit side with "Puget Sound/Stamp Works" in a crest with "Seattle" below. The seal is very shiny, silver metal color. Its seal has "Wing C. Luke, State of Washington" on it, noting him as a notary public, comission expiring April 7, 1957. B. Brown synthetic leather case for the seal. It has light brown trim. It is a soft pouch-like case with a flap at the top with a metal snap. The front of the pouch has a yellow image of a seal press with the phrase "Make it official" above, all encased in a wavy circle. The case measures 4" x 6.5" closed. C. Box for the seal. It is made of stiff cardboard, held together at its edges by metal clips. The lid is attached to the body of the box along one of the long sides; the box, therefore, is made from a single piece of cardboard. The inside of the box is yellow, made from a single piece of cardboard. The inside of the box is yellow-brown in color. The outside is light blue with off-white writing diagonally displaced in a repeated pattern. The writing includes short phrases, a short side of the lid is printed with a swuare reading, "'Official'/Pocket Seal/Model K/Size #1/Die Notary Public State of Washington." Front of the lid, and the bottom also have tape or tape marks on them. An area of the top layer of paper of the cardboard on the bottom also has been torn off, revealing textured, white paper. The box measures 5 5/8" x 3" x 2 1/4". D. White piece of paper, once folded in half. Printed in blue, it has the " 'Official' Seal locking instructios". The paper meausres 4.5" x 5". E. Piece of sticker paper. It is white paper, printed in blue. The paper has 3 rectangular labels to be used for identification labels for the seal. The paper measures 2 1/4" x 2 1/2".
1992.035.003 Sprinkler Laundry sprayer: round copper container with a funnel shaped tube on top and a knob. Two chinese characters stamped onto top. Copper laundry sprayer from Luke family laundry. Sprayer appears to be welded together with joins along the top and bottom and along one side. The sprayer is composed of a cylindrical body with a raised bottle-neck opening at the top, off to the side. The opening has a lid (B) which screws on top. The lid also has a small punctured hole at the top. Also attached to the top with grey soldering material is a conical spout. The large opening extends out beyond the edge of the lower cylindrical body. The tip of the conical spout has a small opening joined to the body near its edge. There is a hole in the base with a small raised spout right at the opening of the conical spout. Engraved on the top of the sprayer's body, ojpposite to the raised bottle-neck opening, are two calligrapic characters. The upper edge of the sides of the sprayer's body is lined with a grey soldering material also. The sprayer is used in laundries. Water is kept in the sprayer's body, and one would blow into the wide opening of the conical spout, causing the water which would be poured out of the small raised opening in the top to spray out. The sprayer has slight dents all over. It is also covered with black spots. The top area, including the spout, is particularly discolored and is a muted, dull copper color instead of a shiny copper color.
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