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Wing Luke Museum
1998.030.016 Jacks Set of Chinese Jacks (A-E) 16 plastic rings held by one ring in 5 sets, striped red, yellow, green, pink, rings are open and overlap by 1/8". The player throws on set up in the air and picks up the required numbers of sets from the ground before catching the airborne set.
1998.030.017 Kite, miniature Miniature Kite (Kaku) Single sheet of white paper attached to bamboo frame consisting of 3 vertical struts, 3 horizontal struts and 2 diagonal struts; on the front is a kanji character (Dragon) in faded red with a silver outline; there are fine white strings attached to each joint along the top, 3 down the center, 2 on the left and right, strings are looped together at the ends.
1998.033 Photo Plaque Black and white photograph of a young Chinese American girl wearing a single piece jumpsuit with a wide lacey collar, standing at the gate of a wire and wood fence. Behind her is a boulevard with trees. Photograph is laminated to a convex metal top that overlaps black metal concave back; engraved manufacturer's mark in the center which is difficult to read.
1998.034 Pin Lapel Pin with screw on back A: Blue enameled pin with faded metallic sun image on front, single soldered post with sharp point on back which screws into part B: Round disk with threaded hole with raised serrated edge to grasp cloth. Sun represented KMT Chinese Nationalist party
1998.038.001 Game Chinese Chess (Ch'u Hsiang-ch'i) Game (A-AI) A: Paper chess board, 14.125" X 10.25", red ink leafy design border and a double grid pattern with 4 x 8 squares including diagonal lines, with a empty space in the middle inside of which are 4 Chinese characters "Shu He" and "Han Jien" representing contenders from two kingdoms vying for emperor. B: Plastic box bottom, 3.875" square X .875", reddish brown soft plastic C: Plastic box top, 4" square X .25", clear soft plastic, yellowed, with raised Chinese characters, one in middle and each side, row along bottom and map of Taiwan at top. D-AI: Black plastic disks with recessed bottom; D-S have a red Chinese character inside a circle engraved and painted on the top of the disks; T-AI have a white character inside a circle
1998.038.002 Game Chinese Chess (Ch'u Hsiang-ch'i) Game (A-AI) A: Paper chess board, 14.125" X 10.25", red ink leafy design border and a double grid pattern with 4 x 8 squares including diagonal lines, with a empty space in the middle inside of which are 4 Chinese characters "Shu He" and "Han Jien" representing contenders from two kingdoms vying for emperor. Masking tape along the middle. B: Plastic box bottom, 3.875" square X .875", green soft plastic C: Plastic box top, 4" square X .25", clear green soft plastic, yellowed, with "Star" in raised letter on top D-AI: 32 White plastic disks with recessed bottom; D-S have a red Chinese character inside a circle engraved and painted on the top of the disks; T-AI have a black character inside a circle
1998.038.003 Game Pieces Game pieces with cards and flat cardstock sticks 39 faded red cardstock cards with smeared black characters, 3.5" X 1.875", rounded corners 1 larger red card with no markings Many faded red flat paperboard sticks, approx. 3" X .5" possibly used for gambling game
1998.039.001 Bag 15 long narrow rectangular red paper bags with gold printed Chinese characters; at top is an image of a man holding a scroll, "Chen Liang Xing of Canton --Macau long incense"; the bags are fold in half lengthwise. Signs of old insect activity and mildew.
1998.040 Crate top Wooden Crate top Rectangular cedar wood slab with black impressed lettering stamped with "4 dozen" in upper left, "1 LB. Tally" in upper right, in top in cursive lettering "Red Label", printed "Brand", in middle on either side of logo "Alaska" on left, "Red" on right, the logo in the middle is an oval frame containing a picture of a cannery factory on the ocean coast, large salmon jumping out of the water with "Red" stamped on his body; below logo "Sockeye Salmon, packed by Red Salmon Canning Co., Office: San Francisco--Cal."
1998.041 Blanket Hotel blanket. Dark gray wool finished on two sides with machine blanket stitch done in black cotton thread. At a diagonal in one corner the name "NP HOTEL" is sewn by machine in red thread in cursive writing style. On another corner is the remains of a white cotton label that was sewn with machine in zig zag stitch. The center of the label as been cut out. Condition: Above the label are two sets of two holes.
1998.053 Shoeshine Box Wooden shoeshine Kit containing brushes and shoe polish A; shoeshine box, made of wood and stained dark brown rectangular in shape with an open top which has a hinged lid fitted with dowels. The lid can be folded back at the center reveling a wooden shoe rest on the top. The rest is shaped like the bottom of a shoe and has cork glued to the bottom of it. The inside shelf is covered with a sheet of cork that has marks from shoe polish. At the lower front is a bin shaped drawer which is held with dowels at the bottom front so that it can be tipped open. Two dowels on the inside front prevent the bin from opening too far. There is a wooden horizontal shaped handle on the front of the bin. B:Shoe brush, H: 2", L: 7.5", D: 2.25", top is made from an oblong shaped piece of wood which is curved on the topa nd the ends. And has a groove on either side for a better grip. Impressed in the top are black letters "Esquire Boot Polish USA". There e are clumps of coarse hair bristles in black and brown across the bottom the wood. C: Shoe brush, H: 1.5", L: 6.5", D: 1.75", the handle and the base of the brush are made of one piece of wood rounded at both ends and narrower at one end. On the handle end of the brush is black writing: Sterilized hair made in USA". The bristles are black and inserted into the wood inbnches. There are red colored stains from shoe polish around the bristles. D: shoe Brush, H: 2", L: 6", W: 1.25", hollow metal handle with a hole at one end extends to become part of the brush base which ends in raised point for prying lids of shoe polish cans and this is attached d to a circular metal ring which holds the blond colored animal hair bristles. Engraved in the top of the brush base are "Parks & Parks, Inc., C.P.E. Troy N.Y." E: white Glass jar of leather cream, H: 2.5", Dia: 2", the glass has striated sides and recessed bottom, the lid is metal painted pink on the inside and pink in the center with aqua colored ring around the outside. On the pink circle is illustration in black and white next to black lettering: "Lady Esquire, duplex, Neutral leather Cream." Jar is fille d with yellow colored waxy substance. F: Brush, H: .625", L: 6.25", W: .5", In the form of a tooth brush but used for shoes, mauve and white plastic handle with engraved lettering, Pro Double Duty. There is a hole in the end of the handle and at the other end are blond colored bristles surrounding blue colored bristles, the back is stained pink. G: Package of shoe laces, 4" X .75", two black cotton flat shoe laces are folded side by side and held together with a blue and white wrapper sealed at the back. In the center "Sears" is repeated three times and around the edges "27 inch" is printed in blue. H & I: two foam rubber polishers, H: 2.75", W: 5.25", to form polishers a rectangular shaped piece of foam rubber has been squeezed in the middle and stapled in place. A pink felt cloth is fastened around the bottom section. And a piece of clear is attached to the top. Brown printing on the plastic "Hotel Satellite Roma-Lido- Areoporto" inside a ring with the image of a satellite. To the right "Gran Galla Special Shoe Cleaner". There are other words in Italian, French and German. J: Broken plastic brush, 5.5" X 1.25". Ji: White plastic bristled brush mounted inside a yellow plastic end. Jii - iii: Two yellow plastic holders which originally were fastened around the brush so that it could be retracted or extended.
1998.054.001 Doll Koto playing Japanese doll A: Kneeling/sitting doll wearing a formal black kimono, elaborately tied obi. Wears two layers of under robes (nagajuban), which show only at collar and hem. She has an elaborate hairdo of a young girl made of black fiber, tied in back with wide silver paper; both sides, front and back have a smooth, puffy look; top back is tied with 6 silver and gold twisted wire cords; a decorative lacquer comb with a folding fan design on off white, back is plain yellow, gold painted teeth; in front of comb is a 3 -layered silver and gold curled paper decoration; to the right is a kanzashi pale pink and white flower with 3 tanzaku shape tassels made of metal. Her head is skewed toward her right and inlaid glass eyes cast downward. Her face if dipped in gofun; black painted eyebrows and eyes, red painted lips; neck is exposed at back. She holds her arms in front raised to her waistline and appears to be putting koto picks on her right hand. Her hands are covered with white silk crepe. The koto picks appear to be made of wood with a red band. Style of round picks indicate she plays the Yamada style school of koto playing. Kimono has design of open orange, yellow, black, blue and red folding fan and water; has gold and silver speckles throughout; long sleeves with same design as kimono front should be flared out to show kimono design when she plays; opening of sleeve and wrist shows ivory crepe nagajuban, red damask juban (indicating a young woman). Each fan has a different floral motif: white peony, cherry blossom, old bridge with willow tree at edge, pine tree, muti-colored maple leaves and iris. Obi is satin brocade with a five petaled flower in blue, salmon, chartreuse and gold thread in a tortoise shell design, tree branches; white silk grosgrain ribbon obi jime tied in a knot in front; shibori white and pink dotted obi age tied in a knot in front above and tucked into top of obi. Plain heavy silk crepe ivory nagajuban; kari eri (collar) has silver tortoise shell design on off- white background; underneath this is a solid red crepe undergarment which shows at the back of neck and at sleeve edge. B: Koto, L: 17.625", D: 2.625", H: 1.625", appears to be made of kiri wood with fixed legs painted dark brown. (higher leg goes to player's right and shorter leg to left) 13 strings made of regular cotton cord sit on top of 13 bamboo pegs (removeable), strings extend across 2 ivory plastic bridges, goes through holes in a brown band on left side of koto, the strings extend and are tied at the end, extra string is wrapped in loops underneath; red and gold brocade cloth placed underneath to protect koto and a brown decorative leaf like petal in front of this; the left (head) end has white pasted paper as a decoration. Shellaced top, hollow, unfinished bottom. C: Cushion for seated doll, W: 11.75, D: 9.5", H: 1.25", made of habutai silk with shibori diagonal design in white and red on pink background in diagonal stripes, on top of this is an orange hyotan gourd shape with a white outline, purple, red, white, yellow, light blue, dark blue, orange, green and yellow butterfly with yellow and gray antennae and 2 blue, yellow, green and purple kiri flowers on top of gourd, tied with chartreuse cord; further down is another yellow gourd outlined in white and decorated with tortoise shell design and kiri flower, tied with orange cord. The bottom has blue gourd outlined in white decorated with colorful kine pestle shapes and masu measuring cup set (squares within squares) in orange, green, white and yellow. Stuffed with cotton and held in place with royal blue embroidery thread at the center and at each corner.
1998.054.002 Doll Oiran entertainer Japanese doll A: Doll, H: 17", W: 9", D: 7.625", standing doll with hand held in front, one foot forward, one back. Black fiber hair, pulled together at back in pony tail style with the loose end curved forward to front, creating a large loop on crown, back is pulled down and extended out, front piece extends backward from forehead and tied with white; hair ornaments of white paper (Shinto) and 3 yellow konzashi plastic bars and comb in front. Her face is dipped in gofun with pink tinted cheeks, black painted hairline and eyebrows, light red painted lips, inlaid glass downcast eyes looking toward her left, ears are exposed. Hands are dipped in gofun, and extended in front, fingers on right hand extend out, left hand fingers are partly folded, light orange painted nails. Outer kimono which hangs from waist and tied with obi is silk satin brocade, mauve background with gold and white outlines around green and orange interior, purple silk crepe lining shows at edge and hem. White crepe nagajuban (possibly rayon) shows at edge of lower kimono. Orange and gold silk brocade obi tied in knot at back with both ends hanging loose has a diamond shape motif and a rectangular key-hole design with notched corners with a silver and bronze medallion center, inside a medallion design is a silver rabbit with mauve ears, inside another medallion design is a silver and bronze water design, inside another medallion is a green and purple dragon, balloon (kikyo) flower within a wavy design. Off white satin brocade kimono with shorter sleeves has a flower motifs in pink, red, gold, silver, blue, brown, white and circular design in gold, some chrysanthemums, balloon flowers, bamboo leaves, maple leaves. Beneath this kimono is another white crepe nagajuban and eri collar, two layers of undergarments show at wrist and sleeve opening. Only left foot shows and it is bare. She is attached by nails to a grainy dark brown stand and has notched corners in a flower petal shape. B: Miniature Shamisen, L: 7.625", D: 1.125", H: .875", long handle painted with black lacquer, 3 winding pegs at end, 3 yellow silk strings attached to pegs and extends over 2 white plastic bridges of varying heights, white imitation leather paper pasted all around body, polished brown wood frame, protective pad on one side made of cloth with silver cloud motif held with orange silk cord with tassel at end on handle. C: Red lacquer Shamisen stand, L: 5.25", W: .5", in shape of a bar with a notch in top for shamisen handle D: Mustard colored silk braided cord tied around top of stand hand shamisen handle E-O: Kiri wood framed glass display case for doll, H: 22", W: 14", D: 11.75" E: Wood Platform, rounded corner, 3 tier edges, center is covered with faded green damask cloth with karakusa design (vine and floral), 4 corner legs fastened with nails F-I: 4 corner kiri wood Posts J: Wood framed Top with glass center K: Framed door with glass and metal diamond shaped handle L,M: 2 side glass Panes N: Paperboard back with two toned sparkling gold and off-white crackled design, on back there is a circular abstract floral design chained together on olive green background
1998.054.003 Figure Ceramic Buddhist priest figure from Mount Koya Standing on a black wood platform. Circular tan colored straw style hat has a chevron weave design, inside has a doughnut shaped cardboard (possibly to repair broken hat); white silk cord tied under chin. Face is flesh colored, inset glass eyes, painted shaven head, black painted eyebrows, red painted mouth. Wears black machine sewn silk-like kesa robe ending at the middle of thighs; wears short white kimono underneath with shorter sleeves; wears lavender colored apron with square stamped design saying "kooyasan" to show that he is from a mountain temple; wears white cotton leggings wrapped and glued onto legs, flesh colored feet with orange colored waraji (straw) sandal straps, yellow paper soles. White ceramic left hand is raised to touch hat, right hand holds a natural bamboo (skewer) walking stick. On his back is a white silk cloth (furoshiki) backpack (gebako) covering a piece of wood?, held on with white X shaped cord.
1998.054.004 Figure Straw Figure of a Komuzo Buddhist Priest playing flute from under a basket Waraningyo (straw figure) wearing a straw hat (tengai) resembling an upside down basket, straight sides with a screen style opening in front. Wears black satin kosode kimono with 3 mon (family crest) in the shape of a white circle glued on. White cloth undergarment appears at collar and hem. White cotton gauze obi with two navy blue stripes and tied into a flat folded knot at back. Holds a straw shakuhachi flute with both straw hands. Feet are made of straw tied with lavender cotton thread in two places held to body with two metal wires. Platform is a slice of cherry tree branch, lacquered on top and unfinished on bottom. Holds an extra shakuhachi or cane inside left arm.
1998.054.005 Doll Onna Daruma Doll, round Black silk straight hair under red silk crepe head wrapper. Silk face with painted brown eyebrows, black eyelashes, brown eyelids and pupil and brown iris, red painted "cupie doll" lips, pink cheeks. Body covered with silk brocade in dark gray with bronze peonies and pinkish leaves an stem. At collar the kimono has silver wisteria blossom and other gold motifs and kanoko shibori design white and red, white cotton gauze with gold speckles. The bottom is covered with a stiff disc so it will stand out. Made in Hime, Japan. Souvenir doll from north. p. 127, The Image and the Motif: Japanese Dolls, by Leah Baten
1998.054.006 Doll Set of 4 miniature ceramic Gosho Dolls on rectangular black lacquered wooden bases A: Courtier, H: 3", gold painted ceramic eboshi hat, white painted face, black painted features, 2 red dot mouth, blue tinted blue indicates shaven head, outspread arms, wearing orange brocade robe with gold chrysanthemum motif, purple hakama pants with white floral motif B: Merchant?, H: 2.25", red silk damask scarf over head and hanging down at back pasted onto ceramic head, black painted features, 2 red dot mouth, head is unsteady because it is becoming unglued, wearing red, gold and white brocade robe with floral and vine motifs, white with gold, pink and silver striped vest, holds a stick in his right hand and carries a box wrapped in white cloth with red lettering "tamaeya", right knee and foot raised up to show foot wrapped in white cotton cloth. C: Dancer, H: 2.875", gold painted ceramic eboshi hat, painted black bobbed hair, gray and black painted features, 2 red dot mouth, both ceramic white hands extended, in right hands he holds a gold folding fan with a black lacquer frame, wearing off-white, orange, black and gold brocade robe with cranes and silver accents, red silk hakama and silver accents, left leg is raised to side and shows white cotton wrapped foot indicating dancing step. D: Noh Lion Dance, H: 2.5", white silk straight hair, gray and black painted features, 1 red line mouth, black brocade jacket with gold chevrons, red and red kimono, off-white hakama pants with silver accents. p. 37-38, 58-59 (Gosho dolls), The Image and the Motif: Japanese Dolls, by Leah Baten
1998.054.007 Doll Set of 2 Kokeshi Dolls A: Small kokeshi doll with black painted hair and features on round white head, red painted mouth, orange ribbon on head. Cylindrical body covered with red brocade with gold cherry blossom motif, at hem and collar is a pink and silver brocade trim, silver cord belt tied in knot at front; on bottom is a purple disk. B: Small kokeshi doll with black painted hair with raised bang, painted black features on round white head, red painted mouth. Cylindrical body covered with pink and silver brocade with cherry blossom motif, at hem and collar is a red and gold floral motif, gold cord belt tied in knot at front; on bottom is a purple disk.
1998.054.008 Figure Molded synthetic figure depicting Robin Hood, Award Standing on pedestal with right arm at hip and left arm in front, black painted bangs and eyes, turned up nose, grinning mouth, orange color face and arms, tan shirt and hat, red feather across chest, brown belt, tight green pants, beige boots and pedestal, hole in left side of head where a red feather is missing. On front of pedestal "Community Chest, 1949 Campaign Award" in black lettering on gold and framed in black. On back of pedestal is carved "1946" with a copyright symbol.
1998.054.009 Dish, serving Miniature pieces of wax sushi in a ceramic soy sauce dish A: Soy sauce dish, H: 1", Diam: 3", white ceramic dish with shallow straight sides and pedestal bottom; 2 brown crabs with orange dots in the center are painted on the inside of the dish; the sides have ridges and accents of brown glaze B-J: Wax models of sushi, approx. 1.25": B: nigiri sushi: silver gray and blue mackerel on white rice C: nigiri sushi: light orange uni (sea urchin) tied with orange strip on white rice D: nigiri sushi: purple, white and yellow eel on white rice E: nigiri sushi: yellow with red sprinkling tamago (egg) on white rice F: nigiri sushi: white with red stripes and tail, ebi (shrimp) on white rice G: nigiri sushi: dark red naguro or toro (tuna) on white rice H: maki sushi, seaweed coated rice roll with tuna in center I & J: 2 pieces of 3 bamboo leaf decoration with tan painted centers, paper with shellac
1998.054.010 Dish, Serving Miniature pieces of wax sushi in a small lacquerware dish A: Lacquerware dish, H: 1", Diam: 2.5", black lacquer interior with brown lacquer shallow straight side trimmed with red lacquer, black lacquer bottom B-J: Wax models of sushi, approx. .75": B: nigiri sushi: light red naguro (tuna) on white rice C: nigiri sushi: dark red toro (tuna) on white rice D: nigiri sushi: brown, white and yellow eel on white rice E: nigiri sushi: white with red stripes and tail, ebi (shrimp) on white rice F: nigiri sushi: light orange uni (sea urchin) tied with orange strip on white rice G: nigiri sushi: silver gray and blue mackeral on white rice H: nigiri sushi: yellow with red sprinkling tamago (egg) on white rice I & J: 2 pieces maki sushi, brown seaweed coated rice roll with red tuna in center K: Piece of brown bamboo leaf decoration made of paper with shellac
1998.054.011 Game Miniature Go game with table, two wood containers and kokeshi doll lids A: Miniature Go game table, 1" high, 2.25" square, made of wood with a painted black grid on top, four wooden turned legs at each corner. Purple stamp underneath "Japan" B: Round jar shaped wooden container, .75", with natural dark wood accent on side painted with 4 red cross hatched symbols and two white dots, hollow in center C: Tiny white round lid with a miniature kokeshi doll attached to bottom, .75". Kokeshi doll has moveable head, red, green and yellow painted outfit, black painted features, red hair decoration and mouth. The doll fits upside down inside container when the lid is on. D: Round jar shaped wooden container, .75", with natural dark wood accent on side painted with 4 green cross hatched symbols and two white dots, hollow in center E: Tiny black round lid with a miniature kokeshi doll attached to bottom, .75". Kokeshi doll has moveable head, red, blue, green and yellow painted outfit, black painted features, red mouth. The doll fits upside down inside container when the lid is on The wooden jars may have originally contained miniature game pieces.
1998.054.012 Miniature incense set Miniature Incense Smelling Set with carrying case, bowl and 2 metal incense sticks A: Black lacquer carrying case 2.25 X 2.5 X 1.75", rectangular base is painted on one side with a gold crane and pine tree with red accents and on one end with gold pine needles, recessed interior in black lacquer has red edges and two insets: one yellow container to hold incense and one blue container painted with silver gray charcoal; squared red and black lacquer handle B: Green painted incense bowl, .875 X 1" with interior rounded top painted white with red dot in center; sits on blue brazier C & D: 2 metal joss sticks, pointed on one end and incised with lines at the other.
1998.054.013 Grill Miniature smoking set with carrying case pipe holder, pipe and charcoal tongs. A: Maroon colored lacquer carrying box rectangular shaped with a cut out on one side in shape of a fan. Smaller box attached insdie and has a hole icenter. The interior is black lacquer. Square shaped handel extends the full length of the box. An actual smoking set would have charcoal in open section of the box. B: Pipe holder, L: 1.25", made of hollow bamboo and first in th ehole inside the box. C: Miniature pipe, L; 3", made of wood with a metal bowl. The stem is painted red with gold on one end. The bowl is painted gold. This represents a pipe for smoking tobacco. D & E: Miniature charcoal tongs, 2" long, made of metal painted gold. Consists of two sticks with curved ends.
1998.054.014 Brazier Miniature Hibachi Set with faux wood box with brazier aitached and separate gold tea pot. A: Rectangular shaped box covered with brown lacquer and painted with wood grain stripes. The left side of the box has an indentation at the top where the rim is lacquered black and red on the inside there is a mound of gray nateriel representing ashes. On top of this is a brown colored double brazier. The right has an attach lid with a solver knob. The left one is covered with gold paint where the tea pot use to be glued. At the back of this are two charcoal tongs standing upright. They are painted gold and black. On the font of the box five outlines drawers have been painted inblack. The two on the upper tight have black knobs and the three across the bottom jave crescent shaped handles painted on. There are two crescent shaped black indentations on both sides of the box representing handles. The bottom is painted black. B: Miniature kettle, Dia: .5", possibly made from a wood ball. Shaped with a spout on one side and a small knob with a lid on the top. Kettle is painted gold and has a red painted wire handle attached a the top. It sits on the brown brazier.
1998.054.015 Brazier Wood Miniature Hibachi Set with removable stand, drawers, kettles and tongs. A: Miniature habachi made of lacquered brown wood and lined with cedar colored unfinished wood. The rectangular base has straight sides which curve in slightly at the top. The top rim is painted with black lacquer. The interior has a upper interior box which contained the charcoal and beneath that are two openings in the front for drawers. The bottom is unfinished. B & C: Miniature wood drawers, 1.5" deep, the drawers are rectangular with an added lacquer front with wooden knobs for handles. D: Stand, L: 1.625", made of wood and sits inside the brazier box. Rectangular shaped with straight sides. The front and back have semi-circular cutouts at the bottom edge. The top has two holes one larger to hold the kettles. Attached permantley to back top of the stand is wooden holder with minuature water scoop inside it. E: Loose piece of wood. 1.5" X .75". F: Miniature wooden tea pot, Dia: .75" round body wider at the bottom and tapered at the top. Small spout on one side . A rusted wire loops over the top and acts as a handle. The bottom has a recessed edge which fits into the hole in the brazier. There is a separate carved wood small lid with knob on top which fits into the tea pot. G: Miniature kettle, Dia: .75", Made of wood but reperesents a metal kettle which is round with a flange going around the middle and a carved lid with a knob for a handle. Fits into the larger hole in the brazier stand. H & I: Two metal tongs, 2.625" long, made of heavy wire painted gold, used for lifting charcoal.
1998.054.016 Service, Tea Miniature Chado Tea Set with ceramic brazier and containers, bamboo vase backdrop, lacquered serving pieces, bamboo utensils, silk cloth. A - F: Ceramic brazier with dark brown glaze. A: Brazier bottom, H: 2", Dia: 3.25", round ceramic bowl shape with three squat legs on the bottom. Brazier has a U - shaped opening on one side and the interior is unglazed. B: Ceramic water kettle.H: 1.875", Dia: 2.75", Round shape which narrows towards the top. On each side are loop downturned handles. The bottom and interior rim are unglazed. On one side is a gold sticker pinted in black in kanji and "Kyoto". The kettle is intended to sit on the ceramic trivet inside the brazier. C: Ceramic kettle lid, Dia: 1.75", curved top has a knob for a handle. The underside has a ridge which fits into the top of the kettle, the underside is unglazed. D: Water pot, H: 1", Dia: 1.5", bowl shaped bottom narrowing neck flairing out at the top. The brown glaze onone side is covered with beige and mottled decoration. Unglazed bottom. E: Tea Bowl, chawan, H: .5", Dia: 1.5", flaired bowl shaped with a pedistal bottom, the interior center of the bowl has a raised spiral shape covering the brown glaze on the interior is circular shaped mottled white beige and blue decoration. The foot is unglazed. F: Ceramic trivet, H: 1", Dia: 2", ring shaped with three legs and feet which point inwards. The trivet sits inside the ceramic brazier and acts as a stand for the kettle. G - J: Ceramic tea vessels with white glaze and green accents. G: Water jar, H: 2", Dia: 1.75", upright sides which are slightly wider at the bottom. And are encircled with ridges. A flange encircles the pot just below the rim. This acts as a rest fot the lid and is unglazed. On one side of the pot a green glazed triangular shaped accent has a brown mesh design outline in a wide brown band. H: Water jar lid, Dia: 1.375", concentric circles in the center dip down in the middle of the lid. A handle is formed into a loop shape with an attached piece of cord. A green glazed accent crosses over the handle. I: Water Scoop holder, H: 2", Dia: 1", vase shaped holder has a round bulbous bottom and a long narrow neck. A green glaze accent runs around the neck of the container, the bottom is unglazed. J: Tea bowl, Chawan, H: 1", Dia: 1.25", the upright sides are narrower in the center, pedistal bottom is unglazed. The interior theer is a raised spiral in the center bottom. On the outside there is a brwn motif and green accent similar to the water jar G. K: Backdrop with attached vase. H: 2.875", W: 4.25", D: .25". Black lacquered rectangular piece of wood. Has a small sectionof bamboo attached to it at the upper left. The bamboo is hollow and has a diagonal shape cut out in the front presumably a holder for the cha bana flower arraingement. L: Miniature tray with sweets, 1.5" X 1.125", the tray is in the shape of a rectangle with upturned ends. And a square shaped pedistal on the bottom painted with red lacquer. Glued to the top are three Japanese sweets. One pink ball shaped sweet, Mochi, One purplish oblong sweet, maybe red bean pastry, and a green sweet wrapped around a red center. Besides the sweets is a bamboo pick used as eating utensil. M & N: Tea Caddy, Natsume, with lid, H: .75", Dia: .5", carved indark wood the bottom has a recessed rim and a hollow interior the lid is round with straight side which fits over the rim on the bottom. O: Water Scoop, L: 4", tiny replica of a water scoop has a bowl made from a cross section of bamboo and a finley carved handle inserted into the bowl. A bamboo node in teh center of the handle acts as decoration. P: Tea Scoop, chashaku, L: 1.625", tiny replica of a tea scoop made from bamboo curved up at one end. Has a bamboo node in the middle acting as a decoration. Q: wiping cloth fukusa, 1.75" square, made of red ribbed silk. The cloth is double and sewn around three edges.
1998.054.017 Miniature Brazier Miniature metal brazier chagama with removable water kettle and lid. A: Brazier, iron cast bowl shaped vessel. The bulging sides have two areas cut out on one side in the shape of a lotus and the other is circular. On two sides are decorative holders with a hole in the center through which two rings act as handles. There are three legs on the bottom. B: Water kettle, squat round shape made of the same cast iron with a rough finish. Handle ring and holders on each side are a smaller version of those on te brazier. The lower half is recessed to fit into the top of the brazier. There is a raised rim around the top. C: Kettle Lid, made of cast iron round shape with a knob handle on the top. Underneath is a ring shape flange which fits into the top of the kettle.
1998.054.018 Decoration Miniature New Years Offering A: Two white colored clay balls are joined together representing two mochi balls. On the front of the balls on the top is a bundle of green and beige fiber wrapped with white paper and red thread and decorated with four red berries. Beneath this is a red wire lobster tied with silver mizuhiki cord. The mochi balls sit on top of a wooden offering stand. The stand narrows near the top and has a wooden tray attached to it. Two pieces of wood extend across under the top. Possibly acting as handles. The tray is covered with a rectangular piece of paper, four light blue paper leaves, two small tan leaves, two tufts of tan fiber, a printed blue paper apron in front covered with shinto oharai white paper decoration. B: Miniature fan made of white folded paper edged with red orange and green threads are laced through the paper near the top. The bottom of the fan is tied with a silver mizuhiki cord. And attached to a yellow painted ball. A wire extends from the bottom of the clay ball and inserts into the top of the white ball.
1998.054.019 Flower Basket and Stand Basketry Vase on a miniature two wheeled bamboo cart A: Miniature flower sellers cart, made of bamboo and dark brown or mottled color. The deck of the cart is made ofrom split pieces of bamboo held in place with cross pieces at each end which are inserted into holes in the outside bamboo frame. The length wise pices curve downward a the front and are joined with bamboo cross bar. (this is the bar that the flower seller holds to pull the cart). Acentral bambo axel exends unbder the deck and out on each side passing through two wheel hubs. The two large wheels on either side of the cart are made of bamboo curved into a circle. The spokes are made from smaller pieces of bamboo extending out from the hub. The wheels are held on by pegs which go through holes in the axle. B: Open weave flower basket (Hanakago), basket woven on the bottom with three weavers creating a hexagonal design. The weavers extend up the sides and are plain woven in a diagonal pattern. The sides are bulbous near the bottom and narrow into a neck. At the neck the weavers flar out into a fdlat rim. The neck is held in place with a piece of bamboo on the inside and a double piece of bamboo on the outside tied in a decorative knot. Making the basket resemble a sack tied near the top. The raised rim is made from the weavers braided over a piece of bamboo.
1998.054.020 Brazier Wooden model hibachi The outside of the habachi is carved from a light weight dark brown and tan wood. The top outer walls are carved in a n octagonal shape and the bottom of the walls taper down into a round shape. The inside is hollow and the bottom has a large hole in the center. The wood has been carved in such a way that the grain creates a decorative pattern. A copper insert with straight and a flat bottom is attached by its rim to the inside of the wood form.
1998.054.021 Calligraphy Set Calligraphy and Sumi ink painting set; wooden box containing brushes, ink sticks, ink stone A: Kiri wood box with lid, H: 1.5", W: 10.75", D: 7.75", the bottom has straight sides with carved bottom edge in a wave shape. It has a raised bottom and the corners are rounded. The plain wood lid is attached with brass hinges on the back. And has rounded corners. There are the remains of white paper inside the box and on the lid. B: Suzuri ink stone, H: .875", L: 5.375", W: 3", made of heavy black stone in a rectangular shape. The top is recessed for two thirds of the way by .125", and then inclines towards one side by .5". This creates a flat rim around the top which is rectangular with rounded corners. There are remains of dried ink around the edges. C: Ink stick, 1" X 4", made of fragrant charcoal carved with three birds flying above waves and has three gold characters on the other side. It is wrapped in white paper tube and stored in a lidded cardboard box. The lid of the box has a gold on green decoration a white and gold label on the top with black calligraphy, red seal, and a brown and white sticker with "500 Yen". D: Ink Stick, 3.5" X .875", made of fragrant black charcoal formed into a rectangle with kanji on three sides and a raised flower design at the bottom on one side. On another side is a sticker with red lettering, "Made in Japan". The ink stick is covered with a green and white paper tube that has cherry blossom design and kanji on all four sides. E: Ink Stick, 2.5" X .75", made of charcoal into a rectangular bar with a rounded top. The inkstick has been used and is shorter than its original length. It is very shinny on the outside and has engraved kanji and a decorative frame painted gold and blue. On the top are three gold engraved dots. F: Lidded yellow plastic box containing ten pieces of broken sumi ink pieces. The box bottom is round with straight sides and the lid has a convex top and straight sides and has a transparent stripped effect. Two of the charcoal pieces do not fit into the box. G: Calligraphy brush, L: 8", bamboo handle white bristles ending in a black point. White paper label on handle a with black kanji. This new brush still has a plastic protector over the bristles. H: Calligraphy brush, used, L: 8", bamboo handle, stained bristles, light green paper label with black kanji. Black stamp "Made in Japan", the bristles are protected by a plastic tube with metal end. I: Calligraphy brush used, L: 7.75", Bamboo handle with green and red kanji, white bristles with brown tip. Has 3 inch long bamboo bristle protector in the shape of a tube with a split down one side. J: Calligraphy Brush , used, 8" long, bamboo handle, with black and white bristles that have been broken. It has 3.5" bristles protector stained with black ink. K: Calligraphy brush used, 8" long, dark brown bamboo handle with ivory cap at one end and an ivory ring at the other holding blond colored bristles many of which are broken. L: Calligraphy brush used, 8" long, bamboo handle stained with black ink, has blue and red kanji on one side, white bristles stained black on one side. M: Calligraphy brush, used 8" long, bamboo handle with black ink stains printed with "Holbein's Japan". Black band around one end which holds the bristles which are caked with black ink. N: Calligraphy brush used, 8.25" long, bamboo handle stained with black and red ink. Black and white bristles stained with red ink. O: Calligraphy brush used , 9" long, bamboo handle stained with black Ink. Printed on one side "Made in Japan". Two paper labels with black ink kanji and red symbols. Black and white bristles stained red. P: Calligraphy brush used 7" long, bamboo handle with black kanji and an orange label that has white printing "Made in China", Chinese characters and an animal. Black bristles with a white tinge. Q: Calligraphy brush protector, 5" long made of hollow light colored bamboo. R: Calligraphy brush handle, 7.25" long, bristles missing, bamboo black ink stains, printed with "Made in Japan". At one end is a black band which once held the bristles. S: Paint brush, 7" long, wooden handle, printed in blue ".25" Setwell 4849", reddish brown bristles fastened to handle metal holder. T: Straight pen handle, 6.25" long, painted black handle which tapers at one end, the other end has inserted holder for metal nib. U: Brush, 5.25" long, used to clean an ink stone. Has ivory colored plastic handle in the shape of a bar rounded at both ends. One end has black bristles fastened in a clump in the handle. Part way down another set is inserted. At the other end is a hole for hanging. Printed in beige " Doctor Wernet's Dental Plate Brush", stained with black ink. V: Metal bar, 5.375" long, painted green and has a sharp chisel end. May have been used to clean the ink stone or as a paper weight.
1998.054.022 Table Low Japanese style dining table Rectangular shaped table top is made of heavy grained wood, two thirds of one side shows the heavy grain finish in greenish beige stain with a clear lacquer. The other third which is divided by a wavy line has a black lacquer finish which has become brown where it fades. This section is cracked from one end to the other. There are four three inch square legs which are heavy grained and have a wider base. A curved apron runs between the legs at both sides and ends. It has a beaded edge. The finish has deteriorated and there are two dark squarish spots on the top indicating the light has faded the table surface around objects. The shinny black lacquer is marked and has a cup shaped spot that mars the center of the table. The table was used for traditional style Japanese Meals.
1998.058.001 Set, Salt & Pepper Two Porcelain Salt & Pepper shakers shaped and painted as the busts of a Chinese man and woman. A: head and shoulders of stereotypical Chinese man with knotted cap, and green jacket. B: Head and shoulders of stereotypical Chinese woman, wearing flater hat.
1998.059.001 Kimono (Uchikake) White and Purple silk Wedding Outer Kimono (Uchikake) with red, gold and silver embroidery Very long robe with front insets and a double wide band collar which extends half way down the front; very long sleeves with rounded outer edges, open on body side and at wrists, attached to upper bodice and shoulders; padded hem. Made of white damask satin which has been space dyed in purple wavy cloud-like horizontal bands; the damask woven design is "matsu kawa bishi" representing pine-tree bark. The embroidered design consists of a large peacock on the upper back with a tail that extends over the left shoulder and sleeve; satin stitched, alternating long and short stitches (nagamijika-sahinui) and woven effect (mushiro-nui) in light and orange gold metallic thread with a red tuft on the head and black and white eyes. There is another large peacock stitched on the lower left front with a tail extending around to the back. Large flowers are distributed over the whole surface of the kimono including some on top of the peacocks; they consist of peonies in gold with silver leaves, in red and white with gold stamens and silver leaves, in red outlined with gold couching (komadori-nui) and other abstract flowers in the same colors. Lined with red synthetic? fabric with two white hem protectors basted to the lower front corners of the robe. The Uchikake is worn over the wedding kimono which is often made of white silk.
1998.059.002 Kimono (Uchikake) Red Wedding Outer Kimono (Uchikake) with gold and silver embroidery Very long robe with front insets and a double wide band collar which extends half way down the front; very long sleeves with rounded outer edges, open on body side and at wrists, attached to upper bodice and shoulders; slightly padded hem. Made of red silk rep (weft faced weave). The embroidered design consists of floral motifs on shoulders, upper sleeves with a few independent clusters lower down, lower back sleeves, middle cluster of flowers on right front and a larger design on right front and at hem which continued across the bottom at the back. Silver and gold metallic and white thread chrysanthemums and leaves in satin stitch. Fully lined with white silk.
1998.059.003 Kimono Young girl's special occasion kimono, silk crepe Beige silk crepe with red, pink, yellow chrysanthemums and red and pink garden gate design (fall pattern), red, green, pink plum blossoms, black abstract handle shaped design. Upper portion of the body is lined with smooth white silk and lower portion and sleeve opening is lined with pink crepe silk, other sleeve opening is lined with red. Two smooth silk sash pieces sewed at the waist to tie the kimono. Stitching which holds sleeve in place is ravelling.
1998.059.004 Underrobe (Nagajuban) Young girl's nagajuban Red silk damask with design of open folding fans with decorative cords, self-lined 1/3 of the bottom, rest is lined with red cotton. Medium length sleeve is self-lined at the openings only. Band style collar extends to the hem. To be worn directly under the outer kimono
1998.059.005 Collar, detachable Kari Eri, detachable collar Red silk crepe with two embroidered bouquets of white and pink flowers on each side of center: small flowers surround larger ones, some have gold embroidered centers and leaves. To be worn under kimono collar and tacked to nagajuban
1998.059.006 Obi Girl's pre-tied obi for 7-5-3 birthday celebration Orange, silver and gold brocade, cranes with yellow and green pine trees, gold and silver tortoise shell design on red background. (symbolizes longevity). Tied in "butterfly" style with two red and white decorative fringed cords attached to center of the bow, each fringe has a gold colored metal bell at the center of the decorative knot (to chase away evil spirits). Back of tie has a T-shaped metal piece which fits into the tied sash portion of the obi. Originally stored in a cardboard box with kanji written in black in on top "7-5-3 birthday celebration obi for Kazuyo"
1998.059.007 Yukata Girl's cotton yukata (robe) White cotton with stenciled design of imaginative red flowers resembling daffodils with stems and short leaves, scattered leaves throughout. Long band collar lined at back with plain white cotton, extends half way down front, back yoke lined with white cotton. Short sleeves with rounded corners. Hole in body near collar.
1998.059.008 Yukata Girl's cotton yukata (robe) White cotton with stenciled multi-colored floral design of red, green, blue, maroon and fuschia colored flowers, red and green stems. Long band collar extends half way down front, back yoke lined with white cotton. Long sleeves with rounded corners. Two white cotton sashes sewn at waistline. Discolored around the shoulder.
1998.059.009 Obi Nylon heko obi age sash Yellow and bright pink graduated colored background, shibori effect textured floral design in 5 clusters, bigger floral design in center and smaller at ends. To be worn with yukata for summertime.
1998.059.010 Wrapping Cloth Furoshiki wrapping cloth Nylon bukashi graduated color salmon to off-white. Hole in center on salmon-colored portion. Label attached to one corner "KKK" inside diamond, "C-AT6553", on reverse "Nylon" in English and Japanese 100%.
1998.059.011 Plaque Rectangular cardboard board with faux wood paper. On the front are miniature paper cylinders and then a miniature hagoita, ema, kite. Kite and hagoita have come off the board.
1998.059.012 Plaque Rectangular cardboard board with faux wood paper. On the front are miniature paper cylinders and then a miniature kite.
1998.059.013 Charm Regtangular board with orange and gold brocade cloth over it. Chinese characters on one side. the charm is wrapped in white paper.
1998.059.014 Charm Kosodate Hina Omamori Small doll of man and child in paper. this is wrapped in beige and yellow sheets of paper.
1998.061 Obi Obi sash to be worn with kimono, ecru with light blue lines, embroidered boat and birds Made of bast fiber (asa) in a gauze weave (ro), doubled and sew down one side. The color is a natural ecru with dyed light blue wavy lines simulating water. Embroidered in silk thread near one end is a boat with a lanteen sail, cr?me colored hull with black dotted lines, white deck, brown railings, green and dark blue railings aft, large aqua and mauve sail with a white crest, small green sail on forward deck behind a pink, white and black canopy, green, white and rose canopy on starboard, hut shaped structure with rolled blind in the middle. Scattered through the middle and at the other end are aqua and mauve flying seabirds. The boat motif will appear upside down when the obi knot is tied.
1998.062.001 Robe Men's Chinese blue silk robe Medium blue damask silk robe with high neck, right side closing, ankle length with long sleeves. Alternating rows of motifs showing swastikas and stylized medallions which also contain swastikas. The outer front has seam down center and a wavy diagonal flap on the right which is fastened with a series of double ball buttons with extensions across the flap and down the right side. These connect with double loops with extensions. The inner front panel is made from one piece and has a patch pocket which is hidden when the robe is closed. The back has center back seam, the sleeves are cut in one with the body and have extensions making the sleeves very long. There are slits on either side at the bottom hem. The neck and diagonal closing are trimmed with piping in the same color as the body. There is a single ball button and loop to fasten the neck. The garment is lined with blue plain weave silk and is sewn by hand. There are perspiration stains under the arms and some fading on the front.
1998.062.002 Jacket Men's Chinese satin jacket Purple black satin jacket lined with bright blue plain weave silk. The front has a center seam in a wavy diagonal closing on the right. A slit at the center extending up from the hem. The front is fastened with three sets of double ball buttons with extensions and double loops with extensions. The inner front extends halfway across the front of the jacket and has a patch pocket which is hidden when the garment is closed. The neck is fastened with one ball button and loop. The back is made of two pieces with a center seam and a slit extending from the hem. The sleeves are cut in one with the body. They have extensions which make the sleeves very long. The stand up collar is rounded in the front and has four appliqued bands in two widths of self fabric. It is lined with purple velvet which shows on the outside around the top edge. All other edges of the jacket are trimmed with self piping. The jacket is hand sewn and has yellow stains on the lining.
1998.062.003 Paneled Skirt Chinese cotton paneled Skirt Two panels of apple green cotton are overlapped and sewn into a wide white cotton waist band. One panel is made of two sections and the waist band is also pieced. The skirt has a hem and is sewn by machine. At both ends of the waist band a white cotton loops sewn a the center, Inserted in one of the loops is a white cotton tie which would hold the skirt in place when wrapped around the body. There is a brown stain on the waist band. There is no decoration.
1998.062.004 Pants Green silk and blue cotton Chinese pants The outer pants are made of lime green lightweight silk damask with a bamboo and floral design. They have 1 large and 1 small gusset in the crotch on the front and back. The legs have a slit extending up from the ankle and two ties which can be wound around the ankle. The pants are lined with light blue cotton and have a deep light blue waist band which would be tied in place.
1998.062.005 Hanging Rectangular red satin hanging with gold couching and two embroidered pheasants Very wide hanging has a center section made of red satin. In the center of this section are two finely embroidered pheasants in blue, pink, green, orange, yellow and white which stand on either side and underneath a gold couched sun with green silk couched rays. The pheasant on the right has wings spread out, they stand on gold couched rocks and are surrounded by gold couched peonies and leaves. At either end of this section are two smaller scenes of orange, green, purple, black and blue swallow flying above a multicolored butterfly. Around them are gold couched bamboo, chrysanthemums and smaller flowers. The centers of the chrysanthemums have green stamens. The sides and bottom of the panel are surrounded by three bands. First made of ivory colored satin and has alternating mirror decorations framed with gold colored metal. Some are round and others are hexagonal shaped. The second band is made of green satin with gold couched alternating stylized Chinese characters representing good luck. The third band is made of mauve satin, the bottom edge is decorated with knotted fringe made of silk threads ending in tassels. The tassels are tied at the top with gold thread. Fringe has alternating colors of fuschia, light blue, mauve, orange, and green. The panel is attached to pink band of cotton and is backed with the pink cotton. There is a hole torn in the back of the panel on the right hand side. And there is a large water stain in the center as well as other smaller stains.
1998.062.006 Purse Small purse, embroidered front and flap, to wear on a belt The elongated u-shaped cotton purse has dividers in the interior, a belt channel at the upper back, a front embroidered pocket and flap. The background of the embroidered sections are covered with gold spiral braid which is couched in place; the flap has a pink, orange, green and purple pheasant embroidered in satin stitch, surrounded by leaves, flowers and a pond in purple, green, pink, white and blue chain stitch; the front pocket has a flying green, purple, pink and blue pheasant above three flowers and leaves in pink, white, purple and green chain stitch; the flowers and fruit appear to be a pomegranate, a citron flower (Buddha's hand) and a peony. The embroidered sections are bordered with an applied dark blue braid with a light blue triangular design. The front pocket is not embroidered on the upper section where the flap covers when closed and it shows silk damask beneath; an edging of dark blue silk stitching finishes the upper edge. The pockets appear to be stiffened. There is another taller front plain white cotton pocket beneath the flap. The body of the purse is divided into three compartments by sewing three stiffened sections of doubled plain white cotton together at the sides and bottom. The back is covered with light blue silk which has been stitched on with white thread and is soiled. The upper back forms a broad loop through which a belt can be inserted. The front flap covering the two front pockets is fastened by a magenta colored loop that closes over a flower shaped brass button on the front.
1998.075 Painting Collage Painting Painting is mainly in various shades of gray and tan. A hand made paper is applied to canvas and paint is applied over the top to create accents. The upper 3/5 of the painting has a muted grid design which includes two black vertical lines and off white horizontal lines. In this section at the top in the lower left and upper right are ten colored abstract shapes resembling mountains. There is an applied wavy gray line which runs across the painting. The lower 2/5 of the painting has broader vertical gray and off white bands with two black lines. On top of this are irregular shapes of white paper with dark gray crackle lines. There is also an applied irregular oblique line running across the lower section and ending in the center. The bottom 5.5" is painted a plain gray. In the lower right hand corner is the artist's signature in white: "N Okamura 81". The canvas is stretched over and stapled onto a wooden frame that has two cross bars and eight triangular wood supports.
1998.076 Documents Social Security Documents and photographs. A: Application for Assistance Form, 11" x 8.5", blue copy of form from the Department of Public Assistance printed in black. On the front information is: "King County Social Security 537-18-8973, Name: Mu Chung Chan, Birth date 6.27.1890, Applying for Old Age Assistance; Address 519 1/2 7th So. Seattle 4" On the back in writing : "Reason for application 'I am unable to work now', Means of Support for past twelve Months: My assistance from the Welfare Dept., resided in Washington since 1914,. The form is dated "September 9, 1955" B: Envelope, 3.75" x 5.75", the envelope is empty but has writing on the front in black ink: "Age - 24yrs., Chan Mu Chung, May 13, 1914, Entered at Port of Seattle, Washington. No. 31696 - the original -No. 15507" Below this are four Chinese characters, which mean 'old paper number'. C: Alien Address Report, 1965, 3.25" x 7.25", white computer card with black printing, Form - 53 Immigration and Naturalization Service, gives information on Chan, Mu Chung, registration No. A 3103055, the information is the same as A except the birth date is 12 Aug. 1890. On the back written in blue ink are three columns of Chinese characters. D: Application for social Security Account Number Card, 3.75" x 7.375", form SS - 5 Treasury department, information filled out in black ink: Mu Dong Chinn, 512 7th Ave. So. Seattle, Wash. Age 52, date of birth: June 27, 1890, Canton China, Male Chinese Married, Present employer, Sun Lee, Dated Oct. 8, 1941. The back of the card has printed instructions for filling out the form and a pink date stamp. Ei - iv: Four copies of passport photos, 2.5" x 2.25", black and white photo of Chinese man's head and shoulders wearing suit and open collar shirt. High forehead and shirt hair. On the back of Ei in black ink: "Chan Mu Chung, 70002/941"
1998.078.001 Figure Ivory figure of Japanese Man figure is sitting cross legged with arms extended straight out. In his right hand is a gourd and in his left is a bowl. The old man has bulbous earlobes and a smiling face. His eyes are filled in with black ink. His mouth is open and the upper teeth show slightly, he has a long white beard and wears a soft hat over forehead that folds like a scarf on the back. The head gear has been cross hatched and is a darker beige color. The clothing consists of a large sleeve robe with a flat hood hanging down the back. The sleeves have a dark trim with a zig zag motif. This trim also appears on the lower edge of the robe. At the back is an apron-like garment with a fish net design etched into it. There is a sash holding this on and a bow from the belt shows beneath his beard and he wears pants of the same color and texture as his hat. His feet show at the front and underneath and it appears he is wearing cloth shoes. There is a tortoise with a seaweed tail hanging on the bowl. There are two Kanji characters on the bottom of the figure. Condition: Ivory has yellowed and right hand appears to have been repaired at the wrist.
1998.078.003 Lidded Box Carved ivory box with lid. A: Box made of ivory with a crved dragon that surrounds the sides and part of the bottom. The eyes are inset mother of pearl with black centers. Between the dragon coils and on the bottom of the box are grass like marks. The bottom has a raised button that is carved with swirls and has two red engraved kanji characters. There is a recessed lip and the inside of the box has a recessed center. The net like texture of the ivory revealed on the inner side. B: Lid, same size as the box. Made of ivory, with a carved dragon on the top with a body that coils into five loops and a head in bas relief in the center. The eyes are inlaid mother of pearl with black centers. Threre are wavelike designs between the coils. On the sides of the box the coils from the dragon carved into the base continue onto the lid. The inside of the lid resembles the inside of the box. Condition: A large crack in the lid extending from the center to one side. The ivory has turned yellow.
1998.078.02 Lidded Box Round Ivory Box with Lid A: Small container made of ivory with etched design of a dragon drawn with black sumi ink and yellow underbelly and red tongue. Between where the dragon head and the tail almost meet are outlines of black and yellow clouds and red fiery breath. The natural grid - like texture of the ivory shows on outside and inside. The lip of the jar is recessed and has a raised border just above the dragon design. A red flower blossom is etched in the bottom of the jar. B: Round lid which fits into the top of the box, Dia: 1.875", made of ivory with a bas-relief of a truncated dragon outlined in black sumi ink with orange colored accents. Stylized clouds surround the dragon. The bottom is slightly recessed and has the same flower blossom engraved on the inside.
1998.083.003 Record Albums Asian music record albums A: 12.375" X 12.375", "Music for Balinese Shadow Play: Gender Wayang from Teges Kanyin, Pliatan, Bali, Recorded in Bali by Robert E. Brown" Cover is white with large black and gold image if Balinese shadow puppet head. The title is in gold along the right side. B: Record Album, 12.375" X 12.375," "Cho-ga: Tantric and Ritual Music of Tibet," Published by Dorje Ling, 1974. Paper album cover which opens like a book. The front is blue with a color photograph of Buddhist altar. The altar has dragons on the sides and top. In the center is a seated buddha. Silver cups are lined up in front of the altar. The cover opens and there are photos of Tibetan Buddhist monks in residence in India. Along the right side is a listing of the songs performed. On the back in yellow lettering is an explanation of the music and the title and recording history. In the blue background is a lighter blue sanskrit text. These songs were recorded between 1969 - 70 at the monasteries of Gyuto and Gymed, the three great Gelugpa monasteries of Drepung, Ganden and Sera and at Namgyal Dratsang. C: Record Album, 12.375" X 12.375," "Tibetan Buddhism Tantras of Gyuto: Mahakala" White cover with black lettering. In the center is a small reproduction of a Tantric Buddhist diety. It is a 18th century t'anka poster of Makakala the Great Black Lord of Trancending Awareness. The record was produced by Nonsuch Records, 1973. Recorded at Gyuto Tantric college, Dalhousie, Himachal Pradash, by David Lewiston. On the back is a history of the songs and this type of Tibetan Buddhism. D: Record Album, 12.375" X 12.375," "Traditional Folk Dances of Japan," Folkways Records, 1959. Black cover has red tinted black and white photograph of man playing flute. The title is in white at the top and above that in dark lettering is "Introductory Notes by Mary L. Evans Ethnic Folkways Library FE 4356." On the back is part of the front label with the title in dark lettering and a list of songs in white. Separate flier with description notes . E: Record Album, 12.375" X 12.375," "Folk Music of Japan" Produced by Ethnic Folkways Records, 1952. Black cover with pasted over paper with pink column on right and title in black with recorded by Edward Norbeck, Ethnic Folkways Library Harold Courlander, General Editior. Two thirds of the cover is a black nad white reproduction of Japanese print by Utamaro of a man and a woman. Separate Flier notes. F: Record Album, 12.375" X 12.375," " Japan: its Music and Its People" Produced by Desto records. Front cover is glossy orange with white and black circular designs. In the center a portion is whited out; the title is in black and purple and there is a black wood block print of a Japanese building, a color illustration of a Japanese festival; a color Kirin in a square with a chrysanthemum in upper left corner. Created and told by Christobel Weerasinghe and sponsored by World Federation of United Nations Associations. Five folksongs on the album. G: Record Album, 12.375" X 12.375," "The Tale of the Shining Princess" produced by Caedmon Records, 1982. Adapted by Sally Fisher from a translation by Donald Keene. Read by Lillian Gish with Music by Michael Karp. It is based on traditional Japanese music. The Front cover is from an 18th century illustration of Taketori ( The Bamboo Cutter). The title is in black. H: Record Album, 12.375" X 12.375," "Phases of the Moon: Traditional Chinese Music" Produced by CBS Records, 1981. Paper cover that opens into book like section. Front is glossy beige and the center has a color Chinese painting, "Plum Blossoms by Moonlight" by Ma Yuen. Title is in red vertical letters on grey, olive or pink panels on either side of the painting. On the back cover are listed the sons, an essay on Chinese art and a reproduction of "Illustrations of Poems" by Tang Yin. I: Record Album, 10.125" X 10.125", "Love Songs" in Chinese, produced by Art -Tune Hong Kong. 33 1/3 RPM. Front cover is black with red and gold hearts. Chinese characters in white with red hearts in each one across the front. Number is ATC - 260.
1998.099.001 Watercolor A: Color watercolor on white paper. Central is a Japanese isis with purpe petals, yellow interior, green stalk. Long green foliage growing around them. In the back left is a brown rock formation. A grey and black foreground goes across the page. Along the left side are two rows of calligraphy. there is a red seal mark in the middle of the farthest row. There are water stains along the right side. B: Watercolor on white paper. Branch of camillia is grey with green leaves. Around the top are three opened orange flowers and one bud. Near the bottom of the branch is a black bird. Below this is another branch with leaves and one bud. To the right are four rows of calligraphy in black. there is a red seal mark at the end of one line. One water stain near the center. the paper had been rolled and is wrinkled.
1998.102 Dragon Boat Lamp Decorator lamp in the shape of a dragon boat The lamp is made from brown and opaque shell material. Main part of the lamp is cut and screwed together to form the body of a dragon with beige color scales that are formed by cutting into the shell. The tail extends to the back and has an attached feather shaped addition also with scales that fit inside a slot in the tail. The head has been made separately and attached with two screws. It has scales like body and three fin attachments on each side and in the center back, dark brown horns are also attached to the top. There are eyebrows, beard, beige translucent attachments of beard and mustache. The mouth is open and there are two antenna like projections from the front of the mouth. Inside the mouth are white plastic teeth and fangs. A red plastic tongue and a dark pink light bulb, the eyes are plastic with white centers. The dragon has four feet attached to the body with screws and they have scales and claws. The back of the dragon is covered with curved boat deck held on by two straps extending form the engraved deck are three masts made of wood which have three shell sales attached with nails. At the top are light colored shell pennants fitted into the masts. Masts are held with mono-filament rigging. The light bulb is wired through the dragon with a black and red cord which extends from the rear and has a crude two prong plug attached.
1998.102.002 Dragon Boat Model Model of Dragon Boat Made of dark brown shell material the main body has white semi-circular scales engraved along the sides. The tail extends up and back from the body and has a carved flame shaped addition inserted into a slot in the tail. The head is made from a separate piece and has two fin like projections on each side with some engraved flame shapes. There are two horns and another flame shaped projection the top of the head. The mouths open and inside are four white plastic fangs and a red plastic tongue. Two curled antenna extend from the top of the snout and beige shell projections representing a beard and mustache extend from face. The eyes are two gold beads. The dragon has four attached feet with claws that have engraved scales. There is a cross piece in the center of the body and two decks are attached with straps on the back of the dragon. The decks are engraved with a flower design and each one has three masts. The four central masts have three sails each made of variegated shell. The two outer masts have two sails each. On the top of each mast is a pennant made of shell which are inserted into a slot. Tag removed from piece reads: "M/M NGUYEN CHI (L) // Donated by Loan Nguyen // Dragon Boat Replica // WLAM IMMIG. EXH. 1997"
1998.102.003 Model Cart Model Cart on a base Made of dark brown shell material. The cart is boxed shaped with open sides and ends and a slightly curved roof. It has two wheels and mud protectors, springs and an axle. The body is dark brown with white engraved floral designs. The accents are made of lighter colored shell with semi-circular designs on the roof section. Small carved male figure sits at the front end of the cart and has a darker color cone shaped hat, a whip in right hand and reins in his left hand. The two reins extend out to two dark brown horses that are joined to the cart with a yolk made of shell. The horses have one front leg raised, gold bead eyes, and thin bridals made of shell material. The cart wheels and hoses are attached to dark brown shell base with nails.
1998.102.004 Sack White plastic shopping bag In blue on one side is: "Casum Company", repeated down the side of the bag. On the other side in Vietnamese and English is company name and address, photograph of shoes and slogan.
1998.103.001 Model Boat Wooden Boat Model The model is of a fishing troller. There is a single deck with a cabin near the rear. There is a single mast at the front. Rigging lines are in purple string. An anchor is tied with white string to a post and hangs over the anchor eye. On the rear of the boat in wood letters is: "WAR 6720" and on the sides in wooden letters is: ZULKIFLI BIN ISMAIL, 410390/8.89" The boat has a propeller and rudder and keel. The boat is attached to a stand shaped like a fish by the keel.
1998.103.002 Picture The picture is made up of a wood frame with an inner frame. The outer frame and inner frame have purple velvet inbetween them on a wood backing. The center of the work has just the purple velvet streched on the frame and the cut out flat scene of a two masted sailing ship with waves, sun and birds is attached to the velvet. In the bottom left is: "than tung, ao van, Minh Huong." Center bottom is: "Noel 1990" and right bottom is: "nuac xuan"
1998.103.003 Painting The picture is made an oil painting on cloth. The picture is of seven Southeast Asian boats docked in a bay at night with a full moon rising in the background. A woman squats on the end of one of the boats. In the lower left corner is the artist's signature and "mc 108". The painting was framed in Seattle at "HOI C/TSQ/QLVNCH/WA."
1998.103.004 Flute Bamboo flute The flute is a straight piece of bamboo with six holes in one end and a single square hole at the other. This end tapers and is covered leaving a tin opening. At the very end with the six holes are three small holes.
1998.103.005 Statue Three Busts of young Asian women in dark brown colored clay. A: the woman's head is tilted, she has one finger up to her lips, she is wearing a cloth tied around her head. B: the woman's head is looking slightly to the right, she has on a turban type headdress, and is wearing a jacket with buttons on the right. C: She is looking to the left, has her hair tied in a bun in the back, and has one a front button garment.
1998.103.006 Embroidery Two embroidered Refugee camp commemorative cloths. A: White cotton, with hemed edges and a multicolored scene of two women in long robes doing a fan dance. At the bottom in English and in cusive script is: "Sungai Besi Refugee Camp, Kualumpur Malaysia 1990." B: Black man made cloth, hemmed edges, with a multicolored scene of a large white bird with a red feather on its head and is holding two smaller birds. They are among pink lilies and there is a sun in clouds above them. In the right hand corner is a white patch with red print lettering in English: "Vietnamese Refugee Sungei Besi Camp, Malaysia - 90"
1998.104.001 Hat Veterans Hat Inverted boat shape hat with a crown of oblong shape made of red felt lined with yellow cotton. Vertical Brim made of navy blue felt is crossed over in the front. It is trimed at the top with gold colored braid and has letters made of yellow felt and "Post Adjutant" on one side and "VFP Milaor Post CS" on the other. A circular crest is stitched to the front on one side. The back ground is blue with gold colored sword and weighing scale in the center, "World War" printed across the sword in red embroidery. Gold colored embroidered words on the outside of the patch "Government Employees Veterans Union"
1998.104.002 Napkins and placemats Set of four Napkins and Placemats A i - iv: Rectangular piece of Pina cloth, made from pineapple fiber. The center portion has a translucent effect with stylized flower blossoms embroidered in a line design. The outside edges have been folded in to form a hem on four sides and these have been stitched by hand. Bi - iv: Square napkin made of pina cloth with a translucent center, bordered on all sides with a hem finely stitched by hand.
1998.105.001 Jar Barrell shaped glazed ceramic jar with lid A: Jar is aqua blue. Around the top and bottom are raised dots. They alternate between yellow and pink. The front of the jar has a raised plum branch with blossoms. The tree branch is brown, smaller stems are green and blossoms and buds are deep plum colored. The bottom has a lip and stamped on the bottom in red is: "CHINA" The top has a recessed lip which the lid sits upon. B: The lid is rounded on the top and has a recessed center. The top is cut into a circle with bowed square motif, so that the spaces between are hollow. there is a small hole through the center, the top is glazed and the bottom is not.
1998.108 Objects for Docents 1) 2 Japanese shuttlecocks, green and purple 2) Acupuncture needles 3) Cambodian paper currency - 6 bills (multi-colored) 4) 6 Mien hanging ornaments (tassled) 5) 3 Rubbing blocks "WLAM" made by Bettie Luke Used by docents
1998.108.001 Shuttlecock Feathered and weighted ball hit back and forth by the Hagoita (battledore) used to play oibane. A: Shuttlecock (hare) Black seed or nut .5" in Dia. Attached through the top of the seed are 5 chicken feathers. Feathers are dyed purple at lower end. A green felt end protrudes from where feathers are inserted. B:Shuttlecock (hare) Black seed or nut attached to 5 feathers died turquise and yellow. B: Same except feathers are dyed turquoise at bottom and light yellow near the ends. Felt end is red. 4 feathers.
1998.108.002 Accupuncture Needles A: L: 2", Stainless steel Accupuncture Needle 2/3rd's of the top of the needle is covered by coiling stainless steel. At the top this coil forms a triple loop and at the other end it curves out and in to form a heart shape. The needle itself is shaved on either side near the top and the tip is bent. It appears to have been in an open flame and is discolored. B: L: 2.25", Stainless steel Accupuncture Needle. Less than 1/2 of it is covered by coiling stainless steel. At the top is a triple loop of wire. The needle itself comes to a sharp point. The shaft of the needle is somewhat bent.
1998.108.003 Currency Cambodian Paper Currency A: 1000 Riels Note, W: 7.25" H: 3.5", Multi Colored scroll work on front, Illustration of 4 school children, in green on right. Cambodian characters on front, numbers in bottom left and top right. Serial # 384080. On the back in Cambodian and French "Banque Nationale Cambodge" Denomination in Cambodian, left and Western numerals right. Central illustration of stone temple statue. B: 500 Riels Note; H: 3.375", W: 7.125" Multicolored scroll work, predominately green, Illustration of woman with jug on her head. She is wearing head cloth. Denomination in upper left and right. Serial # 356527 in lower left. On reverse is illustration of Rice paddy and workers. Along bottom is illustration of temple carving of market scenes. At top in Cambodian and French is "Banque Nationale du Cambodge" C: 100 Riels Note, H: 3", W: 6.875", Front has blue ink only, scroll work around perimeter, Illustration of villiage people in front of wooden temple watching 2 cows eat from metal bowls in the foreground. Serial # in upper left and right - "896997". Reverse is blue with symetrical scroll work, denomination in Cambodian in upper left and western numerals in upper right. Central illustration of three person in traditional headresses carrying offerings. Below this in French is "Banque Nationale du Cambodge" D: 100 Riels Note, H: 3", W: 6.875", Multi colored scroll work front with illustration of central stone temple entrance, Denomination in all corners, serial #'s in bottom right and middle 732861. On the reverse is illustration of arial view of temple complex in green and brown. Above and below is blue scroll work and at top in Cambodian and French is "Banque Nationale du Cambodge" Watermark on right side - front. E: 100 Riels Note, H: 3", W: 6.875", multi colored scroll design with central illustration of stone temple statue head. Serial # in center top and lower left side. On reverse scroll design in brown and greens, central design is 100 in Cambodian with illustration of oarsmen in boat in the center O. At the top in Cambodian and French is Banque Nationale du Cambodge. F: 50 Riels Note, H: 2.875", W: 6.5" Front blue scroll work, symetrical, with beige overprint, central illustration of 2 fishing boats with nets. Serial # in bottom right 02319 in blue. On the reverse purple scroll work, central illustration of temple complex in brown with blue sky. White oval on right side with watermark. In lower left is 50" and in lower right Cambodian numeral for "50."
1998.108.004 Ornaments A-C Pom Pom Ornaments L: 8" Dia: 3.5" Each has a single red card with an end loop from the other end of the cord hangs 3-plastic beads. The diamond shaped paper covered with colored thread. From the 3 corners of the diamond hang 4 plastic beads and colored pom poms from the center hangs three plastic beads and a pom pom. All have a red, yellow, white and green pom pom. A A-B has the same colored thread and design. C has blue red and yellow threads D-F Decorations L: 9.5" A single blue cord forms a loop and then is glued around a flat woven design shaped like an inverted and diamond. The weaving has a black outlin, maroon, orange, blue and green design. From the flat bottom of the cord hangs 3 tassels of red thread. They each have three colored beads at the top and the blue thread holds the tassel together.
1998.108.005 Wood Blocks for rubbings Made by Bettie Luke Kan, sister of Wing Luke A: H: 5.75", W: 4.375", D: .875" 1/8" piece of blond coutertop material is glued to 3/4" piece of particle board. The countertop has been carved to form a raised illustration of a rabbit holding a ball with the symbol for Double Happiness out of a hat. Beneath this is "WING LUKE ASIAN MUSEUM" B: H: 6", W: 4.375", D: .875" Same as A: except there is a carving of a Circle with three leaves and small buds at the top. Beneath this is "WLAM" C: H: 5.875", W: 4.375" D: .875" Same as A: except there is an illustration of a Panda eating bamboo and above him is "visit" and below "the" and then "WLAM".
1998.109.001 Hat Korean Gentlemen's Hat (Kaht) A: Hat made of horse hair. Tall crown with flat top, medium wide slightly curved brim, woven mesh is supported at the very top and at the inner and outer brim with a stiffener possibly black lacquered bamboo. Two black woven mesh ties of a synthetic material are sewn to each side of the hat to tie under the chin. B: Insert, woven of horsehair creating a mesh dome. There is a seam at the top and a braided edge. Condition: Hat has a hole in the crown and a small slash on one side. The insert has a number of holes and the braid trim is missing from part of the edge.
1998.109.002 Sandals Pair of fiber sandals. Long narrow soles hand woven from sisal-like fiber; fibers on the back half are heavier. The uppers are made from white paper bound string. The front portion is made up of strands which extend from the sole to a cord that runs around the top of the sandal. On each side are three thicker paper covered cords which attach to the front section and a stiffened paper covered cord that goes around the back of the ankle. At the very back is a woven column that holds the back sole to the ankle strap.
1998.111 Medicine Bottle Clear glass bottle. Date: 1930s It has a wide body and a thin tapered neck. The rim has a double lip for capping. Imprinted on one side of the bottle within a stylized shield is: "SOLUTION MAGNESIUM CITRATE U.S.P." Then below on left is REG. U.S. and on the right is PAT. OFF Around the tapering top are four raised rectangles one on each 90 degree. Imprinted on the bottom is "NOT TO BE REFILLED" and in the center: "REGISTERED", There is a paper label on the side opposite the imprint. It is white with blue ink lettering. Across the top is a floral design and line frame. In blue is "EFFERVESCING" and in white "SOLUTION" written across the lable diagonally is: "Citrate of Magnesia" Below this is "GILES DRUG CO. PRESCRIPTION DRUGGISTS, COR. Jackson AND TWELFTH AVE. SEATTLE, WASH. PHONE P.R. 1331" Label is stained. Bottle holds some dark colored residue. 1125 S. Jackson St 1930-1938 The earliest found record of this business at this location occurs in the 1930 Heiden's House and Street Directory, Seattle, WA. 409 12th Ave S. 1941-1944 The earliest found record of this businness at this location occurs in the 1941 Seattle Directory. This business shared the premises with Post Office Station No. 7.
1998.112.001 Safe Black Metal Safe, the safe has a front opening door hinged on the right side. There are two hinges the bottom one is missing the screw on hinge top. Across the top front side of the safe in gold lettering is "HOTEL WESTERN." There are pin-stripe gold lines around the perimeter of the safe door. Around the door is a wide gold line. Within this is a pin stripe square with embellished corners. Inside this square at the top in gold is: "Sold by, NORRIS SAFE + LOCK CO., LTD., Seattle, WASH. + VANCOUVER, B.C." At the bottom is a painted scroll work vising into a spine. On the sides and top the metal is indented 3" in. There are double pin stripe gold lines on each side in the indentation. The top has a spot of Cooper spray paint on the right side, spilled yellow paint on the left side and a spill mark in the center with ridged indentations in it. The front door has 4-drilled and filled holes, the combination is missing, and there is a hole. Below this is a plain matal knob with a horizontal bar through it. The door has two locking bars which fit into holes on the door frame. There is a thin inner metal door, black with painted gold pin stripes around the edge and a scroll work design in the center. Inside the bottom is carpeted, there is a word partition with the right side wider than the left. On the left are two wooden drawers in the center. Both locks have been saved though. There are three more spaces the same size beneath this. Across the top of the right side are three slots, and another slot beneath it. Three quarters at the space is open. #s on knob: 206 15928 Four metal wheels on bottom. So it rolls left or right only. The four screw which held the lock on the inner door were removed when aquired and have been replaced.
1998.113 Currency A+B: Two Chinese 1 jiao notes,H: 2", W: 4.5" The front is ornately engraved in green, brown, blue and red. To the left are the illustration of 2 men, one with a hat. On the right in Chinese characters is 1 jiao. The "one" character is the one used as "large style" to avoid fraud. Across top in Chinese is: "China People's Bank." Serial # in red along bottom is: "ZC40782727" On the back is a white frame area, ornate scroll design in brown, yellow, blue and green. Across the top is "Zhongguo Renmin Yinhang." There is a "1" on the left and right and "yi jiao" under the "1" on the right. In the center is an illustration of Tian An Men and 5 stars above. Across the bottom is the denomination in Russian, Arabic, Thai and on other language. The date is 1980. C: Chinese coin, 1 Yuan, Dia: 1", Metal, silver color, smooth edge, on the front is a "1" and then "Yi Yuan" and a peony. On the reverse is a circular logo of Tien An Men with 5 stars. Around edge is "Zhonghua Renmin Gongheguo"* and then across the bottom the same in Chinese characters and then the date: "1995" *"China People's Republic" D: Chinese Coin, 5 jiao (50cents) Dia: .75", metal, bronze color, alternating smooth and ridged edge, the front has a large 5, the Chinese character for jiao and then "Wu Jiao." Plum or cherry blossoms are beneath and to the left. The reverse is same as C except the date is 1996. E: Chinese Coin 1 jiao, Dia: .875", smooth edges, silver colored metal (Aluminum) nine sided rim, large "1" at the top, then the character for jiao, then "yi jiao" Illustration of a crysanthemum at bottom and left. Bach is same as Cand D except it has nine sided frame around rim and date is 1993. F: Chinese Coin, 5 fen ( 5 cents) Dia: .875", silver colored metal, aluminum, ribbed edge, front has a 5, wheat sheaves to each side, Chinese characters for "5 fen" and the date "1992" at bottom. Reverse has the center Tien An Men logo with five stars and around the top the Chinese characters for Chinese People's Republic. G: Chinese Coin, 1 fen (1 cent), Dia: .625", silver colored metal, ribbed edges, at the top is a "1" with wheat sheaves to each side, the Chinese characters for 1 fen in the center, and at the bottom "1987." The reverse is the same as F.
1998.114.007 Bank Deposit Bag Dark blue cloth money pouch. The bag has a zippered top. On the front printed in white is "National Bank of Commerce" To the left of this is a logo of an oval with "NB of C" vertically down the front. Written on the back in red permanent marker is "X MAS TREE."
1998.118 Book Cloth bound hard cover book. Dark blue cover with red title in faux brush stroke vertical letters. To the right is an illustration of a pagoda in silver ink. On the spine the title is in silver faux brush stroke letters with a red dragon beneath it. There is a photo page previous to the title page with a protective parchment leaf. The title is "Chinese Characteristics, by Arthur H. Smith, Twenty-two Years a Missionary of the American Board in China" Second Edition, Revised, New York: Fleming H. Revell Co.
1998.120.002 Magazines Three Calligraphy magazines. A: Coarse newsprint paper folded accordian style. On the front the background is black dots. The title is on the upper left in a clear rectangle in Chinese characters. Two vases are on the center and right. Both have flowers in them. The pages are black and the characters are white. B: Coarse newsprint paper folded accordian style. On the front the background is black dots. The title is on the upper left in a clear rectangle in Chinese characters.The front cover has an illustration of man kneeling in front of a door where stands an old woman or man with a walking stick. The calligraphy is in squares. Black background, white characters. C: Coarse newsprint paper folded accordian style. On the front the background is black dots. The title is on the upper left in a clear rectangle in Chinese characters. The title is on the upper left in a clear rectangle in Chinese characters. Two vases are on the center and right. Both have flowers in them. The pages are black and the characters are white.
1998.120.003 Directory Paper cover book, "Chong Wa Benevolent Association Directory" the book opens left to right. The cover is thick construction paper, burnt orange in color. Writing is in red and scroll work frame is in blue. Mostly in Chinese language. At the bottom in English is: "Chong Wa Benevolent Association, 522 7th Ave. So. Seattle, Wash." The interior pages are white with blue Chinese characters and red scroll framework. Section pages are colored yellow or pink. There are some black and white photographs. In the back is a directory of Chinese American businesses in Chinese and English organized by street.
1998.120.004 Lanterns Three paper folding lanterns. Crepe paper lanterns all fold in accordian style vertically. They have a wire hanger attached to the top. Each has a thick paper - on cardboard collar at the top with an opening and a paper covered cardboard bottom. Each has a paper tassel at the bottom. All were made by "Peacock Brand, Chee Shing Co. Made in Hong Kong" which is stamped on the inside of the bottom. A: Dia: 6.5", a pink triangle shape with multicolor water color flowers. Top and bottom cardboard has Christmas star and ornament design in blue and red. The tassel is white horse hair. B: Dia: 6.25", is fuschia colored pentagon shaped with multicolored water color flowers on the lantern. Top and bottom cardboard has Christmas paper with ponsettia design in red and green on white. The tassel is dark magenta horse hair. C: Dia: 6.625", is green heart shaped paper with multicolored watercolor flowers. Top and bottom cardboard paper is the same as B, Christmas paper with ponsettia design in red and green on white. Tassel is a dark magenta horsehair.
1998.121.001 Pot Brass Pot. Single piece straight sided pot. The bottom base is somewhat smaller in diameter and curves in and then out to form the body of the vase. On one side is etched a landscape scene with rocky mountains in the background, a lake and two buildings nestled in the foreground near rocks and trees. The pot is stained and dirty and has been cleaned with abrasive cleaners. The metal is about 1/8 inch thick and folds over at the top to form a .5" lip.
1998.121.002 Noren Blue and white Noren curtain. Three section indigo blue Noren. The three pieces each 11.25" X 13.875" are sewn together along 4" at the top. At each seam and at each end are cloth loops also sewn on. The cloth is indigo blue with resist dyed white kanji characters. On the far left side are two vertical rows of regular style kanji and then two seals of white squares with red seal style characters. Then there are ten vertical rows of walking style kanji. Followed by a single rectangular seal of white with inverted red seal characters. The pattern is visible from both sides. It is a part of a story told by Shigin and is dated September 1958. It relates to a visitor to a Daoist recluse during a snow storm. The calligraphy is by Masu Ishi.
1998.121.003 Scroll & Weights Sumi ink painting on silk. Sansumiga style painting, H: 41", W: 16.25", is on beige silk. It shows mountainous background, thatched roof houses near a bridge and bamboo grove. There is a single boatman on a raft in the river. He is dressed in a blue outfit and carries a long pole. River and rocks in the foreground. Signed in bottom right hand corner and there is single real seal. Painting is attached to a paper sheet and framed by a greenish - gold tan brocade material. At the end of the paper is wrapped around a wooden dowel with plastic tips. At the top are two strips of gold and tan brocade cloth. They are 13.75" long and .75" wide. They are glued to strips of the plain brown cloth and there are turquoise threads at the ends. The cloth at the top wraps around a half dowel piece which does not extend past the edges. Attached to this dowel at the top is a black and white cloth cord. It's ends are attached by metal. At the center of this cord is another black and white cord wrapped around on one end only. The paper is torn at the bottom where it attaches to the dowel. B & C: Scroll Weights, L: 9.75", Dia: 1.625", White and blue glazed ceramic weights. They are round gourd shaped with wide bulbous bottoms and smaller bulbous top. Painted in blue on them are village scenes, flora patterns, and landscape scenes. A hole runs through the middle of them from top to bottom. Through this hole is passed a green cord loop. The loop hangs on the extruding dowel ends of the painting. The green cord, knotted decoratively, is attached at the other end to two wooden rings. The top one is gold colored and has green mesh around it. The second one below holds the green tassel.
1998.121.004 Bamboo Plaques Two Bamboo Plaques. A: One half of a section of bamboo, H: 1.25", W: 3.25", D: 1.375", it has been dyed deep brown on the exterior. There are three gold Japanese characters at the bottom. Within a large oval is a carved and etched illustration of a bird near bamboo. Near the top two holes have been drilled and there is a single piece of knotted cord through them. B: One half of a section of bamboo, H: 1.5", W: 3.25", D: 1", it has been dyed deep brown on the exterior. There are three gold Japanese characters at the bottom. Within a large oval is a carved and etched illustration of a peacock standing near a blooming peony. Near the top two holes have been drilled and there is a single piece of knotted cord through them.
1998.121.005 Sake Bottle Green glazed ceramic bottle. Bottle is round with ribs around and it and is barrel shaped. It has a smaller bottom to stand on. The top is covered over and there is a high ring handle and next to it a vertical, straight spout, 1.5" high. The spout has paper remnants of a sticker from over the cork. On one side of the bottle kanji has been written in the glaze.
1998.121.006 Sake Bottle Gourd shaped sake bottle. Glazed white ceramic bottle shaped like a gourd with a round bulbous body which tapers to the neck. The very top has a dark brown glaze then a thin ring of lighter brown glaze and then a tan body. The body glaze is rough textured and there is painted black kanji on one side. In the top is a cork plug with a white plastic top. Over this is a green paper square folded to fit over the top and so the corners hang down like the stem and end of a gourd. Wrapped around the middle and the top is a deep purple cord with two tassels on the ends.
1998.121.007 Vase White ceramic Vase painted deep blue. The vase is thin at the bottom and gradually widens until near the top where it goes in towards the opening which is 1.25" in diameter. The rim is painted gold. On one side is a painted Angel fish. It is white with green and yellow, blue and pink. It has a red mouth and a black eye. There is an artist's or manufacturers mark on the bottom.
1998.121.008 Pottery Bottle Glazed pottery bottle. Round bottle with wide body, tapers to a thin neck and then flairs out slightly. On the bottom the unglazed clay is tan color. The glaze is tan with stripes of brown and green. Brown glaze covers the top. On one side is a small rectangular sticker, tan with dark brown printing in kanji and English. It says: "SHUSSAI SHIMANE PREF." On the other side are areas with glue remnants from other stickers and a small blue sticker that says "Made in Japan"
1998.121.009 Tea bottle Black wooden tea bottle with lid. A: the body is a single piece of turned wood in an eggplant shape with a wide bottom tapering to a thin mouth. It has been painted a glossy black, but is no longer glossy around the center of the bottle. On one side a scene of a mountain valley has been carved. To the left of this are four kanji characters. The top of the bottle is threaded. B: The botle cap, H: 3.25", is carved like the stem end of an eggplant. It is also painted black and is threaded on the inside. Three of the cap ends are broken off.
1998.121.010 Tabakoban Box Wood Three piece Tabakoban Set. A: A wood box with a handle, H: 2.125", W: 8.375". D: 5.5" the box is rectangular and flat with two compartments. On one side the compartment is 5" X 4.5" and the other is 5" X 2.5". This compartment has a lid, C and has a quarter inch ridge at each short side. The box has a handle, 4.75" tall and 9.5" long. It consists of three pieces of wood; two rectangulatr arms ad a single cross piece. The cross piece fits into the arms at the ends and arches in the center. The arms are attached to the box on the exterior short sides by metal screws. B: Wooden box, H: 1.5", W: 5.25", D: 5.875", made from four pieces of wood stapled together at the ends. At each short side a single Kanji chatacter has been burned onto the wood. The Box has a raised bottom of three slats which fit into gooves made n the short sdes. C: Rectangular wood lid, 4.75" X 2.5", has a 1" diameter hole in the center. The piece fits over the smaller compartment of the box.
1998.121.011 Brass Bell on Stand Brass Bell on brass stand. The bell is 2" in diameter and 2.5" in height. It hangs from the stand by twisted wires. The bell is a single piece of brass with a raised tab in the top. The tab has a hole in it for the wires. The stand is a moulded design of two dragons with a golden pearl shape inbetween them. The dragons form an archway and are attached to rectangular feet by a single rivet. The bell hangs from the center of the archway. On one side is a hook extension for the bell gong which is missing.
1998.121.012 Scroll Hanging sumi ink painting on cloth panel. The background paper of the scroll is olive green and there is a beige cloth edging down both sides. The bottom is attached to a thick round wooden dowel. The left side of the dowel has a varnished end piece. The right end piece is missing. The top is attached to a wooden half dowel. The paper is tearing along the left side of the dowel . At the top of the half dowel are two metal rings. Attached to this is a beige, olive green and black cord from which the scroll hung. The cord has a broken left side. The sumi ink painting, H: 50.75", W: 23.5", is on beige paper framed by the olive green paper and has an illustration of a flowering plant growing from a rocky outcrop. There is calligraphy in the upper left hand corner and in the bottom right hand corner as well as a rectangular seal. A small sticker on the outside of the half dowel, white with blue lettering says: "MADE IN JAPAN" Along the back of the scroll at the top are five characters in black ink. There is a water stain repeating from the top of the scroll about 1/3/ of the way down the left side.
1998.122.001 Book The Book of Learning English in Six Months Green cloth hard cover book. The book opens right to left and the title is on the spine in gold in English and Kanji. Front title page is green otherwise they are coarse white paper. In English and kana.
1998.122.002 Book Health & Longevety (Wenli) Red cloth hard cover book. It opens left to right. On the cover is a large black outlined Chinese character in white. Over this are three separate smaller Chinese characters. Title is in black Chinese characters on the spine. Pages are yellowing. Title page in Chinese and English: " 'Health & Longevity (Wenli)' by A.C. Selman M.D. Author of 'FIRST BOOK IN PHYSIOLOGY AND HYGIENE' and ' HEALTH & LONGEVITY (WENLI)' (Mandarin) Tenth Edition Signs of the Times Publishing House 25 Ningkuo Road Shanghai, China" Inside the front cover written in ink is "K.C. Lew"
1998.122.003 Book Glimpses of the East Cloth bound hardback book. Front and back covers are made of orange textured paper or leather. The spine is covered in this suede or cloth and it has black and gold title, black diamond designs with gold floral work. Front cover has title in gold and an illustration of Mercury on Earth holding a ship in white, gold and blue. Title is : N.Y.K. ( Nippon Yusen Kaisha) "GLIMPSES OF THE EAST: OFFICIAL GUIDE FOR SHIPPERS AND TRAVELLERS TO ALL THE PRINCIPLE PORTS OF THE WORLD. Published in Tokyo, Japan. In English. Color and black and white photographs.
1998.123 Barrel Round straight sided wood barrel with lid. A: Round cylindrical wood barrel is made up of 24 vertical slats. They are held together by tension, small wood pegs between each one and by woven bands of bamboo strips. There are 5 of these bands. The bottom is made up of 4 pieces of woodcut to fit the circular shape. They rest on ridges cut into the slats. On two sides of the top of the barrel small pieces of wood are nailed on. Perpendicular to these pieces two slats rise above the rest. All of these fit the lid and hold it in place. B: The lid is made up of 6 slats of wood held by 2 cross pieces nailed on. The edges are cut to make in a circle. Written in black Chinese characters on top of the lid from left to right is: the weight: and then: To: "Shing Chang Lang" from :"Yuen Long Chen" of "Kwangtung, China" C: Thin strips of bamboo tied in a ring, possibly held the lid on.
1998.124 Wall Hanging Large Hanging Background is magenta silk satin and lined with off white polished cotton. In the center is an embroidered dragon in shades of yellow with a large Chinese character on top. The dragon is formed in an S shape with scales and white flame shaped fins. He has two white horns, white teeth and fangs, and white tendrils extending form his eyes which have black centers. Cloud shapes surround the dragon. Embroidery mostly done in satin and stem stitch and incertainplace it has been padded. A floral border around the dragon contains white and yellow flowers including padded peonies and grasses. There are a few butterflies mixed in with the flowers. The embroidery can be seen on the back. In one corner on the backing is an oval shaped stamp in brown. In the interior the name of the manufacturer "Pham Van Khoan Brodeur" Around the outside is the manufacturers address: "43 Rue Du Coton, Grand Prix - Hanoi" Condition: Embroidery in excellent shape but the backing has been stained.
1998.125.001 Buttons Two identical buttons opposing ending affirmative action in Washington State. A & B: Square metal button with safety pin attachment on the back. The front is covered by a red paper sign with white lettering saying: "NO! Initiative 200" This is covered by plastic.
1998.131.001 Doll A & B: Decorative Japanese doll with separate fan. A: Standing doll on platform slightly turned towards the left, left arm crooked and holding a scroll. The head is made of wood past dipped in gofun (crushed oyster shell) painted black eyebrows headline eye- lashes. Painted red lips. Inset black glass eyes. Hair is made of black fiber in a long straight style with a top- knot that is bound with stiffened gold cord. The clothing consists of an outer kimono made of cream silk brocade with orange, blue, white, and green chrysanthemums surrounded by copper colored water designs. The sleeves are lined with red silk crepe and the front collar is open exposing an under kimono made of red, green and white silk brocade. Beneath are two white silk collars and an inner collar of red. A purple narrow obi is tied low around the waist. It has gold and green geometric motifs and is tied in a simple bow in the back. The figure has white painted hands and feet. Held in the left arm is a scroll made of wood covered with cotton and paper brocade in an orange and gold design. There is purple silk cord tied in a bow around the scroll. The figure stands on a base made of wood and lacquer on the top and sides. B: Fan with slates of black painted bamboo with gold covered paper forming the main body of the fan. It is painted with a floral design in pink and purple with green leaves. The fan folds. The back of the fan has a white paper stiffener.
1998.131.002 Doll Standing doll holding musical instrument. Left arm raised body turned to the right. Head molded from wood paste and dipped in Gofun. Painted black eyebrows and lower lashes, painted red bow shaped mouth. Slight blush on cheeks and eyelids. Inset glass eyes. Flat straight fiber hair shoulder length with a bun at the crown. The bun is tied with a red silk scarf and held in place with a gold and red silk cord tied in a bow. In front of the bun is a bifurcated hair ornament with silver and yellow flowers standing up-wards and small metal strips hanging down. Clothing is an outer kimono with very long sleeves. It is made of silk and gold metallic brocade with green, gold, red, black flowers on a geometric background. The right sleeve is off the shoulder exposing a kimono below. The under kimono is white silk brocade with red, gold, green, blue wave designs. Water designs are filled with tortoise shell motifs. Exposed sleeve and the hem of the kimono are edged with yellow and pink silk crepe. Kimono's are held in place with a wide black silk brocade obi which is decorated with orange and blue shishi (lion dolls) outlined in gold. It is tied with a long trailing bow in the back. Tucked into the top of the obi is an obi age made of pink and white kanoko shibori silk. There is a orange cord tied around the obi (obi jime) below this is also a yellow crepe silk sash tied in a bow at one side. The pink crepe lining is exposed at the front of the kimono where it falls open. The hands and feet are painted white wood. In the right hand the doll holds a shamesen stringed instrument. The handle and the sides are made of reddish brown lacquered wood. the body is painted white and it has three yellow strings extending from the bridge at the bottom of the instrument to three tuning pegs at the top of the handle. On the back is a sticker with the number "31 Y 25". The doll stands on a black lacquer wood platform. A piece of paper taped to the bottom shows a date from 1969 with cost and postage. (See donor File)
1998.131.003 Vegetable Grater Wooden vegetable grater Rectangular shaped with two strips of bamboo nailed to the top of both long sides. Off center is a square shaped poll with a slanted side. It has a slanted metal strip covering the top. This creates a slot running cross wise. On one side of the slot is a row of metal teeth. Near one end on top is a seal that has been burned into the wood. There are two sections of Kanji and one side is partly obscured.
1998.133.001 Sieve Cardboard canister with three sieves inside. A&B: Cardboard Drum, H: 7.25", Dia: 8.25", is made of brown fiberboard with removable top. Top slips over thick cardboard interior sleeve. Masking tape remains around the seal between lid and bottom. A label is on one side with scotch tap over it. Typed at the top is: "p - Dichlorobenzene, 2779 Nt. Wt. 3 Kg." The label has a large "M" and across it in black is: "The Matheson Co. Inc. East Rutherford, N.J. Joliet, Ill." A large red rectangular sticker says: :Acme Fast Freight Inc. SEATTLE, WASH. " On the top a mailing label has been partially removed, but was sent to: The University of Washington Chemistry Stores, 41 Da(?)ley Hall Seattle S, Washington" Written in blue pencil on the top is "Chinese". C: Sieve, H: 3.5", Dia: 7.375", A single piece of bamboo slat bent into a circle and secured where it overlaps by bamboo cord laced through three holes and wrapped around the edges. The mesh is a fine cloth. It has been secured on the bottom by an interior strip of bamboo set in the recessed bottom. Around the perimeter of the bottom and around the bamboo lashing is painted black. The mesh has printed on it in red 2 Chinese characters and an illustration of a 3 leg caldron with Chinese characters on it. D: Sieve, H: 3.25"; Dia: 7.25", Same construction as C: A single piece of bamboo slat bent into a circle and secured where it overlaps by bamboo cord laced through three holes and wrapped around the edges. The mesh is a fine cloth. The strip of bamboo set in the recessed bottom is missing. Around the perimeter of the bottom and around the bamboo lashing is painted black. There is a paper label opposite the lashing with black ink and white or neutral Chinese characters. E: Sieve, H: 2.5", Dia: 6.875", A single piece of bamboo slat bent into a circle. It overlaps by 5.5" and is secured at both ends by a bamboo lash threaded through multiple slits. Black Chinese script and possibly a root picture are painted near the exterior edge lashing. The mesh is metal, medium size, held by an interior bamboo strip set in a recessed bottom and nailed into place. A hole has been repaired by sewing a piece of cloth on the bottom. Another by sewing the hole.
1998.134 Book An Anglo Chinese Conversational Dictionary A: Brown cloth covered hard back book with black ink title. On the spine the title is in English and Chinese and then says: "Commercial Press Limited." On the cover is the title in Chinese and then English. A large spot of black ink obscures "Revised Edition." The title page is glued to the front of the cover and the cover is coming unglued from the text. Written on the bottom of the edges of the pages is "LOCK." B: The book is coverd with a Public School paper book cover. Written on the cover is: "Dictionary" and then: "Suey Y. Lock." At the bottom in the place for School is: "Pacific"
1998.135 Book Blue paper cover book, "An Anglo - Chinese General Conversation & Classified Phrases" The title is printed in silver in Chinese and English. Printed only in English on the spine. The cover is torn at the top and bottom of the spine and ashesive tape has been used to repair it. Printed on white pages in black ink. Inside cover and cover page, front and back is light blue. The book is by Yee Shu-nam, printed at Sze Hoi Book Co. Hong Kong.
1998.136 Vacuum Cleaner A cylindrical vacuum cleaner with hose attachment Brown faux leather covered cylinder with two metal skids along the bottom. At one end is a metal cup held on by two clamps. From the end of this protrudes a black plastic knob attached to the knob is a metal and cloth hose with a long metal extension. The hose cloth is a brown-mustard color and is 6 ft. in length. Across the length of the top of the cylinder is a rubber handle attached to metal end pieces. At the far end the plug cord inserts into one end of the handle holder. At this end also a silver metal cap is attached to the cylinder. On the end is a round opening with slats for the motor exhaust. On the cylinder is a round metal label in silver and black with the Electrolux logo.
1998.137 Sign Wooden sign Single rectangular piece of wood painted red. There aew three large Chinese characters carved in outline on the front. They are painted gold. On the back two support beams have been inserted into carved slots. They run vertically up and down and hold the back of the sign out from the wall. In the top center is a large metal screweye. Added for display has been a single horizontal piece of wood attached by scews. The sign hangs from this in the display case. The characters say: "Room for Heros" or "Hall of Fame."
1998.138 Hanbok Woman's Hanbok consisting of a pink and blue jacket and dress. A: Jacket (Chogori). Short bodice made of pink synthetic satin with blue synthetic satin trim, which crosses left to right in the front with long ties in front, and fastens with a plastic snap fastener. Blue band collar is stamped with gold flowers joined with vines and has a white satin protective band stiffened around the neck. Long sleeves that round at the bottom corners. The front has gold stamped flowers along the arms and across the bottom and is lined with white synthetic gauze. The two ties are blue synthetic satin with gold stamped flowers running down the center and 43.5" long. There is a multicolored bias striped piping inserted into the arm seam where it joins the sleeves. The back is plain with gold stamped flowers along the arms and across the bottom in the same manner as the front. The multicolored bias striped piping is inserted in the center back seam. The sleeves have blue diagonal trim at the ends on both the front and back, with a large gold stamped medallion consisting of a stylized Chinese character (double joy) surrounded by a ring and then by alternating flower blossoms and two different Chinese characters (Fuku - good fortune and Ju - happy occasion). They have the same band of gold stamped flowers and vines as seen on the collar. Towards the shoulder is an appliqued medallion surrounded with gold stamped Chinese characters. The blue synthetic satin medallions are machine embroidered with two central cranes with wings outstretched and heads turned in opposite directions (white with black tail feathers, red crowns, black eyes, gold beaks and feather accents and white legs). Above, below, and between the cranes are stylized clouds in gradations of yellow, aqua, and pink, as well as a pink and white flower blossom with leaves between the heads of the cranes. The medallion is outlined with gold wave shapes. Dimensions: H: 14.5", W: 59" B: Dress (sok chima): resembles a long gathered skirt with a narrow band at the top and thin white ribbon shoulder straps. It is open at the back with small pink ties that close the band, and is lined with white synthetic gauze. The main skirt is made of six pink synthetic satin panels sewn together, gathered at the top into the band and has diagonal blue synthetic satin shapes at the bottom. Within the six diagonal shapes are gold stamped medallions featuring two cranes, pine branches, and clouds surrounded by a ring and flower blossoms. The shapes are outlined along the hem with gold stamped alternating 2 stylized Chinese characters. Along the top zig zag edge, there are gold stamped flowers and vines, which match the jacket collar. Above the diagonal shapes is a zig zag band of blue synthetic satin. Applied to the skirt above the blue satin and on top of the skirt seams are six machine embroidered medallions identical to the ones on the jacket, except they are slightly larger. Dimensions: H: 48", W: 116" open
1998.149 Shoes 1 - pair of black cloth slip on shoes. Each shoe is made of a black cloth upper with elastic on the sides of the tongue. They are lined with white cotton cloth. The soles are made up of layers of thick cotton cloth stitched together. This layer has been painted white along the edges. Stamped on the left inside of each shoe in red is: "39 T5692" and on the right inside is; "MADE IN CHINA". Stamped on the bottom of each shoe in blue is "39"
1999.001 Poster White newsprint poster folded in quarters. To the right is a blue illustration of the Capitol dome. Then to the left and across the page in red letters is: "Gary Locke" and then below this on a blue banner in white is: Governor . D. " At the top in small black print is: "Paid for by the Gary Locke for Governor Campaign. This is a poster for your window, billboard at the office or at home - take it out, put it up.. Help Gary win! Brought to you by the staff of the 'Seattle Gay News'"
1999.003 Sign Painted wooden sign. Linyen Cafe?. The sign is made up by four 1" X 2" boards which frame a piece of plywood. They are nailed together and on the back on the corners are tin triangles. The frame is painted charcoal grey. On the plywood are cut-out letters in English and Chinese of the name of the restaurant. They are nailed on. Across the top is: "Linyen (cursive) Caf?" and then 2 horizontal Chinese characters. The plywood and the edges of the cutout letters are painted grey. The front of the letters are painted gold.
1999.005 Pin Small wooden carved bird. The bird faces left and one side is flat with a groove to accommodate a pin. Painted on the front are an eye, wing and tail feathers. A brown stain was used to highlight the head, wing and tail. A woven cord is attached on the bottom for the feet and is entwined around a small branch. The entire bird, cord and branch is shellacked.
1999.007 Copper Still Copper Still. A large copper cylinder soldered together along a vertical seam. 2 rectangular handles are attached by rivets to either side near the lipped top edge. Soldered inside is a metal cone. It is attached halfway up and extends up about 7". There is a spigot with daisy type turning handle. It drains the area above the soldered cone. Around the bottom of the cylinder is a corrugated skirt. It is slightly smaller diameter than the copper cylinder. Where the skirt and cylinder meet is a thin copper ledge around the cylinder. Two inches above the bottom of the cylinder and inside is a soldered shelf which angles up. It is 3" wide. A small pipe extends out of the back of the cylinder and it drains the condensation from around the shelf.
1999.008 Pot Large galvanized sheet metal pot. There are two seams along the sides and the bottom piece has been soldiered on. On either side are cast iron handles near the rim which are riveted on. There is an indentation 6 inches from the top that goes around the entire pot.
1999.009 Steamer Two tiered metal steamer. A: The lid, H: 7", Dia: 20.5", Cone shaped soldered metal with three seams on the top of the lid There is a single handles on the top of the lid straddling the cone. It is riveted and soldered on. There is a recessed edge 1.375" which fits inside the steamer section B & or C. B & C: H: 6.75", Dia: 21", Cylindrical metal rings with perforated bottoms. About 1.125" from the bottom of the cylinder is a recessed area that fits into the other section of a pot. There are two handles, one on either side. They swivel up and down and are held on by a tri-riveted hinge. The holes in the bottom are. 75" in diameter.
1999.010 Steamer Lid Metal Steamer Lid Galvanized sheet metal cylinder with conical top. There is a single wide metal handle straddling the top of the lid and soldered on . There are two rectangular handles made of thick wire at the top of the cylinder. One on each side. They are attached by meal hinges which are soldered on. The handles swing freely. Half-way down the side of the cylinder is a single wide handle soldered on. It angles down 45 degrees. The bottom of the cylinder is rolled up to form a lip.
1999.011 Steamer Rack Metal steamer rack A round flat galvanized piece of sheet metal. At the edge it is folded under to form a lip. There are two wide metal strips soldered across the piece. At one end there is an addition to the circle soldered on to complete the circle. The circle perforated and each hole is 1" in diameter.
1999.012 Lids Cooking pot lids A: Round piece of galvanized sheet metal, Dia: 18.5". There are two small holes neat the center. Attached by screws on one side are two pieces of wood. Each is curved on the outside edge and flat on the inside edge. They are .5" wide. B: Round wood lid, Dia: 20.5" made of 5 attached boards. 1 " wide. The edge of the circle is shaped into a wedge. There are two .875" holes in the lid and they are plugged by wooden plugs. It appears to have originally been the top or bottom of a barrel.
1999.027.001 Book Cloth bound hard back book with paper dust jacket. A: The spine is covered with deep maroon cloth with the name of the author, publisher and title embossed in gold. The front and back of the cover is tan paper embossed with an illustration of Mu lan. The pages of the book are colored blue on the top. On the title page the author has signed her name aross the top of the page in black felt pen. The title page reads: "The Woman Warrior: Memoirs of a girlhood among ghosts. Maxine Hong Kingston". There is some mildew on the inside of both covers. B: The dust jacket is glossy paper colored maroon on the front with the author's name at the top in tan letters. The title is next in white and then a collage of illustrations: Mulan and a crane in front of a gold moon; A woman's face; a tenement building. On the back is a black and white photograph of the author.
1999.027.002 Book Cloth bound hard cover book with paper dust jacket. A: Red cloth cover the spine of the book and the author, title and publisher are embossed in gold along the spine. The front and back covers are beige paper. On the front is an embossed red seal in the lower right corner. On the title page is the signature of the author in black felt pen. The title page reads: "Maxie Hong Kingston _ China Men." there is a large negative seal stamp below this. This is a first edition printing. B: Dust jacket is white glossy paper with the title in red down the right side. The authors name is in black in the upper left. There is an illustration of a dragon between "China" and "Men". The title, author, and publisher are printed on the spine. The back is a black and white photograph of the author. There are mildew stains on the inside of the dust jacket and the back of the book.
1999.028.013 Sign Outdoor Mar Family Association Sign The sign is metal with a wide protruding frame. Around the frame are sockets for light bulbs. The four characters for the association are painted on the primary area of the sign in gold paint. There is glue residue on the front of the sign. Attached to the back of the sign are three wood boards.
1999.031.001 Tablet Jade tablet and box A: Nephrite jade tablet, "kuei" . The large pale green carved tablet has streaks of grey running through it. It is tall and narrow, slightly tapering at the bottom and has a pointed top. The front is slightly rounded and is carved so that the features stand out in bas relief. The upper half has wavy wisps of clouds, that are interspersed with seven round knobs representing stars. (Bog dipper constellation). In the center surrounded by clouds is raised ring, "Pi", representing heaven. The lower section is carved with mountain and rocks, one on either side with a cloud floating in front. The bottom front has been carved into waves that curl up at either side. The back is flat with seal style characters engraved in two columns. The sixteen Chinese characters have been translated as: "People Follow From eight directions, The whole world be in good order, People with willingly heart from the four seas, the nation and the people all in peace and order." B: Case, oblong with attached lid, L: 26.625", W: 10.25", D: 2.25", made of wood covered on the top and sides with pale green and medium blue brocade. That has a pattern of bats, good luck characters, flowers and vines. Near the front at the top is a long strip of paper tape. The inside is padded and covered with royal blue silk. The tablet fits into a depression of the appropriate shape in the bottom of the case. On one side a blue ribbon is attached to keep the open lid from falling back. The bottom is covered with a brown cotton cloth. Condition: the top of the case is stained brown on two places and the brocade is wearing off the edges of the lid and the bottom. There is a C shaped stain on the bottom . Two fasteners are missing from the top of the lid and there is a rip part way across the top.
1999.031.002 Pendant white nephrite jade pendant in the shape of a lock. The lock shape is made up of scrolling clouds, which are vertically symmetrical loop around at the top and come to a point at the bottom . Between the as relief loops in around cross bar which ahs a rectangular shaped hole. The slightly domed face has raised carvings of a bat on the left, a tree with three peaches growing out of a rock in the center and waves below in either side. The back is flat with the same raised cloud design around the edges. Running horizontally across the middle are four Chinese characters in seal script. Around the bar at the top is tied a brown silk braided cord forming a loop with knots on each side.
1999.031.003 Scabbard Chape Grayish white nephrite jade sword scabbard chape. Decorative piece has a flattened bell shape which creates an oval in a cross section. It has one large and two small holes drilled in the top. On both sides carved in bas relief are two dragon like hydras with beards. These have been worn slightly flat. The jade has light brown veins on both sides and the bottom. A fine green silk cord is tied through the holes in the top.
1999.034.001 Sword Neo-army - Shin Gunto - Sword The sword consists of the handle and blade and a separate scabbard. A: Sword, L: 36.5". The handle or hilt (Tsuka) is wood and is covered with a piece of manta ray or shark skin and this is wrapped with a copper cloth cord. The cord is twisted on each side as it wraps around leaving a space on the handle. The end of the handle is covered with a copperish metal end piece, pommel at base or kashira, with cherry blossom and leaf designs. There is an open space on each side through which a tan cord is strung. A metal boss is on either side of the hole for the cord. There are two other hilt ornaments or menuki with cherry blossom and leaf designs on either side of the handle, under the cord. On one side it is 1/3 of the way from the top and on the other it is 2/3 of the way. A 1/4 of the distance to the hilt is a hole in the fish skin and a wooden dowel is present. At the top of the hilt is a copperish metal band, pommel or fuchi with cherry blossom and leaf designs. Within this is a silver metal button which depresses a clip on the other side of the hilt. There is a metal spacer on each side of the guard or tsuba. The tsuba is copperish metal with a bracket outline design and four cherry blossoms in the interior. There is a metal collar or habaki at the top of the blade which provides a snug fit into the scabbard. The blade is slightly curved with a thick back nd a wide groove which extends for most of the length of the blade. B: Scabbard, L: 28.5", is painted copperish metal with similar pommels at the base and at the end as those on the handle. Just below the opening are two silver metal bands with a silver colored boss attached to the inside edge. On this boss is a ball shaped nub with a hole and there is a ring through this hole. About six inches from the bottom of the scabbard is a copperish metal decorative ornament of a vine and leaf design. The paint is coming off of the scabbard.
1999.034.002 Sword Decorative military or police saber The sword consists of a handle and blade and a separate scabbard. A: Handle and blade, L: 38". The handle or hilt is western style. The handle is composed of wood and metal. The outside is metal and the inside is wood. Both have a crisscrossing diamond pattern cut into them. A screw goes through the metal part and the wooden part holding them together. On one side of the handle below the screw a metal tab with a notched end runs down below the guard . (It attaches to and holds the scabbard). The guard is metal and curves up on one side and attaches to the top of the handle. Stamped underneath is a triumvirate of circles and tow kanji characters. There is a plane metal pommel at the end of the handle, just before the guard. The blade is single edged with a slight cure and a wide groove. At the top are stamped the Arabic numerals "45569" B: Scabbard, L: 34.125", silverish metal with tarnish and rust spots. The top end has a metal pommel attached by a screw at one side and on the other is a small hole for the notched metal tab of the handle. A few inches below this is a metal band which protrudes at one end and has a hole in it. There is a metal ring in the hole. The end of the scabbard has a parallel fin running around the bottom. Longer on one side than the other. There are some Arabic numerals stamped on the fin "032104"
1999.036 Slide Black and White Slide Photograph shows 8 performers, 3 standing in back and 5 sitting in the front. They are wearing kamishimo, vest garment with large pleated shoulders, figured tops and hakama.
1999.037.001 Uniform A -K: Qing dynasty military uniform A: Jacket made of purple silk satin and decorated with metal studs and gold couching. The jacket has long set in sleeves with horse- shoe shaped cuffs and an opening down the center, slits on each side, curved hem- line and no collar. It is entirely covered with gold colored rounded metal studs. It has gold couched medallions in the front and back with two dragons facing each other with a flaming pearl above their heads and wave designs below their tails. There are cloud like designs in the center of the medallion. The dragons are accented with green embroidery and black eyes. The front medallion is cut in half to accommodate the opening and both medallions have four black satin loops. Next to the front opening along the hem and on the ends of the sleeves are bands of bias cut black velvet. A machine woven yellow and blue braid runs along the inner side of the velvet. the front is closed with five black satin loops and five carved brass ball buttons. There are six purple braided straps attached in the shoulder area. The garment is lined with medium blue habutai silk. B & C: Two horse shoe shaped flaps made of purple silk satin with metal studs, black velvet band, machine woven yellow and blue ribbon and lined with blue silk. Have scalloped bottoms representing a cloud. These flaps attach under the arms of the jacket on either side with plain brass ball buttons inserted into four loops each on the jacket. On the back of each flap is a blue silk strap sewn at the top and bottom. D: Squarish flap, 6.5" x 8", made of purple silk satin with metal studs, black velvet band, machine woven yellow and blue ribbon and lined with blue silk. the flap attaches to the lower left side of the jacket to plain brass ball buttons inserted into two loops on the jacket. E: Rectangular flap, 8' x 9.5" is a larger version of D and attaches to the lower center front by two plain brass ball buttons inserted into loops in the jacket and a loop in the center which fastens to the lower ball button on the front of the jacket. F & G: Pair of epaulets, which attach to the shoulders with straps on the back. The center is made of purple silk satin with studs, black velvet bands, machine made yellow and blue ribbon. In the middle is a gold couched dragon accented with green and black and white eyes. the dragon is surrounded with a wave shaped medallion. On the top of the epaulet, close to the neck is a metal band which has a center panel engraved with a dragon and clouds. On each side of the center panel are tow rows of three metal flaps engraved with dragons. On one end of this another curved flap and at the other end is a cloud shaped extension. Engraved with a dragon and a flaming pearl. On the other end is a five panel metal protective guard. These panels are engraved with three dragons and two fish. The epaulet is lined with blue silk and has four ties which fasten under the arms. There are three brass buckles that fasten to the shoulder straps. G has two studs missing from the lower end. H: Apron, consisting of two sections which hang over the legs. Made of purple silk satin with brass studs surrounded by a band of black velvet and machine made yellow and blue ribbon. In the center of each panel is a gold couched dragon accented with green embroidery with black and white eyes. They are surrounded by a cloud and wave shaped medallion. where the panel is split up the center it has been reinforced with fuschia colored embroidery but the velvet band is splitting at this point. The panels are lined with blue silk and appear to be stiffened, possibly with paper. It has a wide medium blue cotton waist band which is rounded and narrowed near the end. On each end a large loop has been sewn on with purple colored cord. I: Arm protector, (?) sleeve shaped stiffened piece with an opening at the wider top and at the narrow end. Cardboard is covered with a purple velvet and reinforced with black leather in the shape of clouds in the upper corners and the lower "cuff" section. the leather is sewn with white thread and outlined in green cotton piping which also runs down a curved seam in front and around the front top and bottom. At center front is a black leather medallion accented with green piping, seven brass flower shaped studs, and a central metal medallion which is rounded and cut out in floral design. Surrounding the leather medallion are seven brass bats interspersed with seven flower shaped studs. On the front in the two upper corners are two metal decorations which are cut out in floral shapes. On the back is a plain metal cloud shape which surrounds a hole. On the front an embossed metal ring is attached with a brass fastener. J: Satchel made of cardboard covered with purple velvet in the shape of a wide holster. Folded on the left. The front is decorated with six cloud shaped metal pieces that have a pierced floral design. Between these pieces are floral shaped metal studs. At the lower center is a leather and metal medallion identical to one on the arm protector. Above the medallion are three Chinese characters. They are stylized character for good luck. The satchel is open at the top revealing compartments created with the folds of orange felted material. there is straw inside the compartments. Two leather bands extend from the top left side. The back of the satchel has a smaller container hinged with metal fittings in three places. Container is made of stiffened purple velvet which has been folded to create three compartments with a large band around the bottom. It is decorated with green piping, leather edging and a band of leather on the back. The back has two plain shaped metal fittings which reinforce holes in the top and in the side of the satchel. Beside this are two small metal rings held in place by fittings. At the very top a bolt extends from the satchel and has a metal piece screwed on to it.
1999.037.002 Flag Large flag made of bast fiber with a yellow background. In the center is an inlaid navy blue dragon which has been machine stitches with white thread. a hand stitched white scale design and beard covers the navy blue body. It is accented with white cotton horns, tusks, nails and eyes. The eyes have black velvet pupils. There is a red cotton nose and tongue and a red sun above the dragon. along one side is stitched a white cotton binding that has a channel through which a braided fiber rope has been inserted. The rope is stitched in place from the outside of the channel. At one end of the rope is a loop through which a wooden peg has been inserted. On one end of the binding is a couple of red seal stamps of Chinese characters. Flag of the Qing dynasty
1999.037.003 Hanging Very wide rectangular hanging made of fuschia colored silk satin. Lined with medium blue habutai silk. The hanging is embroidered with silk thread in a symmetrical design with a pheasant perched on a branch in the center embroidered in yellow, blue, brown, green, peach, mauve, aqua, black and white satin stitching. Branches are embroidered with brown thread and have yellow flowers and green leaves. At the base of this tree is a pink and white peony with pink buds and green leaves. On the upper left of the branch are two smaller birds embroidered in blue, black, mauve, peach, and white. To the left of the tree are two pink and white peony bushes with green leaves and a brown and yellow grass hopper flying above. Below this is a blue rose and a small yellow flower. On the far left is another pink and white peony bush with green leaves, a branch with yellow flowers and a Chinese orchid plant. to the right of the central tree are two pink and white chrysanthemums with green and yellow centers and green leaves. to the right of this is a yellow spider chrysanthemum plant with green leaves. On the right is the same floral design as the extreme left which includes a yellow, aqua and pink butterfly. A Floral border runs around these central motifs. There is a cream and pink twisted silk cord running around the top of the pieces and ending in pet al shaped knots. Around the sides and bottom is a yellow, blue, off- white, pink and aqua knotted fringe possibly made of rayon thread.
1999.037.004 Flag A & B Two flags made of bast fiber, red background with inset yellow circle in the center. Flags have been pieced and machine sewn. On one end is a cotton canvas binding with a metal grommet at each end for hanging purposes.
1999.037.005 Tassel A - E: Five hat tassels The tassel has red dyed fiber strands hanging from a leather button which has been dyed red and has a hole in the center. the fiber surrounding the button is held with a plaster ring covered with black cotton cloth and sewn in place with red thread. A red braided cord loop extends from the top of the tassel.
1999.037.006 Jar A & B: large lidded jar slightly rounded sides, concave bottom, recessed lip, made of light reddish brown clay glazed on the sides with dark brown glaze. There is a ridge around the middle of the inside, and three pieces of white plaster on the outside and a hole in the bottom. B: Lid, round slightly concave on top, slightly flaring short sides, dark brown glaze on top and sides.
1999.037.007 Hat Woman's hat possibly used for wedding ceremony cylindrical headband with decorative crown and cloud shaped heading. The hat has been stiffened with paper and covered with red silk satin on a head band decorated with gold couch, butterflies and flowers. this front decoration is accented with green and purple embroidery and small mirrors held in place with metal rings (shisha). The back of the head band is decorated with gold braid couched in a cloud design. On the bottomn of the head- band is a machine made aqua braid with aqua and mauve piping. Crown is a separate piece attached to the headband and has a scalloped bottom. The sides of the crown made of green silk damask with couched gold braid line design. the front and back have central panels made of red silk satin outlined in mauve, aqua, red and green braids and piping. The front of the crown has a gold couch design with the double luck characters, flowers and a bat. It is also decorated with mirrors. The heading is a stuffed cloud shape, which comes down on both sides in a curled horn shape and is attached to the top of the crown. It is made of dirty pink cotton with gold couched butterflies and double luck characters on the front and the back. It is accented with mirrors and red and green braid with red piping. Two purple silk gauze bands hang down the back and end in points. The hat is lined with light red cotton stitched on by hand.
1999.037.008 Belt Belt made of navy blue cotton knit stiffened and has a red cotton flannel backing stitched on by hand. One end of the belt has a tassel with a knotted head. The other end has a brass hook attached to a metal disk which is engraved with flowers and has a hole on one side. There are eight identical metal disks fastened along he belt. In the center is a metal slider, which has an identical metal disk attached to it and a green cotton cord is tied through the hole in the disk. The belt is adjustable by inserting the hook into the hole at one of the disks.
1999.038.062 Album, Record Record set folio with cardboard cover of a white square over red and white design background. On the white square are 2 photographs, one color of woman in full costume and one circular of woman's portrait. Title in red Chinese characters, other text in black Chinese characters. Produced by Lucky REcords. there are three 33 1/3 RPM record albums with red and silver labels, each in a separate sleeve. There is a glossy paper program with the same cover as the folio.
1999.038.063 Album, Record Red vinyl album with black label in Chinese and English. Produced by Crown, copyright by Lau Tung, distributed by Tsing Ping Co.
1999.038.064 Album, Record 33 1/3 RPM record with cover. Black vinyl album with black label. The cover front is black with man and woman in costume on the left. The titles are in Chinese along the right in 4 rows, 2 blue and 2 pink. Produced by Roxy Records. On the back is black Chinese text describing the music on sides 1 & 2.
1999.038.065 Album, Record 33 1/3 RPM record in paper cover. Black vinyl album with black and silver label. Produced by Hua Sheng record co. Cover is lightweight white cardboard with pink and gold designs. It is covered in plastic. There is a separate sheet explaining sides one and two.
1999.038.066 Album, Record 33 1/3 RPM black vinyl record wiht black and silver label. On the cover is a color photograph of the artist holding a white lily. The title is on the bottom in three large red Chinese characters with white backspace. The back is white with black Chinese characters.
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