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Wing Luke Museum
1983.101.001 Cuff sleeve bands; blue and white on a rust background; framed for commercial decorative art export-ware; blue and white silk thread Peking knot, embroidered peonies; blue and white silk thread satin stitch flowers, bats, and leaves; rust colored background, probably originally red; border of white silk embroidered with gold couching leaf outline, light and dark blue satin stitch embroidery of flowers and leaves; black ribbon edge id T+N 12/12/83
1983.102.001 Sock One pair blue cotton sock/slippers; general construction appears to be by machine with quilting of sole and heel areas by hand; also appears to be inserted by hand Sock Area: blue cotton body lined in white cotton; quite a bit of red staining (moisture damage?) and small black specks (mildew?) primarily on sole and trim area Trim Area: beige cotton trim; upper edge turned and triple stitched by machine; heel area random quilt/padded stitch; has a small amount of red stain on beige decorative heel area only; toe area discolored as in moisture stain (slight); there does not appear to be a right or left; calligraphy characters in black inside each Soles: white cotton quilted soles; each has an "(x)" stamped in red in the toe area
1983.103.001 Frame dirty white cotton cloth with blue ribbon and black ribbon edging with gold open weave cloth at inner edge to sew clothing remnant onto for export-ware; blue ribbon has black background, light and dark blue and white satin stitch embroidered flowers, leaves, and butterflies; id T+N 12/12/83
1983.103.002 Embroidery orange-red square; embroidered house next to water with fishing basket net, flowers, clouds, mountains, and waves; border of brown background with red, white, gold, purple, and green silk thread embroidered designs; 1/8" gray piping edging; soiled; red ink stain on back; black stamp "Made in China" on back
1983.104.001 Collar child's cloud collar framed on red-faded-to-brown cloth with black ribbon edge with gray piping; framed for commercial decorative art export-ware; collar originally red, faded to brown-rust; blue, white, and red silk thread satin stitch embroidered floral designs with butterflies; circular white silk piece added to neck opening with satin stitch embroidered flower of white, blue, and red with green leaves; circle is edged by 3/8" woven ribbon with a blue geometric design; piece backed with beige cotton cloth; purple-red ink stamp "Made in China" and "#715" id T+N 12/12/83
1983.105.001 Cuff
1983.105.002 Cuff sleeve bands on light blue background framed with ribbon and clothing remnants with a light blue cloth backing the piece; light and dark blue, shades of reds and pinks, white, and black silk thread embroidered bats, flowers, and floral designs; Peking knot red and white peonies; ink stamp "#111", "all silk", and "Made in China" id T+N 12/12/83
1983.106.001 Dress summer Cheongsam; peach silk crepe; short sleeves; floral and leaf tufted pattern woven; 10 frogs (8 on right side, 2 at neckline); small loop inside collar at rear; satin edgings at sleeves, neck, frogs, slits, and hem; excellent condition; peach lining and frogs; 20th century, circa; Dimensions: Length: 54" rear neckline to hem Width: 2.25" rear collar; 23" sleeve tip to sleeve tip; 17" slit, left side; 15" width, front waist; 18" hem width; right side open
1983.107.001 Mandarin Square silver pheasant mandarin square with gold thread couching on black background; clothing remnant frame of various shades of blue silk thread embroidery, double row of black ribbon edges; couched areas in bad repair -- sea, mountains, bird, clouds; blue silk backing with hand-written characters and "#220"
1983.108.001 Embroidery 2 dark blue panels loosely sewn along a center; embroidered with fungus of immortality, flowers, birds, plum blossoms, lotus, chrysanthemums; id T+N 12/12/83
1983.109.001 Cloth Fragment white silk panel, Peking knot, pinks floral, blue pink, green, satin stitch, Peking knot symbols, black border, blue and white floral green trim; Peony flower, orange backing with red ink stamped characters;
1983.110.001 Dress orange dress, Cheongsam; floral and leaf pattern woven; tufted
1983.111.001 Gown cocktail gown; blue brocade silk
1983.112.001 Dress dress in lavender silk satin with the lining in a dark green silk; hand sewn; self fabric bias seam binding; hand embroidery with long and short stitch, satin stitch, and outline stitch; short sleeves; stand-up collar; 10 self fabric frogs as closure for side opening; embroidery is in rust, purple, and green; small rose bud at each bust, large embroidered floral motif on front lower skirt, matching on upper back area, a single line of embroidery at lower center back as well as leaf embroidery on collar; this dress has been worn, there are perpiration stains (slight) under both arms, also a stain on the front lower right
1983.113.001 Costume Tunic: L=33.5"; W=53.5" sleeve tip to tip, 20.5"x18.75", neck opening 6.75"x 3.75" sheer crepe sleeves, open on the lower edge w. a red tassel on each corner, right sleeve is missing one tassel; red damask central panels with floral medallions, bats, and diamond-shaped diaper patterns; emb. with flowers and vases, and other designs; emb. panel surrounded on 3 sides by strips of braids and embroideries; the whole is edged by 1/4" black satin bias w. green damask silk flowers and swastika; neck opening also edged in black; dark stain on back of neck Jumper: L=42.25", 33.5" skirt; W=19.25" bodice, 32.75" skirt, 2 5/8"x17.75" straps read damask fabric matching tunic; bodice attached to skirt with a running stitch; skirt has flat front and back panel; skirt sides are pleats caught fr. underneath to hold pleats closed; hand caught with heavier running stitch in a "X" pattern over the hip area on either side; lined in green (disintegrating on lower edge); lower border and braids match tunic; random emb. satin stitch flowers and butterflies on skirt; a single flower (lily?) on front and back panels; removed masking tape marked "Mrs. Coe" - part of it did not come off; stained in a few small spots
1983.114 Coat Coat Completely open down right side; blue silk print (silver and beige pattern); fully padded; lined with off-white fabric. 12 closings total: 5 complete fabric frogs, 6 frog closures with glass buttons and loops, 1 glass button and loop at neckline. The glass button closures were added over the original frog closures and were moved to the opposite side. A paper tag was added and a piece of masking tape with "R-26" was removed. Dimensions: Length: 52.5" neckline to rear hem Width: 27" neckline to sleeve tip, 2.5" collar, 19.5" at rear waist, 24.75" at hemline
1983.115.001 Picture, Woven Woven picture of Hangchow; West Lake scene showing the water and shoreline (in green, blue, red, and gray) with houses, buildings, islands, mountain, and roads; black Chinese characters on right and left borders; #42x70 written at left side; excellent condition
1983.116 Picture, woven woven picture (in green, blue, pink, yellow, and gray) of landscape, with pedestrian bridge, trees, water, and buildings; black characters on right and left borders and on picture at top center; #82-164 is printed on right edge; excellent condition
1983.117 Picture, woven woven landscape picture (in blue, green, pink, red, black, yellow, rust, purple, and gray) of a temple on rocks by some water and trees with cherry blossoms; black characters at top and bottom of borders; excellent condition
1983.118 Picture, woven woven landscape picture (in green, blue, gray, rust, and pink) of a pavillion and pier in water with trees, sun or moon with 4 black characters in the sky; woven into border: Chi Wen Embroiery & Weaving Works, Shanghai, China; black characters in left border; excellent condition
1983.119 Picture, woven woven picture (in green, purple, orange, yellow, pink, red, brown, and gray) of trees in front of a temple building with courtyard at front; black characters on top and bottom borders; excellent condition
1983.120.001 Scarf Scarf Bright orange; small attached printed tag: RN14750 Made in Japan; possibly a "kata-a Buddist scarf in orange and green worn around neck when welcoming dignitaries"; 20th century circa
1983.121.001 Skirt 7 tabs: 5 with black velvet borders, 2 undinished; white silk centers embroidered with pastel color (peach, green, pink, blue, rust, brown, gold, gray) designs (also some gilt thread used); 2 tabs are identical; trimming: missionary ribbon in green, red, beige; lining: gauze fabric; all are soiled
1983.122.001 Bolt, Cloth red sateen, silk warp, cotton backing (or filler); does not seem to have been used; excellent condition
1983.123.001 Bolt, cloth Pina fabric: "Pina-sheer fabric made from fibers of pineapple leaves"; bright pink woven stripes on off-white background; one end unevely cut, other end hemmed; circa 1920's; excellent condition CWM '83
1983.124.001 Jacket machine stitched cotton; blue and white 1/16" woven stripe; round neck finished with black piping; 5 frogs (navy) as closures on front, attached by hand, 2 have run staining the fabric and front facing; front facing is white, the neck facing is self fabric; sleeves not hemmed, there is an extra piece of fabric sewn at the hem and this is turned, the raw edges are on the inside
1983.125.001 Skirt entirely hand sewn; fabric close weave; 1/2" pleats at each side, sewn closed; braid and rick-rack applied as decoration; central panels front and boack 7.5" wide flat material; decorative trim at hem on top of pleats, sewn as 3-sided rectangle with mitered corners on the front and back panels; top is 6.75" bright blue cotton; front and back panels overlap and are closed with self fabric ball knots and loops, 3 front and 3 back; each panel has a self fabric loop and a separate cord tied to the loop, the cord is .75" x 23" long and white; a variety of hand stitches are used in construction.
1983.126.001 Pants adult mid-calf length pant; satin acetate fabric; machine sewn; 6" of elastic sewn into the back waist band; 9" metal side zipper on the left side with a black button on the waist band; each pant leg is fitted, 2 frog closures pleat the fabric so it fits close; the frogs are applied by hand
1983.127.001 Bolt, Cloth Cloth plain weave, gauze-like fabric; design, applied braid machine stitched to the ground fabric; off-white color; very fine fabric; identified as pina cotton; salvages present; varigated straight stitch (machine) in red; green and yellow attaches braid in a free form floral design
1983.128.001 Coat Pale blue silk gauze summer coat fastened with 5 black loops and knotted toggle buttons. Side front overlap closing to the right. Black double floral ribbon borders at neck, sleeves, down front: (1) 1.75" dark purple with Buddhist symbol endless knot, light and dark pink, pale blue, green, and yellow flowers (2) 1.375" light purple with light and dark pink, green, blue, and yellow flowers. Gauze figured hem with the width varying from 1" to 1.5". Pattern of circular motifs of shou (long life) and wan (10,000) characters and swastikas (happiness). Excellent condition, stain under arms. Dimensions: Length: 54" rear nape neck to hem Width: 50.75" sleeve tip to sleeve tip, 19" underarms, 26.5" bottom hem (straight across).
1983.129.001 Cloth hand block printed in deep purple on natural beige cotton fabric; 6 squares long and 4 squares wide utilizing 4 different designs: dragon with 5 legs; pagoda with tiny figure, butterfly, and snails; peacocks, Chinese characters, and flowers; figure with water carrier on its back and Chinese characters; plain border 1" to 4" wide on all 4 sides; excellent condition
1983.130.001 Picture, woven scene of temple in Japan (in brown, red, and green) among some green trees all covered with snow; small patches of light blue sky; small brown building in background; Chinese characters are printed at top and bottom borders; "27 + 45, 1014-46" is printed at the bottom
1983.132.001 Cuff sleeve bands made into commercial art textile panels for export; gold silk sleeves with pink and blue flowers; brown silk border with bats, endless knot, fu; seam down middle, border blind stitched with 1/8" black edge tape; embroidery, Peking, satin, couching; border: silk brocade
1983.133.001 Cuff two white silk bands sewed together, embroidered with a scene from stories of red chamber, blue bridges, trees, white pink and blue women, blue-green clouds; very frayed, burn hole in middle of piece; black brocade border with uneven brown tape edge, unstitched in many places; embroidery; satin, running, couching border; brocade id T+N 1983
1983.134.001 Embroidery blue silk panel with gold thread dragon, phoenix, and lion bordered by lotus flowers; gourds, fans, water mountain symbol at bottom; blue clouds brocade border sewed on with tape light blue edge; badly frayed, especially bottom edge; embroidery: gold wrapped thread couching, satin stitch; border: brocade; id T+N 1983
1983.135.001 Cloth Fragment Cloth black silk with embroidered flowers, peach blossoms center design, pinks, blues, and white; border is black silk with faded yellow, red, and white brocade, sewed on with black edge tape; embroidery: satin stitch; border: brocade, multi-colored id T+N 1983
1983.136.001 Costume Pants: Length: 48"; Width: 21.75" waist, 10.5" leg hem black cotton with shiny surface; 7" navy blue linen waist band; 2 black appliqued bands (7/8" and 3/8") trimmed in bright blue at hem of each leg; 4 appliqued 3/8" bands (same colors and fabric) and bright blue satin triple leaf pattern design circle each fode Chinese paper label, app. 5.5"-3"; printed with red and black characters, sewn at waist; excellent condition Jacket: Length: 36.75" neck to hem Width: 68" sleeve tip to sleeve tip, 19" under arms, sleeve 6" at waist, 1.25" collar, 26.75" at hem black cotton with shiny surface; 2 black appliqued 3/8" bands, trimmed in bright blue, outline brown, blue satin triple leaf pattern design around neck and arms; 2 bands appliqued (same colors and fabric) .5" x .5" trim right closure, and hem; 5 blue frogs, neck and closure; geometric design at hem, front and back; 1 small inside pocket; excellent condition
1983.137.001 Costume Jacket: Length: 33.75" rear neck to hem Width: 19.5" under arms, 1.25" collar, 24.75" at hem, 70.5" sleeve tip to sleeve tip, 7.25" sleeve at wrist stiff black gauze weave, used as foundation, woven with lines and a faint leaf design; appliqued with 8 bands, varying in widths of 1.875" to 3.5" of black silk satin, circle garment, trimmed with blue and white piping; bands form a geometric design with gauze showing on bodices and arms, 8 black silk toggle closures, right side closure; right underarm gauze torn; pocket inside; excellent condition Pants: L: 47"; W: 23.5" waist, 10.25" leg hem, 10.625" decoration at leg hem soft black gauze weave with symbols of peony and swastika, and the tiny design; 4 appliqued bands of black silk satin widths varying 2.125" to 3.625", circle the bottom of each leg, trimmed with blue and white piping; Chinese paper label, app. 5.5" + 2" printed with red and black characters sewn to waist; excellent condition
1983.138.001 Robe Robe black silk gauze woven with 8.5" diameter circular insignias, consisting of two dragons and assorted designs; hand sewn; center front opening with 4 loops, 4 brass metal toggle ball buttons (originally 5) each engraved with butterfly and palm leaves; fabric slit on right shoulder; tear, right underarm; soiled in several places; Dimensions: Length: 45.5" down rear seam, 19" back opening, 18.5" side vents Width: 66" sleeve tip to sleeve tip, 11.25" sleeve at wrist, 3"-3.75" piece extending sleeves
1983.139.001 Costume Jacket: 34.5" down rear seam, 11.875" side vents, 55.25" sleeve tip to sleeve tip, 7.5" sleeve at wrist, 2.125" collar, 8.25" piece extending sleeves black cotton with shiny surface with geometrical design, fabric surface cracked from wearing and age; front overlap closing right; 5 frogs; 3 metal buttons (2 with reflecting piece behind cut-out of 6 point design and 1 with 4 assorted designs); 3 black appliqued bands (1.875", 2.625", 1.5") circle the neckline; 1/4" black appliqued band on collar; 3 black appliqued bands circle sleeves, varying widths (1.5", 2.75", 1.75"); all applique with blue (green) piping; pocket inside; fabric reinforced with heavy black thread on sleeves and torn spots; black smoked Canton silk. Labeled as 1983.139.1a Pants: 37" waist to hem, 12" legs at hem, 5.25" waist band black cotton with shiny surface; fabric cracked from wear and age; blue cotton waist band; 3 black appliqued bands (1.375", 2.75", 1.75") with blue (green) piping circle hem of legs; pocket; fabric reinforced with heavy black thread on seams and tears. Labeled as 1983.139.1b
1983.140.001 Coat Short robe (calf length) in a wine colored silk satin external fabric with light blue lining and trim. The entire coat is padded by hand with wine colored thread that has run on the blue lining (has gotten wet at some time, causing the red to run). Front overlap closing to the right, fastened with 5 self fabric and knotted cord toggle buttons. Has wide sleeves. Borders on the collar, sleeves, and side vents are decorated with light blue silk satin and multi-colored floral motifs and decorated with couched seed beads and faceted jewels in blue, yellow, and clear. Some sequins appear to have been silver and tarnished. Water damage on both shoulders, red stains on collar and external neck facings. Source: _Decoding Dragons_, John Vollmer Dimensions: Length: 41" total, 13.25" side vents; Width: 53" sleeve tip to sleeve tip, 19" underarms, 29.25" at hem, sleeves 9.5" deep
1983.141.001 Coat Coat Surcoat coat is black silk sating; cuffs are a silk tabby; black satin binding; varigated blue embroidery; bright blue silk satin lining; calf-length garment; center front opening fastened with 5 loop and gilt metal ball toggle buttons; wide sleeves with turned back cuffs; short collar; side vents; decorated with a scattered scheme, flowers (peony, lotus, chrysanthemum, and plum blossoms - blossoms of the four seasons) and butterflies; inner-sleeve facings with flowers, buterflies, longevity sign, clouds, and others; trimmings: narrow black satin binding, wide black satin trim with varigated blue embroidery with satin, stem, and continuous darning stitches; narrow white multi-colored compound patterned ribbon; many trimmings finely embroidered with blue flowers on 19th century garments, probably reflects a regional style; source: _Decoding Dragons_, John Vollmer Dimensions: Length: 41" total Width: 53.5" sleeve tip to sleeve tip, 28" underarm, 38" at hem Depth: 19.5" sleeve, 4.5" cuff, 9.75" vents
1983.142.001 Coat slightly textured silk fabric; lined with a china silk; covered with hand embroidery in an off-white pearl, padded work, satin and stem stitches, and other couched threads; full length off-white coat; 5 loop with gilt metal ball buttons; center front opening with no collar; decorated with trailing Wisteria and birds; embroidered borders of fluid lines intersperced with flower petals; definite western influence in shape and construction of this garment; staining in the upper back area, shoulder folds, lower left back, and some random spotting on front; general condition is good; Dimensions: Length: 49" total, 16.5" side vents Width: 56.75" across shoulders, 22.5" underarm, 32.5" at hem
1983.143.001 Coat Coat fabric silk crepe; lining silk satin; entire coat is padded with wool; outside of coat is covered with hand embroidery, padded work, satin stitch, couching, stem stitch; ecru coat with front opening; no collar; 5 metal ball buttons with toggle closures; toggles are well worn and frayed; some insect damage in the back hem area; the borders are embroidered with pearl embroidery thread (beige) and the design is a trailing vine with daisies and chrysanthemums in a stem stitch, satin stitch, and Peking knots; a champagne colored knubby embroidery thread couched in several designs border the coat and sleeves with Peking knots opposite each point; the coat is open below the 5 buttons and slit 20" each side; Dimensions: Length: 41.5" total Width: 58" sleeve tip to sleeve tip, 22" underarm Depth: 11" sleeves
1983.144.001 Jacket Jacket white cotton jacket; machine stitched; long sleeves curved to sleeve hem; round neck with round cut stand-up collar; venter front closing with 12 hand bound button holes for stud buttons; side slits; ink marks on collar and back; stains on sleeves
1983.145.001 Jacket Jacket white cotton twill weave jacket with long sleeves, round neck, stand up collar; machine stitched; front center closing; 5 hand bound frog buttons of same material; side slits; inked 492 on back neck facing; stains on front right and back left; curved bottom hem
1983.146.001 Jacket Jacket white cotton twill weave with long sleeves, round neck, stand-up collar; machine stitched; front center closing; 5 hand bound frog buttons of same material; side slits; inked 492 on back neck facing; stains left sleeve, right sleeve, and left front; small tear right front and left rear bottom
1983.147.001 Jacket Jacket white cotton jacket; machine stitched; long sleeves; center front opening; round neck with square finished stand-up collar; 7 hand bound button holes with buttons; side slits; stains on front and sleeves; collar and sleeves worn
1983.148.001 Jacket Jacket heavy white cotton plain weave jacket; machine stitched; long sleeves; round neck with round cut stand-up collar; center front closing with 12 hand bound button holes for stud buttons; side slits; hem facing with mitered corners Dimensions: Length: 26.25" total, 9.5" sleeve piece Width: 20" under arm, 23" hem, 5.25" sleeve hem
1983.149.001 Jacket Jacket black and white pin stripe cotton jacket; machine stitched; 5 hand sewn frog buttons; curved bottom hem; side slits; small loop center of collar; stand-up collar Dimensions: Length: 25" mid neck to mid hem, 56" total sleeve length Width: 21.25" at hem, 7" cuff
1983.150.001 Shirt Shirt blue and white double stripe cotton short sleeve shirt; machine stitched; four pockets; round collar; 7 button holes -- one button missing; outer closing; stains under arms Dimensions: Length: 25" shoulder to hem, 9" sleeve length Width: 23.5" at hem, 20.5" at arm pit, 6" cuff
1983.151.001 Jacket Jacket white cotton jacket; machine stitched; long sleeves; round neck with round cut stand-up collar; center front closing; 6 pairs hand bound button holes for stud buttons; side slits; stains left front Dimensions: Length: 26.75" shoulder to hem, 9.5" sleeve piece Width: 20" under arm, 23.75" hem, 5.5" sleeve hem
1983.152.001 Jacket Jacket white cotton twill jacket; machine sewn; round stand-up collar; center front closing; hidden placket; 4 buttons; 1 frog; side slits; curved bottom hem; Dimensions: Length: 30" top->bottom, 57.25" arm->arm Width: 24" hem, 22.5" under arm, 7" cuff
1983.153.001 Shirt Shirt white cotton sleeveless shirt; hand stitched; thin, light blue pin stripes; 5 four-hole buttons; front center closing; side slits; stand-up collar; several rust stains and scorch marks
1983.154.001 Jacket Jacket white cotton twill jacket; machine stitched; center front closure; round neck; square cut stand-up collar; 5 frog buttons; half length sleeves; sleeve hem hand sewn; inked 427 inside back neck; side slits; sleeves worn and mended; slits worn; back and front center stains
1983.155.001 Jacket Jacket white and blue striped flannel cotton jacket; machine stitched; round collar; long sleeves; 4 two-hole buttons; front center closing; 1 pocket on lower right front Dimensions: Length: 28.5" shoulder top->bottom, 21" sleeve Width: 22" hem, 6" diameter sleeve hem, 21.5" arm pits
1983.156.001 Jacket Jacket blue and white striped cotton jacket; hand stitched; 6 buttons; 1 frog; center front closing; stand-up collar; small curved bound pocket upper left side; bound curved pocket lower rightside; soiled
1983.157.001 Jacket Jacket hand sewn; black cotton; satin weave; long sleeved; jacket with slanted front-to-side closure; 5 frogs; coarse indigo cotton facings on neck, closure, and side slits; dark blue cotton with white pinstripe on sleeve facings; round bound neck dieced sleeve center front and back seams, narrow bottom contoured hem; indigo pocket on front facing; small white stains inside right front near pocket and right sleeve; worn hem and left shoudler on right shoulder and both sleeve hems; facing of indigo cotton goes from sleeve hem along sleeve seam to back side slit; Dimensions: Length: 23.75" neck to hem Width: 57.5" cuff to cuff, 18.25" under arm, 19.375" hem, 5.25" sleeve hem
1983.158.001 Jacket Jacket white plain weave heavy cotton jacket; machine sewn, flat-fell seams; self faced sleeve hem; center front opening hem and side slit; front center opening with 4 hand bound button holes on both sides of placket; round neck with rounded stand-up collar; long sleeves with 3.25" hem facing with mitered corners
1983.159.001 Jacket Jacket black heavy cotton plain weave shirt/jacket with front-to-side angle closure, round neck with piping finish; hand sewn; five self frogs; long sleeves pieced twice; curved hem; pocket sewn to front facing; self faced neck; narrow rolled hems throughout; material faded at neck Dimensions: Length: 29.25" neck->bottom hem Width: 70" cuff->cuff, 23.5" under arm, 29" hem, 7.25" sleeve hem
1983.160.001 Jacket Jacket Chinese smoked silk jacket; hand sewn, round neck with rounded stand-up collar; 4 pockets; front center opening with five frogs; long sleeves with 6.75" added piece; rounded bottom hem; side slits
1983.161.001 Costume Costume Jacket: Length: 33.5" back neck to bottom hem Width: 18.25" under arms, 25.25" bottom hem, 5.25" sleeve cuff. Labelled 1983.161.1a. White silk patterned material with blue and white striped cotton facing on side closing and side slits, extending into under arm seams for reinforcement. 9 frog closings; 1 with attached bottom. Round stand-up square cut collar; center front and center seam. 11.25" attached sleeve piece, rounded bottom hem; stains center back and upper front; hand sewn. Pants: Length: 36.25" top linen waist to cuff Width: 21.5" inseam, 19.5" waist, 9.25" cuff . Labelled 1983.161.1b. White patterned silk pants with a coarse beige linen waist band, 7.5" length. The pants are pieced in many places; masking tape removed bearing "Frances H. Chinn" on waist band; stick tape residue at silk part of waist; hand sewn.
1983.162.001 Jacket Jacket Gray-green silk with floral and possibly imperial designs; hand sewn; 6 frogs; side opening; self-bound side opening, cuffs, and collar; round neck with square finished collar; center front and center back seams; side slits; top stitched pocket on inside front panel; stains under arms, mid and lower front; rounded bottom hem
1983.163.001 Pants Pants Smoked silk, hand sewn; coarse, beige linen waistband 7.75" length; pants pieced in crotch area
1983.164.001 Jacket Jacket Sleeveless, smoked silk, hand sewn; center front opening; 5 frogs; round neck with square cut stand-up collar; 4 pockets - 2 on each side of front opening, top stitched; both lower pockets frequently mended; side slits; center back seam; rounded bottom seam Dimensions: Length: 23.75" collar->hem, 16" underarm->hem Width: 18" under arms, 22" bottom hem
1983.165.001 Embroidery Embroidery remnants Blue cloth with gilt couched floral design (the design is entirely couched); silk tabby ground fabric; no backing; the embroideries are mirror images of each other; couching is in silver and golds, additional color is derived from the colored couching threads
1983.166.001 Cuff Mirror image sleeve bands sewn together; satin stitch embroidery; pale blue ground fabric with pink, salmon, green, and blue floral design and butterflies; inner border woven ribbon; outer border silk embroidered blue flowers and phoenix; stamped "Made in China" on off-white backing; paper in border for strength
1983.167.001 Cloth Fragment Remnants red silk, blue and white floral embroidered woven ribbon inner border, blue and light blue, black silk woven blue and white floral outer border; peony flowers, bats, and a vase; white thread couched outling; damask weave background Peking Knot embroidery and couching
1983.168.001 Cloth Fragment Cloth Remnants black cotton gauze weave in a circular design; embroidered satin stitch flowers and butterfly in blue, white, and orange; upper right corner is seamed in a circular seam; heavily starched
1983.169.001 Mandarin Square Mandarin Square Black ground fabric with gold couching of sea, mountains, clouds, and paradise fly-catcher with various Buddhist symbols and the Sun; entire design is couched; the border is the continuous thunder line, also couched
1983.170.001 Cover, pillow Cover Black with red bias tape sewn on in squares 14.5" x 14", 11.5" x 12"; black cotton backing; machine sewn; outer square corners are miteral, inner square corners are not
1983.171.001 Embroidery silk panel with blue border; two ribbon borders; inner piece is white silk embroidered in green, pink, and orange; embroidered satin, long/short, continuous darning stitches on silk ground; 2 pheasant, 1 duck, and flowers; backed with white cotton written on back, black ink: "$14.10" Chinese dollar
1983.172.001 Mandarin Square the ground fabric is black silk; the stylized clouds are in blues, silk satin stitched with gold couching as outline; the border is gold couching (coming loose); paradise fly-catcher - gilt couching; looks as though the bird and alternate designs in the border were of silver, and they are tarnished
1983.173.001 Mandarin Square black silk groud fabric; lined in light blue silk; "E 54" written in ink on lining; gold couched sea; white pheasant; blue mountains, clouds; floral border; orange sun; several Buddhist symbols represented; embroidered stitches; satin, couching outline
1983.174.001 Mandarin Square black ground fabric; water, mountains, clouds, paradise fly-catcher, all appear to have been silver thread that has tarnished; design is entirely couched; Korean character border; turquoise blue silk lining; very stained, falling apart
1983.175.001 Mandarin Square brown ground fabric; gold couching sea, mountains, and floral border; clouds and precious things are multi-colored silk; the half bird appears to be a quail; embroidered stitches; couching, satin, short/long, and continuous darning
1983.176.001 Embroidery iris flowers and leaves embroidered and originally mounted on paper; satin stitch, gilt outline couched
1983.177.001 Madarin Square black silk ground; sea, mountains, and clouds with Taoist and Buddhist precious things; entire design is couched; border is couched thunder line; bird is the paradise fly-catcher(?) and the flaming pearl; eye and tongue are satin stitch
1983.178.001 Jacket Jacket Smoked silk, hand stitched; front side opening; 5 frogs; round neck; pocket on inside front panel; 19.25" sleeve pieces; side slits; rounded bottom hem; center back seam; hand bound neck; worn on folded edges and bottom of pocket; mended in some areas; faded on shoulders and back center; Dimensions: Length: 28.5" neck->bottom hem Width: 77.5" sleeve cuff->sleeve cuff, 25.5" under arms, 34" bottom hem 9" cuff
1983.179.001 Cloth Fragment Remnants white silk, blue satin stitch, floral, butterflies, unlined, split at top, metallic braid applied as border; fragment 2 has a tassel; metal is tarnished, perhaps made into drapery pulls?
1983.180.001 Cloth Fragment 9" Rondeis(sp?) for applique; lions: gold couching
1983.181.001 Embroidery rectangle, gold background couching satin stitch; two ladies in garden; 1/4" ribbon border; unlined
1983.182.001 Picture, woven tapestry weave with the background in a satin weave; all three panels have the same design of a street scene with mountains, houses, man on a buffalo, and a temple; the background is black, and the design is silver grey with a little blue and red
1983.183.001 Picture, woven white silk satin; 2 ducks in pond, 2 birds on bamboo, pink, floral, (peony) bamboo, green tree, multi-colored birds, satin stitch
1983.184.001 Embroidery square green silk, embroidered with multiple designs in satin stitch; black woven border; frayed on back "Made in China", stamped, beige cotton backing; flowers cherry blossoms, peony, and lotus
1983.185.001 Embroidery background fabric is twill weave (faded); the embroidery is entirely silver couching (also faded); bird, water, mountains, and clouds in a stylized all over patter; backing is bright blue silk that is pieced, stained, and E 48 written in ink; phoenix with turquoise eyes; poor condition
1983.186.001 Embroidery 1 black cotton; birds with water, mountains, flowers, thunder line border; reverse blue damask floral pattern, pieced; E-46 written in ink; entire design is couched silver threads; each panel has a phoenix with a blue eye
1983.187.001 Cover, pillow black cotton; silver couched sea, satin stitch mountains, 2 color stylized, phoenix birds, flowers, satin stitched and couched border; pale blue backing, stained on bath panels; E-58 written in ink on back
1983.188.001 Embroidery backing cotton satin weave; embroidery stitches, couching, satin stitch, outline, long and short; silk embroidery is disappearing; poor condition; silver couching that was used for the water has faded; water, mountains, clouds, paradise fly-catcher with sun, waves, and flowers; border is flowers and scrolls with Korean characters in each corner; there are two squares that do not appear to be intended to be cut apart; border similar to x1983.187.001 (E-58), possibly made at the same time?
1983.189.001 Cuff faded off-white silk damask, Peking and satin stitch; central flower is a peach and orange peony with each petal couched with a copper thread; ribbon border; corners mitued, but not sewn; border was blue with pink flowers and green leaves - very little left, border is literally disintegrating; inner and outer edge of ribbon is a woven black 1/4" zig-zag; green silk backing, frayed; border loose at both ends; red edging on back-color ran
1983.190.001 Skirt Paired aprons, red patterned silk with two panels; hand sewn, machine stitched; interior fabric pleated with vertical black bands; decorated with black embroidered bands; hem and interior panels bound with black silk bands; 2 panels with embroidery, 5" wide cotton waistband with loop fastener on each side. Silk and embroidery disintegrating; embroidered areas and black banding at hem lined with light blue silk.
1983.191.001 Costume Jacket: Length: 31" top of collar->bottom hem Width: 33.25" center back seam->cuff, 24.5" underarm, 26.25" bottom hem, 5.5" cuff white synthetic satin; machine sewn; jacket-front center opening; 5 frogs; round neck with round cornered stand-up collar; side slits; front opening, neck, bottom hem, and slits all banded in black satin and yellow & red braid; sleeve piece added 16.5" long; numerous stains, front and back on jackey body and banding; NG HONG-label taken from inside back collar Pants: Length: 43.25" outer leg seam, 28.5" inseam, 16" waist->crotch Width: 24.75" waist, 11.75" cuff white synthetic satin; machine sewn; draw string waist and leg-cuff; center seam waist back and front; somewhat soiled; partially removed "Made in Hong Kong" label from cuff
1983.192.001 Costume Jacket: Length: 29" neck->bottom hem Width: 66.5" cuff->cuff, 25" under arm, 26.5" bottom hem, 4" cuff machine sewn; white synthetic satin; jacket-front center opening; 5 frogs; round neck with round cornered stand-up collar; side slits; front opening, neck, bottom hem, and slits all banded in black satin and yellow & red braid; sleeve piece 16" long; soiled around the neck; some staining on black bacnding; "Made in Hong Kong" label partially removed; tucks in cuffs with 2 snap sets each cuff Pants: Length: 43.5" outer leg seam, 28.5" inseam Width: 25.75" waist, 12.5" cuff machine sewn; white synthetic satin; draw string waist and leg-cuff; center seam waist back and front; somewhat soiled; partially removed "Made in Hong Kong" label from cuff
1983.193.001 Costume Jacket: Length: 28.75" neck->bottom hem Width: 62.75" cuff->cuff, 25" under arm, 26" bottom hem, 4" cuff machine sewn; white synthetic satin; jacket-front center opening; 5 frogs; round neck with round cornered stand-up collar; side slits; front opening, neck, bottom hem, and slits all banded in black satin and red & yellow braid; sleeve piece 14.5" long; numerous stains, front and back on jacket body and banding; tucks in cuffs with 2 snaps each cuff Pants: Length: 43.25" outer leg seam, 28.5" inseam Width: 25.5" waist, 12.25" cuff machine sewn; white synthetic satin; draw string waist and leg-cuff; center seam waist back and front; somewhat soiled; partially removed "Made in Hong Kong" label from cuff
1983.194.001 Kimono Japanese woman's kimono salmon pink silk , hand sewn; padded hem; wisteria and butterfly embroidery motif; stained - possibly dirt flecks; lined; liner hand sewn; Dimensions: Length: 51" shoulder->bottom hem, 40.5" under arm to bottom hem, 1.5" hem, 10.25" sleeve Width: 21.5" sleeve, 51" arm tip->arm tip
1983.195.001 Jacket Cream colored silk woman's jacket with cream white embroidery flowers and trees. It was machine sewn with a center front opening, western style collar and lapels, lined with white silk, and hand finished. The neck line is stained. Dimensions: Length: 23.5" shoulder->hem, 22.5" sleeve Width: 18.5" armpit->armpit, 7" sleeve at cuff, 4.25" collar at center back
1983.196.001 Pants black pants with blue cotton waist-band; silver rick-rack sewn on bottom of legs; hand sewn; pieced crotch; worn crotch; bamboo motif woven in black fabric; Dimensions: Length: 38.5" waist-> leg hem, 7.5" waist-band Width: 21.5" waist, 7.5" pant cuff
1983.197.001 Pants Chinese pants with white cotton waistband; machine and hand sewn; top-stitched; pieced crotch; stain - light water or wax stain across hip; strip in weave Dimensions: Length: 38.5" waist->bottom hem, 23" inseam Width: 23.5" waistband, 22.5" top of pant fabric, 12" leg
1983.198.001 Pants blue cotton pants with cotton waistband unevenly dyed or sun faded; machine sewn; unknown finish - possibly starched; pieced crotch; Dimensions: Length: 6" waistband, 40" waist->hem, 26" inseam Width: 24" waistband; 35.5" at crotch, 11.25" hem
1983.199.001 Pants black smoked silk pants with white cotton waistband; hand sewn; diamond motif woven in silk; smoking worn on inseam and crotch; pieced crotch; inside fabric coppery brown Dimensions: Length: 28.5" waist top->hem, 6.25" waistband; 23" inseam Width: 22" waistband, 33.5" at crotch, 13.5" hem
1983.200.001 Pants black smoked silk pants with dirty beige linen waistband; hand sewn; inside fabric coppery brown; very small pentagon motif woven in fabric; pieced crotch; holes in crotch; all seams are worn Dimensions: Length: 39" waist->hem, 7" waistband, 25" inseam Width: 19.25" waist, 33" crotch, 8" pant leg hem
1983.201.001 Pants black smoked silk pants with beige linen waistband; hand sewn; coppery brown on interior of fabric; plain weave; pieced crotch; worn on seams; lines worn into upper crotch area; torn on outside lower thigh and mended with blue thread Dimensions: Length: 43" waist->hem, 7" waistband, 26.5" inseam Width: 21.5" waistband, 31" at crotch, 10" hem
1983.202.001 Pants black smoked silk pants with blue linen waistband; hand sewn; smoking almost completely gone; plain weave; pieced crotch; inseam on crotch worn with 1 hole; masking tape residue on waistband Dimensions: Length: 42.5" waist->hem, 7.25" waistband, 27.25" inseam Width: 20.5" waistband, 33.25" crotch, 10.75" hem
1983.203.001 Jacket Black smoked silk jacket; hand sewn; coppery brown interior of fabric; diamond motif weave; stand-up Mandarin type collar; 2 breast pockets, 2 lower front pockets; 7.25" sleeve piece not cuff; center front opening; 6 plastic buttons ( 5 2-hole, 1 4-hole); 4" slit on each hip; double curl single frog closing at neck; loop on collar, center back; water stains on lower left front and back Dimensions: Length: 25.5" shoulder->bottom hem Width: 60" sleeve hem->sleeve hem, 21.5" under arm, 6.5" sleeve at hem, 21.75" hip hem, 2.75" collar
1983.204.001 Jacket white silk jacket with flower and stripe pattern woven into fabric; hand sewn; front side closing; 6 frogs; round neck with stand-up square cut collar; 7.75" sleeve piece added; 11.75" side slits; pocket on inside front panel Dimensions: Length: 32" neck-> hem Width: 55" sleeve hem->sleeve hem, 20.5" under arms, 30" bottom hem, 5.5" sleeve hem
1983.205.001 Coat Woman's semi-official, hand sewn pink silk damask/silk satin coat. Front overlap closing to the right, fastened with 6 frogs: 1 knotted cord toggle button and 5 gilt metal buttons with endless knot design. External facings of black satin weave and 2" ribbon trim surrounding external facing. Black silk satin with cut-out and infilled decoration of bats and peony edged in sea green piping. Design is "Flowers of four seasons". Lined in light blue cotton. Small stains, looks as though sleeve has been shortened and then let out again, and some facings and ribbon are lifting.
1983.206.001 Jacket hand sewn haori (short coat worn over kimono) indicated by the length; synthetic fabric; lined in numerous fabrics; 5" red tab in front that probably functioned as a closure; pastel floral prints on blue and red background; gold thread intermittently woven into fabric; stained; worn; sleeve falling off; various pins removed
1983.207.001 Kimono Kimono (Nagasode) Hand sewn kimono; crepe-like fabric; fabric colors look like a watercolor; designs on sleeves and hem embellished with gold thread; padded thinly with silk wadding overall; hem is heavily padded; lining is red silk in sleeve and upper body area, and red crepe in lower area; hem faded or dirty; 3 family crests on upper body; red stains on left sleeve; some insect damage lower and upper front
1983.208.001 Jacket white cotton jacket; hand sewn; right side closing; 6 frogs; curved bottom hem; pocket on inside front panel; sleeve hem, collar, top of side opening finished in piping; soiled under arms; center front and center back finished seams; 12" side slits; 10" sleeve piece; stand-up square cut collar
1983.209.001 Shirt white hand sewn linen shirt, seems to have been starched; 6 frogs; closing on right side; pocket on inside front panel; 11.5" side slits; 8.5" sleeve piece; round neck with stand-up square cut collar; collar, sleeve hem, and top of front closing finished with piping; scorched front and back
1983.210.001 Jacket Off-white, fine wool(?), hand sewn jacket with diamond/floral pattern woven into fabric. 7 frog clsures, round neck with stand-up square cut collar, right side front opening,collar facing gray cotton. Has side opening and underarm-to-bottom hem facings in blue cotton, center front and center back finished seams, 14.5" side slits, soiled front and back-stain on front. Label "Frances H. Chinn" removed from garment. Dimensions: Length: 34" neck->hem , Width: 52", sleeve hem->sleeve hem 29", bottom hem 22", underarm 4.75".
1983.211.001 Jacket machine stitched jacket, gray wool/rayon(?); center front closing with 9 black frogs; 3 pockets - 1 small breast, 2 lower front; pocket opening curved and bound in black piping; round neck with round cut stand-up collar; 15" sleeve piece; 6" side slits; contoured bottom hem; insect holes, front and back; tape with "Dan Woo" removed from hem; label "Empire Patent" with Chinese writing removed from outside collar; Dimensions: Length: 30" neck->hem Width: 73" sleeve hem->sleeve hem, 20" underarm, 21.5" bottom hem, 6" sleeve at hem
1983.212.001 Pants black silk crepe pants; hand sewn; soiled/stained white cotton waistband; pieced crotch; soiled front and back Dimensions: Length: 36.25" top waistband->leg hem, 22" inseam, 6" waistband Width: 24.25" waist, 35" crotch, 15" leg bottom
1983.213.001 Vest pale blue silk brocade vest; machine sewn; hand stitched reinforcing; 5 silver metal buttons; 3 pockets with straight openings - 1 on left breast, 2 on lower front; center front opening; embroidery on left sides of button holes; seams reinforced with brown thread; lined with light blue synthetic fabric with woven pattern; contoured bottom hem Dimensions: Length: 26" neck->bottom hem, 16.5" front opening Width: 24" underarm, 25.25" bottom hem
1983.214.001 Jacket Machine sewn light blue silk brocade jacket lined in synthetic patterned fabric and reinforced with hand stitching. Center front opening with two plastic buttons, 2 silk tabs on interior right opening for buttons. Jacket has a center back seam, 3.5" side slits, and a contoured bottom hem. Dimensions: Length: 26.5" neck->bottom hem Width: 63.5" sleeve hand->sleeve hand, 9" sleeve hand, 24.5" underarm
1983.215.001 Costume Jacket: Machine sewn pale green silk brocade jacket with a V-neck stand-up collar outlined in stiff 1.25" white fabric. Has a center front opening slanted to right with 3" ties for closing, elaborate leaf pattern around collar interior, a contoured bottom hem, is lined with synthetic patterned fabric, and the outer seams are reinforced with hand stitching in blue thread. Labeled 1983.215.1a Length: 28.5" neck->bottom hem Width: 62.5" sleeve tip->tip, 8.5" sleeve hand, 24" underarm back, 25" hem Sash: Pale green silk brocade, labled 1983.215.1b. Length: 74", Width: 30.5". Ties (2): Pale green silk brocade, labeled 1983.215.1c and 1983.215.1d. Length: 3.25", Width: 1.75". Pants: Machine sewn lavender-gray silk brocade pants, lined in light blue synthetic fabric. Has a pieced crotch and hand stitching reinforcement in blue thread. Labled 1983.215.1e and in Box 8. Length: 53" waistband->bottom seam, 27.5" waistband-> crotch, 32" inseam; Width: 6.25" waistband, 22.5" waist, 10" leg seam.
1983.216.001 Skirt blue silk paired aprons; hand sewn; panels gored; decorated with embroidered dragons, bats, and ocean seascapes; panels bordered with black silk; panels trimmed with black ribbons; white cotton waistband with double ties on one end; lined in light blue silk; stained interior and exterior, some seams split, but otherwise in excellent condition; removed label "Frontzel Lewin" from interior hem Dimensions: Length: 39.5" top waistband->bottom seam, 5" waistband Width: 50.5" waistband, 53.5" panel, 53" panel
1983.217.001 Coat hand sewn coat, green silk damask weave lined with light blue silk, may be tie-dyed stripe; front opening slanting from center collar to right side; 4 frogs with gold metal buttons; neck front closing, side slits, and bottom hem banded in black silk and blue embroidered braid; body of coat decorated with white embroidered flowers, butterflies, and dragon rondels; sleeves banded in white silk, satin weave, with embroidered scenes; insect holes on lining; lining stained; seams split left side; stained green silk on bottom Dimensions: Length: 47.5" neck-> bottom hem Width: 52" sleeve tip->sleeve tip, 24" underarm, 13.25" sleeve at hem
1983.219.001 Coat Hand sewn royal blue gauze weave coat with gold and multi-colored embroidered dragons, birds, and mountains. Has horseshoe sleeves, 5 round gold buttons, 1 self toggle button and loop on the side. Has a round collar-less neck, front overlap closing to right, 9 lung dragons; decorated with Buddhist and Taoist symbols. Dimensions: Length: 49" Width: 81" sleeve tip->sleeve tip, underarms 23.5", hem 38.5"
1983.220.001 Coat hand sewn blue silk gauze coat, braided and embroidered trim, 5 round gold buttons; decorated with 0.5" black satin bias, 2.25" white gauze with counted thread embroidered stand-up collar; front overlap closing to right fastened with 7 loop and toggle buttons - 5 are round gilt buttons, 2 are self fabric knots; 12" side vents; eight painted cloud yake and 1.5" paints on inside facing unlined; trimmings 3 types of multi-colored silk satin work pattern ribbon; 4.25 left blue cuff with counted stitch embroidered Dimensions: Length: 41" Width: 58.5" sleeve tip->sleeve tip, 28" underarms, from 36" shaped with damask weave
1983.221.001 Coat Hand sewn surcoat, magenta damask, Chinese, embroidered bands, padded, light blue lining, 5 loop closures with 1 gold button (4 missing), band with blue silk satin and trimmed with 2 types of warp patterned ribbon. Dimensions: Length: 52" Width: 52.5" sleeve tip->sleeve tip, 27" underarm, 42" hem shaped, Depth: 18" sleeves
1983.222.001 Coat Hand sewn robe, Chinese, red gauze with petit design, 4 gilt buttons front and flags closing to right; fastened with 4 round gilt hollow buttons and self fabric loops. The sleeves were pleated to show the white petit paint lining of flowers and butterflies unlined, trimmed with 1" warp patterned ribbon and 2.25" black gauze embroidery with flowers and butterflies. Dimensions: Length: 52.25" Width: 73" sleeve tip->tip, 28" underarms, 43" hem
1983.223.001 Mask Lion Dance Mask: painted paper over bamboo structure; Details: red, yellow, white, and green pompons; metal studs around mouth, nose cheecks, and forehead; eyes: plastic and paint with blue cloth areas for lids; goat hair trimming; Moveable parts: ears, eyelids, jaw
1983.225 Flag Tibetan prayer flags "from Liyang area in Yunnan called Wu" (according to note found with items). Probably collected at time of 1983 "Tibet: Roof of the World" exhibit. Found in collections without documentation. A: White cotton cloth with black ink block print. The cloth has finished left and right edges but the top and bottom edges are frayed. A rectangular block print features several rows of text written in a central Asian script. Three images occupy the central vertical axis of the print. Each is housed within a border. At the top is a deity, framed in a square. He is surrounded by fire and brandishes a sword in his right hand. He wears a neclace of beads and a headdress which may be composed of small skulls. At the center, framed in a square is a geometric design in the shape of an urn or altar. At the bottom, a dome shape (representing a stupa) frames a central Asian style stupa with several chatravelli at the top and two garlands. The cloth is heavily stained with watermarks that taked on a brownish-yellow color. H: 13.5"; W: 10" B: Yellow cotton cloth with black ink block print. The print is identical to that found on (A). The yellow dye is extremely faded in places, giving the cloth a streaked look. H: 13"; W: 10.625" C: Blue cotton cloth with black ink block print. The cloth is finished on the bottom edge but the remaining three sides are frayed. The print is composed almost entirely of text, approximately 35 rows of text which surrounds an image of a horse at the center. The horse is splendidly decorated and may represent the horse belonging to Prince Siddartha, the Buddha. H: 15.5"; W: 10.5" D: Large golden yellow cotton cloth with black ink block print, resembling a thangka. The print is very intricate, creating a cosmic scene of the realm of deities and buddhas. More than one thousand figures are represented, most of them surrounded by the mandala (or mandorla). The overall form is that of a tree with offbranches and an earthly scene below. Two rows of text are printed at the bottom.
1983.226.001 Paper Paper block prints Foil cuts Paper cuts
1984.001.001 Shoes One pair rubber shoes, white. Korean.
1984.002.001 Runner, table hand woven Pina cloth table runner with gold couching, green beatle inlay; hand hemmed, open work decoration;
1984.003.001 Coat Coat silk gauze damask coat; Ching Dynasty; horse shoe sleeves, Manchu neckline, gold buttons; plum color
1984.003.002 Coat Woman's plum colored silk damask coat with green silk lining. The border edging, collar, and sleeves are all embroidered and couched. It has a Manchu neckline and Chinese sleeves. It has gold buttons, but many are missing. Long life and good luck symbols embroidered onto it. There is some damage to neckline. Ching Dynasty.
1984.003.003 Purse Purse gray silk purse with embroidery and couching. two dragons in waves and sacred pearl pattern. drawstring missing, some loose couching.
1984.004.001 Figurine Figure represents Dainichi, the great Buddha of the Universe. His mudra is the teaching of the law. Hand carved wood, gilt, and paint; metal crown. Part of the crown is damaged.
1984.004.002 Figurine Buddhist figure of the bodhistava Jizo. In Japan, he is the patron saint of travellers, pregnant women, and children. Jizo's halo is detachable and is the second part. Carved wood, gilt, and paint.
1984.004.003 Figurine Figure is that of Fudo Myoo, protector of the Buddhist faith. His attributes are his flame halo, and his sword and rope which he uses to bind enemies of the faith. Fudo's halo is detachable and is the second part. Wood carved, gilt, paint, and wire.
1984.005.001 Tin Blue tea tin marked "Wah Sang Best China Tea" and "Made in Hong Kong". Chinese and English writing. Red lychee nuts and vase of roses with tea cup decoration. Rusty top and lid.
1984.006.001 Box Cardboard tea box marked "Elephant Brand" and "Tack Kee Tea Co." Box is decorated with brightly colored flowers, elephant, Chinese and English writing. Stamped "Made in Hong Kong".
1984.007.001 Box Cardboard tea box marked "Phenix (sic) and Dragon Brand" and "Kwong Sang Tea Co." Decorated with scenes from Chinese folk tales.
1984.008.001 Box Cardboard box marked "Suisen Tea" and "Hung Chong Tai Tea Co." Decorated with scenes of boats, Chinese girl drinking tea, birds, and flowers.
1984.009.001 Tin Round red tea tin marked "Best Tea" and "Best Taiwan Tea". Tin decorated with blue-brown birds and leaves. Chinese and English writing.
1984.010.001 Box Cardboard tea box marked "Mee Chun Tea Co., Ltd." and Hong Kong". Decorated with Chinese woman playing flute, scenes of coutryside, and phoenix. Directions on bottom in Chinese and English.
1984.011.001 Box 6-sided bamboo box, Tea container; possibly varnished, painted roses on front. Chinese script on back. Marked "Made in Hunan China" on bottom.
1984.012.001 Tin Tin box with hinged lid; roughly soldered; paper attached to top with Chinese script on it; 2 compartments inside; rusty.
1984.013.001 Box Tea Box cardboard box marked "Oolong Tea" and "Wo Hop Tea Co., Ltd." Decorated with scenes of China countryside and flowers. "Happy Partner Brand" trademark. Directions in English on bottom.
1984.014.001 Shoes One pair woman's black shoes, flats. Gold-colored embroidery of dragon design on side and rondele, with bats on pointed toes. Marked "Chuen Me Co. Size 8, Kowloon."
1984.015.001 Dagger Dagger unknown metal ritual dagger in style of Tibetan Buddhism; 3-sided blade with 3-sided heads with flame rising from top. Joined to blade with 4 knobs, 4th and 3rd knob loose. Twisted snakes entwined in center of each.
1984.016.001 Pipe pipe-like object, probably an incense holder or burner; pounded silver inlay decoration -- square and curly-Q on stem, cloud or fungus symbol on bottom of bowl. Hinged lid has hole at point of connection to stem, and hole under stem. Stem has 2 long slots on side and hole at end.
1984.017.001 Tin Round green tea tin; "Best Tea", decorated with small sparrows and plum blossoms; Chinese and English writing; Has green lid.
1984.018.001 Tin Red and yellow square tea tin; "Wah Fong Tea Co."; decorated with teapot and 2 cups on tray. Piece of paper taped on top with "Yunam Po Li" on it; hinged lid.
1984.019.001 Tin Rectangular tea tin with circular opening on top; top decorated with red and gold stylized circles. Bottom stamped "Made in Hong Kong". Circular lid has circular paper attached, decorated with rose and "Pure Jasmine Tea".
1984.020.001 Can Oval shaped cardboard tea container; covered with vertical bamboo strips; finely shaved bamboo pasted in form of dragon on front; label marked "Pu-Erh Tea" and "Made in China" on top pasted on.
1984.021.001 Tin Round green tea tin; marked "The Vert De Chine"; decorated with scene of countryside (mountains, river, bridge).
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