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Wing Luke Museum
1999.060.489 necktie yellow silk tie very thin and shoe string like with a square bottom stains at top, middle, bottom sections
1999.060.490 sock 1 green sock small hole in heel worn at foot also a hole at toe space opening stretched out
1999.060.491 collar attatchable stiff preshaped collar white with top corners bent along back "Cluett, Peabody and Co. stamp in black along with "Cantab-3 Clupeco Shrunk"
1999.060.492 shoehorn grey speckled shoehorn with hole at narrow end at top a man stepping over a large shoe and "Walk Over" shoes all in black
1999.060.493 compress blue but very worn cloth for a cover over some brown hard and compact medicine/compress in the shape of a small taco shell
1999.060.498 ad, magazine cut out from a magazine containing three reciepes with pictures below each one Walnut Poultry Dressing Maple Walnut Pudding Velvet Fudge back: part of a drawing of two men in suits sitting around a table and below part of a caption all pictures are in color
1999.060.504 notebook small notepad with pages ripped off from both sides chinese in pencil and blue ink binding at top by metal staple
1999.060.506 ad, magazine magazine clipping of photo and caption (black and white) of General Tai Chi surrounded by various other people caption: first line of chinese then General Tai Chi surrounded and questioned by a number of press representatives after he had attended the last session of the peace conference
1999.060.507 Ad, Magazine magazine clipping of three men in suits (black and white) caption: in chinese then Dr. Koo and Lord Lytton
1999.060.509 notebook black plastic cover, very stiff and cracked along binding inside: six metal rings for holding paper first page black plastic second page attatched white envelope next are three blank pages of blue lined paper
1999.060.510 wallet black leather wallet with various compartments inside it A: two postcards L5.5"W3.5" showing the highways of Western Washington in color on back spaces for writing and room for stamp as well published by C.P. Johnston Co., Seattle B:envelop with contents L5"W3" 1. five documents in chinese 2.three stamps two red with picture of a man and the words Kuo Min Tang one blue with the words Kuo Min Tang C:twelve blue stamps on cardboard with chinese across the top D: chinese $5 bill L6"W3" chinese on one side with picture of man other side english showing the $5 from the Central Bank of China dated 1923 E: chinese $1 bill L5"W3" chinese and picture of man on one side other side english $1 from Central BAnk of CHina dated 1923 F: three documents in chinese L3.5"W8" front blue border back all blue with two red chinese symbols in center
1999.060.513 button snaps A and B individual snaps on two sets of cardboard both are "Starsnap" green background with red bar in middle a picture of womans head in a blue circle A: right upper corner bent and one snap missing B:four snaps missing and one large hole towards the left corner on back of both different size examples and the snap special features
1999.060.514 lock, door door lock with key made by Corbin gold metal pad with silver loop silver key with hole at end
1999.060.515 scissors silver metal scissors "kings Kwality" near screw
1999.060.516 lock, door badly tarnished metal lock blue middle section no key "Imunde" on one side
1999.060.517 silverware set all utensils wrapped in brown paper A: serving spoon L7"W1.5" silver medium size spoon tarnished handle and on it 1881 Rogers B:spoon L6"W1" badly tarnished silver metal on back of handle Columbia Extra Plate plain with no design C: steak knife L9.5"W1" silver metal blade handle dark wood with pointed silver metal tip D: table knife L9"W1" tarnished silver metal on blade Columbia Extra Plate E: Fork L7.5" W1" four prong silver metal tarnished
1999.060.518 soap small bar of soap with cover from the " Black Ball Ferry Lines" Palmolive Brand cover green with black bar around the middle
1999.060.519 soap round soap covered by brown tissue paper and a band (paper) around the whole thing band has orange center with multiple colors going out
1999.060.520 Medicine six round yellow herbs in a square box box: brown on edges with a white top bottom has Baby Ben and the registered trade mark places
1999.060.521 flag National Chinese Flag flag folded and wrapped in a pink square paper blue cotton flag with stitched in pieces to create a sun in the middle (white) label on flag edge in blue and yellow Min Hing Knitting Co. 625 King St. Seattle with chinese on each edge on same edge of flage a rope to tie with
1999.060.522 tag, merchandise brown leather square I.D. tag for a suitcase metal clip for band in center clear plastic but very dirty (cannot see inside)
1999.060.523 tin small round metal tin with a grey lid on top: Bauer and Black Adhesive Plaster around tin is a label of greys and orange with Bauer and Black Adhesive Plaster Zinc Oxide in blue letters on back in spanish: Esparadrapo Adhesivo Oxido de Zinc also new label and box adapted 1924 bottom: gold with #118 in red inside: full of gold metal tabs
1999.060.524 inkpad Ink pad within a box A-B A: Ink pad L2" W4" rectangular stamp pad rusted shut red lid with black writing Excelsior Self-Inking Stamp Pad bottom: gold with red written numbers 317 and 25 B:box L4"W4.5" gold lid with remnants of pieces of label, rest torn off bottom white also a cotton piece fitted into the botton of the box
1999.060.525 coathanger three travel metal hangers end fold up to make more compact extra hook at the center one has a price tag from The Bon Marche Seattle price 10 cents
1999.060.526 button button set with 12 identical buttons attatched buttons: white and plastic carboard: blue border with four butterflies sitting on a string of ivory in background
1999.060.528 wallet two identical wallets black leather with a snap at top to keep closed in gold and in center "The Bank of California" National Association TAcoma inside two seperate compartments
1999.060.529 wrench silver metal wrench both ends are made for using made by Billings one side 3/8 CAP other 5/16 CAP
1999.060.530 file mill file metal rusted and tarnished file on both sides of piece
1999.060.531 Mah-jongg Mah-jongg gamepiece cream colored and blank possibly a spare or extra piece
1999.060.532 button 12 metal snaps on cardboard with in a bluce triangle brown border Teneco Sure-Fit Snap Fastener price 10 cents back explains how to sew on the snaps
1999.060.533 file narrow triangular metal file three sided thicker towards middle and narrower at the ends
1999.060.534 holder, letter UNIDENTIFIABLE, under need to classify top and bottom a design of flower and leaves with a hole to hang on wall spiral wire length of object backed by solid metal
1999.060.535 box, jewelry watch face inside box A: boxL2.5W2" top multicolored bottom and edges blue inside: orange with Richard Hudnut New York Paris B: watch face with parts wrapped in paper 1"x1" no cover for face-parts falling off back
1999.060.536 watch, pocket watch case within a jewelry box A-B A: box L6"W2" blue with gold border top edge corners ripped apart inside: top white cloth bottom: blue velvet with a black stretchable band in center B: watch case L1"W1.5" no parts inside it silver metal with a clear glass top inside etched: "Pioneer Watch Case Co."
1999.060.537 box bottom half of a box-no lid red box glued onto a a purple square base a bit larger than the box
1999.060.538 drawers silk boxers in paper sack sack: brown with a rounded top red lettering and border from Montgomery WArd and Co. boxers: white flower print with blue background back half elastic band white border around leg opening
1999.060.539 tunic two identical tunics wrapped in brown paper white with geometric patterns wide sleeves two front lower and two front upper pockets both have been starched slight discoloration
1999.060.540 drawers two identical boxers in a brown paper bag mesh cotton pink in color elastic band at top label: Athlite in size small bag: red lettering with a picture of a greek goddess and a background of a sky from Montgomery Wards and Co. stamp in corner: size small at opening tape to seal bag
1999.060.541 box box and contents box: L11"W8" gold covering on lid and bottom lid has red lettering and border with Paris written on bottom flying horse and man in center in gold A: collars five white attatchable collars Ideflex size 13 3/4 all have stains in varius places B: dress shirt L27"W59" silk but badly discolored frayed edges four white plastic buttons down front half of a collar
1999.060.542 drawers boxers: pink elastic band-very stretched out mesh material except for cotton opening and snap closure and the # 2356D written
1999.060.543 tunic black cotton tunic wide sleeves two upper and two lower pockets stain on back of left sleeve
1999.060.544 tunic dark blue heavy cotton tunic holes throughout all of back two upper and two lower pockets with white stitching wide sleeves
1999.060.545 drawers boxers: white elastic band at top mesh material for rest leg openings stretched
1999.060.546 vest navy blue suit vest five plastic black buttons v-neclkine four insert pockets lining white (dirty) silk back: black wool with a strap and metal buckle for adjustment worn through spots all over back
1999.060.547 drawers three identical ones elastic band in back three white plastic buttons in front wide waist band cream color tag inside: Endorsed underwear
1999.060.548 undershirt peach colored shirt mesh material sleeveless very stretched and worn
1999.060.549 undershirt pink sleeveless shirt mesh material straps stretched out
1999.060.550 undershirt purple sleeveless shirt wihte stitching along edges stains in front of shirt hole on seam near armpit backside: stains and holes throughout tag: OTIS underwear
1999.060.551 stocking pair of purple stocking toe and heel dirty opeing slightly stretched out
1999.060.552 Drawers two identical boxers white with blue stripes elastic band in back wide waistband in front with three buttons down front tag: Endorsed underwear
1999.060.553 undershirt pink mesh undershirt sleeveless M.O. stitched in back neckline straps stretched
1999.060.554 pillowcase cream color various stains throughout meshlike cotton material
1999.060.555 pillowcase cream color frayed on one edge stamp in middle (unreadable) edge stitching by thick thread and visible upon surface
1999.060.556 pillowcase white pillowcase blue decorative stitching near opening near same area blue stitching of a diamond shape with a basket of flowers in center one mass stain in middle area
1999.060.557 shorts shorts wide waist band two buttons in front two white strings in a bow tie one at each side of waist design: wide blue bars and brown bars running vertical along shorts in waist: "Park Mill" #6168 35 28
1999.060.558 drawers wide waist band with elastic on backside solid blue in color three buttons down front legs: striped multy blue colors tag: Broad Cloth Room E Seat Guaranteed Fast Color
1999.060.559 jacket navy blue-heavy cotton V-neckline two buttons in front shoulder pads present two lower pockets one upper pocket on right side inside coat one pocket on each side holes all over back side
1999.060.560 handkerchief white border stitching for design one corner has yellow box with pink flowers on each corner
1999.060.561 handkerchief brown border white center in one corner: stitched in flower with two purple V's and two yellow V's stains in two corners
1999.060.562 pillowcase half started pillowcase white background with purple and blue flower pattern frayed edges
1999.060.752 Dictionary Chinese dictionary, bergandy cover, back cover written "The dictionary from Hong Kong City August 5,1931, Eng Shang Him
1999.060.753 Book English grammar book, brown-gray cover, "Grammar Lessons, Gordy Mead," printed on cover, published 1908
1999.060.754 Mirror Mirror in metal frame, metal folding display leg, decorative texture on side opposite of mirror
1999.060.755 Sleeve Paper sleeve with Chinese characters and floral prints, star in center surrounded halfway with Chinese characters
1999.060.756 Ruler Wooden ruler in inches, "HANSEN'S EMPLOYMENT OFFICES. Men and Women Wanted and Supplied. Phone, write or call" printed on ruler
1999.060.757 Cup Blue glass cup with base, circular shaped base, oval shaped cup
1999.060.758 Mirror Mirror in a black metal frame, metal folding display leg
1999.060.759 Bulb, Light Clear light bulb, partly frosted (1/3)
1999.060.760 Brush, Calligraphy a: Calligraphy brush with black ink on brush, bamboo stem, three Chinese characters imprinted on one end of brush b: Bamboo cap of calligraphy brush
1999.060.761 Brush, Calligraphy a: Bamboo calligraphy brush with black ink on brush, six Chinese characters on one end of brush b: Bamboo cap of calligraphy brush
1999.060.762 Eyeglasses Case Metal eyeglass case with eyeglasses and cloth a: Metal case with "DR. F.S. SCHMIDT; Eye, Ear, Nose & Throat; Green Bay, Wis" printed on back of case, rusting on inside surfaces of case. b: Metal frame eyeglasses c: Folded cloth in case with glasses
1999.060.763 Medicine a: Medicine bottle, sealed with medicine inside, paper lable on front and back with Chinese characters and a man's portrait b: Paper box for medicine bottle, red Chinese characters on box and a man's portrait
1999.060.764 Clothes Pin a-e: Five wooden clothes pins, metal hinges Measurements: a, e: 3.25 length, .5 width, .75 depth b,c,d: 3 length, .5 width, .5 depth
1999.060.765 Match a, b, c: Three unlit matches, purple and black tip
1999.060.766 Tie Red, white, and blue tie, label of "Tymor Gravat"
1999.060.767 Pouch Leather pouch with two pockets, each pocket with buttoned flap
1999.060.768 Pouch Crochet round pouch, mutli-colored with green, blue, yellow, pink, and white
1999.060.769 Collar Three white shirt collars b: Printed with "LION BRAND AMORY FOUR PLY SHRUNK, 14 1/2," and "SLIDING SPACE FOR TIE" Measurements: a: 17.5 length, 2 width b: 17 length, 2.5 width c: 18 length, 2 width
1999.060.770 Address Book a: Brown address book, some loose pages b: Receipt from W.J. Fritz in the amount of 39.50 c: Chinese note d: Chinese note e: Receipt from The Globe Company in the amount of 14.85 f, g, h: Chinese notes
1999.060.781 Token Transportation token, "NJ PUBLIC SERVICE COORDINATED TRANSPORT," rail car in middle, on one side; On opposite side, "Thomas U. McCarter, GOOD FOR ONE FARE," motor car in middle
1999.060.782 Negative, Film Black and white film negative, Woman sitting on chair with traditional Chinese clothing, tree and leaf background
1999.060.783 Pouch Brown leather pouch, two compartments with buttons, "COMPLIMENTS OF TOKYO LIQUOR CO., 211 5TH AVE. SOUTH, PHONE MAIN 3750, SEATTLE, WASH." printed on front, torn leather around bottom button.
1999.060.784 Pouch Pink crochet circular pouch, opening along top edge
1999.060.785 Wallet Black leather wallet, hinged coin compartment and fold over flap with pocket, fabric and cardboard interior of pocket torn, interior and exterior of wallet torn
1999.060.786 Cigarette Paper a and b: Cigarette Paper, "THE ONLY GENUINE, LLF, LA+, WHEAT STRAW, CIGARETTE PAPER, 200 LEAVES," "MADE IN FRANCE" on back cover, blue exterior; On inside cover, "SPECIAL NOTICE TO SMOKERS, This paper is The Finest and Very Best, WHEAT STRAW CIGARETTE PAPER, From one of the Largest Factories in France, Analyzing this Paper will prove it Absolutely free from the Injurious Effects of Inferior Cigarette Paper, so dangerous to the Smoker." On opposite inside cover, "NONE GENUINE WITHOUT THIS TRADE MARK."
1999.060.787 Ticket Paper ticket, "GOOD FOR FIVE CENTS" "At store whose name appears on this ticket when returned with North western Dairy Co. Milk Bottle." "H.S. H." written in pencil on back of ticket
1999.060.788 Device Medical device, "ENERGEX, SEARS ROEBUCK & CO., VOLTS 110, WATTS 484," Violet ray generator, four attachments, one attachment missing: a: Black carrying case, Red cloth lining b: Black generator with cord c: Glass attachment, shape of comb d: Glass attachment, circular shape e: Glass attachment, curved shape f: Metal attachment
1999.060.789 Flag a: American flag: Length-39in, Width-28in b: American flag: Length-34.5in, Width-24in. c: American flag: Length-35.5in, Width-25in d: American flag: Length-60in, Width-35in e: American flag: Length-38in, Width-23.5in
1999.060.790 Frame, Picture Wooden picture frame, 3 1/4 x 5 1/2, "EASTMAN PRINTING FRAME FOR 3 1/4 X 5 1/2" and "EASTMAN KODAK CO., ROCHESTER N.Y., MADE IN U.S.A." printed on back of fram
1999.060.826 Shirt White, long sleeved button up shirt with collar, "King Fur Cafe" embroidered (red) above left upper pocket, two additional pockets, one on each side of front by lower hem, yellowish stains along collar and several spots around shirt, white buttons
1999.060.843 Lid 9 - Ceramic Lids for Bowls White porcelain with hand painted scene of woman with a small child near a plum tree. Each lid has the same scene, but is unique.
1999.060.844 Lid 8 - Ceramic lids for bowls Hand painted white ceramic lids. Each has a scene of two women outside near aplum tree, one sits on a bench, both in Tang Dynasty dress.
1999.060.845 Lid 1 - glazed ceramic lid decorated with blue pattern on pink background.
1999.060.846 Collar Box of 10 cloth starched altunic collars. Ferguson's "Slip Easy" Brand size 16.
1999.060.847 Bedspread Cotton crocheted bedspread. Beige backgound with multicolor strips in flower pot pattern.
1999.060.848 Bowl Ceramic bowl with green exterior. Plain white interior. blue stamped seal on bottom. Chipped rim.
1999.060.849 Jar Sealed Jar of Tientsin Preserved Vegetables.
1999.060.850 Tablecloth White linen tablecloth.
1999.060.851 Shirt Cotton blue stripped collarless Monarch shirt.
1999.060.852 Shirt Shirt
1999.060.853 Costume White Chinese shirt Tunic and pair of pants
1999.060.854 Costume White Chinese tunic and pants.
1999.060.855 Pillowcase 3 - pillowcases 2 embroidered and 1 plain.
1999.060.856 Undershirt 3 - long undershirts. One has a tag "the Knox V Elastic Rib"
1999.060.857 Shirt 2 - blue long sleeve blue work shirts. Black Bear brand.
1999.060.858 Suit White linen pants and jacket
1999.060.859 Tunic 2 - white Chinese tunics
1999.060.860 Towel, dish 4 - linen dish towels.
1999.060.861 Shoes Pair of leather black and white wingtip shoes.
1999.060.862 Sock Pair of men's stockings with label.
1999.060.863 Mitten Pair of Children's red and green mittens.
1999.060.871 Kit, Toilet Travelling Toiletry Kit Black faux leather zippered kit with comb, file, show horn, brush, soap box, toothbrush box, cologne bottle.
1999.060.927 Shirt
1999.060.928 Camera Combination Back camera box with back piece and box of blank glass emulsion plates.
1999.060.929 Album, photograph Eastman Negative Album. Negatives have been catalogued separate. See 1999.060.822 - 923
1999.060.930 Stamp 36 double Chinese character stamps.
1999.060.931 Incense Packages of large incense sticks.
1999.060.932 Album, record 19 - 38 RPM phonograph albums, primarily Fox Trots. 52 - 38 albums, popular western music and Chinese, Cantonese music.
1999.060.933 Shirt Box of three shirts. Hallmark Brand white with stripes. Never sold or worn.
1999.060.934 Shirt Hallmark brand box with 3 - Cabinet stripped shirts. Never sold or worn.
1999.060.935 Shirt Hallmark brand box with 3 - Hallmark or Farwest stripped shirts. Never sold or worn.
1999.060.936 Shirt Shirt box with 3 - Farwest stripped shirts. Never sold or worn.
1999.060.937 Shirt Black Beauty Sateen Shirt box with 2 - black shirts. Never sold or worn.
1999.060.938 Shirt Valor brand box of 5 Men's Ribbed Drawers.
1999.060.939 Shirt Farwest brand shirt box with 1 stripped shirt. Dirty.
1999.060.940 Shirt 2 - Monarch brand shirt boxes with 7 mixed brand shirts.
1999.060.941 Undershirt Gentlemen's Fine Underwear Shirts Box with 6 shirts.
1999.060.942 Jar 2 - Soy sauce jars. Both sealed with a paper wrapper around neck. One the spout os broken off. Both very dirty.
1999.060.943 Bottle 1 - long neck glass beverage bottle used for Chinese medicine. Label partly missing
1999.060.944 Basket 1 bushel fruit basket.
1999.060.945 Box 24 square boxes each holds Chinese lottery tickets and a stamp for that particular drawing. The box numbers correspond to the lottery number.
1999.060.946 Shoes 50 pair black satin Chinese shoes with leather soles. (In 3 boxes 16.1; 16.2; 16.3) 12 pair straw sandals with leather soles. Many in their original paper wrapper and tied together by string.
1999.060.947 Rod, fishing Mohawk fishing rod and reel.
1999.060.948 tree, shoe Wood and metal pair of shoe trees.
1999.060.949 Jug Pair of wicker covered brown glass jugs.
1999.060.950 Scroll Pair of calligraphy scrolls.
1999.060.951 Umbrella Black cloth folding umbrella with lacuered handle
1999.060.952 Tin Rectangular brass colored tea tin. In English: Finest Gon Ji Tea Canton China Wo Hop Wholesale Hong Kong
1999.060.953 Tunic 3 - white Chinese style men's tunics. Never worn, stored in a Fin Knit All Wool Sweater box.
1999.060.954 Shirt Light green silk shirt with no collar. Shirt was wrapped in plain paper and tied with a string. Written in Chinese:
1999.060.955 Sheet Nation Wide white sheet. New. Price tag from JC Penny 83 cents.
1999.060.956 Shirt Men's silk shirt in New Richmond laundry package.
1999.060.957 Shirt White cotton shirt in Grand Union Laundry Co. wrapper. Shirt is stained.
1999.060.958 Pants Pair of western style pants, off white. Highly starched.
1999.060.959 Pants Pair of Chinese style pants, off white.
1999.060.960 Handkerchief 3 - striped handkerchiefs.
1999.060.961 Pants 1 - pair of Chinese style pants. Heavy cotton, striped.
1999.060.962 Shirt 1 - white silk Chinese style button shirt.
1999.060.963 Stocking 8 - pair of men's stockings. 4 white and 4 - brown. in red cardboard box
1999.060.968 Brush, paint Fulton 2.5 inch paint brush.
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