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Wing Luke Museum
2.0Sports.037.020 Print, Photographic Black and reddish brown frame, of a group of people standing around President George W. Bush. In the photo, someone is holding a purple and gold jersey, with the #1 on it. To Leslie Tuiasosopo Best Wishes. Leslie Tuiasosopo
2.0Sports.037.021 Magazine Black and reddish brown frame, of a magzine cover. On it is a person in a purple and gold football jersey, with the number 5, holding a football witht their right hand, Sporting News. College Football. Dawg pound. Zach Tuiasosopo injects punch into Washington's? Zach Tuiasosopo
2.0Sports.037.022 Document Dark wood frame, of words, printed on paper. Text color: Green, black and blue. "He gives power to the weak, and to those who have no might He increases strength." "As we live for Christ and follow Him, The way may seem quite steep; But if we trust His grace and strength, Our steps He'll guide and keep. -Fitzhugh" "God always gives enough strength fo the next step."
2.0Sports.037.023 Document Light wood frame, of words, printed on paper. Text color: Blue "Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding; in all you ways acknowledge Him, and He will make your path straight." Proverbs 3:5-6
2.0Sports.037.024 Document Beige and peach colored frame. Rectangle. With words printed in blacka and white. "Serve the Lord" As for me and my house we shall serve the Lord"
2.0Sports.037.025 Document Board printed with photograph and text On the left, an image of a person in purple and white, about the spike a volleyball. Behind them, a compositie of people of various volleyball positions. On the right, text printed in white, black and gold. 1998. University of Washington Volleyball. Below, detailed text of various games, times and locations. Leslie Tuisosopo
2.0Sports.037.026 Document Board printed with photographs and text. Photograph are images of football players, in purple, gold and white uniforms. Below photos, text written in white. University of Washington Huskies Football 2004. #21 #5 #55 #10 TOUCHDOWN WASHINGTON. Detailed text of various games, times and locations. Marques Tuisosopo (#5)
2.0Sports.037.027 Document Board printed with photographs and text Photographs are images of baseball players in various positions, wearing green and white uniforms. 2002 4A State Champions. Tacome Rainiers. Woodinville Falcons. Matt Tuiasosopo
2.0Sports.037.028 Ball Deflated Wilson football. Tan brown and white, with text written in blue, mustard yellow and red. UCLA 25 USC 22 Outstanding Defensive Play Nov 28, 1975 Manu Tuiasosopo
2.0Sports.037.029 Ball Deflated Wilson Football. Brown and white, with text written in black, blue and green, Game ball presented to MANU TUIASOSOPO Seahawks -24 Patriots-6 "Clinch First Play-off Berth" Dec 18,1983 Seatttle Kingdome Manu Tuiasosopo
2.0Sports.037.030 Ball Signed baseball July '04, First Pro HR in first at bat @ Peoria, Rookie League, SF vs SEA Matt Tuisosopo
2.0Sports.037.031 Helmet, Football University of Washington Football helmet. In purple and gold.
2.0Sports.037.032 Card Four baseball cards Seattle Mariners Matt Tuiasosopo
2.0Sports.037.033 Jacket Letterman jacket, in green, white and blue. 2004. W. #5. 4A State Champions. Matt Tuiasosopo
2.0Sports.037.034 Newspaper Copy of the Pacific Northwest insert, from the Seattle Times. On the cover, a person in a football jersey, in red, white and blue, with the name Tuiasosopo #13 on the back. Tuiasosopo #13 Good Sports: In a family famed for athletes, faith and each other mean more.
2.0Sports.22.001 Jersey Red Broncos Jersey
2.0Sports.24.001 Banner Ichiro
2.0Sports.24.003 Toy Bobble head Ichiro
2.0Sports.24.004 Newspaper Newspapers 10 copies featuring Ichiro
2.0Sports.24.005 Magazine Magazines 6 - glossy magazine featuring Ichiro
2.0Sports.24.006 Sign Sign My Oh mike!
2.0Sports.24.007 Shirt Shirt Color Ichiro on front
2.0Sports.24.008 Newspaper 4 - newspapers and 1 magazine with Apollo Ono
2.0Sports.25.001 Ball, bowling Bowling Ball Imperial Lanes
2.0Sports10 Scrapbook Scrapbook
2000.006.001 Canister, Food-storage Tea tin flower shaped can with color paper label. Lid fits over round chimney at the top and is covered by fringed paper "Ying Mee Co." "Liche's Black Tea" Possibly donated by Willard Jue
2000.006.002 Canister, Food-storage Tea tin Rectangular tin with wings and color paper label. "Sui chun Tea Co. Back of label has painted scene withtwo figures. Their faces and clothing have been pasted onto the tin.
2000.008.013 Roster Room Roster Double sided set of paper slots in a wooden frame. Alphabetized j - z.
2000.009.001 Shoes 1 - pair of pink girl's Chinese cloth shoes. They have pink interior and soles. The shoe body is a tan brocade with floral patterns. Attached to the front are two flaps outlined in pink, with eyes, red nose and ears, white fur attached behind; multi-colored string "whiskers."
2000.011.001 Lantern Wooden Hanging Lantern Four sided square lantern. The sides are carved wood, stained dark. It sits on carved feet and has a chain for hanging attached at the top. The cloth panels are missing. The tenons on one panel are missing and it is tied together. One panel frame is missing a piece of the inside scroll work and it is in the attached plastic bag.
2000.012.001 Guitar, Moon Dark brown Yuechin or Moon guitar Round shaped body has four string holes near the base. Most of the 8 string struts are missing. The handle is short and has four tuning pegs - 2 - to each side. the handle and pegs are loose. Strings are missing. the sound board on front is cracked. the stain on the front has been worn away through use.
2000.026.079 Album, postcard Postcard Album Brown padded cloth album with green construction paper pages perforated to hold cards. Cover is padded. and on the front is an art deco design and "Post Cards. "
2000.029.001 Toy Toy A Daruma dropping game; wooden with red Daruma and 4 "doughnuts" in red, yellow, blue and green on a mallet.
2000.029.002 Top Toys An Oyama Koma top, wooden painted red, yellow and purple with string
2000.030.001 Lantern Two piece lantern Six sided oval shaped lantern with separate bottom stand. A: Lantern sides are cut out in alternating lattice designs. The center of each is intact in a circle shape. On each circle is a floral painting. the top is fluted. It is painted light blue, gree, ochre, and yellow. B: The bottom section in an hour glass shape has holes in the top and bottom for an electric light cord.
2000.033.001 Print 1 - wookblock print on Unryu paper. Black ink images of flowers. One is colored green.
2000.034.001 Towel White cotton dish towel. The towel has two blue lines which run along either edge. Stencil print of "Consumers Co-op logo with Hunt Idaho, 1945" at the bottom.
2000.035.001 Currency Funeral Money Coarse brown paper sheets with tappered corners. Some packaged. Most have a silver or gold foil square in the center. Cover of Packages has a printed label. One bundle is wrapped in plant fiber cord.
2000.035.002 Currency Funeral Money Coarse brown paper sheets with tappered ends. Most have a gold or silver foil square in the center.
2000.036 Ledger 1 - 8 String bound ledgers with blue denim covers. Interior pages are lined vertically in red. All are water damaged. All have some Chinese script.
2000.037.001 Mill Stone rice grind stone. Large round bottomw with grooves, smaller top cylindrical stone with removable wood handle
2000.046.001 Gown Chinese Opera Gown Pink two piece gown with muliticolored sequins in floral patterns. Possibly worn in Seattle by Ping Chow.
2000.047. 002 Hole Punch Black metal punch is attached to a rectangular wooden block. Manufacture name is embossed on side: Mow Wo And Co. San Fransisco Ca
2000.047.001 Hole Punch Metal hole puncher, each black metal punch is attached to a rectangular wooden block. Manufacture name embossed on side: Mow wo and Co. San Fransisco California.
2000.047.003 Hole Punch Metal hole punch, attached to a rectangular wooden block. "Ginn Wall Co. 979 Grant St. San Fransisco" is embossed on the side.
2000.047.004 Hole Punch Metal hole punchers, each black metal punch is attached to a rectangular wooden block. "Mow Wo and Co. San Fransisco" embossed on the side.
2000.047.005 Hole Punch metal hole punchers, each with black metal punch is attached to a rectangular wooden block. Nothing is embossed on the side.
2000.047.006 hole punch black metal punch is attached to a rectangular wooden block. Manufacture name embossed on the side: "Mow Wo and Dere Company 853 Grant Ave, San Fransisco, California."
2000.047.007 Hole Punch Metal hole punch attached to a rectangular wooden block. Wooden blocks have holes in the bottom for paper confetti.
2000.048.001 Wedding Kimono White silk Wedding Kimono over robe. White silk fabric with a double crane brocade design. Lined with red silk and it is decorated with embroidered cranes in gold, silver and orange. Along the bottom are embroidered wave motifs in silver and blue. The bottom portion is padded.
2000.049.001 Kimono A child's Kimono, made out of pink silk with a red lining and green bamboo leaves. There is a design on it of blue, orange, red, and yellow flowers. An under kimono is also included, made out of bright tomato red silk, labeled 2000.049.001B.
2000.050.001 wallet Pink satin wallet with a floral motif in blue and pink.
2000.051 wallet red satin wallet with black backround, floral motif, made in Japan.
2000.053.001 skirt Black wrap around skirt with a silk waist band. The design is blue and white embroidery with gold couched dragons.
2000.054.001 SKIRT The skirt is piecemeal design made with different colored silk strips sewed together. The waist band is a beige muslin. The skirt has embroidered flowers including an immortal figure.
2000.055 skirt Piece meal skirt in red, blue, green, two white satin strips with embroidery. There are red pleats on the sides.
2000.056 Skirt The skirt is made out of a yellow silk with blue, red flowers with a black border.
2000.057.001 Panel Chinese panel, white silk, satin stich, pheasant, floral branch, vase, flowers. Multicolors, border is gilt couched on blue silk, pink, red, orange, pansy pattern blue on a pink cotton back.
2000.058.001 skirt Chinese skirt Four strips, 2 in pink satin, 2 in a blue/green with embroidered birds, and flowers. It has a cotton waistband. The design is bordered in black.
2000.059 Kimono Chinese outer Robe, Blue with gold embroidery.
2000.060.001 Costume Child's chagori in pink and green with silver flowers and symbols printed on it.
2000.061.001 dress A) A shawl of red pina with white dots B) A vest of pina ( red) with white dots C) A skirt of red cotton with white dots.
2000.062.001 skirt Red silk skirt with white and purple flowers embroidered. Side pleats with orange stripes.
2000.063.001 jacket Black silk jacket with purple, white, and orange flowers, orange clasps.
2000.064.001 jacket Coat, Light blue cotton, frog side closing Mandarin collar. Light indigo color, light weight plain weave Long length shirt jacket with 6 frog angled front to under arm down left side closure hand stitched center front and center back seams. sleeve seamed piping around sleeve hem, neck line, collar edge, and front closing. Self frogs and self faced neck and closure and side slits Old number WC - 35
2000.065.001 jacket Heavy black cotton, plain weave jacket with very long sleeves, round piped neck, center front closure with 9 self frogs. Sleves pieced twice, faced hems faced side slits, rolled bottom hem. Hand sewn, three "half moon" pockets with bound edges, pocket appliqued to inside of jacket. old # WC- 21
2000.066.001 Jacket Jacket, blue and beige pin stripe, cotton long, side closing, three frongs. Long cotton shirt/jacket, blue, white, and tan stripes woven in. Front to side angle closure with 6 self frogs, long sleeves self faced hem. Round neck with piping trim, square cut stand up collar with self bias edging. Self faced side slits - cord reinforced rt. side old # WC- 47
2000.067.001 shirt Shirt, light blue cotton, 7 white buttons, long sleeves of continues fabric. Stand-up mandarin collar, machine stitched, center closure iwth 7 buttons, small hole in the right middle, hole and worn fabric across back center bottom. Old # WC-36
2000.068.001 Strainer Brass mesh ladle, metal handle with metal twisted in two different spots. Four slender pieces of metal in the handle branch out to curve into one piece. The ladle part is a golden brass mesh and the handle is a darker metal. K-19 is written on the handle but it is difficult to read.
2000.069 ladle Brass ladle, chinese, hollow handle. Yellow color with subtle ridges in the cup part. A little tarnished. Old number is K-3.
2000.070.001 metal tea box "Finest Gon Jim tea Total 60 PUGS. Ea. 2 1/2 oz net made in Hong Kong" Trade mark - Wo Hop Tea Co. 62 Connaught rd. co. Hong Kong" Empty metal tea box with lid that is difficult to remove.
2000.070.002 Metal tea box "Finest Gon Jim tea Total 60 PUGS. Ea. 2 1/2 oz net made in Hong Kong" Trade mark - Wo Hop Tea Co. 62 Connaught rd. co. Hong Kong" Empty metal tea box with lid that is difficult to remove.
2000.071.001 kimono Black silk Kimono with tan embroidery with a mandarin collar. There are yellow ribbon borders and pink nylon lining.
2000.072.001 Apron 30" baby carrier, Chinese, red embroidered silk, pink flannel lining, tie closing birds and flowers. The old # is CC-10
2000.073.001 Basket Split Bamboo Basket Basket is square bottomed with thicker bamboo frame. A rope is tied around it from the bottom. The basket has two lids. Inside one is thick woven reed and the top one is thinner close knit plant fiber. Transporation tag attached to it says: "Hong Chong Co., 418 8th Ave. S. "
2000.074.001 Pants Work Clothes, children's silk pants. Blue with a pattern, blue in color with leg ties, Chinese American
2000.075.001 Scale Solid black scale with spring held top platform. White round face goes to 60 pounds. On the front and sides is: "Columbia Family Scale"
2000.076 cloth Plaid fabric with blue and green squares. There is a paper sticker with a picture of a red rose with yellow lettering in Thai and gold lettering underneath.
2000.077.001 cloth Blue fabric with star-like flowersin rusty red, beige, light blue with a red border.
2000.078.001 cloth Blue/purple backround, with purple flowers, green, brown tear drop designs. White outlined design. A sticker with a dragon that says "Golden Dragon Batik."
2000.079.001 Basket Dark brown split bamboo with spaced straight weave.
2000.079.002 Basket Dark brown winnowing basket It is made of split bamboo tightly woven Z weave, Rim is lashed with thin stripes
2000.079.003 Basket Dark brown split bamboo winnowing basket It has spaced alternate weave of thin weavers and a few holes in the bottom. Rim is held with rivets.
2000.079.004 Basket Loosley woven split bamboo reed flat winnowing basket. Edging is not bamboo.
2000.079.005 Basket Dark brown concave winnowing basket It has a tight W weave and lashed rim.
2000.080.001 Trunk Trunk wood and metal trunk with one top drawer. metal sheets on the outside are moulded in decorative box design. Interior is papered wood. Side leather handles are broken. Rope encases the entire trunk.
2000.080.002 Box Wooden storage box Hinged lid, hinges are missing. Outside is red shalac and interior light yellow.
2000.081.001 jacket Jacket, black cotton, front opening, 3 white frogs, old # wc 59
2000.083.001 Case, Cigar Paper covered wood box Tom Moore cigars
2000.083.002 case, cigar Paper covered wooden cigar Box Wal-key-rey invincibles Chocos
2000.083.003 Case, Cigar Wood cigar box with hinged lid. Moro Tampa Fla Coronas
2000.083.004 Case, Cigar All wooden cigar box Sam'l J. Davis y Ca 1886 Kings
2000.083.005 Case, Cigar Paper covered wooden box A. Santallay CA. Optimo
2000.083.006 Case, Cigar Rectangular tin box
2000.083.007 Box Rectangular tin box
2000.084 Cloth Fragment fragments from the collection Leather strap chipped black lacquer with red stripe Tassel piece Pompom balls Ivory pipe stem metal cylinder Tassel clasps Rope piece Dragon costume fragments Lion head balls 1983.223.1
2000.085.001 embroidery Chinese, wine red silk, satin stitch, central birds in bamboo, flowers, lattice and Embroidery panel with floral border, knotted fringe and blue cotton back. It is wine red silk, satin stitch, has central birds in bamboo, flowers, lattice and floral border. old # e-39
2000.086.001 collar Chinese collar, black silk, gold couching, dragons, sea, mountains, clouds, borders, blue silk lining, badly frayed
2000.087 sleeve panel Chinese sleeve panel, white silk embroidered ladies in garden green, red, blue stylized flowers border
2000.088.001 embroidery panel yellow silk panel with blue, green, pink white, blue and white flowers
2000.089.001 embroidery Chinese panel, faded yellow silk, peking stitch, gold couching, flowers, vase (lg center flower) gold, pink, yellow, blue, vases and pots, pencil marks, soiled fabric.
2000.090.001 purse Purse, black silk, gilt couched, sea and border, front: satin stitch dragon, phoenix, flowers, back: floral butterfly, birds, green and pink handle, blue silk lining, 3 pockets
2000.091.001 Chinese panel Chinese panel, blue cut velvet center panel with flowers, dark blue and grey pattern border blue cotton backing red stamp. old #E-12
2000.092.001 panel Embroidery panel rectangle, black silk, yellow padded, embroidered dragons. 1 center, 4 edges, clouds, ink spots on backing also water stains, white cotton backing machine stitch at edge.
2000.093.001 skirt panel Tie with beige backround, top purple bottom is green, the flowers are blue, butterfly, green leaves
2000.094 panel Panel in beige silk, blue and white peking stitch flowers, satin stitch flowers, butterflies. Seam down the center light brown border blue edge badly frayed brown brocade border 20" embroidery middle panel torn stain on back backed by beige cotton
2000.095.001 panel white silk, satin stitch, tree, birds, flowers, birds, a flowered black and blue border
2000.096.001 embroidery Embroidery with wine silk, satin stitch, birds, flowers, aqua, green mulitcolor, knotted and fringed border backed with green silk, stained on the back.
2000.097.001 panel Chinese panel, purple silk, satin stitch, garden, trees, flowers, figures, multicolor, woven 1" 4" black border, gold and silver flowers, white cotton backing, red ink chinese stamp
2000.098.001 panel Diagonal stripes of blue, green, blue border, picture of a dragon with orange flowers.
2000.099.001 panel red silk panel with green leaves, purple, yellow, pink, white flowers with colorful birds, and insects, one side is bordered in blue silk, the back side is a purple, white, flower with pink roses and green leaves.
2000.100.001 pillow cover silk orange and gold pillow cover
2000.101.001 pillow cover Pillow cover, floral blue, gold on the back from China
2000.102.001 pillow cover Pillow cover with a Black dragon, red back
2000.103.001 pillow cover Pillow cover with gold back, blue and gold flower design.
2000.104.001 embroidery Chinese panel, center seam, blue with four gold couched bats, white satin stitches, floral border, blue and gilt couching
2000.105.001 embroidery Embroidery panel with pale yellow silk, orange flower, blue pot, orange fruit, blue design, green altar scene
2000.106.001 handkerchief white silk handkerchief with blue, yellow, and pink flowers in the four corners, bordered in yellow
2000.107.001 belt leather belt with silver buckle
2000.108.001 Shawl gold silk shawl with tassles, it has embroidered designs
2000.109.001 purse Pouch purse, Purple and gold silk.
2000.110 embroidery Embroidery: Chinese white silk, satin stitch, two birds on a branch metal disc border, pale green outer border, couched bamboo 3 black velvet medallions, chinese calligraphy, tassles pale pink, blue cotton back.
2000.111.001 panel Embroidery panel with scenery design with figures, in gold couching. Old # 29
2000.112.001 embroidery Blue silk tapestry with 2 dragons in beige, brown, scales, blue cotton backing
2000.113.001 Chinese panel Chinese panel, white silk, satin and couched stitching Chinese opera curtain, weedin collection 1920's, pine, flowers, gilt couched bamboo, outer borders, reverse multi-colored pattern cotton. Two Panel in total
2000.114.001 embroidery Chinese hanging, faded red silk, satin stitch flowers, butterflies, central procession, three figures, gilt couching, lion, single blue cotton border, reverse red floral cotton print.
2000.117.001 Windowpane Double pane glass sheet with silver lettering and two black lines. "MAIN DRUG CO."
2000.121.006 Stamp, Marking Stamps 6 - Tsukuno Brother's business stamps
2000.121.021 Trunk Metal trunk Army green foot locker with brass fittings and leather handles. Stenciled in black on the front and top: "HAROLD H. TSUKUNO 1 ST LT. 0-1998666". Top tray on inside.
2000.127.001 Posters Four multicolored plastic bas-relief posters Frame is red double happiness motif The background is green with silver bird and flower designs. At the top are large red Chinese characters, below is a color image of: A: The god of longevity and a large peach in a bowl carried by five children. B: "AFamily of Great Happiness" with image of family, god of longevity and bats and cranes. C: Five Ways to Great Wealth Five men each holding a symblo of Longevity D: Image of god of longevity, god of wealth, a third figure and two children.
2000.127.002 Calligraphy Large single character calligraphy piece. This paper is framed by 3" of beige brocadecloth. The paper has a single large Chiense character in the center. (Ginseng) On the bottom left is the artist's seal and signature. It has numerous water stains an a small tear on the upper left side.
2000.127.003 Calligraphy Framed Calligraphy Dark brown wood frame. Inside is a cloth covered board. the piece is framed by 2" of beige brocade cloth. The calligraphy is on tan paper with 2 large Chinese characters center and right. On the left are three vertical rows of black Chinese characters, date, title and artist and two seals. Small hole in upper center left. Smuge marks.
2000.129.001 Suitcase Brown canvas on wood suitcase. Edges have dark brown leather. One side has handle and two flip up locks.
2000.129.002 Suitcase Brown canvas on wood suitcase. Two bands of yellow stripes around it. On one end is handle and two flip up locks.
2000.129.003 Washboard Washboard Small wood frame with corregated metal slat in the center. One of the few items necessary for life in Internment camps.
2000.140.001 Doll, paper 10 paper cut-out figures with drawn clothes and fold out pedistals. A separate note card in poem form tells of the dolls. they are made to raise funds for the Girl's School. the return address reads: "Florence Hedleston Crane, Industrial Dept., Girl's School, Soonchun, Korea, Asia"
2000.141.001 Currency Paper currency note 5 cents U.S. military currency
2000.141.002 currency Vietnamese 20 dollar note
2000.141.003 Patch, Military White, brown and gold shoulder patch Shield design with gold four corner star over a brown four corner star.
2000.141.004 Patch, Military cloth Military shoulder patch Shield design red, blue and gold patch with sword in the center.
2000.144 Fan Leaf shaped woven fan of split bamboo with a green, yellow and indigo pattern with palm leaf border.
2000.144.001 Fan Semicircular woven raffia fan with violet and yellow border and violet and green stripes.
2000.144.002 Fan Leaf shaped palm fan with yellow fiber handle.
2000.144.003 Fan Round fan with handle of split bamboo with green reed palm leaf. The blade is made of reed. There are different patterns on each side with the colors green, yellow, orange. pink and indigo. A border of pink reed and palm leaf is sewn on along the outer edge.
2000.144.004 Fan Leaf shaped fan of natural woven palm leaf.
2000.144.005 Fan Leaf shaped fan of natural woven palm leaf
2000.144.006 Fan Leaf shaped fan pf natural woven palm leaf with bamboo handle
2000.144.007 Fan leaf shaped fan of natural reed with split bamboo handle
2000.144.008 Fan Leaf shaped fan of natural woven reed with split bamboo handle
2000.144.009 Fan Leaf shaped fan of natural reed with split bamboo handle
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