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Wing Luke Museum
2003.064.027 Jacket Waiters/ Bartender jacket. Gold with floral pattern collar in black.
2003.064.028 Napkin 5 - red nylon restauant napkins
2003.064.029 Sign 2 - plastic light box signs with "Sampan Room" on each. A: Smaller sign has image of Chinese boat. B: Larger with Sampan Room in English and Chinese.
2003.064.030 Painting Oil painting. Painting of Hong Kong harbor
2003.064.031 Ashtray Amber glass ashtray with "Hong Kong Restaurant and logo painted on the bottom.
2003.064.032 Dish 4 - sauce dishes 1 - sauce bowl White ceramic with Hong Kong in English and Chinese.
2003.064.033 Menu Micellaneous menu drafts and copies and a Stimpson Associate menu report.
2003.064.042 Cup Tea cup. Dragon and Phoenix motif with Hong Kong Cafe in English and Chinese. Mark on the bottom Chinese character for Literature "wen"
2003.065.001 Chest Of Drawers Wooden four drawer clothing bureau with top mirror. Metal feet and wheels.
2003.065.002 Cabinet Key holding Cabinet.
2003.065.003 Clipboard Clipboard attached to larger piece of wood.
2003.066.001 Album, Record Record album 45 RPM, China Night: World Famous Japanese Hit Melodies. One side is China Night and Japanese Rumba and the other is: Gomennasai and the Soba Song.
2003.066.002 Album, record Record album, 33 1/3 RPM, Red plastic disk, 4 " in diameter. In Japanese.
2003.066.003 Album, record Record album, orange plastic, single side, 33 1/3 RPM.
2003.066.004 Album, record Record album, 45 RPM, Japan's Teen Queen: Michiko Hamumura. Jacket and album.
2003.066.005 Album, record Record album, 78 RPM, Walt Disney's Fun with Music From Many Lands Sho Jo Ji (Japanese Play song) Hi To You The British Gernadier The Boy at the Dike.
2003.066.006 Album, record Record album, 33 1/3 RPM, Rockin' Tokyo American Top 40 Hits sung by Japan's favorite record stars including: sigeru Katsumi, Yukijo Asaoka, Kayoko Moriyama, The Beni sisites, Keijiro Yamashita and the Three Funkies
2003.066.007 Album, record Record album, 33 1/3 RPM, stereo, In Tokyo-In Love: Norrie Paramor his strings and Orchestra featuring Sukiyaki" "Cherry Blossoms" and other romantic Japanese favorites.
2003.066.008 Album, record Monograph phonograph record in two part dust jacket. Glossy cover Mercury records f:35 Perfect Presence Sound Recording
2003.066.009 Album, record Phonograph album, Mercury Custom High fidelity 33 1/3 LP in cover.
2003.066.010 Album, record Motion Picture Sound track album of Marlon Brando in Sayonara.
2003.068.001 Wig Black hair wig on cotton foundation. Women's wig with small braids on pinned each side in circles and a long braid down the back. Inside is label of "CP Wong Wigmaker, Ch."
2003.068.002 Wig Black hair wig on cotton foundation. Woman's wig with 2 long pig tails tied with pink bows.
2003.068.003 Wig Black hair wig with cotton foundation. Woman's wig with braid in the back rolled into a bun. Faded Chinese label on interior.
2003.068.004 Hairpiece 7 - Hair pieces to add to various wigs or hats. A: Black hair top piece of curls B: Pair of black hair sides on black thread. C: Black hair top piece of curls. D: Black hair pony tail. E: Black hair cue (Pig tail) F: Pony tail with colored silk thread tying up the whole and portions. G: Black hair pony tail.
2003.068.005 Ornament, Hair Three hair ornaments A: Small pearls tied to form in flower shape with metal pin to hold to hair. B: Centra; green stone with diamond type jewels around it attached to a straight pin. C: Diamond looking stones in floral shaped form attached to a pin. D: Portion of wood comb
2003.068.006 Box, Storage Tin Wig Box. Two comparments with hinged upper lid. On the top is a label in English and Chinese: "C.P. Wong Wig Maker, 74, Tai Ping Loo, Canton" Inside is a tin wig stand covered with plaid cloth. 2003.028.001 - 005 are inside.
2003.073.001 Sanxian Three stringed Chinese plucked instrument with round soundbox.
2003.073.003 Spike Gold colored rail road spike with 1869 engraved on side. Small screw hole on one side. Chinn.
2003.074.001 Jersey Professional autographed football jersey
2003.074.003 Shoes Football player's game day shoes 2002
2003.075.001 Saw 6' Buck Saw used in the lumber industry in Washington. Donor's father Nobuichi Yutani (1896-1976) worked for Weyerhouser for several years after 1910.
2004.001.001 Figurine Ivory statue on iron wood stand. Carved ivory of Quan Yin.
2004.001.002 Earrings Pair of blue and white ceramic earrings with brass floral caps and single interior rod. One missing top cap and ear wire.
2004.002.001 Purse Leather folding purse, painted with dragon design. Metal dragon clasp and metal chain strap with metal and ivory end piece. To be used by male and worn through belt or sash.
2004.003.001 Punch
2004.005.001 Table 2 - Wooden rectangular table, 1 - painted, 1 - unpainted.
2004.005.002 Table 3 - square top wooden tables with angular legs.
2004.005.003 Chair 2 - wood spindle chairs, 1 - painted.
2004.005.004 Bed 2 - metal bed frames, 1 - springbox.
2004.005.005 Armoire 3 - wood, double door armoires.
2004.005.006 Stove 2 - 3 burner gas stoves wiht oven. 1 - Wedgewood, one painted.
2004.005.007 Door 1 - wood 5 panel interior door.
2004.005.008 Sink 3 - wall mounted hand sinks.
2004.005.009 Stove, Gas 1 - Wedgewood Range, enamel coated steel.
2004.005.010 Sink Cabinet Enamel metal sink cabinet.
2004.005.011 Refrigerator Hotpoint Refrigerator
2004.005.012 Refrigerator Kelvinator refrigerator
2004.005.013 Pot Enamel steel pot.
2004.005.014 Wok Steel Wok
2004.005.015 Cabinet 3 - wood Medicine cabinets with mirrors
2004.005.016 Mirror Wall mirror
2004.005.017 Decoration Plywood Dragon from Silver Dragon Restaurant Bar.
2004.005.018 Menu 3 - menus - Tai Li Hee Seafood Restaurant.
2004.005.020 Sign, Trade Neon signage for Tai Li Hee Seafood Restaurant. Neon pieces taken from awning above entrance to restaurant on 7th Ave S.
2004.006.001 Flag 2 - Nylon Flags made by Paramount Flag Co., San Francisco. A: Nationalist Chinese flag B: United States flag
2004.006.002 Carving 5 - decorative wood carving pieces painted gold. A-B: Phoenix and Dragon L: 23", H: 15" C - D: Bats around a "Lu" (riches) symbol Dia: 12" E: Larger circular wave frame for one of the Bat pieces. Dia: 20.25"
2004.006.003 Casting 2 - metal, tin, peacocks painted green and gold. Decorative one dimension hanging peacocks.
2004.006.004 Lantern Plastic hanging lantern. "Eastern Artistical Lanterns of China King Palatial Styles" Made in Hong Kong Lantern is in its original box and has never been opened.
2004.006.005 Whisk Metal wire "ballon" whisk
2004.006.006 Towel Black terry cloth towel with metal gromet and hanger. "South China Restaurant" embroidered in center.
2004.006.007 Plaque Wood and metal award plaque. International Examiner 1992 Community Voice Award to Sid and Dan Ko for exemplary and dedicated service to Seattle's Asian and Pacific Community.
2004.006.008 Plaque Wood and metal award plaque. Seattle Asian sports Club In appreciation to South China Restaurant SASC Sponsor 2001-2002
2004.007.001 Do Body armour of Kendo Bogu
2004.007.002 Men Bogu Kendo helmut and mask, childs.
2004.007.003 Shinai Bamboo kendo sword
2004.007.004 Tenugui Blue tenugui with white kanji character.
2004.007.005 Tenugui Green tenugui with white Kanji character.
2004.007.006 Tare Kendo Tare Armour, cloth and leather.
2004.012.001 Doll 1 - Ichimatsu doll in glass case
2004.014.001 Flag Purple baseball flag and movable pole in carrying bag.
2004.014.002 Trophy Silver cup trophy Nippon Athletic Cub winners 1931
2004.014.003 Bat, Baseball Three wooden baseball bats. A: Black taped handle; B: Light colored wood; C: Dark Wood.
2004.014.004 Mitt Leather baseball mitt.
2004.014.005 Scroll Baseball calligraphy scroll, North American Japanese Chamber of Commerce Cup.
2004.014.006 Uniform Nippon Baseball uniform, Sponsored by the Klondike Cafe.
2004.016.001 Program 6 - Copies of the commemorative program for the Bruce Lee Collectors Exhibit presented by Inter*Im in Seattle June 26 - December 2003.
2004.018.001 Sign Poster for Seattle teachers - "We Can't Work for Peanuts Anymore" January 13, 1989
2004.018.002 Sign Protest Poster against the war in Iraq for a protest at the Seattle Center February 15, 2003.
2004.018.003 Pen Red plastic ball point pen. Written in white is "Tets Auto Repair, 317 12th Ave Seattle WA 98122"
2004.019.1 Teapot a + b: White teapot with lid, teapot decorated with two dragons and gold lines along rim, handle and spout, lid decorated with red Chinese characters and gold lines along handle and around characters.
2004.019.2 Teacup a-c: 3 white teacups with dragon design on outer surface, gold line along rim and base
2004.021.1 Teapot a+b: Brown teapot with lid, handle of pot and lid connected by knotted red string, textured design with Chinese characters
2004.021.10 Dish Leaf shaped green ceramic dish
2004.021.11 Teacup a-c: White teacup set with cup, lid, and dish; white with painted floral designs on all three pieces
2004.021.12 Teapot a+b: Brown ceramic teapot with lid, bamboo shaped spout and lids, bamboo design extending from spout to one side of pot.
2004.021.13 Stand Brown wooden stand
2004.021.14 Teacup a: Ceramic teacup, large Chinese character on one side of cup, smaller characters on opposite side, brown on outer surface, white on inner surface, two Chinese characters on bottom of white surface Measurements: Diam- 2 in, height-1.25 in b: Ceramic teacup, two large Chinese characters on one side, smaller characters on opposite side, brown on outer surface, white on inner surface Measurements: Diam-1.75 in, height-2 in
2004.021.15 Teacup a+b: White ceramic teacup with handle and lid, divet on rim of cup, vent hole on lid Measurements: diam-2.75 in, height-3.25 in, length-3.5 in c: White ceramic teacup Measurements: diam-3.5 in, height-2 in
2004.021.16 Holder Brown ceramic holder, brown on outer surface, white on inner surface
2004.021.17 Tray a-c: Brown wooden tray, carving on two ends of surface, removable carved rectangular piece on surface, black plastic sliding tray below wooden tray surface
2004.021.18 Set, Flatware a-f: Wooden utensil set with holder set, two pieces with holder set, four wooden utensil Dimensions: a+b: height-4.5 in, diam-2.75 in c: length-7.5 in, width-.75 in d: length-7.5 in, width-1 in, height-.75 in e: length-8 in, width-1.25 in, height-.5 in f: length-7 in, width-.5 in, height-.5 in
2004.021.19 Napkin Green square napkin, yellow embroidered Chinese characters on lower right corner, fringed edges
2004.021.2 Trivet Black wooden trivet, carved around rim
2004.021.20 Greenish-Gray rectangular napkin, orange and yellow embroidery with two Chinese characters on center, grayish fabric on side opposite of embroidery
2004.021.3 Teapot a+b: Brown ceramic teapot and lid with bamboo designs, Chinese characters on one side
2004.021.4 Bowl Brown ceramic bowl, fish and animal designs around outer surface
2004.021.5 Teacup a-d: Four brown ceramic teacups, square stamp on outer surface, white glazing on inner surface
2004.021.6 Stand Brown wooden stand in the shape of a tree trunk
2004.021.7 Trivet Reddish-brown wooden trivet, carved around side
2004.021.8 Teapot a+b: Brown ceramic teapot with lid, Chinese characters on one side, fruit and branch design on opposite side
2004.021.9 Teapot a+b: Brown ceramic teapot with lid, red knotted string connecting handle of lid and teapot, six-sided teapot with floral designs on four sides, Chinese characters on lid
2004.023 Book, Account Universal Multi-Column Book Accounting Book Black and maroon hard cover. entries of total expenses from January 1939 - April 11, 1942
2004.023.001 Register Check Register Hard cover book with black and maroon Check register for the Hotel NP from January 1, 1917 - December 31, 1920
2004.023.002 Book, Account Account Book Black and maroon hard cover book Room accounts from august 1941 - April 30, 1942
2004.023.005 Suitcase Bergman suitcase dark green with beige edging. Metal snap locks.
2004.024.001 Snow Boots a+b: Childrens straw snow boots, yuki-gutsu, woven into round toe shape, blue and white cloth border, plaited technique in toe area, twining technique on second half up to opening of boot
2004.024.004 Tub Hangiri, large wooden tub used for tossing sushi rice, or tsukemono bound on side with twisting strips of wood, three large wood panels on tossing surface, metal hook on outer surface
2004.024.005 Container Ohitsu- Wooden rice container with lid, two metal rings around outer surface of container and lid, base of container with four legs
2004.024.007 Cape Mino or Raincape Straw Northern Mino with colar design of Torii Gate in dark thread on the straw background. Decorative tassels of Seaweed hang on each side of the collar. The interior has a separate lining of diagonal open weave straw lattice.
2004.024.008 Print Japanese print of man making a large Hangiri
2004.024.009 Inkstone Black Dragon Inkstone
2004.024.010 Costume Two piece traditional gi costume made in Korea.
2004.024.011 Cask Small Sake Cask Tasu
2004.024.012 Grater Wood box Bonito Shaver Katsuobushi
2004.024.013 Board, game Folding wooden Go Board
2004.024.014 Rice Cooker Rice cooker
2004.024.015 Piece, Game Go pieces in wood containers
2004.024.016 Container Large Ohitsu
2004.024.017 Vat Wooden vat.
2004.024.018 Kettle Hot water metal kettle for tea
2004.024.019 Game Hana Fuda Card Game
2004.024.021 Cup Three square wooden Sake cups
2004.024.023 Screen Japanese Byobu Screen, Three swimming Koi in a pond
2004.024.024 Abacus Wooden abacus
2004.024.025 Screen Japanese Byobu Screen, Pair of water fowl in winter.
2004.024.026 Game, Board 4 - legs to Go board
2004.024.027 Game, Board 2 -CARVED WOOD FIGURES
2004.024.028 Bottle round glazed clay saki bottle with center opening.
2004.024.029 Bottle Green glazed ceramic water bottle to add water to Japanese ink. Crackle glaze with white cranes and clouds.
2004.024.030 Bottle Glazed clay water bottle for adding water to Japanese ink.
2004.024.031 Bottle Glazed clay water bottle for adding water to Japanese ink.
2004.024.032 Brush, Paint Paper box with three Japanese sumi ink paint brushes.
2004.024.033 Ink Stick Two Japanese sticks of ink for Sumi painting in boxes.
2004.025.001 Trophy Silver Trophy Cup with golfer on the top. Engraved on the side is: Japanese Golf Association Seattle S. Fukuda Trophy won by Dr. T. Uchida August 1939
2004.026.001 T-Shirt Yellow Short Sleeved t-shirt with silk screen printing. David Della for Seattle City Council
2004.026.002 T-shirt White cotton t-shirt with printed campaign slogan Mee Moua the forst Hmong elected to state office in the US. In Minnesota, State Senate
2004.026.003 T-Shirt White T-Shirt Asian Pacific Americans for Clinton Gore 1996
2004.026.004 T-Shirt Red cotton T-shirt Asian Pacific Women's Network LA
2004.026.005 T-Shirt White T-shirt Conference on Asian Pacific American Leadership CAPAL
2004.026.006 T-shirt White T-shirt Democrats Victory '92
2004.030.001 Cloth A group 9 Batik Pattern Squares. Approx 14in by 14in. The color of each cloth is off white. The design on the cloth is mostly an olive color with some black transferinfg to the cloth. Each square has it own unique design. The designs represent people, and events.
2004.030.002 Cloth A group of 28 H'mong Batik Pattern Squares . The color of each cloth is white. The design on the colth is done in a dark to medium brown wax color. Each square has it own unique design. These designs represent people and events. The designs were not dyed but copied and reversed for use in the book. Small cream colored sticker on the back of each square labeled "BHY", possibly for Blia Hang Yang.
2004.030.003 Cloth A dark blue Batik square cloth with white and light blue designs. The area around the design is solid blue, with one white spot of wax. On this particular square, woman used a smooth store bought cloth, they believe that the smooth surface of this cloth cause the wax not to adherer properly, therefore giving the finally design a "messy" look. It is also important to note, that the women used a frying pan, which had been purchased at a Goodwill store, it may have had residual grease on it.
2004.030.004 Embroidery A dark blue square, with an embroidery farm scene. The embroidery work is framed by two rows of white fabric, separated by the blue. The colors chosen for the scene are bright orange, pink, green yellow and aqua blue. Other colors used are black, grey, brown, and white. The scene shows mean and women preforming their daily duties on a farm. Women in this scene are show wearing their batik skirts. Which demonstrates that the patterns used for everyday would have consisted of one or two simple patterns. It is believed that H'mong women learned this technique of embroidery by watching Cambodia refugee women in the camps of Thailand.
2004.030.005 Embroidery A small fabric square with embroidery work. This would have been used for a ceremonial pocket. The square consist of the following colors: hot pink, green , yellow, red, and white. Much of the hand stitching was done in red thread. The embroidery work found in the center is done in white with some small amount of black thread. The design uses a hot pink fabric has its backdrop, there are green triangles shapes forming a square. The next design consist of three lines of fabric two yellow rows with a green row in between, which then forms a square around a second group of a lighter green group of triangles. The second group of lines are form using the colors of green, pink, and white. This leads the eye to the center piece, which is the embroidery work. The design resembles two circles with straight lines, side by side leading to a second group of circles.
2004.030.006 Embroidery Embroidered, batik and applique cloth square. Purple-blue border and center pattern. Batik background. Made for Seattle market in 1984-1985. Made in Seattle by members of H'mong Women's Needlecraft Association or the member's relatives.
2004.030.007 Applique Pieced and appliqued batik rectangle. Batik center is dark indigo pattern on gray cloth. The pieced and appliqued border is maroon, gray, and beige strips of cotton or polyester cloth. The batik center is appliqued with gray cloth borders and a maroon cloth zig-zag design. Self-backed with maroon cloth.
2004.030.008 embroidery Cross-stitched and pieced square. Center is cross-stitched design in lavender, pink, orange, dark green, light green, purple, brown, aqua, amd olive green thread on white mesh. Pieced border is mitred strips of green, blue, and lavender cotton-polyester fabric. Lavender inner border is embroidered with dark blue and lime green stitches. Backing is undyed muslin.
2004.030.009 applique Cross-stitch, applique and piced sqaure. Center is cross-stitch design in green, aqua, red, brown, green, yellow, blue, white and black embroidery thread. Applique and pieced border is medium blue, light blue and white fabric making two rows of appliqued trianlges separated by thin white pieced strips. Piece is self-backed with medium-blue fabric.
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