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Wing Luke Museum
1984.022.001 Box Green square cardboard tea box; yellow writing "Temple of Heaven", "China Green Tea", "Special Gunpowder".
1984.023.001 Box Cardboard tea box; plastic lid protecter; marked "TING Mee TEA CO."; decorated with birds, flowers, swans, boat scene. Directions in English and Chinese on bottom.
1984.024.001 Tin Round tin which has been painted black; flower and Chinese writing stenciled in gold paint on it.
1984.025.001 Tin unpainted and undecorated tin cannister
1984.026.001 Hat Hat woven bamboo hat which rises sharply to a cone point; red and yellow tassel attached to point; bamboo is woven over leaves on underside and paper on upper side.
1984.027.001 Hat Hat woven bamboo hat with 4 dragons embroidered with green, yellow, orange (originally red?), and black threads. Hat is woven over three bamboo ribs with fiber running circular, then from rim to crown, and finished with widely spaced fiber running diagonally. Zigzag embroidery of red and green thread about 3" from crown running in a circle. Top portion is large leaves with a tassel of several threads of green, black, and red. The bottom rim is tied on with clear nylon thread or possibly fishline. Has yellow, cotton, hemmed chinstrap.
1984.028.001 Hat Hat woven bamboo hat with plastic rain shield. Hat is woven over three bamboo ribs with fiber running circular, then from rim to crown, and finished with widely spaced fiber running diagonally. 2 dragons and 2 yellow flowers embroidered with green, yellow, black, and red cotton thread. Black and red thread embroidered in a zigzag around the crown about 3" from top. Thread tassel on top of green, black, and red threads. Bottom rim attached to hat with nylon thread or fishline. Similar to x1984.027.001, but with pink cotton chin strap.
1984.029.001 Hat Hat woven bamboo hat, fairly flat, which rises sharply to a center pointed crown; thick bamboo outer/bottom time. Underside has beaves under criss-crossed open unstained bamboo; upper side has paper criss-crossed open brown stained bamboo. Crown point has tassel of blue, red, and white (faded to yellow) silk threads attached to red and black round braided thread attached to point. Old elastic white chin strap -- no longer has elasticity.
1984.030.001 Embroidery embroidery; white silk, blue characters; yellow, pink, green floral design
1984.031.001 Hat woven bamboo hat, fairly flat, which rises sharply to a pointed crown. Outer rim is thick bamboo wrapped with small bamboo-like thread. Underside is wide leaves covered with unstained widely criss-crossed bamboo; outer rim is reinforced with 3 bamboo ribs. Outer side is paper covered with smaller criss-crossed bamboo; three bamboo strips reinforce outer rim. Top has small cone-shaped reinforcement with braided edges. Outer side appears to be covered with a clear varnish or shellac.
1984.032.001 Hat woven bamboo hat with flat brim rising to cone-shaped center. Outer rim is strips of woven/braided bamboo. Underside is leaves with widely spaced criss-crossed bamboo. Outer side is paper with narrow spaced criss-crossed bamboo. A 4-sided braided piece reinforces the top peak. Outer side appears to be covered with a clear varnish or shellac.
1984.033.001 Hat woven bamboo hat with fairly flat brim slowly sloping to a rounded crown. Outer rim isa wide piece of bamboo wrapped in bamboo and the first 2" of the outer brim is circularly wocen bamboo. Outer side is paper covered with criss-crossed bamboo. Underside is paper covered with criss-crossed bamboo. 4 rivet holes in crown. The crown is a low circular one -- no point. The outer side is covered with a clear shellac or varnish. Two opposite holes have not been used -- the holes are still covered with the shellac or varnish. There appears to be the number 8 stamped in red ink on the underside.
1984.034.001 Hat woven bamboo hat in cone shape ending in a pointed crown; black and orange characters painted on outside. Bamboo is a flat weave with the brim folded up over a round rigid piece and sewn closed. Circular bamboo piece inside below the crown has a blue/green cotton cloth wrapped loosely around it for a chin tie. Written on the inside brim ' "Giokado" - famous Painter'
1984.035.001 Fan Fan made of carved bone sticks, dyed chicken feathers (pink) topped with peacock feather eyes. Hand painte floral decoration, silk tassel, glass beads.
1984.036.001 Flag Nationalist China flag. Machine sewn. Label: Min Hing Knitting Co., sweater manufactureres. Card attached was found with it and several other items in a box. No record.
1984.037.001 Basket woven bamboo basket. green stains on inside, marked on bottom "6".
1984.038.001 Basket light colored bamboo basket with handle " 18.5" x 14"
1984.039.001 Bowl Octagonal fluted rim bowl. Stoneware with overglaze enamels. Green glaze on inside and floral design on the outside. Heavy wear to the piece, undeciphered marker's seal on the bottom of the piece.
1984.040.001 Plate Saucer. Low fired stoneware with over glaze enamels. Blossom center motif surrounded by four plants. Marker seal on bottom.
1984.041.001 Chopsticks Chopstick case. Wood core, lacquer carved in relief. Floral design in relief on top of case. Red lacquer interior, with red chopsticks with key fret design on top. Wrong inventory number, LQ-13, on the inside of the case.
1984.042.001 Cuff Woven straw cuffs. Worn by women while farming in Taiwan. Raised wrist band.
1984.043.001 Hat Bamboo leaf hat, with leaves meeting at crown; small metal ring sewn at crown, red bamboo rim; green nylon thread criss-crossed over bamboo leaves. Underside is closely criss-crossed bamboo; green bamboo rim holding outer side leaves under.
1984.044.001 Hat Bamboo leaf hat, with leaves meeting at crown; small metal ring sewn at crown, red bamboo rim; green nylon thread criss-crossed over bamboo leaves. Underside is closely criss-crossed bamboo; green bamboo rim holding outer side leaves under.
1984.045.001 Hat Bamboo woven hat over leaves; bamboo wrapped and attached rim. Underside has 2 thick bamboo ribs to form crown. Outer side has 1/2" woven bamboo reinforcement next to rim. Peak of crown has 6-sided bamboo braid reinforcement, which caps the hat. Outer side is shellacced or varnished.
1984.046.001 Hat Woven bamboo hat; outer side bamboo is woven over paper -- underside is woven over leaves. Rim is 4 braided bamboo sticks attached with bamboo lashing to hat. Crown rises in cone shape to point. Point is a 4-sided braided bamboo reinforcement. Outer side is shellacced or varnished.
1984.047.001 Hat Woven bamboo hat; outer side bamboo is woven over paper -- underside is woven over leaves. Rim is 4 braided bamboo sticks attached with bamboo lashing to hat. Top or crown rises in cone shape to point. Point is a 4-sided braided bamboo reinforcement. Outer side is shellacced or varnished.
1984.049.001 Hat Bamboo hat with overlapping bamboo strips on outside. Bamboo coiled rim attached to brim with thread. Brim rises sharply to 7" diameter flat crown, topped with 5-sided reinforcement. Overlapping bamboo leaves are sewn together in 5 circles. Underside is criss-crossed bamboo frame with 6 circular bamboo ribs running through it. Old card identifies this as a "pandanus" from Cambodia.
1984.051.001 Hat Woven bamboo hat with plastic rain shield cover; embroidered flowers with white, red, yellow, blue, and green cotton thread. Small diamonds of gold gilt paper alongside flowers. 3 bamboo ribs reinforcing underneath. Outer side is overlapping bamboo leaves stitched with green thread near crown. Underneath are lateral and vertical thin bamboo threads over bamboo leaves. Brim rises smoothly to a rounded crown. Tassel of pink, white, and green attached to top. Chin strap of peach ribbon cut with pinking shears and 6-petaled flower cut in each end.
1984.052.001 Purse Chinese embroidered silk purse with bats and flowers design using Peking and satin stitch. Red and blue with green lining. Gilt frame attached with inlaid stones. Red damask embroidery, probably from Chinese robe. Receipt in purse for it. Purchased in Beijing in 1934.
1984.053.001 Purse Black Chinese silk purse with gold couching. Chinese characters design. Red draw strings with white, blue, and black thread bindings.
1984.054.001 Purse Black Chinese silk purse with gold couching. Chinese characters design. Red draw strings with black, blue, and white thread bindings.
1984.055.001 Purse Purse with satin stitch Chinese embroidery on blue and white silk. Bats and Chinese character design using white, green, purple, blue, and gray thread. Brown draw strings with blue tassels.
1984.056.001 Purse Black silk Chinese purse with green, yellow, white, and purple applique floral design. Red draw strings with silver and gold thread wrapped tassels.
1984.056.002 Purse
1984.057.001 Mask
1984.057.002 Mask Papier mache mask of stylized face painted in brick red, black, and white. Black animal hair beard suspended by wire attached above ears. Above high forehead isa gold paper crown of scroll shapes and three pink fabric flowers. Under crown is top of papier mache head painted gray. From top of head is topknot shaped piece of papier mache which folds over at the top. There is a stiff paper bow with pink and green pom poms which is fastened at bottom of topknot. Mask has holes for eyes and nose. Cataloged and identified by Wanda Hughes.
1984.058.001 Purse Chinese belt purse. Silver and gold couching on red silk with blue silk and pink cotton backing. Floral design. Brick stitch(?) embroidery in blue and white around edges.
1984.059.001 Purse Round, cutout silk/cotton Chinese purse with polychrome embroidery on pink and green cotton cloth using satin stitch and couching. Bird and floral design stitched on mirrors and metal objects. Pink string with knot attached.
1984.060.001 Eyeglasses Case Chinese eyeglasses case using petit point embroidery with white silk lining and couching stitches in blue, white, green, gold, and silver. Floral design and thunder line / swastika symbols. Two green strings attached to either end; one with ceramic bead, the other with red tassel and three knots.
1984.061.001 Box, tobacco Cylinder-shaped box with lid. Covered cardboard, blue with yellow silk lining. Applique and Peking knot on background of couching. Lid is polychrome applique on brown and black couching with yellow silk lining. Tassels with gold and silver whippings and macrame Turk's head knot (?).
1984.062.001 Sleeve, fan Fan holder. Yellow silk brocade with black silk top and white cotton lining. Pink and green draw string with 6 silver thread whipped endless knots.
1984.063.001 Purse Purse with petit point and gold couching with green silk lining. Floral and thunder line / swastika motifs. Black and white edging.
1984.064.001 Screen Chinese spinach green nephrite jade central plaque contained within a carved rosewood framework with an inset border of 10 panels of carved white jade, each with an elongated pierced carved portion. The central jade panels are decorated on both sides in gilt with motifs of the four seasons, birds, mountain, and sea landscapes. Seal mark of artist. Measurements: Overall size: 20.25" x 18" Central plaque size: 13.75" x 16" Spinach jade insert: 7" x 9" White jade insert: 2" x 4.5"
1984.065.001 Shawl Seller's Description: Wall hanging Lowland Lao, red silk center, white overshot. Lower panel figure with canes over head. Colored fringe on one end. Abstract design of houses, people, and animals. Very fine embroidery on silk with silk thread. A deep red, lac dyed silk segment of a ceremonial shawl. It has a supplemental weft on most of the silk. The shawl has 6 segments of pattern. On the unfringed side are 2 segments with mirror images of Kosasingh, mythological long-nosed lions, carrying humans on their backs. They use yellow, green, blue, pink, and white silk. A larger segment has white overshot patterning of one large diamond with repeating borders. It covers the red almost entirely. The next 2 segments are mirror images of a human figure, holding tiered floral decorations, as altar offerings, standing on boats. The last segment has two lines of supplemental weft separated by the red lac silk. There is a border of fringe on the bottom. Each fringe is 5.5" long and of varying circumference and are placed at uneven intervals.
1984.066.001 Shawl Seller's Description: Lowland Lao: red silk center, white overshot, with "W" figures. Also abstract birds depicted, fringe on one end. Very fine silk thread embroidery on silk backing. A Pu-Tai people segment of ceremonial shawl. A red lac dyed silk with supplemental weft. The minimally fringed end has a simple strip with 2 lines of embroidery separated by the red silk. The next 2 segments are mirror images of birds. The 4th segment with white overshot patterning of one large diamond of repeating borders. The 5th and 6th segments are mirror images of double-headed water serpents. There are four double-headed serpents and two single-headed serpents. The colors prevalent in the shawl are navy blue, turquoise, gold, pink, and white used throughout the scheme of the shawl.
1984.067.001 Shawl A deep red (lac dyed) handspun silk ceremonial shawl with supplemental weft patterns at each end. On one end are six strips of embroidery. The center strip has five "third eyes", large diamond shapes of green, yellow, indigo, and red. The dominant color of this end is beige. At its edge is one strip of embroidery with attached fringe. Each piece of colored fringe is 9 cm long. A solid piece of lac dyed silk is hand sewn to the other embroidered end. This end is dense patterning of symmetrical diamonds decreasing in size to the center. It is bordered on either side with two colorful strips of yellow, green, red, and black, and one 6.5 cm wide black embroidered strip. The blue, green, red, yellow, and beige fringe at this end are 23.5 cm long. This shawl is worn across the body in a banner-like way with the long fringed end hanging down the front. This is probably over 100 years old as shawls of this type have not been woven for about this length of time.
1984.068.001 Shawl Black and red overshot center panel, gold shot thread on silk. Fringe, multi-colored on one end. Some stains and holes in center of red panel. Adapted from a sash? A deep red (lac dyed) handspun silk ceremonial shawl with supplemental weft patterns at each end. One end has a 5" strip of embroidery with the dominant color white, but some purple, black, and yellow. A solid piece of lac dyed silk is hand sewn to the other embroidered end. This end has dense patterning of symmetrical diamonds decreasing in size to a colored diamond of red, yellow, and black. On either side of this section is a strip of black embroidery with a bird pattern. The edge has a braided colored fringe of black, red, yellow, and white that are 23cm in length. This shawl is worn in a banner-like way across the body with the fringe hanging in front. It is more than 100 years old.
1984.069.001 Pillow Straw pillow overlaid with paper and lacquered. Painted with flower design and inscription.
1984.070.001 burner, incense Container shaped from pewter sheet, with engraved surface design. Purchased about 1945 at "The Shop of China" in the University District, which was run by former missionaries. C. Nelson 3-13-86
1984.070.002 Shoes Handmade, cotton-lined, embroidered (satin and stem stitch, floral design) royal blue satin women's slippers with leather sole. Stamp on lining indicates made in Sheung Chuk Chai, 171 Hollywood Road, Hong Kong, China [3-13-86 Christina Nelson].
1984.070.003 Shoes Cotton-lined, embroidered (satin and stem stitch, floral design) pink satin women's slippers with leather sole. Stamp on lining indicates made in Hong Kong. 3-13-86 C. Nelson
1984.070.004 Skirt Blue satin stitch embroiery on green silk "jacquard-type" fabric with black trim. Pleated at sides, red silk lining, cotton waistband, knot and loop buttons at waist. Seams hand-sewn. Donor purchased apron about 1945 at an estate sale in the University District (Seattle) -- the deceased had lived in Asia for a while. 3-13-86 C. Nelson
1984.071 Tray Chinese teak wood serving tray with mother of pearl and brass inlay. Tray is made up of one large central flat piece of wood. This is framed by four separate pieces, which form the edges, joined together at the corners by a rabbit joint. Along the top of the edge is a repeated motif of stems and flowers with the stems in brass and flowers in mother of pearl. This is the same on the face of the tray though the brass stems are longer and the flowers are joined by gourds and peonies. A rectangular section in the center, delineated by a groove, is undecorated. Condition: The wood is dirty and the brass has come out of one corner and two small mother of pearl flowers are missing. One mother of pearl gourd was taped on and the tape has left a residue.
1985.001.001 Teapot Basket: Length: 9", Width: 6.5", Height: 6" Tight bamboo weave with brass clasp and handles. The interior is straw stuffed covered with red felt and a chintz and silk lining in the inserts. Teapot and Lid: Length: 6", Width: 5.5", Height: 5.5" White porcelian with overglaze enamel floral and bird decoration. Metal wire handle with red cord wrapped around it. Teacup: Width: 2.75", Height: 1.5" Celadon, coarse porcelian body. Hairline crack.
1985.002 Basket Words on top: "Fu, lu, ...", happiness, prosperity
1985.003.001 Shaker, Dice Dice Cup. Two pieces of turned wood glued together, stained. Hole gouged out. Dice thrown through top hole, and then the base lifted up to see the toss.
1985.004.001 Figurine Glazed earthenware figurines: 1) Building 2) Building 3) Small White Tower 4) Pagoda 5) Building 6) ? 7) Bridge Some of the buildings have broken or missing columns.
1985.005.001 Hat Minature wedding headdress. Metal frame decorated with cloth, plastic beads, and tassels.
1985.006.001 Bowl Coarse porcelian body, celadon glaze on outside, white glaze on inside. Raised foot, with blue maker's mark inside.
1985.007.001 Bottle, snuff Porcelain body with blue glaze over an impressed design of cranes and clouds. Yellow glaze knob with bone spoon. Made in China label on bottle.
1985.008.001 Teacup Porcelian blue and white teacup. Stencilled pattern of bats and Chinese characters. Hexagon pattern border. There is a possibility of this being late 19th century Japanese Imari since it is a stencilled piece and not untypical of the period.
1985.009.001 Teapot I-Hsing brown stoneware, slip casted. Maker's mark on bottle. Lid missing.
1985.010.001 Doll Painted wood head, feet, and hands. Hand sewn and embroidered silk clothes.
1985.011.001 Basket Fine split bamboo weave. Painted red and green. Described as a Marriage Basket.
1985.012.001 Compass A-B: Wood, lacquer compass with glass magnetic point. Cloth case with edging. Feng Shui compass. Part C is missing.
1985.013.001 Basket Fine split bamboo weave, broad strip mouth and foot. Decorative weave in the center of the lid. Painted red and green. Described as Marriage Basket.
1985.014.001 Abacus Wood frame, metal mounts, turned corners, bamboo supports. Painted black, bottom panel loose and its support is missing on one side.
1985.015.001 Abacus Dark brown stained rosewood frame, brass mounts, black wood counters.
1985.016.001 Teapot Fine weave bamboo basket, no lid, cotton fitted interior. Rose Canton Teapot badly damaged. No lid, broken mouth, spout and handle.
1985.017.001 Tube Natural colored section of bamboo carved in high relief of landscape and figures.
1985.018.001 Inkstand Copper body with white brass finish. Engraved on are the lid are various archaic characters and seals. Inside contains ink.
1985.019.001 Inkstone Slate inkstone carved with foliage design. Red stained wood case with one end of the lid missing.
1985.021.001 Shoes Black cotton uppers with blue ribbon edging around sole and the seam in the toe area. Layered sole leather bottom, hand sewn with cord.
1985.022.001 Shoes Red silk uppers embroidered with a floral motif. The sole is woven straw with white cotton covering it. Worn originally by Mrs. Dan Goon. Lotus foot.
1985.023.001 Doll Paper mache head, hands, and feet. Cloth body, blue embroidered jacket with pink and red trim. Red embroidered silk pants.
1985.025.001 Sock Hand sewn cotton socks with padded cotton batting inside.
1985.026.001 Shoes Sole is constructed with a woven straw base covered with white cotton. The uppers are black cotton with multi-colored embroidery on toe. Chinese lily style.
1985.027 Camisole Embroidered undergarment, white cotton, blue satin stitch; design of dragons, bats, turtle, birds, and flowers. Three pocket. Heavy cotton backing sewn to front with blue thread.
1985.028.001 Hook, pot Cast iron pot holder with telescoping inner bar, twisted braid support, fulcrum, hook. Edo Period, circa 1830. Jizai pot hook for holding pots over a hibachi.
1985.028.002 Spoon Blue and white ceramic serving spoon. Spoon bowl has scene of a pavillion, a willow tree, pine trees, and two sailing junks. Handle has pattern of a mountain with foliage at the base of handle. A series of blue crosses continue up the handle topped by a "fleur de lis" shape at top of handle. String tied through hole in center of "fleur de lis" shape is soiled. Late 19th century. Cataloged and Identified by Wanda Hughes.
1985.028.003 Table Table Dark hardwood, low. Carved legs, scroll work under top. Top is split.
1985.028.004 Chest Dark stained wood chest, joined together, two cross leg bars, cast iron hinges, and lock bolt.
1985.028.005 Birdcage Light stained bamboo and wood birdcage, turned center stand, bentwood hook support, black bamboo partly gilded hook, brass butterfly decoration on side. Tag that may have been with the cage says: Bamboo birdcage wth brass hook, butterfly plaque of paktong (white copper). Expands from three sections to five. Used for caging a hwamai or Chinese fighting thrush. Tung Ch'ih period 1862-1875.
1985.028.010 Shoes
1985.028.018 Birdcage Kiri wood container with three lifting doors with grill inserts and metal pull and tassel. The cage tops are light colored bentwood wicker and the bottom, which lifts out of it, is of dark stained shitan wood. Inside of cage are two perches, two stainless steel feeders, and two violet colored porcelian water cups on shitan stand. One cage bottom has come apart and needs repair. Split in bottom of another cage. 20th century (donor suggested date: 1870) each cage: $450 x 3 = $1350 case: +$200 ----- total: $1550
1985.028.019 Abacus Joined wood case and counters, inscribed numbers. Dark stained. Meiji Period, 1868-1912
1985.028.020 Abacus Joined wood frame, light stain counter supports, dark counters. One brass corner support survives. Meiji Period, 1868-1912 Photograph?
1985.028.021 Basket Two-tiered basket with inner tray. Bamboo frame with fine bamboo weave in panels, floral design on side panels, brass pin to hold down top lid. Ch'ing Dynasty, 19th century.
1985.028.022 Basket Bamboo frame, oblong shape, carved floral design on handles. Fine weave with design woven in and stained darker on brown background. Tray inside. Characters Lu, Shou, Fu (prosperity, long life, happiness) woven on lid, inscription on inside "Hsia Men Ts'ao shi" (Mrs. Ts'ao in Hsia Men City which may refer to a city in Fu Gran Province in southeast China or Hsia Men could possibly be a family name) and sides (unreadable) written in ink . Word in black ink on two sides of basket handle "Yi Hsing and Hsiang Fo" (concentrate on the practice of Buddhism). One of the side carved panels on handle is unattached.
1985.028.023 Tray Diamond shaped lacquer trays which breaks down into top and base. Lacquer over wood. Black and red lacquer with gold trim and gold lacquer design of paulownia family crest of the Tokugawa family. Donor's attribution: 1865-1870, writer's: 20th century
1985.028.024 Chest Lacquer on wood (black) and gold trim, design of paulownia family crest of the Tokugawa family. Metal mounts with machine engraved design. Inner clothing tray, interior paper lined with white with gold flecks. Modern, donor attribution: 1850-70
1985.028.025 Chest Lacquer on wood (black) and gold trim, design of paulownia, family crest of the Tokugawa clan. Metal mounts with machine engraved design, handles on each end of the chest. Interior of chest lined with gold flecked paper. Modern, Donor attribution: 1865-70
1985.028.026 Scale Scale
1985.028.027 Pillow Lacquered orange-red leather covered pillow, straw core. Designs on each end of flowers and phoenix. Inscription also. 19th century, Donor opinion: Daoguang Period circa 1840
1985.028.028 Pillow Leather cover over straw base. The body of the pillow is done in brown lacquer with two red bands, one on each end of the body of the pillow. The ends done in brown lacquer have ink line drawings of birds and flowers.
1985.028.029 Bowl Bowls 5 - Red lacquer on wood core, each bowl is decorated in gold and brown lacquer with different landscapes, except the largest which is of Ebisu, god of fisheries and wealth.
1985.028.029 Hook, pot Cast iron. Telescoping inner bar. Wave pattern fulcrum. Chain support. Hook attachment in design of three half circles with hole in center. Twisting hook.
1985.028.030 Caddy Cannister and lid made of a section of bamboo which the outer skin has been stripped off to prevent splitting, rings carved by lathe around circumference.
1985.028.031 Caddy Cannister and lid made from a section of bamboo which the outer skin has been stripped off to prevent splitting, rings carved by lathe around circumference.
1985.028.032 Padlock Made of black finished iron and latch key of plain steel. Traditional Japanese shape. Late Meiji-Early Taisho, early 20th century
1985.028.033 Padlock Two single action locks and keys in traditional Japanese form and made of brass. Early 20th century.
1985.028.034 Padlock Brass plated lock in the shape of a leaping fish, detail added with line engraved. Single action lock and key.
1985.028.035 Seal Unstained wood carved with characters on bottom, red ink stained, ink inscription on top.
1985.028.036 Seal Dark stained wood with long narrow carved bottom with inscribed characters surrounded by a decorative band. High tapering body.
1985.028.037 Doll Dolls Heads are made from wood core covered with Gofun, oyster shell powder. Bodies are made with a straw core and paper coverings, then clothed. Accessories included bow, quiver, arrows, and swords. Early Meiji Period, circa 1870-80
1985.028.038 Flowers Silk flowers wrapped in hand-made paper with decorative silver and gold wrapped wire knot as part of a Japanese doll accessories.
1985.028.039 Bowl, Serving 2 rice containers lacquered keiyaki wood
1985.028.040 Figurine Carved cypress niche with black lacquer, breaks down into three parts: (A) base, (B) halo, (C) statue of Kannon, goddess of Mercy
1985.028.041 Pipe White pewter pipe with tortoise shell bowl, separate brush, tweezers, and two lip pieces. Daoguang Period, circa 1821-1850
1985.028.042 Medicine Chest Dark stained hardwood chest with brass pulls in shape of bage and drawer handles. Pegged drawer and joinery in body of the case. Bottom of chest supported by four curved legs and two stretcher bars. Inscription on each drawer to indicate contents. (Translation sheet attached to card in Numerical Order catalog.)
1985.028.043 Flask, pocket Flask Lacquer ware
1985.028.044 Box Lacquered elmwood rectangular flat box, red-orange, lacquered inside, with brass fittings.
1985.028.045 Box Elmwood box, dark lacquer stain, brass fittings, feet.
1985.028.046 Teapot
1985.028.047 Box Papier mache and straw core, red and black lacquer with painted grass and tree design on lid. Very fine bands with diamond design around sides. Quianlong (Chien Lung) Period, circa 1750.
1985.028.048 Cup Coarse porcelain, hand-painted cobalt blue and white, tendril designs with double shou design.
1985.028.049 Bowl Porcelain, hand-painted using blue and white (cobalt), triple flower designs around exterior of bowls, plain interiors. 5 kiln flaws on upper edges of bowls, 1 chip. Calligraphic inscriptions of 6 characters on bottoms of bowls.
1985.028.050 Bowl Rice Bowl Porcelain, blue and white hand painting. Wide band of blue and white flowers around exterior, narrow band around inside and circle in bottom of bowl. Kiln flaw in upper lip of bowl. Calligraphic inscription on bottom.
1985.028.051 Bowl Rice Bowl Porcelain, blue and white hand painting. Wide band of design around exterior of bowl done in Ming Transitional design with Taoist overtones. Eight character calligraphic inscription on bottom, interior of bowl.
1985.028.052 Bowl Rice Bowl Porcelain, blue and white. Plain interior. Exterior covered with leaf and flower design. Four characters calligraphic inscription on exteriror bottom. Small chip in upper lip and two cracks visible on interior.
1985.028.053 Bowl Rice Bowl Porcelain, blue and white, hand painting. Plain interior, exterior covered with design of two dragons twining through flowers. Four character calligraphic inscription on exterior bottom. Chip in upper lip and crack visible in interior.
1985.028.054 Bowl Rice Bowl Porcelain, blue and white. Four panels of leaf and flower decoration on exterior, interior in Fitzhugh pattern. Kiln flaw on upper lip, no inscription.
1985.028.055 Bowl Rice Bowl Porcelain, blue and white. Band of decoration on exterior: diamond pattern background with four inset scenes of flowers and genra scenes, narrow band of floral pattern around inside lip. Calligraphic inscription on exterior bottom. Kiln flaw in upper lip.
1985.028.056 Bowl Rice Bowl Porcelain, blue and white, hand painted. Design of wild orchid and rocks on one side with ten character calligraphic inscription on opposite side. Four character inscription on bottom, exterior. Chip out of upper lip along with small kiln flaw.
1985.028.057 Bowl Rice Bowl Porcelain, blue and white, hand painted. Genra scene on exterior, shou symbol with bats in interior bottom. Calligraphic inscription on exterior bottom.
1985.028.058 Bowl Rice Bowl Porcelain, blue and white, hand painted. Exterior: landscape with figures on foot, indecipherable design. Cracked interior, exposed unglazed areas on exterior.
1985.028.059 Bowl Rice Bowl Porcelain, blue and white. Exterior: design of landscape with scholar and attendant watching crane. Fourteen character inscription. Kiln flaw. Four character inscription on bottom.
1985.028.060 Bowl Rice Bowl Porcelain, blue and white. Design of tree(sp?) peonies. 6 character inscription on foot. Hairline crack.
1985.028.061 Bowl Rice Bowl Porcelain, blue and white. Scene of bird on blossoming branch on exterior with 18 character inscription opposite. Interior bottom: bird and grasshopper in minature landscape. Hairline cracks and kiln flaws.
1985.028.062 Bowl Rice Bowl Porcelain, blue and white. Exterior design of flowers, decorative rim, 2 kiln flaws.
1985.028.063 Doll Pair of tree models with wood rails and mounted on a gray painted base. The trees, one plum and one orange, are made from branches and leaves, flowers, and oranges are made of cloth. These two tree models are to represent the two trees planted in front of Shishiden (the hall of state) in the imperial palace complex in Kyoto. They would have flanked both sides of a girl's day set, which would have represented the imperial court.
1985.028.064 Plate Handpainted blue and white serving plate with flower center motif with register designs of flowers and grasses. The underside has double circle with a flower, design of flowers on the under rim. One small rim chip.
1985.028.065 Plate White porcelain plate with hand painted blue and white design of three sages and woman under pine tree. Under rim design of bats and 4 character inscription. Tonghzi Period, 1862-72.
1985.028.066 Plate Handpainted blue and white porcelain plate with design of fence, bamboo, rock, flowers, mushroom, and birds. Two kiln flaws on surface. Abstract scroll design on under rim and 4 character inscription on bottom. Dao Gung Period, circa 1821.
1985.028.067 Plate
1985.028.068 Bowl Fine porcelain body, hand-painted blue and white decoration. Floral rim. Body: lotus plants with alternating bands of characters. Double band on foot rim. Reign inscription on bottom. Hairline crack on rim.
1985.028.069 Bowl Fine porcelain body, hand-painted Ming-style pattern, lotus pattern interior, acanthus leaf and lotus around body. 6 character inscription on bottom. One hairline crack on interior.
1985.028.070 Bowl Soup Bowl Fine porcelain body, hand-painted, bird on flowering branch motif. Blue and white. 4 character inscription on foot, probably reign. Decorated rim, flowing pattern.
1985.028.071 Bowl Soup Bowl Blue and white hand-painted soup bowl. Tendril decoration with bats, jade chine, and floral design. 6 character inscription. Chip on foot, firing fragments on bottom of interior. Chip on rim.
1985.028.072 Bowl Blue and white porcelain bowl, hand-painted, Taoist or scholar with attendant looking at a cloud with a crane, symbol of long life.
1985.028.073 Bowl Soup Bowl Blue and white hand-painted porcelain bowl. Flowering branches iwth two medallions in character _sho_ (happiness). Two abstract bats, symbol of felicity. Two characters on rim. More of a folk design than others in Kovell's donations.
1985.028.074 Bowl Rice Bowl Blue and white hand-painted porcelain. Tendrildesign in alternating light and dark bands. Abstract design on bottom of raised foot ring.
1985.028.075 Bowl Rice Bowl Blue and white hand-painted porcelain. Cracked ice motif with vases containing flowers on stands. Tendril border rim design. Interior tendril design on rim.
1985.028.076 Bowl Blue and white hand-painted porcelain. Ox-herder motif on one side, poem on other. Double line border on rim and foot. Interior: lotus and crane, 4 character inscription, and double line medallion. Two character inscription on bottom.
1985.028.077 Bowl Blue and white hand-painted porcelain, modified Greek key motif on rim and by foot. Branches with fruit; persimmon, peach, Buddha-hand.
1985.028.078 Bowl Blue and white hand-painted porcelain. Three scholars in landscape.
1985.028.079 Bowl Blue and white hand-painted porcelain. Tree peony in bottom with Buddhist ju-i scepter. Four characters on exterior rim. Inscription on bottom.
1985.028.080 Bowl Blue and white hand-painted porcelain. Two dragonschasing a sacred pearl among clouds. Four characters on foot. Kiln asd(and?) kiln on inside.(?)
1985.028.081 Bowl Hand-painted blue and white porcelain. Two gentlemen (Taoist?) in landscape with fire and smoke. Buddhist love knot with inscription on back. Double circle on foot.
1985.029.001 Dagger Carabao leather "billy club" enclosing dagger disguised as a riding crop. Dagger has four sides with a sharp point.
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