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Wing Luke Museum
2004.037.406 Bin, Storage a-d: Four wooden storage bins; hinged door in front and knob handle.
2004.037.407 Crock Circular, white, ceramic crock; #5 on exterior; Redwing, Union Stoneware Co., Redwing, Minn. printed on surface.
2004.037.408 Crock Brown circular ceramic crock; brown interior, tan/brown exterior; #4 on exterior.
2004.037.409 Crock Circular white ceramic crock with lid; #3 and two leaves on exterior; #3 on lid; cracked on several surfaces.
2004.037.410 Basket Circular basket.
2004.037.411 Basket Circular basket.
2004.037.412 Basket Circular basket with square base; two handles.
2004.037.413 Basket Circular basket with square base; two handles.
2004.037.414 Jar a+b: Circular ceramic jar with lid; white interior; white with blue design on exterior surface; two small handles near rim.
2004.037.415 Lid Circular ceramic lid; white with blue knob.
2004.037.416 Plate a-k: Eleven ceramic plates with various patterns.
2004.037.417 Teapot a-c: Ceramic teapot with lid; broken handle; gold around rim; green/red/brown floral design; white interior and exterior.
2004.037.418 Wok Wok with two handles.
2004.037.419 Container Circular wooden container; two Mesa Apple lables on exterior; two metal handles.
2004.037.420 Lid Cone shaped metal lid with handle.
2004.037.421 Dispenser, Paper Paper dispenser; "The Chicago" label on top; wooden rod with metal frame.
2004.037.422 Bin, Storage Circular wooden bin with lid; herbs in smaller bags inside bin.
2004.037.423 Jar a-r: 18 glass jars; several with rectangular labels on exterior. aa-mm: 13 metal lids.
2004.037.424 Container a-k: Six glass containers with five metal lids
2004.037.425 Jar a-f: Six 10-sided glass jars; circular opening.
2004.037.426 Jar a-e: Three glass jars with two metal lids; handle on narrow neck; "1 gallon" on surface.
2004.037.427 Jar Circular glass jar.
2004.037.428 Jar Glass jar; square shape with circular opening.
2004.037.429 Flag American flag bunting
2004.037.430 Container a-j: Ten glass containers; round with handle.
2004.037.431 Lid a-l: 12 teapot lids in original packaging; white ceramic with four red Chinese characters and gold lines.
2004.037.432 Board, Cutting Circular, wooden cutting board; cracked on one side.
2004.037.433 Rope a+b: 2 bundles of rope in original burlap bag.
2004.037.434 Basket Circular basket with square base; two handles.
2004.037.435 Bottle 15 glass bottles in original box; 10 sided; circular with narrow round neck; bag with 28 bottlecaps.
2004.037.436 Bag White bag; "50lbs, AA EXTRA FANCY TEXAS PATNA RICE" black lettering.
2004.037.438 Box Rectangular wooden box; English and Chinese writing on one side. Whet Stone
2004.037.439 Box Rectangular wooden box; "Manufactured by Kwong Ki Hong Co, Hong Kong" printed on one surface; "Fried Fish" and Chinese writing on other surfaces.
2004.037.440 Stool Wooden stool; square seat and legs; metal reinforcement around legs.
2004.037.441 Stool Wooden stool; round seat and legs.
2004.037.442 Stool Wooden stool; carved round legs.
2004.037.443 Stool Wooden stool; round seat and legs.
2004.037.444 Stool Wooden stool; square seat and legs; metal reinforcement around legs.
2004.037.445 Table Square wooden table; carved legs; 2 flat surfaces- tabletop and one halfway down height of table; paint chipping off surfaces.
2004.037.446 Chair a-d: Four wooden chairs; round seat with loop shaped back; round curved legs; d- has part of seat missing and loop on back is wider.
2004.037.447 Chair Wooden chair; square seat; round legs.
2004.037.448 Basket, Winnowing a-p: Sixteen winnowing baskets; large, circular, and shallow with various weaving styles; several with Chinese writing on main flat surface.
2004.037.449 Sign Red wooden Wah Young Co. sign; raised gold lettering.
2004.037.450 Desk Wooden desk with sliding table surface; hatch has nine rectangular compartments; desk has two drawers in center and three smaller square drawers on each side; painted green with red borders; carving along top border and on each side of desk surface.
2004.037.451 Scale Scale; rectangular base with four wheels; base and platform is metal with wooden center; four weights- 2 2lb and 2 1lb; City of Seattle sticker- examined on 11-1 1993.
2004.037.452 Handcart Wood and metal hand cart; two handles and two metal wheels.
2004.037.453 Broom a-d: Four brooms; bamboo handle with straw bristles; $1.50 sticker on one of brooms.
2004.037.454 Key Master key with small metal ring.
2004.037.455 Key U.S.A HILLMAN key.
2004.037.456 Key Key
2004.037.457 Key Key
2004.037.458 Key Key.
2004.037.459 Key Key
2004.037.460 Key a-c: Set of two keys on metal ring.
2004.037.461 Key a-c: Key on metal chain with tag labeled "Meet Me, PIONEER CLUB AND COCKTAIL LOUNGE, Corner of 1st and Fremont Sts., LAS VEGAS, NEVADA."
2004.037.462 Key AXXESS key on metal ring.
2004.037.463 Key a+b: Set of two ABUS keys; originally tied together by rubber band.
2004.037.464 Key a-e: Set of 4 keys on small metal ring.
2004.037.465 Key a-c: Key attached to metal wire on wooden block.
2004.037.466 Bag a-h: Eight Unicorn Brand Ching Po Leung Soupe deshydratee bags.
2004.037.467 Teapot a+b: Ceramic teapot with lid; white with blue border design around lid and upper portion of teapot; handle of teapot and knob on lid has blue flower design.
2004.037.468 Chopsticks 35 chopsticks.
2004.037.469 Chopsticks 59 black wooden chopsticks.
2004.037.569 Flute 17 wooden flutes; varying lengths with black Chinese characters on wider end; several with Made In China stickers attached.
2004.037.570 Scale Balance scale.
2004.037.571 Crochet Eight crochet nets; various colors with tie on one end; circular opening on opposite end of tie.
2004.037.572 String Eight rings of metal string; three price tags - two 25 cents and one 15 cents tags; stored in paper box.
2004.037.573 Reed a-c: Three boxes of reed parts; bound by metal on circular end.
2004.037.574 Box Green paper box; Westclox label on box cover and Baby Ben Trade Mark Registered on bottom.
2004.037.575 Drumstick a+b: Two wooden drumsticks.
2004.037.576 Drumstick a-c: Three wooden drumsticks.
2004.037.577 Stick a-e: Five bamboo sticks; slightly curved
2004.037.578 String 55 Bundles of music string.
2004.037.579 Wood, Worked 2 boxes of carved bamboo parts; possibly instrument parts. a: 31 pieces b: 38 pieces
2004.037.580 Handle Wood handle; round handle with drilled hole on narrow end; paint or glue remnants near drilled hole.
2004.037.642 Scale, Postal Metal Postal weight scale.
2004.037.643 Key Metal key.
2004.037.644 Key Metal key.
2004.037.645 Key Metal key attached to metal ring and paper tag.
2004.037.646 Key Metal key.
2004.037.647 Key Metal key.
2004.037.648 Glass, Magnifying Magnifying glass; black plastic handle; plastic lense.
2004.037.649 Stamp Rubber stamp; wood handle; stamp of "International Branch, First National Bank of Seattle, Wash., Wah Young Co., Inc."
2004.037.650 Stamp Rubber stamp; wood handle; stamp of five Chinese characters
2004.037.651 Basket Circular basket.
2004.037.663 Key Key with metal ring; written note attached to key, "Key belong to big safe downstair."
2004.037.675 Stamp Wooden stamp; three rows of Chinese characters.
2004.037.676 Abacus Wooden abacus; metal reinforcements.
2004.037.677 Glass, Magnifying Magnifying glass with cover; circular glass with metal handle.
2004.037.678 Tea Canister a-c: Three circular canisters with tea samples; a: Oolong Tea, b: Black Tea, c: Jasmine Tea.
2004.037.679 Tea Three bags of sample tea in envelope; envelope from Formosa Oolong Co., LTD.
2004.037.680 Beans Bag of sample beans from Hue Bean Yuen Co., Vernon, Tezas; stored in rectangular box addressed to Mr. Paul Lee, Wah Young Co.
2004.037.707 Teapot a+b: Ceramic teapot with lid; teapot is painted gold on spout, around exterior base, circling the rim, and down sides; one side of teapot is decorated with scene of two Chinese women in traditional clothing; opposite side has seven Chinese characters in black; two metal handles on top; interior is tea stained; lid has nob handle with two gold lines on top surface. Dimensions: H- 7.5 in, L-8 in, Diam-5.5 in c: Basket with molded padding for teapot; red floral design padding; circular basket. Dimensions: H- 8.75 in, Diam-10.5 in
2004.037.708 Pen Eight Wah Young Company retractable pens; "Wah Young Company, 717 South King St., SEATTLE, WASH. 98104, Phone: MA 2-4338" printed on surface; blue and silver with clip.
2004.037.709 Cleaver Cleaver with wooden handle; rust on surfaces of metal, "MADE IN HONG KONG HO CHING" and Chinese characters imprinted on one side of blade.
2004.037.711 Bowl White ceramic bowl; gold line around rim; two identical floral designs, on opposites sides, on exterior surface; square manufacturing logo in red on bottom of bowl; "MADE IN JAPAN" sticker also on bottom; chipped on rim with crack running down to base.
2004.037.712 Teacup White ceramic teacup; gold line around exterior of cup near rim and near base; red, blue and yellow design around exterior surface; triagular manufacture logo with "MADE IN CHINA" on bottom of teacup.
2004.037.773 Flag American flag; stained; white left border has stamp mark.
2004.037.774 Flag Cloth Taiwan flag; stained; left right border has manufacture stamp mark.
2004.037.775 Runner, Table a-c: Table runners; lime green with embroidered designs; a+c are long rectangular shaped with embroided floral and bird design; b is square with bird and floral embroidered design.
2004.037.776 Tablecloth Square white silk tablecloth; embroidered dragon design near one corner.
2004.037.777 Runner a-d: Four white silk table runners.
2004.037.778 Runner White silk table runner; embroidered floral design on opposite ends.
2004.037.779 Tablecloth Reddish/Orange square silk tablecloth; embroidered dragon design near one corner.
2004.037.780 Tablecloth a+b: Square orange silk tablecloths; embroidered bird and floral design near one corner.
2004.037.781 Pillowcase a+b: Two round pink sik pillowcases; embroidered fish and floral design with bunched border.
2004.037.782 Runner, Table a-f: Six blue silk table runners.
2004.037.783 Rice Bag a-d: Four A A Brand 25 lb rice bags;
2004.037.784 Rice Bag a-d: Four A A Brand 10 lb rice bags
2004.037.785 Stamp a-f: Rubber stamps with wooden base and handle. a: Yokohama b: Honolulu c: Hong Kong d: Kobe e: Manila, P.I. f: Shanghai
2004.037.786 Stamp Rubber stamp with wooden handle, "FIRST CLASS MAIL."
2004.037.787 Stamp Rubber stamp of Chinese characters with wooden handle; last two characters of stamp has broken off and missing.
2004.037.789 Stamp Rubber stamp with wooden base and handle; "DUPLICATE."
2004.037.790 Stamp Rubber stamp with metal base and wooden handle; "WAH CHONG TRADING CO."
2004.037.791 Stamp Rubber stamp with wooden handle; six smaller stamps tied together vertically.
2004.037.792 Stamp Rubber stamp with metal base and plastic handle; "THIS ACCOUNT IS NOW OVERDUE."
2004.037.793 Stamp Chinese stamp in case; rectangular stamp with square stamp mark; case has seperate ink box with red ink and a sliding cover.
2004.037.794 Stamp Rubber stamp with wooden base and handle; "AIR MAIL," handle has circular mark "PATENTED No. 2,143,833 Union Made AFL 55."
2004.037.795 Stamp Rubber stamp with wooden base and handle; "TRIPLICATE."
2004.037.796 Stamp Rubber stamp with wooden base and handle; "19-95 PAID 0798002," handle is painted red and black; gold sticker on base "PUGET SOUND STAMP WORKS, 112 Seneca St. Seattle 623-4566."
2004.037.797 Stamp Rubber stamp with wooden handle; "2 1/2 OZ. NET"; green sticker from Seattle Rubber Stamp Co. on handle.
2004.037.798 Stamp Metal stamp; made up of eight smaller stamps of one Chinese character and tied together with string.
2004.037.799 Stamp Carved wooden stamp; stamp of six Chinese characters.
2004.037.800 Stamp Plastic stamp "COPY."
2004.037.801 Stamp a+b: Rubber stamp with wooden handle; "REC'D., ANS'D., FILE O.K, E.K.G., G.L.L., ATT." rubber has fallen off from base of stamp.
2004.037.802 Stamp Rubber stamp with wooden handle; "DUPLICATE."
2004.037.803 Stamp Rubber stamp with wooden handle; "Sec. 562 P.L. & R."
2004.037.804 Stamp Rubber stamp with wooden handle; "PLEASE RECEIPT AND RETURN"; P.C. Stamp Works engraved in wooden handle.
2004.037.805 Stamp Rubber stamp with wooden handle; "RECEIVED."
2004.037.806 Stamp Rubber stamp with wooden base; circular logo of Wah Young Company with Chinese writing in center; handle appears to be missing with drilled hole in center of wooden base.
2004.037.807 Stamp Carved wooden stamp; stamp of five chinese characters arranged vertically.
2004.037.808 Stamp Rubber stamp with wooden handle; "CANCELLED."
2004.037.809 Stamp Rubber stamp with wooden handle; stamp of six Chinese characters arranged vertically.
2004.037.810 Stamp Plastic stamp, "BILLED."
2004.037.811 Stamp Wooden carved stamp of seven Chinese characters arranged vertically.
2004.037.813 Stamp Rubber stamp with wooden handle; "AIR MAIL" with wing logo on stamp.
2004.037.814 Stamp Rubber stamp with wooden handle; "ADDRESS ALL MAIL TO, P.O. BOX 3232."
2004.037.815 Stamp Rubber stamp with wooden handle; "KOU MING TANG"; black and gold sticker of from Seattle Rubber Stamp Co on wooden handle.
2004.037.816 Stamp Rubber stamp with wooden handle; "WAH YOUNG COMPANY."
2004.037.817 Stamp Rubber stamp with wooden handle; "All agreements are contingent upon strike, loss to goods in transit or accident or other delays beyond sellers' control."
2004.037.818 Stamp Rubber stamp with wooden handle; "ORIGINAL."
2004.037.819 Stamp Rubber stamp with wooden handle; "TRIPLICATE"; green sticker of Seattle Rubber Stamp Co. on wooden handle.
2004.037.820 Handle Wooden stamp handle.
2004.037.821 Stamp Rubber stamp with wooden handle; "PREPAY"; faded Seattle Rubber Stamp Co. on wooden handle.
2004.037.822 Stamp Rubber stamp with wooden handle; "WAH YOUNG COMPANY."
2004.037.823 Stamp Rubber stamp with wooden handle; "WAH YOUNG CO, SEATTLE U.S.A."; rubber on stamped is torn on ends.
2004.037.824 Stamp Rubber stamp with wooden handle; "AS A PRESERVATIVE"; wooden handle is painted red with gold Seattle Rubber Stamp Co. sticker.
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