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Wing Luke Museum
2004.037.239 Plate White oval ceramic plate; two green lines near rim on interior surface; "WALLACE, SG, CHINA" printed on bottom of plate.
2004.037.240 Plate a-d: Four white ceramic oval plates; "WALLACE, MO, CHINA" printed on bottom of plates
2004.037.241 Plate a-e: Five white oval ceramic plates; two green lines around interior surface; "TEPCO,USA, CHINA" printed on bottom of plate.
2004.037.242 Bowl White ceramic bowl; exterior surface decorated with red and blue flowers; green leaves, and black bird; "SOUTH CHINA CAFE, 2714 BEACON AVE., SEATTLE, WASH." and four Chinese characters printed on exterior surface; "F.S. LOUIE, BERKELEY" printed on bottom of bowl.
2004.037.243 Spoon White ceramic spoon; interior surface decorated with green/red/blue floral design.
2004.037.244 Spoon White ceramic spoon; chipped along rim of handle and base of spoon.
2004.037.245 Spoon White plastic spoon.
2004.037.246 Spoon Yellow plastic spoon.
2004.037.247 Spoon White ceramic spoon; red decoration on interior surface.
2004.037.248 Lid Glass lid with handle.
2004.037.249 Holder Wooden holder; grooved down length of one surface.
2004.037.250 Chopsticks Six pairs of wooden chopsticks.
2004.037.261 Sign a-c: Three 1966 Seattle Chinatown Chamber of Commerce Member signs; blue with gold lettering and gold border; yellow hanging string on top of signs.
2004.037.264 Bankbook a+b: Black National Bank of Commerce balance book with plastic case.
2004.037.265 Announcement, Funeral a+b: Two funeral announcements; white cover with silver lettering "In Memoriam"; a: Wing Tang Fong of Seattle, born in China October 11, 1892, Died in Seattle, Washington July 11, 1969; additional floral receipts and funeral related papers in one of announcements. b: Sing Lee of Seattle, Born in China December 13, 1897, Died in Seattle, Washington July 24 1973.
2004.037.266 Label Label book, printed Chinese writing on pages; each page preforated down center.
2004.037.267 Receipt a-d: Four Jewel brand duplicating security money receipt books.
2004.037.268 Receipt Money receipt book; duplicating; a product of Westab.
2004.037.273 Ribbon a: 20 Red Ribbon with black Chinese writing; three have metal square pins attached to top with names Dan Woo, Tom Chin, and George Yee. b: Prims brand premium quality dressmaker's silk pins, rustproof-all brass.
2004.037.278 Album, Photograph a: Blank photo album in original box; beige fabric cover with burgundy/silver/gold/blue design; Japan printed on inside back cover. b: Fan with tassels; plastic bronze color sides.
2004.037.279 Silk Square Two white silk squares
2004.037.280 Album, Photograph Blank photo album in original box; blue fabric cover with gold design; orange and green diamond design with white background arcross center of cover.
2004.037.296 Moistener, Stamp White ceramic Sengbusch stamp moistener; Sengbusch Ideal Junior Milwaukee Wis Made in U.S.A. imprinted on bottom; metal rod in roller rusting.
2004.037.311 Key Set of two keys on metal ring
2004.037.321 Spoon Ceramic spoon; white exterior surface; red interior surface with Chinese character in center and s-shape design around side.
2004.037.322 Pin Delta dressmaker steel pins; 94 pins
2004.037.343 Keys Set of four keys on string; round tag with Chinese writing on both sides.
2004.037.344 Keys Set of two keys on string with paper tag.
2004.037.345 Keys Set of three keys on metal chain.
2004.037.346 Key Key
2004.037.347 Key Key
2004.037.348 Key Key with paper tag attached by metal wire; paper tag has Chinese writing.
2004.037.350 Key Key; may have been attached to paper with note: Spare Key to Door leading to upstairs warehouse and upstairs bathroom, 1-14-95.
2004.037.351 Chopsticks a-n: 13 pairs of chopsticks with red sleeves and one empty sleeve.
2004.037.352 Bowl Brown ceramic bowl with lid; bowl is cracked on side and interior base; rim has nob handle, incised bird decoration and four Chinese characters.
2004.037.353 Stamp Rubber stamp with wooden base and handle; stamp in Chinese writing.
2004.037.355 Flag Blue banner with red border; sewn red Chinese characters on right and left sidesc; circular logo in center.
2004.037.356 Fan Folding fan; scenery on one side, Chinese writing on opposite side; painted black wooden frame; both sides of fan are decorated with tan background and black Chinese writing and male figure.
2004.037.357 Pin a-h: Eight "Seattle's 10th Seafair 1959 pins; red and blue in the shape of a boat steering wheel. i: One "Seattle Skipper 1961" pin; white and blue in the shape of a boat steering wheel. j-l: Three Seattle Seafair pins; two are gold and white in the shape of a boat steering wheel with Space Needle in center and one is red, white, and blue in the shape of a boat steering wheel with the Space Needle in center. m: One "Seattle Seafair Skipper, 1958" pin in shape of boat sterring wheel.
2004.037.358 Staple Remover Staple remover.
2004.037.359 Stamp a+b: Two date stamps; one with black wooden handle, "Pullman Dater, PD-1" on handle; the other with red wooden handle with "Trodat IDL 1" on handle;
2004.037.360 Pin a-c: Three metal flag pins.
2004.037.361 Pin a+b: Two circular pins; red/white/blue/yellow with "TRADE MISSION" in center of pin; attached to rectangular tag with Chinese writing.
2004.037.362 Pendant Chinese character black metal pendant.
2004.037.363 Nail Metal nail; rust on surface.
2004.037.364 Can Opener Metal can opener; "Quick and Easy CAN & BOTTLE OPENER"
2004.037.365 Pendant Eight sided metal pendant; gold and black center with "G" in gold.
2004.037.366 Eraser Eraser
2004.037.367 Envelope a-c: White letter envelope with bag attached; "FROM WAH YOUNG COMPANY, IMPORTERS AND EXPORTERS, SEATTLE, WASHINGTON" printed on both envelope and bag.
2004.037.368 Stamp Two 29 cent USA stamps; American flag and White House.
2004.037.382 Packet a+b: Two travel packets with brochures to destinations in the Pacific; Pacific area currency converter, maps, and log book.
2004.037.383 Fuse a-c: Two fuses in green metal case; "LITTLEFUSES, QUALITY FUSES" printed on case.
2004.037.393 Container Rectangular metal container with lid; surfaces has areas of rust; inside box are 67 coins.
2004.037.394 Jar a+b: "Ball, PERFECT MASON" glass jar with metal lid;
2004.037.395 Jar a+b: Glass jar with lid; rectangular shape with circular opening.
2004.037.396 Runner, Table a+b: Two cream color silk table runners; black and white fringe ends; both in original box and packaging.
2004.037.398 Bag 13 Green Dragon Imitation Noodle bags.
2004.037.399 Bag a-c: Three Unicorn Brand Dried Orange Peel bags.
2004.037.400 Stool Wooden stool; round seat and legs.
2004.037.401 Stool Wooden stool; square seat and legs; metal reinforcement around legs.
2004.037.402 Stool Wooden stool; round seat; round carved legs; metal reinforcement around legs
2004.037.403 Stool Wooden stool; round seat and carved round legs.
2004.037.404 Stool Wooden stool; round seat and carved round legs.
2004.037.405 Stool Wooden stool; round seat and legs.
2004.037.406 Bin, Storage a-d: Four wooden storage bins; hinged door in front and knob handle.
2004.037.407 Crock Circular, white, ceramic crock; #5 on exterior; Redwing, Union Stoneware Co., Redwing, Minn. printed on surface.
2004.037.408 Crock Brown circular ceramic crock; brown interior, tan/brown exterior; #4 on exterior.
2004.037.409 Crock Circular white ceramic crock with lid; #3 and two leaves on exterior; #3 on lid; cracked on several surfaces.
2004.037.410 Basket Circular basket.
2004.037.411 Basket Circular basket.
2004.037.412 Basket Circular basket with square base; two handles.
2004.037.413 Basket Circular basket with square base; two handles.
2004.037.414 Jar a+b: Circular ceramic jar with lid; white interior; white with blue design on exterior surface; two small handles near rim.
2004.037.415 Lid Circular ceramic lid; white with blue knob.
2004.037.416 Plate a-k: Eleven ceramic plates with various patterns.
2004.037.417 Teapot a-c: Ceramic teapot with lid; broken handle; gold around rim; green/red/brown floral design; white interior and exterior.
2004.037.418 Wok Wok with two handles.
2004.037.419 Container Circular wooden container; two Mesa Apple lables on exterior; two metal handles.
2004.037.420 Lid Cone shaped metal lid with handle.
2004.037.421 Dispenser, Paper Paper dispenser; "The Chicago" label on top; wooden rod with metal frame.
2004.037.422 Bin, Storage Circular wooden bin with lid; herbs in smaller bags inside bin.
2004.037.423 Jar a-r: 18 glass jars; several with rectangular labels on exterior. aa-mm: 13 metal lids.
2004.037.424 Container a-k: Six glass containers with five metal lids
2004.037.425 Jar a-f: Six 10-sided glass jars; circular opening.
2004.037.426 Jar a-e: Three glass jars with two metal lids; handle on narrow neck; "1 gallon" on surface.
2004.037.427 Jar Circular glass jar.
2004.037.428 Jar Glass jar; square shape with circular opening.
2004.037.429 Flag American flag bunting
2004.037.430 Container a-j: Ten glass containers; round with handle.
2004.037.431 Lid a-l: 12 teapot lids in original packaging; white ceramic with four red Chinese characters and gold lines.
2004.037.432 Board, Cutting Circular, wooden cutting board; cracked on one side.
2004.037.433 Rope a+b: 2 bundles of rope in original burlap bag.
2004.037.434 Basket Circular basket with square base; two handles.
2004.037.435 Bottle 15 glass bottles in original box; 10 sided; circular with narrow round neck; bag with 28 bottlecaps.
2004.037.436 Bag White bag; "50lbs, AA EXTRA FANCY TEXAS PATNA RICE" black lettering.
2004.037.438 Box Rectangular wooden box; English and Chinese writing on one side. Whet Stone
2004.037.439 Box Rectangular wooden box; "Manufactured by Kwong Ki Hong Co, Hong Kong" printed on one surface; "Fried Fish" and Chinese writing on other surfaces.
2004.037.440 Stool Wooden stool; square seat and legs; metal reinforcement around legs.
2004.037.441 Stool Wooden stool; round seat and legs.
2004.037.442 Stool Wooden stool; carved round legs.
2004.037.443 Stool Wooden stool; round seat and legs.
2004.037.444 Stool Wooden stool; square seat and legs; metal reinforcement around legs.
2004.037.445 Table Square wooden table; carved legs; 2 flat surfaces- tabletop and one halfway down height of table; paint chipping off surfaces.
2004.037.446 Chair a-d: Four wooden chairs; round seat with loop shaped back; round curved legs; d- has part of seat missing and loop on back is wider.
2004.037.447 Chair Wooden chair; square seat; round legs.
2004.037.448 Basket, Winnowing a-p: Sixteen winnowing baskets; large, circular, and shallow with various weaving styles; several with Chinese writing on main flat surface.
2004.037.449 Sign Red wooden Wah Young Co. sign; raised gold lettering.
2004.037.450 Desk Wooden desk with sliding table surface; hatch has nine rectangular compartments; desk has two drawers in center and three smaller square drawers on each side; painted green with red borders; carving along top border and on each side of desk surface.
2004.037.451 Scale Scale; rectangular base with four wheels; base and platform is metal with wooden center; four weights- 2 2lb and 2 1lb; City of Seattle sticker- examined on 11-1 1993.
2004.037.452 Handcart Wood and metal hand cart; two handles and two metal wheels.
2004.037.453 Broom a-d: Four brooms; bamboo handle with straw bristles; $1.50 sticker on one of brooms.
2004.037.454 Key Master key with small metal ring.
2004.037.455 Key U.S.A HILLMAN key.
2004.037.456 Key Key
2004.037.457 Key Key
2004.037.458 Key Key.
2004.037.459 Key Key
2004.037.460 Key a-c: Set of two keys on metal ring.
2004.037.461 Key a-c: Key on metal chain with tag labeled "Meet Me, PIONEER CLUB AND COCKTAIL LOUNGE, Corner of 1st and Fremont Sts., LAS VEGAS, NEVADA."
2004.037.462 Key AXXESS key on metal ring.
2004.037.463 Key a+b: Set of two ABUS keys; originally tied together by rubber band.
2004.037.464 Key a-e: Set of 4 keys on small metal ring.
2004.037.465 Key a-c: Key attached to metal wire on wooden block.
2004.037.466 Bag a-h: Eight Unicorn Brand Ching Po Leung Soupe deshydratee bags.
2004.037.467 Teapot a+b: Ceramic teapot with lid; white with blue border design around lid and upper portion of teapot; handle of teapot and knob on lid has blue flower design.
2004.037.468 Chopsticks 35 chopsticks.
2004.037.469 Chopsticks 59 black wooden chopsticks.
2004.037.569 Flute 17 wooden flutes; varying lengths with black Chinese characters on wider end; several with Made In China stickers attached.
2004.037.570 Scale Balance scale.
2004.037.571 Crochet Eight crochet nets; various colors with tie on one end; circular opening on opposite end of tie.
2004.037.572 String Eight rings of metal string; three price tags - two 25 cents and one 15 cents tags; stored in paper box.
2004.037.573 Reed a-c: Three boxes of reed parts; bound by metal on circular end.
2004.037.574 Box Green paper box; Westclox label on box cover and Baby Ben Trade Mark Registered on bottom.
2004.037.575 Drumstick a+b: Two wooden drumsticks.
2004.037.576 Drumstick a-c: Three wooden drumsticks.
2004.037.577 Stick a-e: Five bamboo sticks; slightly curved
2004.037.578 String 55 Bundles of music string.
2004.037.579 Wood, Worked 2 boxes of carved bamboo parts; possibly instrument parts. a: 31 pieces b: 38 pieces
2004.037.580 Handle Wood handle; round handle with drilled hole on narrow end; paint or glue remnants near drilled hole.
2004.037.642 Scale, Postal Metal Postal weight scale.
2004.037.643 Key Metal key.
2004.037.644 Key Metal key.
2004.037.645 Key Metal key attached to metal ring and paper tag.
2004.037.646 Key Metal key.
2004.037.647 Key Metal key.
2004.037.648 Glass, Magnifying Magnifying glass; black plastic handle; plastic lense.
2004.037.649 Stamp Rubber stamp; wood handle; stamp of "International Branch, First National Bank of Seattle, Wash., Wah Young Co., Inc."
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