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Wing Luke Museum
2004.047.081 album, record An "audiodisc recording blank" record with "Junjo ni juso Yuki Masumato" handwritten on one label, while "Utade Kulaseba Yuki Masumato" is handwritten on the other.
2004.047.082 album, record A Golden Series Crown record, made in Japan, with "GW-3060" appearing on both labels, and contained in clear, plastic sleeve.
2004.047.083 album, record a: White, plastic-lined, paper record sleeve. b: Clear plastic bag with "2.8 ct" and "12oo" handwritten in blue marker in the left-hand upper corner.
2004.047.084 album, record a: A Polydor record made in Japan and protected by clear plastic sleeve; "JK 909-1" appears on both labels. b: Torquoise album sleeve featuring photograph of a rural train depot. c: A Polydor record protected by a clear plastic sleeve; "JK 909-2" appears on both labels. d: Torquoise album sleeve featuring same photograph as "b". e: A Polydor record protected by clear plastic sleeve; "JK 909-3" appears on both labels. f: Album sleeve identical to "b". g: Polydor record protected by clear plastic sleeve; "JK 909-4" appears on both labels. h: Album sleeve identical to "b". i: Polydor record protected by clear plastic sleeve; "JK 909-5" appears on both labels. j: Album sleeve identical to "b". k: Polydor record protected by clear plastic sleeve; "JK 909-6" appears on both labels. l: Album sleeve identical to "b". m: Polydor record protected by clear plastic sleeve; "JK 909-7" appears on both labels. n: Album sleeve identical to "b". o: Polydor record protected by clear plastic sleeve; "JK 909-8" appears on both labels. p: Album sleeve identical to "b". q: Polydor record protected by clear plastic sleeve; "JK 909-9" appears on both labels. r: Album sleeve identical to "b". s: Polydor record protected by clear plastic sleeve; "JK 909-10" appears on both labels. t: Album sleeve identical to "b". u: Polydor record protected by clear plastic sleeve; "JK 909-11" appears on both labels. v: Album sleeve identical to "b". w: Polydor record protected by clear plastic sleeve; "JK 909-12" appears on both labels. x: Album sleeve identical to "b," except it's chartreuse in color. y: Blue clothbound album box with artwork on front depicting 2 men sweeping and collecting fallen leaves; inside is a sheet of foam for protection. z: Plain cardboard fold-out album box. aa: Cardboard album sleeve with blue border on front; "World Music Best Collection " appears above Japanese text on front side and on the spine bb: Record-player manual in Japanese. .
2004.047.089 Book Brocade cloth covered Japanese book. 10 year compilation or issue.
2004.047.090 Bag Tan Canvas bag. Dyed onto the top is: Ward Dressing Case. On the interior: Item No. 93101, Superior Surgical Mfg. Co. Inc.
2004.047.091 Legging Army green Canvas Legging M-1938
2004.047.092 Bag, Duffle Green cloth duffel bag with "T. Matsuoka" written in ink on the side. Transportation tag from Southern Pacific Co. Written on the tag is: To: Chinook Mont. Junction Points: Port. Spokane.
2004.048.001 Shoe 1 - Women's Chinese shoe for bound feet. Red silk body with embroiodery and white tongue and heel. Red cotton sole.
2004.050.001 Fan Dominion Electric Table Fan Teal colored metal
2004.050.002 Clippers, Hair Comet Electric Hair Clipper
2004.050.004 Story Cloth Hmong story cloth Multicolored embroidered cloth with birds, oxen, boars and other animals around a pond with a lotus.
2004.051.001 Jacket Army Air Corp green wool jacket.
2004.051.003 Block, Printing Chinese lottery ticket printing plate. Copper plate on wood mount.
2004.054.001 Plate 2 - White ceramic serving plates Hand painted plum and peony motif. Painted on top of the glaze. On bottom in English "CHINA"
2004.054.002 Plate 2 - green glazed ceramic serving plates Maker's mark in blue on bottom.
2004.054.003 Bowl Glazed ceramic bowl. Interior painted green. Exterior painted butterflies? Repaired break.
2004.054.004 Bowl Glazed ceramic bowl. Exterior painted rooster, flower, cabbage. Chinese characters.
2004.054.005 Bowl 2 - Glazed ceramic rice bowls. Exterior painted bird on branch and Chinese characters.
2004.054.006 Bowl 3 - Glazed ceramic bowls. Exterior painted flowers, all have interior plum blossom. Printed on bottom: "CHINA"
2004.054.007 Bowl 1- Glazed ceramic bowls. Exterior painted flower, bird, Chinese characters. Printed on bottom: "CHINA"
2004.054.008 Bowl 1- Glazed ceramic bowl. Exterior painted flowers, Chinese characters. Dual red lines around base stand. Printed on bottom: "CHINA"
2004.054.009 Cup 1- Glazed ceramic tea cup. Exterior painted green.
2004.054.010 Bowl 4- Glazed ceramic bowls. Exterior painted green.
2004.054.011 Bowl Glazed ceramic bowl. Exterior painted green.
2004.054.012 Cup 8 - Glazed ceramic tea cups. Exterior painted ochre. Painted and glazed decorative features. Appears to be the Flute (emblem of harmony and Sages) or the Fly Whisk (Magic and Leadership)
2004.058.001 Sack 3 - Rice bags from Yick Feng Co. Circa 1936
2004.058.002 Flag 1 - American Flag, 48 stars
2004.058.003 Embroidery 1 - Embroidery
2004.058.004 Calligraphy 1 - Calligraphy on cloth
2004.058.005 Calligraphy 2 - Painted cloths with Chinese Characters
2004.058.006 Clock Wooden clock, Broken pendulum behind hinged glass door
2004.058.007 Mirror From Association Room, Wood framed oval mirror with carved design at top.
2004.058.008 Picture From Association Room, Gold wood framed black and white picture, portrait of man with mustash wearing suit, Chinese characters on upper right margin of picture.
2004.058.009 Picture From Association Room, Gold wood framed black and white picture, portrait of a man in uniform, white oval matte with Chinese characters on lower left and upper right.
2004.058.010 Flag From Association Room. a: Cloth American flag with green wooden handle, handle has gold colored point. b: Cloth KMT flag with green wooden handle and gold colored point.
2004.058.011 Clock From Association Room, Square wooden clock with numeric numbers, written logo "SANGAMO".
2004.058.012 Apron From Association Room, Blue and white vertical stripes apron with blue pocket.
2004.058.013 Picture From Association Room, Black wood framed black and white picture, portrait cut in oval shape and placed in center of light background, portrait of man in suit with mustash.
2004.058.014 Print From Association Room, Gold wooden framed print (possible drawing), scene of cottage homes by river and a windmill.
2004.058.015 Print From Association Room, Black wood framed print (possible drawing), scene of cottage house by river.
2004.058.016 Key From Association Room, 2 keys with metal tag, "K.Y.I. CO., 89, Seattle" and "K.Y.I. CO, 94, Seattle"
2004.058.017 Key From Association Room, Set of 4 keys attached by string, 2 paper tags
2004.058.018 Key From Association Room, Set of eight keys on ring, note attached "Found in Kong Yick Bld."
2004.058.019 Print From Association Room, Gold painted wood framed print, Chinese characters down center of print, scene of red house by lake with trees and mountains.
2004.058.020 Bottle In Association Room. Glass bottle with weaved covering from top to 2.5in from bottom.
2004.058.021 Set, Flatware From Association Room, "Rogers Smith+Co" flatware set, 5 forks and 5 flat surface utensils.
2004.058.022 Embroidery From Association Room, Dragon embroidery with mirror/metal inlays, surrounded by floral patterns, covered by a pieces of glass attached by clips.
2004.058.023 Handle In Association Room. a + b: Pewter dragon handles for burner on shrine, dragon head in center and 2 curving extensions above and below dragon head. a- L: 24in, W: 13.5in, D: 1.5in b- L: 24in, W: 12.5in, D: 1.5in
2004.058.024 Frame, Picture Gold painted wooden framed print, print of cruise boat "Presiden Grant" at sea, "WORDEN WOOD" printed on lower left corner, metal tag with "ADMIRAL ORIENTAL LINE, OPERATORS FOR U.S. SHIPPING BOARD" printed.
2004.058.025 Print From Association Room, Green wood framed prints, divided into 3 sections, Left: Road, lake, and mountains in back, white house at end of road. Center: 2 red roof houses by lake. Right: Red roof home with smoke coming out of chimney, house next to lake, person in boat by shore, big tree in center
2004.058.026 Painting From Association Room, Gold/burgundy wood framed painting, scene of moose in a lake with trees to the left and mountains in the background.
2004.058.027 Mirror From Association Room, Large framed silver backed mirror.
2004.058.028 Sign From Association Room, Pair of Association signs, originally on exterior of building
2004.058.029 Flag From Association Room, 39 cut cloth flags, various colors and markings, Chinese characters or symbols, Triad Flags.
2004.058.030 Incense From Association Room, Metal container with stick incense used for alter.
2004.058.033 Album, record 3 RECORD SET (1) MISSING In Chinese Mee Shing Record by Charles S. Lee 1955
2004.058.034 Tree, Shoe a+b: Two shoe trees
2004.058.035 Cup Metal cup with handle; rusty surface; bent sides.
2004.058.036 Powders Circular box of beauty powder; labeled "AIR SPUN, BEAUTY POWDER, AU PARFUN, EMERAUDE, SOLEIL d'OR"
2004.058.047 Dress Sleeveless dress; blue with red and white circular patterns.
2004.058.050 Pen Metal pen with clip.
2004.058.051 Case, Cigarette Metal Chesterfield cigarette case
2004.058.052 Sign Sign from original Wing Luke Memorial Museum; summary of Wing Luke's life and achievments; black and white photo of Wing Luke on upper right of sign.
2004.058.056 Chain Metal chain; rust on surface.
2004.058.057 Machine, Tabulating Dalton Brand Adding machine
2004.058.058 Painting Painting, Framed painting of mountains and stream. Found in Kong Yick builidng by IDEC
2004.058.059 Print Framed Print Color print of landscape. Trees, mountians and lake.
2004.058.060 Print Famed print color print of canal in Holland.
2004.060.001 Plaque Wood and brass plaque Presented to Seiichi Hara by the Seattle Japanese Hotel and Apartment Association September 1957
2004.060.002 Plaque Wood and brass plaque The Seattle Japanese Hotel and Apartment Association present to Seiichi Hara 50th Anniversary 1910 - 1960
2004.061.001 Sculpture Recycled materials dragon created by Meng Huang
2005.001.001 Closet Room 55. Wood closet
2005.001.002 Switch a: Room 55, Light switch b and c: Room 56, Light switch
2005.001.003 Bell Room 56. Bell
2005.001.004 Lamp Room 56 Kitchen. Kitchen Lamp
2005.001.005 Fixture, Light Light fixture
2005.001.006 Rack, Towel Room 106. Towel Rack
2005.001.007 Rack, Towel Room 107. a + b: Towel Rack.
2005.001.008 Fixture, Light Room 104. Light fixture
2005.001.009 Stove Room 103. Stove
2005.001.010 Sink Room 103. a and b: sink and light fixture
2005.001.011 Fixture, Light Room 75. Light Fixture.
2005.001.012 Plate Room 75. Chimney plate; rusty surface; scenery decoration on front center
2005.001.013 Fixture, Light Room 74. Light fixture.
2005.001.014 Fixture, Light Kitchen. Light fixture.
2005.001.015 Wrench Kitchen. Metal wrench.
2005.001.016 Sink Kitchen. Sink.
2005.001.017 Holder, Toilet Paper Kitchen. Toilet paper holder.
2005.001.018 Fixture, Light Kitchen. Light fixture in bathroom.
2005.001.019 Fixture, Light Room 73. Light fixture
2005.001.020 Fixture, Light Room 72. Light fixture
2005.001.021 Fixture, Light Room 71. Light fixture.
2005.001.022 Fixture, Light Room 64. Light fixture.
2005.001.023 Fixture, Light Room 65. Light fixture.
2005.001.024 Fixture, Light From room #67. Light fixture
2005.001.025 Fixture From Room #68. Light Fixture.
2005.001.026 Fixture, Light From Room #26. Light Fixture.
2005.001.027 Fixture, Light From Room # 90. Light Fixture.
2005.001.028 Fixture From Room # 88. Light Fixture.
2005.001.029 Plate From Room #76. Chimney Plate.
2005.001.030 Shelf From Room #76. Shelf
2005.001.031 Fixture, Light From room #76. Light fixture.
2005.001.032 Fixture, Light From room # 77. Light Fixture.
2005.001.033 Shelf From Room # 77. Shelf.
2005.001.034 Shelf From Room #77. Shelf.
2005.001.035 Fixture, Light
2005.001.036 Fixture, Light From Room # 79. Light Fixture.
2005.001.037 Fixture, Light From Room # 80. Light Fixture.
2005.001.038 Fixture, Light From room # 81. Light Fixture.
2005.001.039 Fixture, Light From room # 87. Light Fixture.
2005.001.040 Fixture, Light From Room # 86. Light Fixture.
2005.001.041 Fixture, Light From Room # 85. Light Fixture.
2005.001.042 Mirror From Room # 85. Mirror.
2005.001.043 Fixture, Light From Room # 84. Light Fixture.
2005.001.044 Doorstop From Room # 84. Doorstop.
2005.001.045 Bracket From Room # 84. a and b: Shelf Brackets.
2005.001.046 Closet From Room # 84. Closet.
2005.001.047 Switch From WashRoom. Lightswitch.
2005.001.048 Sink From WashRoom. Sink.
2005.001.049 Fixture From Washroom. Plumbing Fixtures.
2005.001.050 Toilet From Women's Restroom. Toilet.
2005.001.053 Room Room # 53. Wood floor; painted walls and ceiling; ceiling light outlit (2005.001.005); pipe on east wall; molding around room; 2nd door leads to room #54. 1 Window; 2 Doors Room Dimensions: L- 15'3" W- 9'4" H- 9' Window Dimensions: H- 65" W- 33"
2005.001.058 Breaker, Circuit From Power Room. Electric Boxes.
2005.001.061 Fixture, Light From Room # 91. Light Fixture.
2005.001.062 Fixture, Light From Room # 92. Light Fixture.
2005.001.063 Hinge From Room # 92. Transom Window Operator.
2005.001.064 Opener, Can From Room # 92. a+b: Can openers.
2005.001.065 Hanger From Room # 92. Clothes hanger.
2005.001.066 Fixture, Light From Room # 93. Light Fixture.
2005.001.067 Doorstop From Room # 94. Doorstop.
2005.001.068 Doorstop From Room # 95. Doorstop.
2005.001.069 Fixture, Light From Room # 95. Light Fixture.
2005.001.070 Hinge From Room # 102. Transom Window Operator.
2005.001.071 Fixture, Light From Room # 97. Light Fixture.
2005.001.072 Fixture, Light From Room # 99. Light Fixture.
2005.001.073 Fixture, Light From Room # 1. Light Fixture.
2005.001.074 Fixture, Light From Room #2. Light Fixture.
2005.001.075 Fixture, Light From Room # 3. Light Fixture.
2005.001.076 Fixture, Light From Room # 4. Light Fixture.
2005.001.077 Shelf From Room # 4. Metal shelft on west wall.
2005.001.078 Hose, Fire From 2nd floor Hallway. Fire Hose.
2005.001.079 Sink From Room # 6. Sink and supports.
2005.001.080 Faucet From Room # 6. Faucet.
2005.001.081 Dish, Soap From Room # 6. Soap Dish.
2005.001.082 Fixture, Light From Room # 6. Light Fixture.
2005.001.083 Hinge From Room # 6. Transom Window Operator.
2005.001.084 Key From Room # 7. Keys.
2005.001.085 Lock From Room # 7. Hock lock on 2nd door.
2005.001.086 Hook, Coat From Room # 8. Coat hanger piece/ coat hooks.
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