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Wing Luke Museum
2005.009.016 Sconce Pair of decorative carved wood wall sconces. Plastic (?) interior covering.
2005.009.017 Lamp Carved wood decorative overhead lamp. Metal backing. Plastic (?) interior covering.
2005.010.001 Sign Wood sign in Chinese painted Gold with black engraved characters.
2005.010.002 Flute Bamboo flute, striped with a darker brown material, twelve holes. Possibly a dizi.
2005.010.003 Oboe Chinese woodwind instrument, possibly a suona. Bell is metal and body is wood, were once joined, but that bond has broken.
2005.010.004 Woodblock Block of polished wood used for percussion, slits on either side for different tones and a string through one end.
2005.010.005 Drum Drum, meant to be hit on both sides. Body is wood and painted red, both sides are hide and un painted, held to body with metal fasteners along edge. Metal ring for hanging is also attached to body. Chinese characters printed on both sides.
2005.010.006 Gong Metal gong shaped like shallow dish, heavy. Chinese characters printed on interior, rough edge.
2005.010.007 Drum Wooden drum consisting of four parts held together with a metal band and fasteners at base. Bell-shaped and hollow, Chinese characters written around the base and painted in red and green on exterior.
2005.010.008 Drum Wooden drum consisting of four parts held together with a metal band and fasteners at base. Bell-shaped and hollow, Chinese characters written around the base.
2005.010.009 Drum Drum made of a gourd and wood, red Chinese characters on head of drum, geometric holes on base and sides.
2005.010.010 Gong Metal gong with Chinese characters painted on the inside, concave shape.
2005.010.011 Gong Metal gond with numerous Chinese characters printed on interior, concave shape.
2005.010.012 Drumstick Wooden stick used for hitting drum or gong, several holes and is splitting along the grain, splintering and heavy wear.
2005.010.013 Drumstick Set of two wooden, tapered sticks used with percussion instruments (a+b)
2005.010.014 Drumstick Set of two wooden sticks, bulbous at one end, used with percussion instruments (a+b)
2005.010.015 Drumstick Set of three cylindrical bamboo sticks, used with percussion instruments (a-c)
2005.010.016 Drumstick Single wooden stick, rectangular in shape, used with percussion instruments.
2005.012.001 Medal Chinese Agricultural Award Medal
2005.013.001 Compass German made armband compass. War trophy
2005.013.002 Rule, Slide 2 - slide Rulers in leather cases. A: Pickett Brand B: Keuffel & Esser Co. C: Ruler D: Trapezoidal Channel Slide Rule
2005.013.003 Template, Drafting 7 - Surveyor's drafting templates, compass, triangles, curves.
2005.013.004 Case, map German black leather map case. War Trophy
2005.013.005 Medal Collection of 14 German decorations and insignia. War trophys. Associated Certificate of War Trophys from commanding officer validating their collection in conformity with WD Cir. 155, 1945.
2005.013.006 Glass, Magnifying Two lens folding magnifying glass in case.
2005.013.019 Painting Oil painting of Minidoka Internment camp. signature in lower right Ikebuchi (?) 1943.
2005.014.002 T-shirt Black cotton Tee Shirt On the front in red is "Dragonslayer" On the back is Sliverdragon logo and: "Silver Dragon Restaurant, Chinatown, Seattle"
2005.016.001 Poster 4 - yellow, blue and white David Della Seattle City Council Campaign Posters
2005.017.001 Game, board Mah Tong Chinese Checkers Board Game box.
2005.018.001 Album, record "Fantasia" Nutcracker Suite Album cover with stereotypical Asian dancers.
2005.024.001 Saucer White ceramic tea cup saucer. Hand painted scene of two women. Golden Dragon Cafe
2005.024.002 Cup, tea Chinese Style Tea Cup White ceramic Hand painted scene of two women. On other side is: Golden Dragon Cafe Tacoma and a Dragon
2005.027 Drawing, pencil 2 - Pencil drawings of the Wing Luke Asian Museum by Rob Corburn. Used for an invitation to a reception honoring State Rep. Art Wang at the WLAM October 9, 1991
2005.054.001 Set, Doll Hina Matsuri Girl's Day Doll Set.
2005.067.002 Shaver, Bonito Bonito Shaver (katsuo kezuri-ki) Wooden box with drawer. On top sits a metal plane. Box has top cover. Made in Minidoka Internment Camp
2005.067.003 Nightgown nightgown, Japanese style of American flannel made by Yoshiko Bitow Maeda
2005.067.005 Button 2 - Campaign buttons: Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders for Kerry Edwards
2005.069.001 Ashtray White ceramic Ashtray Hand painted interior of Chinese folk figures and Jade Palace, 706 Main Street Vancouver Wash. Orders to Go Phone CX - 5- 5000
2005.069.002 Ashtray Regtangular white ceramic ashtray wtih red stripe and in black Chin's Kitchen Portland Oregon Original Chinese Food to Go AT. 1 - 1203
2005.070.001 Carafe Seven creamers, (a-g) a and b are red, c-g are yellow, all have mark on bottom reading "Hall, Made in USA"
2005.070.002 Dish, Sauce Nine small, tan sauce dishes, made by Shenango China of New Castle, PA. (a-i) a and b have image of a figure using a potter's wheel, c-i have company name and address only
2005.070.003 Jar, Condiment White ceramic jar containing malt sugar. Jar has never been opened and paper seal remains intact, though is deteriorating. Label is in red, yellow and white, brand is butterfly Butterfly Trademark, label is mainly in Chinese
2005.070.004 Bowl White bowl painted on sides. Images include a dragon and the sun, in red, green, and yellow.
2005.070.005 Teacup White teacup with image of dragon painted on side, Chinese characters read "luck," mark on bottom reads "Red Dragon" and features a small image of a dragon in red.
2005.070.006 Cup & Saucer Two sets of cup and saucer. Insides are white, rest of items are painted grey with blue trim. Cups are a and c, saucers are b and d. Made by Shenago China of New Castle, PA
2005.070.007 Mold, Cake Small metal dishes with scalloped sides. (a-o)
2005.070.008 Dish Four small metal dishes, a and b embossed with "Kreamer" on the side, c and d have indistinguishable maker's mark on side. Oval in shape. (a-d)
2005.070.009 Bowl Ceramic Bowls (a-f) Color painted on the side.
2005.070.010 Bowl Ceramic bowls (a-q) Hand Painted side dish bowls Made by F. S. Louie
2005.070.011 Platter 3 - raised serving platters (a-c) Made by F.S. Louie
2005.070.012 Hook, Meat Four meat hooks, pointed at both ends, curved in an "S" shape. (a-d)
2005.070.013 Hook, Meat Two small metal meat hooks, pointed at both ends, curved in an "S" shape. (a + b)
2005.070.014 Hook, Meat Two small meat hook, pointed at one end, square at the other and curved into a "U"
2005.070.015 Cutter, Cookie Cookie cutter with scalloped edge, "Made in England" engraved on handle
2005.070.016 Cutter, Cookie Round cookie cutter, no handle
2005.070.017 Cutter, Cookie Pair of cookie cutters, one slightly smaller than the other, no handle (a + b)
2005.070.018 Mold, cookie Two small, heart-shaped molds (a + b)
2005.071.001 Teapot Chinese style ceramic teapot in insulated tea basket.
2005.073.001 Dagger iron dagger Mien ceremonial dagger with three dimensional baloon spine handle. Red, white cloth strips tied to handle.
2005.074.001 Quilt Quilt with blanket backing. Rising sun in center with '1945' in very center.
2005.076.001 Cabinet Kitchen cabinet
2005.076.002 Cabinet General wooden cabinet
2005.076.062 Record Record
2005.076.063 Record Record: Title :Akai Boushi Shiroi Boushi Artist: Sawamura Junko Title: Janome Gasa Artist: Sawamura Junko
2005.076.064 Record Record: Title :Aoi me no Ningyou Artist: Sawamura Junko Title: Kutsu ga naru Artist: Sawamura Junko
2005.076.065 Record Record: Title :Touri yanse Artist: Sawamura Junko Title:Ame ga furimasu Artist: Sawamura Junko
2005.076.066 Record Record: Title :Ringo no hitorigoto Artist: Sawamura Junko Title: Nakayoshi Komichi Artist: Sawamura Junko
2005.076.067 Record Record: Title : Rikoyochii Ao Artist: Koei Ihei Title:Sutodoma Otoko Artist: Rouya Tashi
2005.076.068 Record Record: Title :Tsuki ga deta deta Artist: Columbia Orchestra (Kubo Sachie, Kirishima Syou) Title: Rine no Kobune Artist: olumbia Orchestra (Tsuruda Rokurou)
2005.076.069 Record Record: Title :Naniwa Bushi (Part 1) Artist: Kyoukawa Kachiyo Title: Naniwa Bushi (Part 2) Artist: Kyoukawa Kachiyo
2005.076.070 Record Record: Title : Watashi no Rimon Artist: Nippon Mercury Orchestra (Tokai Rintarou) Title: Baiyon Renda ami Artist: Nippon Mercury Orchestra , Ririo. Choras (Tokai Rintarou)
2005.076.071 Record Record Title : Amefuri Otsuki Artist: Shike Fumiko Title: Teruteru Bouzu Artist: Nakamura Misako, Sakamda Mariko, Murayama mieko
2005.076.072 Record Record Title : Suna yama Artist: Togura Sadako, Sakada, Matsuyama, Nakamura Title: Tojoudera no tanuki Artist:
2005.076.073 Record Record Title : Osaru no Kagoya Artist: Ohmichi Title: Kawaii sakanayasan Artist: IIue Yumiko, Kawada Kyouko
2005.076.074 Record Record Title : Teru teru bouzu Artist: Hirai Eiko Title: Artist: Hirai Eiko
2005.076.075 Record Record Title : Shinobu Yamauta Artist: Tahata Title: Ishikara no Haru Artist: Tahata
2005.076.076 Record Record Title : Yogiri no Minota Machi Artist: Tsuruda Kouji Title: Sasurai no Fne-Uta Artist: Tsuruda Kouji
2005.076.077 Record Record Title : Romance Musume Artist: Kobatake Hiro Title: Gnza shiyanson Artist: Kobatake Hiro
2005.076.078 Record Record Title : China noOyome iri Artist: Namiki Michiko Title: Koi no Jujirou Artist: Hayasih Yasuo
2005.076.079 Record Record Title :Oranda Fune Artist: Watanabe hamako Title: Namiuchi no youkyake Artist: Tsuruda rokurou
2005.076.080 Record Record Title : Machi no sakaba no akai hi yo Artist: Utomi Title: Anzu no hana saku oka koete Artist: Watanabe Hamako
2005.076.081 Record Record Title: Yuno machi Yayoku Artist: Chikae Syunrou Title: Atsui Nmida Artist: Maki Funio
2005.076.082 Record Record Title: Anata nashide wa Artist: Nozei Syoko Title: Ame no sakaba Artist: Hada syokiko
2005.076.083 Record Record Title:Oiwake Tsukiuyo Artist: Title:Parao Koishiya Artist:
2005.076.084 Record Record Title: Dance Party no Hiro-yo Artist: hayashi Isao Title:Haru no Nameiki Artist: Matsushima shiko
2005.076.085 Record Record Title: Bugiugi Onedo Artist: Shimaru Title: En mo yokari mo Artist: Shimaru
2005.076.086 Record Record Title: Otone Kouta Artist: Harubi Hachirou Title:Hirenmisaki no Fune Uta Artist: Futami Sachiko
2005.076.087 Record Record Title: Ochiba nagarete Artist:Andou mariko Title:Junjou no Ka Artist: Okamoto Junrou
2005.076.088 Record Record Title: Chikuma Gawa Aika Artist: Tsutsukara totoko Title: Yume Sarishi Oka Artist: Tsutsukawa Totoko
2005.076.089 Record Record Title: Meiji Ichidai jyo ( from the play) Artist: Title: Meiji Ichidai jyo (from the play) Artist:
2005.076.090 Record Record Title: Meiji Ichidai Jyo Artist: Title: Meiji Ichidai Jyo Artist:
2005.076.091 Record Record Title: Meiji Ichidai Jyo Artist: Title: Meiji Ichidai Jyo Artist:
2005.076.092 Record Record Title: Meiji Ichidai Jyo Artist: Title: Meiji Ichidai Jyo Artist:
2005.076.093 Record Record Title: Easy to Love Artist: David Rose and his Orchestra Title: Night and Day Artist: David Rose and his Orchestra
2005.076.094 Record Record Title: Stompin' at the savor- Fox Trot Artist: Benny Goodman Quartet Title: Viberaphone Blues- Fox Trot Artist: Benny Goodman Quartet
2005.076.095 Record Record Title: My happiness Artist: Ella Fitzgerald with the song Spinners Title: Tea Leaves Artist: Ella Fitzgerald with The song Spinner
2005.076.096 Record Record Title: My Mammy Artist: Al Jolson Title: Sonny Boy Artist: Al Jolson
2005.076.097 Record Record Title: Begin the Beguine Artist: David Rose and his Orchestra Title: Love for Sale Artist: David Rose and his Orchestra
2005.076.101 Record Record Title:Wakare Misaki Artist: Kotogi Fujio Title: Minato ni akai Higa tomoru Artist: Oka Haruo
2005.076.102 Record Record Title: Kiri no Nagare ni Artist: Kikuchi Syoko Title: Tanima no tomobi Artist: Hashimoto Ichiro
2005.076.103 Record Record Title: Hato Poppo Artist: Ishigami Takane Title: Hare and Tortoise; and Momoraro Artist: Ishigami Takane
2005.076.104 Record Record Title: Dekadon Bushi Artist: Samisen toyokichi (Columbia Wayo gassyoudan) Title: Tonko Bushi Artist: Kato Masao, Kubo (Columbia Wayo Gassyoudan)
2005.076.105 Record Record Title: Setsusake Ozato Artist: Shiomi Jun Kashisu Title: Setsusake Osato Artist: Zoufumi Tamura
2005.076.106 Record Record Title: Uta no shiyu sandan niku Artist: Nippon Columbia Gassyodan Title: Uta no shiyu sandai niku Artist: Nippon Columbia Gassyodan
2005.076.107 Record Record Title: Hrukaze Dochu Artist: Aoba, Nakashima kou Title: Renbo Samisen Artist: Tohda masato (composer)
2005.077.005 Letters Whatcom HS athletic letters.
2005.077.006 Yearbook 2 - Year books 1934, 1936 Whatcom County High school Bellingham Washington
2005.078.001 Uniform US Army jacket and shirt with 442nd insignia.
2005.079 Poster 38 Educational posters of prominent Asian Americans. Produced by the Washington State Department of Public Instruction.
2005.085.001 Suitcase Brown leather suitcase used by Kunizo Mayeno when he immigrated to the US from Japan in 1903. Pasted on the side is an NYK sticker and a Yokohama Hotel sticker
2005.087.001 Kimono Cotton kimono with varied shades of blue. Formal wear for older married woman because of open sleeve design (miyatsu-kuchi) and monochromatic coloring. Dark greenish-brown staining on proper left and on proper right sleeve underarm.
2005.087.002 Kimono Floral-patterned synthetic material kimono. Formal wear (furisode) for younger umarried woman. Dark and darker shades of purple background with varied floral pattern throughout. Solid red interior with some portions (inside sleeves and inside bottom) with an embroidered red floral pattern with gold specks. Batting between layers of material is deteriorating and clumpy in some areas. Large portion of red material in center has come unsewn. Deteriorating badly at bottom seam - exposed batting.
2005.087.003 Kimono Silk kimono with solid purple background and large purple and pink flowers throughout. Formal wear (furisode) for younger unmarried woman. Large green leaves accompany the large flowers. Also has smaller blue, red, and pink flowers with blue, red, and purple leaves with diamond pattern. Solid red interior with a noticeable brown stain in the lower middle section.
2005.087.004 Vest Children's (girl) padded cotton (?) vest with ties made of same fabric. Solid bright red background with green and white floral design throughout. Off-white interior. Hole located at middle proper left near the outer seam. Intermittent stains throughout. Japanese name for this type of clothing article unknown.
2005.087.005 Vest Children's (girl) synthetic kimono-patterned vest. Dark blue background with assorted floral pattern with varied stringlike swirls (yellow, white, green, pink, and gray). Solid red interior with panel of outer fabric along interior bottom. Two ties made of outer fabric with attached red and white string tassles. Japanese name for this type of clothing article unknown.
2005.087.006 Kimono Children's (girl) silk kimono with minimal dark purple background and blue, pink, and red flower pattern. Red and purple portions of pattern contain small white circles. Solid red interior with panel of outer fabric along bottom. Magenta cord ties with tassles. Light blue (ink?) staining on proper right shoulder on pink flower and on middle back. Pleated on backside.
2005.087.007 Haori Women's silk haori (jacket). Bright orange/lime green background with lavender and peach flowers. Red and peach leaves. Mostly red interior with wide swath of exterior fabric on interior bottom. One set of red corded ties. Loose and weak threading along collar.
2005.087.008 Haori Women's silk haori (jacket). Black background with tan lines intersecting to make rectangles. Every-other rectangle contains a smaller gray rectangle with tattered edges. Golden peach interior. Teal sash ties sewn to collar with blue thread sewn in a diamond pattern. Proper left tie detaching.
2005.087.009 Kimono Silk kimono for older woman. Dark blue patterned fabric with black zig-zag lines crosscutting the fabric in large diamond shapes. Interior top is solid white and interior bottom is solid burgundy.
2005.087.010 Kimono Women's patterned yukata kimono (informal). Synthetic? Muted green, gold, and red vertical striped pattern. Tiny gold applique pattern throughout (alternative swaths of design - dots, fan-shapes, and cross-hatches). No lining except for inside collar (white). Hole on proper-left back near middle. Brown staining on top inside collar.
2005.087.011 Kimono Women's leaf-patterned synthetic kimono. Dark brown and small white-dotted background with varied-colored brownish/goldenish leaves. Interior top has white lining while interior bottom has dark gold lining.
2005.087.012 Kimono Women's dark rust-colored silk-linen yukata kimono. Tan cross-hatched lines of varying widths. Flecks of black thread woven throughout. White silk interior bottom lining.
2005.087.013 Drum Den den taiko hand-held drum on stick. Three drums covered in red floral synthethic fabric. Stick wrapped in alternating magenta and white fabric with two magenta tassles. Three bells attached with green strings. Accompanying box is white with black Japanese characters and is very aged. Box has same dimensions.
2005.087.014 Kimono Women's black linen yukata kimono. Varied white tattered square-like pattern throughout that is alternated with small blue rectangular-like pattern. No lining but has additional fabric on interior back collar that has light blue vertical stripes.
2005.087.015 Tabi Pair of black linen tabi (divided-toe and ankle high socks). Rope soles with gray wool? interior. Three metal silver-colored clasps on each sock for securing in corresponding loops.
2005.087.016 Sash Japanese casual obi-ages (sashes with embroidery (4). Light gray: 44" x 7". Light ivory, pink, and green floral embroidery. Yellowing on backside on embroidery. Pink: 39" x 5.5". White, pink, and green floral embroidery with metallic centers (of the flowers). Black: 40" x 5.5". Gold and silver starlike embroidery. Folded in half and sewn with white basting stitches. Ivory: 42" x 4". Ivory and gold embroidery. Two linen layers on backside. Stitches coming undone.
2005.087.017 Sash Solid colored casual obi-ages (sashes) - (4). Dark gray - 22" x 6.5". Still attached to tag. Wavelike pattern. Silver gray - 41" x 6.5" . Wavelike pattern. Dark lavender - 39" x 6". Striped-like pattern. Faint rust-colored staining in middle. Very pale blue/green - 72" x 7". Wavelike pattern with rust-colored staining across full width of fabric.
2005.087.018 Slip White silk and linen slip-type undergarment (for under kimonos?) with linen ties. Still in original package (clear cellophane with blue font).
2005.087.019 Kite Blue and white fish kite. Dark blue and light blue scales with white underneath. Orange and yellow accents around gills with silver circular sticker for eyeball. Yellowing rope and metal attachment still attached. Manufacturer's tag with green embroidery (illegible) in mouth.
2005.087.020 Kite Yellowing-white and faded orange fish kite (windsock). Blue and yellow accents near gill and eye area. Red coloring underneath front fins. Silver sticker eyes. Long tear along bottomside. .Fraying rope on metal attachment. Metal transfer on hoop mouth (black staining) and deteriorating thread. Manufacturer's tag illegible.
2005.087.021 Kite Multicolor tube windsock (white, purple, blue, yellow, red). Solid construction with fabric separated at the end into individual pieces. Deteriorating rope ties.
2005.087.022 Kite Black, gray, and white fish kite (windsock). Black, green, yellow, gray and red eyes with gold stickers. Intermitten red and yellow accents. DAVISON marked onto kite. Rope and metal clip still attached. Nylon is heavily frayed at the end (tail).
2005.087.023 Rope Bag of rope for kites (windsocks). Two sets: synthetic gray rope and white rope, both deteriorating. Metal components included.
2005.087.024 Rope Baggie of synthetic ropes (white and brown) and metal components for Japanese kites (windsocks). Two sets of instructions in Japanese included.
2005.087.025 Box Japanese fish kite (windsock) box lid. No bottom piece. Lid shows image of four windsocks (3 fish and 1 multicolored cylinder) set in front of Mt. Fuji. Abrasions at edges, long sides indented, yellowing of white interior.
2005.087.026 Umbrella Japanese Umbrealla Karakasa Bamboo and paper karakasa
2005.087.027 Umbrella Japanese Umbrella Karakasa Bamboo, silk and paper karakasa
2005.087.028 Kite Paper Kite Hand painted paper kite, pentagonal.
2005.089.001 Statue Statue Carved wood statue of the goddess Kuan Yin (Guan Yin) Origianly part of the Opera House at the China Gate site.
2005.089.002 Pillar Pillar Carved and painted wood dragon pillar used as restaurant decor. China Gate
2005.127.001 Grater Wooden Filipino bench coconut grater
2005.131.001 Ruler Wooden measuring square 33" on one side and 14" on the other.
2005.131.002 Ruler Wooden tailor square 33" x 12" Keister's Ladies' Tailor Square
2005.131.003 Ruler Metal curved measuring stick 25" long The Fairgate Co.
2005.132.001 Blanket Gray woolen blanket. Army issue. Issued to Milton & Molly Maeda at Camp Minidoka in 1942.
2005.134.001 pen Blue, yellow, and red pen, with Vietnamese flag design on clip. 3 sided; one side reads, "Human Rights for Vietnam," second reads, "Relgious Freedom for Vietnam," and third is written in Vietnamese, roman script. Body of pen is blue, writing in yellow, flag design in red on yellow background. Part of collection of memorabilia from the 35th anniversary of the fall of Saigon, March 30, 2005.
2005.134.002 pin Two red, yellow, and black pins, made in design of Vietnamese flag. Handmade from ribbon by the Unity of Vietnamese Americans Committee. Part of collection of memorabilia from the 35th anniversary of the fall of Saigon, March 30, 2005.
2005.134.003 flag Four small Vietnamese flags, yellow and red paper attached to thin wooden dowel. Handmade by Unity of Vietnamese Americans Committee. Part of collection of memorabilia from the 35th anniversary of the fall of Saigon, March 30, 2005.
2005.134.004 music, sheet One page music with Vietnamese lyrics and English translation, photocopy, black ink on white paper. Vietnamese National Anthem. Part of collection of memorabilia from the 35th anniversary of the fall of Saigon, March 30, 2005.
2005.135.001 mat 7" x 7" square woven mat, light brown reed, Southeast Asia. Part of set of five mats, created as example of weaving patterns. Labeled "circle design" by donor/collector.
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