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Wing Luke Museum
2007.017.001 Ashtray White ceramic ashtray Painted on interior Pagoda Restaurant 3839 NE Broadway Ore Home Delivrey AT-1-5887 On back "FS Louie Berkeley"
2007.018.001 Uniform US Army uniform jacket with ribbons and cap.
2007.018.002 Cap Veterans cap Military Order Purple Heart USA
2007.019.001 T-Shirt T-Shirt Lime green cotton shirt Asian Pacific American Community Summit Celebrating Unity and Civic Participation Naturalize; Register; Vote May 29, 2004 - Tacoma Dome Presented by the Asian Pacific Islander Coalitions of Washington State
2007.020.001 Stick, Swizzle 2 - Plastic Menehune Swizzle Sticks Female and male.
2007.021 Poster Poster, Film Bend it Like Beckham From Exhibition on Sikh community. Film featured Parminder Nagra
2007.022 Poster Poster Play - Gold Watch, by Momoko Iko, Directed by Garrett Kaoru Hongo February 3 - 27, 1977 Ethinic Cultural Center Theatre Presented by the Asian Exclusion Act of the Asian Multi-Media Center.
2007.027.001 knife One 18" steel knife, Roswell, wood handle.
2007.027.002 knife One 20" steel knife, rounded, Solingen.
2007.027.003 knife
2007.027.004 knife One 14" scraper or spreader - Walden
2007.027.005 tongs One pair of 16" iron tongs.
2007.027.006 tongs One pair of 24" iron tongs.
2007.027.007 tongs One pair of 24" iron tongs.
2007.027.008 ladle One brass ladel, 10" in diameter, wood handle.
2007.028.001 Album, record 33 1/3 rpm Chinese music record albums RECORDS 9,10,11
2007.028.002 Tape, cassette Asia cassette tapes
2007.028.003 Tape Recorded Asian music
2007.028.004 Tape, video Taped Asian music
2007.028.005 Album, record Asian 78 rpm record albums
2007.030.001 carving A & B: Two 11" x 11" Chinese gilt-painted wood carvings in black and red-painted frames.
2007.031.001 Sculpture Wood Sculpture Plywood ribs with thin strips of wooded nailed to them to form the sheath. Along the edges are inset images in boxes.
2007.032.001 Painting Oil on wood panel Industrial buildings and containers on wharf.
2007.034 Sign Double sided metal sign with wood frame. Painted in English and Japanese.
2007.037.001 teapot One ceremic Chinese teapot with lid, blue and white, 5" (height).
2007.039.001 teacup One Chinese teacup, painted floral exterior, white interior. 2" high.
2007.039.002 incense burner One incense burner, Chinese, blue and white, fenistrated sides. No lid.
2007.039.003 bowl Two Chinese bowls, orange floral pattern.
2007.039.004 bowl One chinese bowl, 2" in diameter; orange glazed, calligraphy, white interior.
2007.040.001 doll One Japanese doll and wooden drum on wooden base. Standing female figure dressed in kimono, holding a large silver jingle bell. 12" in height.
2007.041.001 Figurine 2007.041.001 A-H : set of painted ceramic figurines of the eight Chinese Immortals. Each approximately 12" in height. The Eight Immortals are Taoist representations of historical figures who have attained immortality. A: identified as Chung Li-ch'uan, able to revive the souls of the dead with a magic fan. He is depicted as a beaded figure wearing a red, open robe with a fan attached at his waist. B: identified as elder Chang Kuo-Lao, who rides a magical white horse and carries a fish-drum. Depicted as a white-bearded figure wearing a hat, gold and red robe, holding a gray fish-drum. C: identified as Lu Tung-Pin, who carries a magic sword and is the patron saint of barbers. Depicted wearing a dark green robe and holding a sword under his left arm, two fingers extended on his right hand. D: identifed as Ts-ao Kuo-chui, venerated by theatrical performers; depicted wearing dark green court dress and carrying a pair of castanets. E: identifed as Li T'ieh-Kuahi, a disciple of Lao Tzu whose spirit, after visiting the celestial regions, was forced to take on the physical form of a beggar with a lame leg. Depicted bare-chested in beggar's robes, with a crutch and gold-colored gourd, and a blue band around his forehead. F: identified as Han Hsiang-tzu, the philosopher. Depicted wearing dark blue robe, black and gold hat, and carrying a fly whisk. G: identified as Lan Ts-ai-ho, gender ambigious, depicted wearing an orange robe and carrying a basket of flowers. Patron saint of gardeners. H: identified as Ho Hsien-ku, whose immortality is as a result of her diet of mother-of-pearl. She is depicted wearing a red robe decorated with flower motifs, and carries a long-stemmed lotus and a long-stemmed lotus leaf. ------------------------------------ Further information, see Aero, Rita, 1980. Things Chinese. Garden City, NY: Doubleday & Company, Inc., page 90.
2007.042.001 helmet Reproduction of a Japanese Samurai helmet (A). Metal, removeable front piece (B) and dragon. Orange and gold fabric-covered pillow with green tassels at corner and center (C).
2007.042.002 Doll One Japanese doll, dressed in a kimono made of purple seashells. Holding branch with attached "flowers" fashioned out of white seashells. Attached to wooden base covered with green felt.
2007.042.003 Stand One metal receipt stand. Flat metal base with protruding verticle metal rod. Possibly from China.
2007.042.004 Chopsticks One pair enamoled chopsticks. Dark brown, black, and amber-colored, inlaid with abalone and fish bone. 9" in length. Listed in accession record book as being one of two sets (A-B, C-D); other set not present at time of cataloging (T. Buck, 8/24/2007).
2007.042.005 Fan One fan. Brown lacquer, insect and stylized foliage design, black and gold ink on white paper background. Grey looped string handle with on white plastic bead.
2007.042.006 Fan Chinese folding fan, grey metal frame with metal loop closure. Male and female figure printed on paper, blue, green, yellow, white, black.
2007.042.007 Fan 10" folding fan. Frame is bone or plastic with carved floral design. Gauze printed with floral design, purple with silver glitter. Silver-colored metal loop handle.
2007.042.008 Fan 12" Chinese folding fan. Bamboo frame, black paper with faint grey calligraphy design.
2007.042.009 Fan Folding fan, bamboo frame and slats. Gold-colored paper with white top edge.
2007.042.010 Fan Folding fan, Chinese (?). Bamboo slats and frame. Flowered branch and bird design painted on fabric. Two slats are broken. Mold on fabric throughout.
2007.043.001 Doll One Japanese wooden doll, carved wooden rain hat and cape. Affixed to black wooden base via glue. Carved wooden post also affixed to base via glue, Japanese characters in black ink.
2007.044.001 helmet A: Japanese Samurai helmet, reproduction, small scale. B: Orange and red pillow, with tassels.
2007.046.001 Vest Vest, bullet proof. Black cloth vest attached to Front and back panels in black leather Separate girdele to protect side of body. Vest belonged to Lew Tow - or Tow G. Lew in Seattle during the inter-tong disputes in the mid 1920s.
2007.048.001 Lantern Chinese Lantern Wooden frame folding six sided hanging lantern with glass panels. From Chinese restaurant in Seattle WA Broadway St.
2007.048.002 Stylus Wood and Copper stylus Hmong Batik wax applicator
2007.050.001 Trunk Wood and Tin Trunk Lid is curved up and center portions of metal resemble reptile skin. Interior shelf box.
2007.051.001 Doll One Japanese doll on wooden block stand, wearing a cherry blossom dress. 12" height.
2007.052.001 Pipe One water pipe set, pewter. No brush. Chain and red cord hanging from pipe. Bird scene depicted on base. 12" in length.
2007.052.002 Pipe One carved, knotted wood tobacco pipe. Brass bowl, ivory (?) mouthpiece. 16" in length.
2007.052.003 Pipe One water pipe set, possibly brass. Dragon design on sides of base. Brush and tongs are missing. 10" in length.
2007.052.004 Pipe One water pipe set, pewter. Cord, brass emblem hanging from pipe. Crane and butterfly motif on base. Tobacco remnants in cannister. Tongs and brush missing. Neck of pipe has been repaired with tape.
2007.052.005 Pipe One pewter water pipe set. 18" in length. No cords or chain, includes brush. Blue floral cloissone work on base.
2007.052.006 Pipe One pipe. 3" x 3" base, etched design and calligraphy. 15" total length with stem. Set includes with tools, beads threaded through string: one green bead, small blue bead, small "pearl," one green bead, one red bead.
2007.052.007 Pipe, Opium One opium pipe bowl, 2".
2007.052.008 Pipe 14" carved wooden pipe, pale brown. Mouthpiece not present.
2007.052.009 Pipe 14" speckled bamboo tabacco pipe. Steel mouthpiece and bowl.
2007.053.001 Pipe One water pipe set, pewter. Plain, banded design on base. 10" in length.
2007.053.002 Pipe One water pipe set, pewter. Bird and floral design on base. 11" in length.
2007.053.003 Pipe One fine tobacco pipe. 8 1/2" pipe, steel mouthpiece and bowl, bamboo stem.
2007.054.001 Coin One Chinese coin, Kai Wan Tung Pao, minted 622 - 652 (?) AD. Fingernail/moon mark on top back indicates different time period minted. China.
2007.055.001 Poster Color Calendar Poster women with white horse Kwong Tung Book Co. Yuefenpai - Advertising Poster Cut to fit wood frame. Now out of frame.
2007.056.001 Fan Chinese fan and fan case. 2007.056.001 a is fan, bone frame with brass-colored metal hanging loop. Floral/mountain scene on one side, rural scene on reverse. 2007.056.001 b is fabric, embroidered fan case, black with black and white edging. teal and purple floral embroidery on one side, pink and white floral design on reverse. Blue stockinette stitch handle with two onlong pink beads.
2007.056.002 Fan One folding fan, 7" in length. Bamboo and bone frame. Painted flowers design. Pink tassel on handle.
2007.056.003 Fan One folding fan, 5" in length. Carved sandlewood, with white ribbon. Light green tassel attached with white cord to silver metal loop handle.
2007.056.004 Fan One folding fan, 9" in length, carved sandlewood. Areas of loss and unraveling of ribbon threading. Gold-colored metal loop handle. Green, red, and gold string tassle with two white beads.
2007.056.005 Fan One Chinese folding fan, 9" in length, sandlewood frame with cut-out design. Painted fabric with floral design, blue, boxed. Philippine designed.
2007.056.006 Fan One Japanese folding fan, 11" in length. Plain wood frame and slots. Brown paper, no design.
2007.056.007 Fan One Chinese folding fan, 9". Bone with cut-out design, threaded with blue ribbon. Gold-colored loop handle. Tassel is red, pink, and blue string with two white and one black plastic beads.
2007.056.008 Fan One folding fan, 12". Bamboo frame, black paper with painted gold design. Fan is very fragile; paper is split throughout.
2007.056.009 Fan One 11" Japanese folding fan, plain wood frame, brown plain paper, no design.
2007.056.010 Fan One 8" folding fan, double fabric-covered wood handles with metal-covered tips. Circular. Red paper, no design.
2007.056.011 Fan One 11" folding fan, bamboo frame, black paper with silver calligraphy design.
2007.056.012 Fan One 11" folding fan, bamboo frame, black paper with silver calligraphy design.
2007.056.014 Fan One 8" folding fan in a box, with plastic Cathay Pacific sleeve. Fan has bone frame, black ink cherry blossom design and black ink calligraphy on white paper. A: fan B: box C: sleeve
2007.056.015 Fan 7" Chinese folding fan in box. Carved sandlewood, 1" silk border, orange cord tassle. Box is cardboard with glass top.
2007.059.001 Doll Doll Mattel plastic doll in cloth costume in original box Disney's Mulan Film Premiere Edition Imperial Beauty Mulan Disney Collector Dolls second in a series Limited Edition
2007.060 Album, record 39 - 78 RPM Japanese record albums
2007.061.001 Album, record Double 33 1/3 rpm Japanese record album Columbia
2007.061.002 Album, record Double 33 1/3 record album Compilation of old King Record recordings of Japanese popular performers
2007.061.003 Album, record Double 33 1/3 rpm record album Japanese popular music compilation
2007.061.004 Album, record Double 33 1/3 rpm record album Japanese popular music Victor
2007.061.005 Album, record Double 33 1/3 rpm record album Best 20 Deluxe Teichiku Records
2007.061.006 Album, record 33 1/3 rpm record album Japanese artist
2007.061.007 Album, record 33 1/3 record album Japanese artist
2007.063.001 Gloves Gloves 6 glove patterns 9 pair leather gloves 5 single leather gloves Gloves from the Jerauld Manufacturing Co. Seattle WA Gloves were hand stitiched by a predominantly Japanese American women workforce in the 1930s manufacure of which continued for a while after Internment.
2007.064.001 Chopsticks Ivory and enamel case containing one silver, wood, and ivory knife and one pair of ivory chopsticks. Case with objects is 11" in length. Caligraphy (?) inlaid vertically in ivory on case. Chinese, Mandarin. A: case B: knife C-D: chopsticks
2007.064.002 Chopsticks Ivory and enamel case containing one silver, wood, and ivory knife and one pair of ivory chopsticks. Caligraphy (?) inlaid vertically in ivory on case. Chinese, Mandarin. A: case B: knife C-D: chopsticks
2007.064.003 Fan 8" long folding fan, off-white bone frame, black paper with calligraphy in silver-colored ink. No handle.
2007.064.004 Fan 8" long folding fan, Japanese. Wood frame with cut-out design. Dragonfly design, gold and silver ink on white paper, gold and blue painted top edge. Light blue string loop handle with single white plastic bead.
2007.067.001 Sign Glass Sign Gold lettering on black background Henry S. Luke, M.D. Physician and Surgeon Name in Chinese characters as well.
2007.068.001 Necklace Chinese coral bead neclace with metal medallion decorated with blue Kingfisher feather pieces.
2007.068.002 Necklace Chinese coral bead necklace with metal medallion decorated with blue Kingfisher feathers.
2007.069 Pin Pin and earring set Chinese cinnabar pin and earring set. Metal backing.
2007.070 Pendant Silver Pendant Vase shaped silver Chinese needle case
2007.071 Necklace Jade Pendant on beaded string
2007.072.001 Brooch Wooden Brooch Cut in the shape of a basket with small white shells glued to the front. On back carved into wood is "Tule Lake 1943 - Calif"
2007.073.001 Fan Palm Leaf Fan Painted with figures Stitched edge Reed handle with bone point
2007.073.002 Fan Woven Palm FAn Round shape. Wooden handle
2007.073.003 Fan 2 - Fabric Fan (Nylon) Mar Cafe Bone handle
2007.073.004 Fan Paper and Bamboo fan
2007.073.005 Fan Paper and bamboo fan. Advertisement for Nunohan Hotel Japan
2007.073.006 Fan Woven palm fan with reed handle
2007.073.007 Fan Woven palm fan Painted figure. Balinese goddess?
2007.077.001 Sculpture 54 colour photographic prints, many cut into irregular shapes, of dolls. Each is taped into hand-made ceramic frames. (A-AE in Shelf Box 141, AF-BK on exhibit in central gallery, "Honoring Our Journey") 9 ceramic stove tiles creating a hearth that secures to the wall (No perminant number, On exhibit in central gallery, "Honoring Our Journey")
2007.078.001 Sculpture Thick, yellow, semi-transparent resin sculpted into a half cylinder and affixed to a vertical rectangle of fiberboard. The front is printed with a black and white historic photograph. The fiberboard is also covered with a coat of resin and printed with flat and curled images of dollar bills. A half circle of resin embedded with pennies forms the bottom. Title and artist's signature on the back.
2007.079.001 Sculpture Sculpture Diamond shaped 3 dimensional kite Scroll cut wood, painted.
2008.001 bowl bowl white bowl with flower in a basket motif and chinese symbol on the outer part gold rim
2008.001.002 Pot Clay pot Glazed cylindrical clay pot without lid. Pot has a dark brown glaze on the top half and a white glaze on the bottom half. Dark brown glaze inside the pot. Pot has a red adhesive sticker on the side with black Chinese characters.
2008.001.003 Pot Clay pot Dark brown glazed clay pot. Pot is vase-shaped and without lid. Unglazed bottom.
2008.001.004 Teapot Teapot in cardboard box Aluminium teapot with handle in brown cardboard box. Lid of teapot attached to body with pink plastic string. Sticker on teapot reads: Made in Taiwan.
2008.001.005 Teacup Box of 5 teacups Brown cardboard box containing 5 matching Chinese teacups. Cups are white ceramic with a red dragon on the side and black letters reading: Kow Loon Cafe 15212 First Ave., South Seattle, WASH Foods to Take Out Phone CH-3-8840 Box has straw inside the bottom. 3 teacups are wrapped in brown tissue paper. 2 teacups are unwrapped. One teacup seems to be missing for a set of 6.
2008.001.006 Shells Stack of 8 scallop shells White, flat scallop shells. 5 of the shells are tied together with red-orange yarn. 3 shells are loose.
2008.001.007 Spoon Box of ceramic spoons 4 brown cardboard boxes each containing 20 ceramic spoons wrapped individually in brown paper. Spoons are white ceramic with red dragon and green clouds in spoon bed. Boxes are tied shut with yellow plastic string. One box is tied shut with white plastic string.
2008.001.008 Dish, Sauce Box of sauce plates 3 brown cardboard boxes each filled with 20 square ceramic sauce plates. Sauce plates are each seperated by a cardboard square. Plates are white ceramic with 2 red dragons and colorful clouds printed on them. Plates have a ridge divider down the middle for 2 compartments for sauces. Boxes are tied shut with white plastic string.
2008.001.009 Teacup Box of teacups Brown cardboard box filled with teacups. Box is filled with straw so only one teacup is visible. Cup is white ceramic with circular red dragon and gold Chinese xixi character pattern on side.
2008.001.010 Tunic 4 blue Chinese tunics, men's Tunics have navy blue cotton fabric exterior with a sky blue cotton-silk blend lining. Tunics are long-sleeved with six Chinese knot fabric buttons running down the front middle to close the tunic. Each tunic has two front pockets at the sides and one proper left breast pocket.
2008.001.011 Tunic 5 black Chinese tunics, men's Tunics have black cotton-silk blend fabric exterior with a sky blue cotton-silk blend lining. Tunics are long-sleeved with six Chinese knot fabric buttons running down the front middle to close the tunic. Each tunic has two front pockets at the sides and one proper left breast pocket.
2008.001.012 Vest Navy blue vest, men's Vest has navy blue polyester fabric exterior wih textured vertical stripes. Lining fabric is sky blue cotton-silk blend. Vest has seven black plastic buttons running down the middle closure. Vest has two 6" x 8" side pockets with one proper left 4" x 6" breast pocket. Vest has two 5" slits at the bottom hem on either side and a high collar. Two pieces of crumpled paper found in side pocket. Papers are of white and each 5" x 7". They are printed with red grids and Chinese characters and have black Chinese characters written inside the grid.
2008.001.013 Box Cardboard box Dark green, amlost black cardboard box with lid. Box has brown fabric coating with green/black paper pasted on top. White paint speckles on top of the lid. Metal label holder on box side with Chinese character paper label. Textiles 2008.001.010, 2008.001.011, and 2008.001.012 found folded inside box with piece of scrap paper with black painted Chinese characters sitting on top.
2008.001.014 Ashtray Glass ashtray Clear hobnail glass circular ashtray with 3 cigarette rests jutting out on the sides.
2008.001.015 Ashtray Glass ashtray Clear hobnail glass circular ashtray. Larger hobnails in the center of the tray act as cigarette holders.
2008.001.016 Saucer Ceramic saucer Off-white ceramic saucer with circular border design on rim. Black label stamped on saucer underside reads: Shenago China New Castle, PA USA
2008.001.017 Bowl, Cereal Ceramic bowl Off-white ceramic cereal bowl with petaled edge around rim. Abstract plant design printed off-center inside the bowl. Green label stamped on bowl underside reads: Syracuse China
2008.001.018 Saucer Ceramic saucer White ceramic saucer with taupe color gradient on the rim. Black stamped label on saucer underside reads: Homer Laughlin Best China USA
2008.001.019 Saucer Two ceramic saucers Two ceramic saucers with painted brown and yellow plaid pattern. Label on saucer undersides reads: Hand painted underglases Vernon Kilns.
2008.001.020 Plate, Dinner Ceramic plate Off-white ceramic dinner plate with scalloped outter rim. Gold floral pattern printed around rim. Colorful painted floral design on center of plate. Gold label stamped on plate underside reads: French Saxon China Co.
2008.001.021 Plate, Dinner Dinner plate Two off-white ceramic dinner plates with printed gold and blue leaf design on outer rim. Green printed label on plate underside reads: O. P. Co. Syracuse China" Plate A: has additional stamp on underside. Gold stamp next to green stamp label reads: M. Seller & Co. Portland, Seattle, Spokane" Plate B: no additonal label
2008.001.022 Bowl Rice bowl Set of 10 white ceramic rice bowls. Five bowls wrapped tightly in brown tissue paper, five bowls unwrapped. Bowls have four printed designs around outter surface that include a deer, old man, woman, and child with black Chinese characters. Thin gold band around top rim of bowls. Underside of bowls have a blue, oval sticker that reads: made in Japan".
2008.001.023 Box, Packing Wood box Wood packing box with black Chinese characters painted on the lid. Two red stamps with Chinese characters also on lid. Lid slides in and out of wood grooves. Used for packing goods.
2008.001.024 Jar, Food-storage Glass jar Clear glass peanut jar with floral patterns stamped into jar sides. Planters Peanut peanut man logo stamped on top of jar lid and on underside of jar. Lid has white rubber ring around inner rim for sealing. Underside of jar has "1980" embossed on glass with Anchor Haulking anchor logo.
2008.001.025 Teacup Ceramic teacup White ceramic teacup. Asian style teacup without handle. Piece of square napkin tucked inside cup. No logo.
2008.001.026 Lid Teapot lid White ceramic teapot lid without teapot. Top of lid has round knob and gold printed double happiness chinese characters with red dragon and pheonox flanking the characters.
2008.001.027 Potholder Fabric potholder Quilted cotton fabric potholder shaped like a Christmas stocking. Fabric is primarily red and green with Christmas-themed patters and teddy bears. Oval paper tag attached to potholder witha tag-gun plastic tag holder. Tag reads: Country Christmas, Made in Taiwan Accession number on back of tag.
2008.001.028 Jacket Men's Jacket Light brown pleather (immitation plastic leather) jacket lined with off-white quilted polyester fabric. Four brown plastic button down the middle front. Two hand pockets on either side. Label on nape of neck reads: Fingerhut 42 Made in USA
2008.001.029 Smock Smock Tan linen smock with proper left chest pocket. Two front pockets at each hip. Inner waist drawstring.
2008.001.030 Smock Smock Blue linen smock with proper left chest pocket. Two front pockets at each hip. Inner drawstring swen around waist. Tag on nape of neck reads: American Linen Supply 38.
2008.001.031 Vest Men's vest Grey pinstripe wool vest with light grey-blue silk lining and back. 7 buttons down the front. Pewter buckle at the back. 4 pockets on the front: 2 on proper left, 2 on proper right.
2008.001.032 Smock Smock Blue linen smock with proper left chest pocket and two front pockets at each hip. Inner drawstring swen at waist. Tag at nape of neck reads: American Linen Supply 38.
2008.001.033 Smock Smock White linen smock with proper left chest pocket and two front pockets at each hip. Inner drawstring sewn at waist. Tag at nape of neck reads: Martin Murray Original Hollywood Uniform Co. Los Angeles 14 Cal. 5 100% cotton
2008.001.034 Smock Smock Blue denim smock with proper left chest pocket and two front pockets at each hip. Inner drawstring sewn at waistband.
2008.001.035 Smock Smock Blue denim with proper left chest pocket and two pockets at each hip. Inner drawstring sewn at the waist.
2008.001.036 Smock Smock Tan linen smock with proper left chest pocket and two front pockets at each hip. Inner drawstring sewn at waistband. Tag at nape of neck reads: Small
2008.001.037 Smock Smock Tan linen smock with proper left chest pocket and two front pockets at each hip. No tag.
2008.001.038 Radio Radio Wooden radio with large circular black dial on front panel. Dial has white numbering and reads: Zenith Radio Corp. Four wooden knobs on bottom front panel for tuning. Dials have Zenith lightening boldt design. From Zenith Radio Corp.
2008.001.039 Lamp Lamp Desk lamp with dark metal base and black adjustable lamp spine. Bronze colored metal shade. Has lightbulb. Embossed on underside of metal stand: Rex Electric Co NYC.
2008.001.040 Checkwriter Check protector/check writer Black metal check protector with a grid of 72 numbered buttons 1-9 Black crank handle on the right side Aluminum metal plaque on the bottom side reads: The Hedman Manufacturing Co Chicago Ilinois. Aluminum metal plaque on the back reads: F&E Check protector. Price $115.00
2008.001.041 Typewriter Typewriter Black metal typewriter. Painted at the top across paper feeder in gold letters: Underwood Back bottom center had metal plaque with gold letters: Underwood product of Underwood Elliott Fisher Co.
2008.001.042 Box, Trinket Box Light brown natural wood box with gold colored metal latch. Lid opens from the top. Inside contains 11 glass shot glasses with gold rings at the rims and 3 larger glass box lined with white paper.
2008.001.050 Box, Food-storage Box of carboard to hold tea grey box with picture of black tree 16 Jasmine tea bags Back has distributer and instructions to make tea Wrapped in cellophane and is sealed and has not been opened
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