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Wing Luke Museum
2008.001.524 Vegetable, dried 13 plastic bags containing dried turnip Plastic bags have orange painted labels with orange lantern decoration. Label reads: Preserved Turnip
2008.001.525 Vegetable, dried Eight plastic bags filled with dried turnip Bags have red and green painted label Label reads: Preserved Turnip
2008.001.526 Vegetable, dried Nine plastic bags containing dried mustard greens Bags have red and green painted label. Label reads: Preserved Mustard
2008.001.527 Vegetable, dried Bag, preserved ginger 20 plastic bags containing dried sliced ginger chips Plastic bags have orange trim with blue wave decoration at the bottom. Label reads: Dried Ginger
2008.001.528 Fruit, dried Bag, olives 12 plastic bags containing salt-dried black olives Plastic bags have painted red and white decoration labels. White paper label adhered onto each bag reads: Olives Salted
2008.001.529 Fruit, dried Bag, dried mango Two plastic bags containing dried mango slices Bags are thick plastic with green and blue coloring and orange mangos on front. Bag reads in pink letters: Phillippine Dried Mango
2008.001.530 Bowl Bowl, plastic Green plastic bowl with marbled gold plastic throughout. Oblong shape.
2008.001.531 Bag Paper bags 33 paper bags Brown paper bags stacked in a pile used for wholesale of grocery items.
2008.001.532 Clamp Bag clip Metal bag clip/dispenser with blue paper bags clipped on.
2008.001.533 Clamp Bag clip Metal bag clip/dispenser with clear plastic bags clipped on.
2008.001.534 Clamp Bag clip Metal bag clip/dispenser with clear plastic bags clipped in.
2008.001.535 Clamp Bag clip Metal bag clip/dispenser with white pastry bags clipped on.
2008.001.536 Box Box, cardboard White cardboard box without lid. Contains ziplock bags and plastic bread bag fasteners.
2008.001.537 Box Box, cardboard white cardboard box with lid tucked underneath. Contains plastic bags and ziplock bags.
2008.001.538 Tongs, Sugar Tongs, metal Tongs have ridged teeth at ends. Used to grab dried fruit out of jars.
2008.001.539 Tongs, Asparagus Tongs, metal tongs with spoon and fork on the end used to pick up dried food.
2008.001.540 Vegetable, dried Bags, seaweed 5 clear plastic bags with twist-tie closures filled with brown dried seaweed. Masking tape acts as a label on the bags and reads in black marker: Monterey Seaweed
2008.001.541 Basket Basket, straw Rectangular straw basket with a rectangular styrofoam sheet lining the bottom.
2008.001.542 Pully Pully wheel Metal pully wheel and screw. Pully wheel attached to metal ring with wire, screw also attached to metal ring. Pully wheel was originally screwed into a ceiling.
2008.001.543 Canister, Food-storage Tea tin, metal 7 rectangular tea tins with round metal lid opening at the top. Used for transporting whole-sale tea bags. Metal has a gold sheen. Labels on the tins are embossed into surface. Tins are empty except tin A in the East Window. Tin A contained 30 well-preserved paper packages of tea. Each package is approx. 2.5" x 2.5" x 2.5" and are wrapped in off-white paper with red stamped label. 6 of the packages are now located on the East Table Shelves and 24 remain in the tea tin. Tea tins are spread out in 3 locations: East Window, East Wall Shelves E1 & E4.
2008.001.544 Pot Pot, glazed stoneware White glazed clay cylindrical pot with stamped blue logo: Spokane Pottery Pot is unglazed inside and does not have a lid.
2008.001.545 Scale Scale, food Toledo retail counter metal balancing scale with milk glass scale plate. Metal has bronze-colored coating.
2008.001.546 Noodles, dried Plastic packages, dried noodles 12 clear plastic packages filled with dried rice vermicelli noodles. Red paper label with picture of mountain scene reads: Rice Vermicelli
2008.001.547 Beans Bag, black beans Clear plastic bag containing dried black beans. Bag stapled shut with handwritten paper tag at the top reading: Black Bean
2008.001.548 Fruit, dried Bag, ginger One clear plastic 4oz bag filled with preserved ginger. Red and blue label reads: Koon Wah Food & Fruit Fty Preserved ginger
2008.001.549 Fruit, dried Bag, dried fruit 16 clear plastic 4oz bags filled with dried fruit. Red and blue label reads: Preserved Yenin
2008.001.550 Fruit, dried Box, preserved lemon 5 packaged boxes of preserved lemon. Each packaged box contains 12 red smaller boxes (each 4.25" x 1" x 2.75"). The package is wrapped in clear plastic. Yellow/gold label reads: Tung Chun Preserved Lemon
2008.001.551 Fruit, dried Boxes, cardboard with preserved dates 2 red 8oz cardboard boxes containing preserved dates. Boxes wrapped in clear plastic. Label reads: Peking Dates
2008.001.552 Fruit, dried Bags, plastic with individually packaged dates 2 bags with blue labels containing 5oz of individually wrapped dates. Dates are wrapped in white and purple waxed paper candy wrappers. Label reads: Cham Pui Mui
2008.001.553 Fruit, dried Bag, plastic with preserved lemon 4oz clear plastic bag with white label and black and red writing containing preserved lemon. Label reads: Tsuen Bai Lemon.
2008.001.554 Fruit, dried Bags, plastic with preserved yenin 2 clear 4oz plastic bags containing preserved yenin. White label with black and red writing reads: Kam Cho Yenin.
2008.001.555 Box Boxes, cardboard for tea 3 turquoise cardboard boxes each holding 100 tea bags of oolong tea. Box has picture of lake scene with label: Grand Tea Co., Hong Kong, Oolong Tea.
2008.001.556 Fruit, dried Bags, plastic with preserved dates 7 clear 10.5oz bags with red and white label: Preserved Dates
2008.001.557 Fruit, dried Packages, plastic with bayberries 4 seafoam green plastic packages with red berries on the front. Label reads: Kai Po Preserved Red Bayberry.
2008.001.558 Noodles, dried Bags, plastic with noodles 2 bag packages of vermicelli noodles with twist-tie closures. Bags have printed blue decoration on the bottom with an orange dragon up the side. Label reads: Kunglow Vermicelli.
2008.001.559 Seeds Bags, plastic with red melon seeds 23 clear 7oz plastic bags containing red melon seeds. Orange label reads: Rainbow Roasted Red Melon Seeds. Bags located on East Wall shelves on C2 and C3.
2008.001.560 Fruit, dried Box, cardboard filled with dates 5 White cardboard boxes with lids. White box has gold pattern design and printed red box accross lid. Label reads: Tientsin Dates (Sweetened). Boxes contain 42 individually wrapped dates inside.
2008.001.561 Noodles, dried Package, dried noodles 5 Clear plastic packages wrapped in hot pink mesh. Each package contains 8 bundles of rice vermicelli noodles. 10.5oz. Printed label in blue letters reads: Longkow Vermicelli. Located both on East Wall Shelves B3 and one on the East Table Shelves.
2008.001.562 Bag Bag, tapioca flour 12 clear plastic bags filled with tapioca flour. 16oz bags. Yellow label reads: Tapioca Flour with Thai writing.
2008.001.563 Bag Bag, Plastic filled with tea 26 clear plastic bags filled with loose leaf tea. Each bag has a paper, handwritten label stapled to the top opening. Label reads in red marker: Jasmine Oolong Tea Mix Bags located on East Wall Shelves C3 and 2 bags are on the East Table Shelves.
2008.001.564 Noodles, dried Bag, dried noodles 8 clear plastic 8.8oz bags filled with dried vermicelli noodles. Bags have printed label with 2 orange dragons. Label reads: Special Grade Bean Threads Pacific Eastern Trading Corp.
2008.001.565 Fruit, dried Box, preserved plums 12 boxes containing preserved plums. Boxes are cardboard and wrapped in clear plastic. Boxes are printed on one side with a scene of children playing, on the other is a label reading: Tung Chun Preserved Fruits Co. Preserved Plums. Boxes located on East Wall Shelves A3 and 4 of them are on the East Table Shelves.
2008.001.566 Candy Bag filled with candies Clear plastic bag filled with individually wrapped gummy candies. Wrappers on candies are clear with printed yellow trim and red Chinese characters.
2008.001.567 Fish, dried Bag, dried fish bladder 5 clear plastic bags with twist-tie closures filled with pieces of dried fish bladder.
2008.001.568 Fruit, dried Bag, orange peel 2 clear plastic bags filled with pieces of dried orange peel. 16oz. Paper label inside bags and printed label on top of plastic. Labels read: Hong Loong Marine Products Dried Orange Peel
2008.001.569 Fruit, dried Bag, orange peel 2 clear plastic bags filled with pieces of dried orange peel. Bags do not have label and one is stapled closed.
2008.001.570 Vegetable, dried Bag, agar agar strips 19 Clear plastic bags containg a seaweed derivative, agar agar in strips. Bags are 2oz. Agar agar strips are tied together with red ribbon inside bags. Label reads: Mong Lee Shang Brand White Agar Agar Strips.
2008.001.571 Bag Bag conatinging MSG crystals Clear plastic grocery bag with no label and a twist-tie closure containing white monosodium glutimate MSG crystals.
2008.001.572 Noodles, dried Package, dried rice noodles 8 packages of dried vermicelli rice noodles. 16oz Packages of noodles are wrapped in green paper with paper labels adhered to the front and back. Label reads: Rick Sticks Foo Lung Ching Kee Co. Packages are located on the East Wall Shelves on A4 and 2 packages are on the East Table Shelves in section 2.
2008.001.573 Fish, dried Box, shrimp chips 12 cardboard boxes containing shrimp chips. Boxes are wrapped in clear plastic and printed with yellow and red label. Labels have a picture of colorful shrimp chips and shrimp. Label reads: Quick Frying Shrimp Flavored Chips.
2008.001.574 Vegetable, dried Bag, dried seaweed sheets 4 clear plastic bags containging round dried seaweed sheets. 4oz bags. Paper label inside bag and printed on plastic bag has white flowers and reads: Kwong Lee Long Dried Edible Seaweed.
2008.001.575 Bag Bag, dried fungus 4 clear plastic 85g bags containing chopped strips of black fungus. Red and black printed label on bag reads: Black Fungus Golden Grains Brand, Strip.
2008.001.576 Fruit, dried Bag, candied ginger 6 clear plastic bags filled with candied ginger pieces. Bags have printed butter yellow and red labels. Label reads: Preserved Ginger.
2008.001.577 Fish, dried Bag, dried shrimp 26 clear plastic rectangular bags filled with dried shrimp. No label on bags.
2008.001.578 Fish, dried Fish bladder, dried 7 expanded and dried fish bladder sheets. Each sheet has a brown grass string loop sewn through the middle to enable hanging. Fish bladders are approx 11" in diameter and are off-white.
2008.001.579 Vegetable, dried Bag, seaweed 12 bags dried seaweed. Clear plastic bags containing 1oz of dried seaweed square pressed sheets. Paper label inside bag has black Japanese characters and sticker on lower right corner of bag reads: Dried Seaweed Silicon bead pack inside for drying.
2008.001.580 Bag Bag, plastic with loose leaf tea 12 clear plastic rectangular bags containing brown loose leaf tea leaves. Handwritten paper label stapled to top reads in blue marker: Gon Jim Oolung Tea Mix. bags located on East Wall Shelves C4 and East Tables Shelves section 2.
2008.001.581 Candy Bag, Candy 4 clear plastic bags filled with individually wrapped candy. Candy wrappers are multi-colored wax paper. Paper label stapled to top of plastic bag reads: Yan Chim Kee Co., LTD Cocoanut Candies.
2008.001.582 Candy Bag, candy Double-bagged clear plastic bags containing 8oz of individually wrapped pieces of candy. Candy wrappers are multi-colored waxed paper. Inner bag has printed red and white label and reads: Made in Hong Kong.
2008.001.583 Bag Bag, seed and grain mixture 3 clear plastic bags filled with a seed and grain mixture. 6oz Bags have printed label with red flower on the upper left front and red Chinese characters n the middle of bag. Label reads: Ching Po Ling.
2008.001.584 Fruit, dried Bag, mandarin peel 6 blue plastic bag packages filled with satsuma / mandarin peel. Bags are printed with yellow Chinese characters and two trophies on the front package. Peels meant for steeping in hot water and drinking. Label reads: Preserved Mandarin Peel.
2008.001.585 Fruit, dried Bag, preserved fruit Clear plastic bag with yellow string tie at top filled with individually wrapped preserved fruit. Possible green plum. Individual wrappers have printed black Chinese Characters on yellow background and a picture of green plums. Diameter of bag approx. 10".
2008.001.586 Lantern Lantern, wood and plastic Chinese hexagonal wood and plastic hanging lantern. Lantern has thin transparent plastic panels with hand painted birds, flowers, and gold Chinese characters. Red tassel hanging from bottom of lantern.
2008.001.587 Scoop Scoop, metal Metal scoop with handle attached to scoop base with metal screws. Used for scooping wholesale food stuffs.
2008.001.588 Scoop Scoop, metal Metal scoop with metal finger loop for handle. Used for scooping wholesale food stuffs.
2008.001.589 Scoop Scoop, metal Metal scoop with handle attached to scoop base by sodering metal plates together. Scoop used for wholesale food stuffs.
2008.001.590 Can, Food-storage Canister, tea Cylindrical metal tea canister. Gold colored metal can with metal lid. Can has gold dragon and gold and green Chinese characters on the side. Can is sealed inside with a plastic stopper and filled with tea.
2008.001.591 Can, Food-storage Canister, tea Black metal tea canister with lid. Canister has colorful hand painted flower and bamboo on side. Opposite side of can had gold Chinese characters for label. Tea inside is wrapped in white paper but leaking out into can.
2008.001.592 Canister, Food-storage Tea canister 17 yellow metal tea canisters with metal lids. All sealed with plastic around lid and filled with tea. Cans have 6 varieties of designs printed on the sides. Designs include various birds, flowers, and a family scene. Each can has a label in red writing and red Chinese characters. The english writing reads: Gum GFN Tea. OK Brand.
2008.001.593 Canister, Food-storage Tea canister 2 red metal tea canisters with metal lids. Both canisters are sealed with plastic at the lid and are filled with tea. Cans have printed birds on branches on the sides. Label is printed in gold letters and Chinese characters. English reads: Oolong Tea. OK Brand.
2008.001.594 Canister, Food-storage Tea canister 7 green metal tea canisters with metal lids. Each can is sealed with plastic at the lid and filled with tea. Cans are printed with 5 different designs of various birds, flowers, and a family scene. Printed label in gold letters and Chinese characters. English reads: Jasmine Tea. OK Brand.
2008.001.595 Box, Food-storage Cardboard box for sausage 2 empty cardboard boxes used for storing dried sausages. White cardboard box with red label. Label reads: Wing Wing Co., Ltd. 460 Hastings St. East Vancouver, B.C. Canada. 5lbs
2008.001.596 Bowl Bowl 2 metal gold-colored bowls with ~2inch foot bases. Possibly an offering bowl or a decorative serving bowl.
2008.001.597 Tube Tube canister for mailing Brown cardboard cylindrical canister with grey metal lid and base. Mailing canister for soy sauce. Unable to open canister. Unknown contents other than soy sauce. Postage stamp is faded and reads: 1962. White adhesive label on side reads: Wing Nien Soy Sauce MFG. Co. San Francisco.
2008.001.598 Pot Clay pot Dark brown glazed clay pot without lid. Unglased bottom.
2008.001.599 Pot Clay pot Glazed white cylindrical clay pot with glazed white lid. Lid is slightly too big for the pot. Pot is also glazed white on the inside. Pot has blue leaf outline design on the side and the number 5 on above the leaf. Towards the bottom of the pot has a blue stamp reading: Western Stoneware Company.
2008.001.600 Dulcimer Yangqin (Yung Kum) Chinese Hammered Dulcimer or Butterfly Harp Wood instrument. Cover over soundboard. 3 - hammers on sound board. Drawer in base.
2008.001.601 Pipe Long pipe, wooden stem, metal bowl, and bone mouthpiece. Made in China, Chinese characters on bowl.
2008.003.001 Toy Toy: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles "Sumo Michaelangelo" stereotypical figurine with "Sumo Turtles coin", sandals and weapon.
2008.003.002 Doll Toy: Plastic "Chinese" Disney 'Chip and Dale' figurine in stereotypical Chinese dress - a yellow hat, blue shirt and yellow pants.
2008.003.003 Box Candy Box: written on front "Cherry Clan" with three stereotypical Chinese face images on the box.
2008.003.004 Puppet Puppet: written on packaging "Chinese Ghost Punching Puppet" along with stereotypical description of puppet.
2008.003.005 Box Box: written on front "Ultra Slim Tea" with stereoetypical image of an Asian woman on front of box.
2008.003.006 Toy Toy: water pistol in the shape of a stereotypical Chinese dragon; still in packaging. Bright pink body with pruple, and yellow details. Water pistol parts are blue and green (trigger).
2008.003.007 Book Book: entitled "Tales of the South Pacific" (1947) by James A. Michener with stereotypical book cover and plot (exoticized stereotypes of South Pacific)
2008.003.008 Book Book: entitled "The Hidden Flower" (1952) by Pearl S. Buck with steroetypical book cover and plot line.
2008.003.009 Book Book: entitled "Sayonara" (1953) by James A. Michener stereotypical cover and storyline (American GI 's relationship with a Japanese woman)
2008.003.010 Book Book: entitled "The China Sea Murders" (1953) (original title: "The Shanghai Bund Murders" [1933]) by F. van Wyck Mason, stereotypical cover and plot line (views of Communist China)
2008.003.011 Magazine Magazine: "Fate, True Stories of the STrange and the Unknown: Tahitian Firewalk" (January 1954) stereotypical / exoticized cover of Tahiti.
2008.003.012 Book Book: entitled "Shogun" (1975) by James Clavell, stereotypical cover/views of shogunal Japan
2008.003.013 Magazine Magazine: "Archie McPhee, Outfitters of Popular Culture: Special Monster Edition (Catalog 34 - 1994), stereotypicL toy Chinese Ghost Puppet.
2008.003.014 Toys Toy: Mighty Morphin Power Rangers "White Ninja Ranger" figurine in original packaging, stereotype of ninjas
2008.003.015 Toys A - C: Toy, "Fun Disguise Kit", three pairs of black plastic glasses, one in original packaging, stereotypical Asian features
2008.003.016 Toys Toy: "Chinese Hopping Ghost Keyring" in original packaging, stereotypical Chinese imagery. Figure attached to metal key ring, wearing black garment and shoes, black and red hat and white gloves with arms stretched out forward.
2008.003.017 Magazine Magazine: "Life" (January 25, 1963), page 11 - advertisement for Chun King frozen foods using stereotypical imagry / description of Chinese culture
2008.003.018 Poster Poster: for film "My Geisha" (1962) with text "starring Shirley MacLaine, Yves Montand, Edward G. Robinson, Bob Cummings" and in small print near bottom "co-starring Yoko Tani", features stereotypical imagery of Japanese culture including Shirley MacLaine's caricature reading a book "How to Be a Geisha" while holding chopsticks
2008.003.019 Poster Poster: for film "Take a Chance" (1933) with text "with James Dunn, June Knight, and Charles (Buddy) Rogers", a Paramount Release", features stereotypical imagery of Hawaii, including James Dunn (?) in a lei and grass skirt surrounded by stereotypical "Hawaiian" women (though Caucasian).
2008.003.020 Umbrella Umbrella/parasol: made of wood (handle) and paper with flower (pink) and bird (blue) imagery with blue trim on perimeter
2008.003.021 Figurine Ceramic figurine: stereotypical "China man" with yellow shirt and hat
2008.003.022 Figurine Figurine: "Lucky Tiki", label on back "This tiny tiki wishes you an abundance of 'POMAIKAI' which means GOOD LUCK and GOOD FORTUNE!" "Hapa-wood, CocoJoe's, Made in Hawaii", "(c) 90" on bottom. Stereotypic / Tourist Hawaiian Figure.
2008.003.023 Figurine A: Ceramic figurine: Stereotypical male Chinese figure in yellow shirt with red character in center and gold glitter throughout, yellow hat with hair in braid, black pants. "Wall's / Made in Japan" sticker on bottom. B: Ceramic figurine: Stereotypical female Chinese figure in jade green dress with gold glitter throughout, with one hand raised and one hand resting on torso. (Not on Display)
2008.003.024 Figurine Ceramic Figurine: Stereotypical "Asian" figure of a child, wearing a rice hat and holding two hats, dressed in a seafoam green shirt with gray pants and black shoes. Bottom of figurine left to right, top to bottom reads "Calif., 11/15/44, V, McCarty, (c)"
2008.003.025 Ashtray A: Ashtray with stereotypical Polynesian imagery including a nude woman and flowers, "HAWAII" on the side opposite the female figure, made of painted ceramic (?) B: Product label that originally accompanied ashtray reads "Polynesian Girl: From nature the Polynesian Girl, created with volcanic lava expressing the beauty and love of Hawaii. Aloha! #16-141 Made in Hawaii, Lava, CocoJoe's Products"
2008.003.026 Fan Fan, fold-out, black painted wooden frame and gold "guilded design" folded paper (yellow paper on back). "Made in China" sticker on frame.
2008.005.001 Cup 3 - glass Moxibustion cups large, medium and small.
2008.005.002 Knife, Sheath Sikh kirpan and belt; The belt is object a; the knife is object b; the sheath is object c. The belt is cotton fabric, black with gold thread decoration, looped in a circle with a small black loop to hold the knife. The knife is silver in color (possibly steel?) simple blade design with curved handle. The Sheath is the same silver color material as the knife with brown decoative siding, embellished with the same silver color metal decorations on top of the brown. The tip of the sheath curves sharply away and forms an elongated point. Kirpan is one of the 5 K's or 5 Panj Kakars in the Sikh religion. the sword is the emblem of courage and self-defence. It symbolises dignity and self-reliance, the capacity and readiness to always defend the weak and the oppressed. It helps sustain one's martial spirit and the determination to sacrifice oneself in order to defend truth, oppression and Sikh moral values. A symbol of dignity and the Sikh struggle against injustice. It is worn purely as a religious symbol and not as a weapon. When all other means of self protection fail, the Kirpan can be used to protect yourself or others against the enemy. This article of faith most closely resembles a sword in a metal sheath and wrapped in a fabric holster . The word Kirpan itself means "mercy, grace, or magnanimity". The Kirpan is most often worn close to the skin of the body, underneath clothing, and is kept in place by a strap around the shoulder and torso, attached in place by the fabric holster .
2008.005.003 Comb Sikh Kangha; wooden comb. Used in the Sikh religion, one of the 5 K's or 5 Panj Kakar. Kangha is necessary to keep the hair clean and tidy. A Sikh must comb his hair twice a day and tie his turban neatly. A symbol of hygiene and discipline as opposed to the matted unkept hair of ascetics. A Khalsa is expected to regularly wash and comb their hair as a matter of self discipline. This is to be worn in the hair at all times, and is used for combing of one's hair: "it represents hygiene [.] ridding oneself of impurities and what is morally undesirable". Thus, the kanga reinforces the belief that one would maintain cleanliness of spirit, mind and body. According to scientific research keeping a wooden kangha in your hair reduces the level of static energy building up. A metal or ivory comb is not to be used as a substitute.
2008.005.004 Bracelet Sikh Kara; thick silver color steel bracelet. Used in the Sikh religion, one of the 5 K's or 5 Panj Kakar. The Kara or steel bracelet symbolizes restraint from evil deeds. It is worn on the right wrist and reminds the Sikh of the vows taken by him, that is, he is a servant of the Guru and should not do anything which may bring shame or disgrace. When he looks at the Kara, he is made to think twice before doing anything evil with his hands.
2008.005.005 Shorts Sikh Kachh; white "soldier's shorts" made with cotton-like fabric with slight sheen, probably synthetic. Tag inside says "MS A House of Sikh Religious Items (India). Used in the Sikh religion, one of the 5 K's or 5 Panj Kakar. Kachh or the soldiers shorts must be worn at all times. It reminds the Sikh of the need for self-restraint over passions and desires. A symbol signifying self control and chastity. Resembling boxer shorts they are designed for comfort and freedom of movement: ".a symbol of restraint of passion, of chastity , and a constant reminder of the prohibition of adultery , both in lusting and in deed".
2008.008.001 Glass 3 - Sake Glasses 1 - Plastic tray
2008.009.003 Box
2008.009.004 Remote Control
2008.010.001 Platter Iron Sizzling Platter with wooden trivit
2008.011 Set, Jewelry Shell jewelry
2008.011.004 Scroll Chinese, New Year, 1920's Calligraphy, red paper, fabric rolled
2008.011.005 Scroll Chinese, New Year, 1920's 10 calligraphic characters
2008.011.006 Scroll Chinese, fabric frayed, tear thru center Calligraphy, cranes, pine tree
2008.011.008 Scroll Chinese - diagram of Forbidden City blue border, circa 1900
2008.011.009 Scroll Chinese torn top & bottom lotus leaves & flowers white birds, calligraphy upper right
2008.011.010 Scroll Japanese calligraphy upper half seated figure, writing materials wooden roller (no top roller) tear center right - frayed edges
2008.011.011 Scroll Chinese God with orange face highly colored frayed edges
2008.011.012 Scroll Chinese God with white face frayed edges wrapped with SC-11
2008.011.013 Scroll Chinese "God of War" orange background red, purple, pale green no roller
2008.011.024 Scroll Chinese unmounted pictures on paper stamped CHINA
2008.012.001 Dresser Dresser Drawers
2008.012.002 Dresser Dresser Drawers
2008.012.003 Chair Chairs 3 - Chairs
2008.012.004 Jar, Food-storage Jar, glass 6 - Reliance coffee Jars. Used to store food.
2008.012.005 Decoration Christmas Ornaments 4 - wooden 17 - globe balls 3 - birds 2 - santa 1 - house 1 - star 1 - topper 3 - fish 5 - pine cones 10 - spirals
2008.012.006 Cover, Pillow Pillow Case White with crocheted sleeve
2008.012.007 Set, Carving Table set Serving fork with bone handle 2 - steak knives 1 - butter knife
2008.013.001.001 Button Two round campaign buttons 2004 US Presidential Democratic "Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders for Kerry Edwards" Blue
2008.013.001.002 Button Two round campaign buttons 2004 US Presidential Democratic "People Powered Howard Dean for America" Gold
2008.013.001.003 Button Round campaign buttons 2004 US Presidential - Democratic "Howard Dean for America" "Celebrating Equal Rights for All" Background image of American flag
2008.013.001.004 Button Round campaign button 2004 US Presidential Democratic "Howard Dean for America" "" Blue
2008.013.001.005 Button Round campaign button 2004 US Presidential Democratic "Asian Americans for Dean" Blue
2008.013.001.006 Button Round campaign button 2004 US Presidential Democratic "Howard Dean for America" "" White
2008.013.001.007 Button Round campaign button 2004 US Presidential Democratic "People Powered Howard" Blue
2008.013.001.008 Button Two Round campaign buttons "Asian Pacific Island Americans" "Vote Democrat 2000" "Our Vote Is Our Voice" White
2008.013.001.009 Button Round campaign button "Asian Pacific Americans" "Vote in 96" "Democratic National Committee" White
2008.013.001.010 Button Round campaign button "African Americans" "Vote in 96" "Democratic National Committee" White
2008.013.001.011 Button Round campaign button "D.C. Statehood Now!" White w/ American Flag image
2008.013.001.012 Button Round campaign button "Adelante Con" "Clinton Gore 96" White
2008.013.001.013 Button Round campaign button "Hillary's Husband for President" White
2008.013.001.014 Button Round campaign button "Clinton Gore 92" White
2008.013.001.015 Button Two Round campaign buttons "Norm Rice for Governor - Democrat" Blue
2008.013.001.016 Button Three Round campaign buttons "Norm Rice - Mayor" Blue
2008.013.001.017 Button Round campaign button Seattle Mayor's Race "Women for Rice" Blue
2008.013.001.018 Button Round campaign button "Vivian Caver" "37th District State Legislature. Position 1. Democrat." Red
2008.013.001.019 Button Round campaign button "Stop LaRouche" "No on 64" Yellow
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