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Wing Luke Museum
1985.029.002 Box The box has a tray for betel nuts, three broken pieces, and a key.
1985.029.003 Ax
1985.029.004 Ax
1985.029.005 Shield Wood shield with carving and woven ornament. Shield is carved from one piece of wood and stained with black, although the lighter wood shows through in several spots. Shield is in form of long rectangle with cut-out sections at both top and bottom. The center bulges forward over a carved bar in the center back with place for hand to grasp it. This "bulge" is carved with linear designs. Two bands of woven designs about 1" wide ornament above and below center panel.
1985.029.006 Purse Small purse sewn of woven fabric. Fabric is dark blue with woven design of x's in red, yellow, green, and white. Lined with white muslin with double pocket in back lining. One hidden snap closing.
1985.029.007 Pipe Brass bowl with nose, ears, eyes, mouth with thin brass pipestem inserted. Brass chain affixed to bottom of bowl ornamented with 3 groups of 3 beads and terminating in a thin saber-like piece of wood 2.5" long.
1985.029.008 Basket Tiny basket with a variety of weaves and sizes of raffia, trumpeting shape on square base. Tan, reddish brown, and dark brown in color.
1985.029.009 Pipe Brass and woodwork pipe. Bowl of pipe is egg-shaped, of smoothly finished wood, upper edge finished with brass. Carved wooden stem fits into brass stem. Area at the joining is stepped in size.
1985.029.010 Shoes Slippers with leather and beadwork. Velvet covers leather insole and outer surfaces of heel. The beadwork covering the solid front of the sandal is in gold and bronze seed beads in zigzag patterns separated by lines of clear beads. White and bronze beads form a border. Both have rectangular manufacturer's label on insole and indentical embossed stamp on bottom sole reading: "Angurian/F.A.A./Binan.Laguna".
1985.029.011 Basket Small basket in pedestal shape with flaring rim. Reddish brown raffia with top bound and accented with dark brown.
1985.029.012 Knife Knife: Length: 15.25", Width: 2.25" at widest point of blade Knife is beveled along blade, notch (or worn place) in center of blade. Ironwork, all one piece. Sheath: Length: 15", Width: 3.75" at widest part Sheath is of wood, formed as an open backboard, stained dark brown. The sheath has a narrow strip of wood, held in place by a woven band, holding the knofe in place. There are 3 holes in the wood, 2 on right edge immediately above and below wooden band, and another high on left edge.
1985.029.013 Knife Knife: Length: 15", Width: 2.5" at widest part of blade Knife is of iron, handle banded by woven straw work in two bands. Knife is double-edged, beveled along both edges and tapering from center. Hilt is shaped of the same piece of iron, rolled to from hollow. Sheath: Length: 13.5", Width: 3" at widest part Sheath is of wood, shaped to blade, colored with dark stain. Wood is carved to fit shape of knife, and knife is held in place by a single wooden band, held by woven straw. Chip out of wooden band, and it is loose.
1985.029.014 Spear Ironwork, all one piece. The blade has no hilt, but has narrow shaft at top which may have fitted into a wooden hilt. Blade is tapered, double-edged, beveled all around. Ornamented by two sharp curved points flanking shaft for handle.
1985.029.015 Costume Skirt (Length: 53.5", Waist: 29", Hem Width: 46"): Black and silver 4-piece dress of pina cloth, jusi cloth, and silk. Silver, white, and gold machine embroidery. U-shaped yoke at top, slit opening left side (no closure), train in back with scalloped edges. Decorated with appliqued flower, circle, and stylized designs. Small holes in pina cloth. Jacket (Length: 16.5", Width: 36'): Stiff, loosely woven, very sheer black jusi cloth. Front opening, no closure. Elbow-length butterfly sleeves with scalloped edges and white, gold, silver designs similar to skirt. Sleeves gathered at shoulder, rise above shoulder level. White perspiration marks inside of sleeves. Dress (Length: 55.5", Width: 35"): Black silk(?) satin full-length slip with gold machine-chain stitch emb. Symmetrical stylized floral design follows V-neckline. Braided fabric shoulder straps. Emb. along bottom. Folded tuck below bustline. Four triangular insets. One ravel spot near bottom. Shawl (Length: 35", Width: 34.5"): Stiff, looselt woven, very sheer black jusi cloth with gold, silver, and white machine emb. and applique. Middle seam. 2 undecorated, hemmed edges. 2 scalloped edges - corner has flowers and stylized design.
1985.029.016 Shirt Barong Tagalog shirt 28" long, 22" wide. This shirt has a half-way buttoned down front opening. It posesses an average-shaped shirt color(sp?), long slightly blousy buttoned cuffs. THere are 7.75" slits at the bottom of the shirt side seams. This shirt is made of rare Pina fabric, made from hand-plucked fibers taken from the leaf of a pineapple plant. Fibers are dried and woven by hand. Nearly all Pina comes from the city and province of Iloilo (1986.200.010). The shirt is a soft peach color, where the Pina fibers create a translucent effect. Material is embellished with delicate silk floss images in royal blue, sky blue, reds, yellows, green, pink, and touches of brown. Silk floss is concentrated around borders of the opening. Images include a yellow and brown roofed house on stilts in water with a group of palm trees, a woman in a traditional short puffed sleeve dress and blue apron, a man and woman taking turns churning the butter, and a blue-hatted young man with a fishing pole jumping stones across a creek. Many images are enhanced or bordered by rose flowered patterns.
1985.029.017 Blanket Cotton blanket from the mountains of Northern Luzon, possible origin Bontoc, Ifugao, or Kankanay (see "The People and Art of the Philippines" - Museum of Cultural History, UCLA, pp. 220-223). Striped design consisiting of red and navy stripes of varying widths alternating with a stripe of a zigzag pattern on a background of white. Five yellow stripes also appear, one directly down the center. Two panels have been sewn together, stripes running vertically, meeting at the center yellow stripe. Borders at each end consist of another panel of like material sewn with stripes running horizontally across vertical stripes of main piece. Short tassels in groups of twos are spaced evenly at both ends in red, white, yellow, and green. Pieces are stitched togther by machine.
1985.029.018 Skirt Striped cotton rectangular skirt from the Philippines. The skirt is two equal sized pieces of fabric which has been joined in the center by hand stitched yarn. The fabric's warp is patterned in stripes of red, yellow, beige, white, and navy with navy, red, and biege being predominant. The weft is navy blue. The edges are hand stitched with a blanket stitch in varying segments of red, black, and orange wool yarn. The same black and red wool yarn is used in an alternating pattern to join the two cotton fabric pieces. Some of the hand stitching is fraying. There are a few small stains on the fabric.
1985.029.019 Shawl Striped shawl from the Philippines made of brown bast fiber and supplementary wefts of brightly colored silk. The pattern is symmetrical around a central woven stripe. There are 6 1" wide bands of blue, white, and green stripes which are spaced to create rectangular blocks. Between these narrow striped bands are 4 wider 2.5" bands which are filled with blocks of silk supplemental weft designs in triangular geometric patterns. The colors of these silk blocks of design are bright green, purple, magenta, blue, yellow, and white. Each fringed edged is finished with alternating yellow and blue silk yarn chain stitch. The fringe is 12" (30cm) long and is irregular and tangled.
1985.029.020 Tablecloth Table Runner (39" x 13.5"): The runner is primarily white cotton with woven blue bands 0.5" wide along the selvedges. There is a self fringe of 0.5" on each end. The background is plain weave with striped patterns 8.5" wide on each end. The pattern begins with two narrow blue stripes, then a suppplemental weft patterning in yellow and blue which repeats four times and ends with two more stripes. There are slight yellow discolorations from stains. 6 Napkins (14" x 13.75"): Each napkin is primarily white cotton with a woven blue band 0.5" wide along the selvedges. There is a self fringe of 0.5" on each end. The background is plain weave with a striped pattern at each end. Four narrow blue stripes border a supplemental weft patterning in yellow and blue, identical to the pattern on the table runner. Some napkins have slight yellow discolorations from stains. 6 Place Mats (15.75" x 13.75") Place mats are identical to the napkins above except for the larger dimensions. Some place mats have slight yellow discoloration from stains.
1985.029.021 Belt Woven cotton belt. This loosely woven cotton belt is off-white with 3 stripes following the warp in blue, black, gold, green, and red. The center stripe is 1" (2.5 cm) wide and is the widest. This stripe has gold in the middle with red on either side and green on the outside. The two outside stripes are the same and are 0.5" (1.25 cm) wide. Gold runs down the middle of both with black next to it and blue on the outside. There is 6" (15 cm) of twisted fringe on each end.
1985.029.022 Belt Woven cotton belt. This narrow cotton belt is black with three stripes following the warp in red, gold, and black. The three stripes have a black center with gold next to it and red on the outside. The two ends have short fringes.
1985.029.023 Purse Ecru pina cloth embroidered evening purse with two pina cloth sachets. The purse, lined with silk satin, has a pocket sewn on the inside. It is an envelope purse, fastened with a hand-sewn snap, which has an overall embroidered flower pattern on the front. A separately embroidered piece of pina cloth, with scalloped edges, is sewn on the back of the purse. The two sachets are made of scalloped edged pina cloth with pink sachets enclosed. The larger sachet is heart shaped, embroidered on one side, and has an opening in the side for the pink satin sachet to slip out. (The pink satin sachet appears to be filled with powder.) Dimensions: 5" (12.3cm) x 5.625" (14.4cm). The smaller sachet is oval shaped and embroidered on one side. Dimensions: 3.5" (9cm) x 2.625" (6.5cm) Identified by Mrs. Iverson as coming from the Philippine lowlands.
1985.029.024 Purse Men's bag from Philippines made of off-white, dark blue, red, yellow, and green cotton. The bag is constructed from one long piece of fabric which is folded in half lengthwise and widthwise. There is a seam down the middle where the selvedges are sewn together for 6" (15cm). The upper 10" (25cm) are unjoined and gathered to form the handle which is wrapped tightly with twisted yellow and blue cotton at the top. The bottom of the bag is joined by twisting the self fringe of the two sides together. The fringe is about 7.5" (19cm) long. The design consists of predominantly dark blue with some red stripes that run lengthwise bordering the edges of the front and back. The lower half of the bag has a woven dark blue lattice pattern in bands which alternate with narrower red stripes of geometric patterns. Above this woven pattern are embroidered bands of geometric designs in yellow, green, and yellow. Some of the stitches of the embroidery have pulled out. The woven fabric is torn and has been mended. Some of the edges of the fabric have been frayed and torn. The fabric is also dirty and stained. Men's bags were worn on their belts or attached to their loincloths.
1985.029.025 Purse Women's bag from Philippines made of plain weave off-white cotton with red, green, yellow, and blue striped and herringbone patterns. The bag is constructed from one long piece of fabric which is folded in half lengthwise and widthwise. There is a seam down the middle of the front and the back of the bag where the selvedges are sewn together for 18" (46cm). The upper 15" (38cm) are unjoined and gathered to form the handle which is wrapped tightly with cotton yarn at the top. The bottom of the bag also has a hand-sewn edge (running stitch) and twisted self-fringe averaging 5" long. The design is composed of five embroidered herringbone stripes in red, yellow, green, and blue. Next, there are four thin woven stripes in the same colors. This pattern is repeated two more times, and this extends the length if the sewn center seam. The top of the bag (handle area) is without decor. The center seam is hand sewn with yellow cotton thread and in unraveling at the top of the seam. Women's bags in colorful twill herringbone patterns are reminiscent of special beaded heirloom bags carried on special occasions by women of the upper class. (_The People and Art of the Philippines_, Casal, Father Gabriel and Jose, Regalado Trota Jr., Museum of Cultural History, UCLA, 1981)
1985.029.026 Blanket Multi-colored striped cotton Philippine blanket. This blanket is made up of 5 separate pieces. There are 3 large pieces that are sewn together lengthwise and two narrow strips that are sewn on each end. The two outside pieces are the same and are 14" (35.5cm) wide. They have stripes in red, yellow, green, and navy, and a patterned stripe of navy and white. The navy and white stripes have a decorative design on either end and a pattern of frogs and snakes in the middle. The middle piece of fabric is 9" (23cm) wide, hand sewn to the outer pieces, and has stripes of off-white, blue, green, red, and yellow. There are hand embroidered zig-zag designs on either end of this section in red, green, blue, and yellow. There are two strips of fabric 2.75" (7cm) that are crudely hand sewn to the width of the fabric. These pieces have stripes of navy, red, yellow, and white. These pieces have short fringe in red, white, yellow, and green.
1985.029.027 Blanket Filipino cotton textile, probably used as a blanket*, with self fringe in colors of red, yellow, blue, and green. on a white background. The self fringe is knotted in approximately 0.5" intervals. The stripes run lengthwise down the fabric with a large stripe consisting of several small stripes alternating with narrow yellow/green stripes. The large stripe consists of red, blue, and yellow stripes. It also contains either one or two stripes with snake and frog designs in supplementary weft. There are some yellow stains on the fabric. There are two lengthwise seams. *Probably used as tablecloth by donor.
1985.029.028 Shawl Long Filipino flax-like textile with self fringe on both ends. The textile has a dark navy blue background with stripes running lengthwise down the fabric. Three large stripes consist of several smaller stripes in off-white, red, yellow, green, yellow, red, and off-white. Two sets of thin off-white lines run between the larger stripe combinations. Crosswise geometric embroidered patterns appear at each end of the textile. They are done in red, white, yellow, red, yellow, white, green, and red. This textile could have been used as a shawl.
1985.029.030 Mat, Sleeping Diagonal woven "grass" mat with V-shaped design in 4 colored rows (2 outer rows are red, 2 inner rows are yellow) on natural color background. Igorot sleeping mat (see 1985.029.031 and 1985.029.032)
1985.029.031 Mat, sleeping Diagonal woven "grass" mat with V-shaped design in 6 colored rows (red/yellow, red/yellow, yellow/red) on natural color background. Igorot sleeping mat (see 1985.029.030 and 1985.029.032).
1985.029.032 Mat, Sleeping Diagonal woven "grass" mat with V-shaped design in 5 colored rows (red outside and middle, 2 yellow inner rowns) on natural colored background including gray shades. Igorot sleeping mat (see 1985.029.030 and 1985.029.031).
1985.029.035 Needle Lightweight wooden stick, grain running full length, unfinished surface. Broad shallow notch at one end; long split notch at other. Thread wound around 5" from end. Possibly a needle for making basketry mats.
1985.030.001 Kimono Young Woman's Japanese Furisode (long sleeved Kimono) Faded lavender crepe (chirimen), stencil resist dyed (katazome) - white floral shapes created with resist paste, enhanced with fine painted lines and faux tie dyed spots, dye painted onto small white areas, satin stitch embroidery in silk thread, couched gold thread. Motifs include 2 peacocks on the back with 3 cranes, 2 tortoises near water and rock design on lower back, 2 cranes on upper back, a crane on each sleeve back and a crane and tortoise on proper lower left front; plant motifs include pine, bamboo, plum, peony and chrysanthemum. Bright red habutae silk lining. The kimono is in good structural shape except the lining is ripped and hangs below the outer shell; the embroidery and couching is intact but not finely done; the lavender dyed background with blue dyed water features has faded considerably. This kimono with long swinging sleeves would have been worn by a young woman, perhaps for New Year's. There are no mon (family crests) suggesting that this is not a formal garment.
1985.031.001 Cushion Red silk cushion with embroidered dragon. At each of the four corners is a bat and clouds. In the center is a dragon done in couched thread of gold, blue, and green with clouds around him. He has green glass eyes rimmed in brass. There is a gold couched flaming pearl in the center. The dragon's claws are gray silk in the satin stitch. On the back of the pillow is woven bamboo reed. The sides are about 7/8" high and are separate pieces of red silk.
1985.031.002 Cushion Maroon silk satin embroidered seat cushions. Gold couched thread flowers, stems, and leaves in the four corners. In the center of cushion is a peacock in yellow, greens, blues, and black silk thread using the satin stitch. Around the peacock in a circular shape are bamboo, flowers, buds, a butterfly, and leaves done in couched gold thread. All is finely done. The designs are very similar on the 2 cushions, but not identical. There is a quilting stitch done in maroon in a circle which then incorporates the four corners in a cloud shape. The bottom of the cushions are finely woven bamboo reed. The cushions are 1" thick with sides of maroon silk. One cushion has lost its stuffing of reed and only the thin layer of eiderdown remains. The side is split on one side of the other cusion so the stuffing can be seen. Cushion B has 2 long slits on the back
1985.032.001 Boat Long open Dragon Boat with Dragon head and tail. large drum near the front.
1985.032.002 Tassel 17- sections of red stinged ball tassels. Decoration for Dragon Boat?
1985.032.003 Cover Yellow and green synthetic cloth cover. Cover for Dragon Boat drum. Top is yellow and sides are green. Enmbroidered with yellow waves and white Chinese characters. yellow fringe along the bottom.
1985.032.004 Banner Pink, yellow and blue synthetic cloth banner. For use with Dragon Boat. Bright pink center with yellow "teeth" outline. On one side in blue is "Hong Kong" and on the other in Chinese is "Hong Kong". Long end has white cloth pole holder.
1985.033 Bird Feeder Bird Feeder Blue and white stencilled porcelain bird feeder; dragonflies and flowers
1985.034 Bottle, snuff Snuff bottle. Porcelain body, blue ground with white raised relief floral design. Plastic knob top and spoon.
1985.035 Bird Feeder Extending hand bird feeders. Folding lengths of bamboo, clear lacquered, held together with silver pins, ivory tubular feeder at one end. Square sliding metal section at bottom length of bamboo. Wood knob ivory feeder. Probably new than date suggested because the bottom length of the handles are carved with Roman numerals 18 and 8 respectively.
1985.036 Figurine Carved wood figure, seated in official garb holding a stick of rank. Gilded and painted in red lacquer. Holes around mouth once held whiskers. Probably a kitchen, otherwise a Taoist or Confucian figure. Stand painted red and has two pickets for the figure bottom.
1985.037 Figurine
1985.038 Bottle, toilet White porcelain body and lid. Bottom half has painted floral designs around the outside. Top of the lid has a Chinese boy mounted on a lion.
1985.039 Basket Woven split bamboo basket with broad bamboo length frame lacquered red and black, gilt detail. Sway back handle. The lid has a scene done in gold line drawing on black lacquer of two figures in a courtyard. Red lacquer border.
1985.040.001 Box Black and red lacquered wedding cake basket with fine split bamboo weave and broad bamboo strip flare. Center design done in gold line drawing is of flower and bird design and calligraphy in an elaborate design circular medallion. Circa 1820, Tao Kuang Period.
1985.041.001 Box Black and red lacquered basket with fine split bamboo weave on a broad bamboo frame. Wood faced interior with black lacquer finish. Lid has a round medallion with an elaborate border design and a center panel line design done in gold with a design of a branch with two peaches and bird. Calligraphy in panel bearing a date of 1824 (Tao Kuang Period).
1985.043.001 Case Black lacquer over burlap on wood, gold lacquer interior. Gilded metal fitting done in a fine line engraving of hollyhock vines and lotus. Latch and two knobs to support the latch. Lacquer lifting around the foot of the case and minor wear to the bottom of the case. Lacquer broken off (9/94)
1985.044.001 Plaque Carved relief lacquer on wood of Chinese style landscape. Cinnabar color. Red lacquer back with picture support. Dark stained frame of Keiyaki wood. Inscription in Kanji done in gold paint of bottom of frame. Inscription on back: "June 17,1968. To Prof. A.H. Bill, Jr. From Tohoku Medical Society, Sendai, Japan."
1985.045.001 Halo A halo made of gilt metal cast in a design of two sun bursts with rays emanating from them. The front has small buddhas on lotus pads and the back has clouds. This halo was probably originally for an image of Amida, Buddha of the Western paradise. It has a prong on the bottom to fix it into the base of the image.
1985.046.001 Bowl Small lathed brass footed bowls with rims.
1985.047.001 Inkwell Cast white brass ink box with line engraving on lib of an incense burner, container, and plants. Maker's mark on bottom half of box. Ink still inside.
1985.048.001 Inkstone Inkstone. Made of dark slate, round.
1985.049.001 Palette Coarse stoneware body with brown rim. Has heavy blue stain from mixing paint.
1985.050.001 Pipe Cast steel pipe bowl.
1985.051.001 Pipe Cast brass pipe bowl.
1985.052 Pipe Steel and bamboo
1985.053.001 Pipe Tobacco pipe, steel bowl and mouth piece, bamboo stem with ink design of whirls.
1985.054.001 Doll Japanese woman doll in red and white kimono, holding hobby horse. Scarf headress with yellow flowers over each ear and yellow sash. 3-13-86 Christina Nelson
1985.055.001 Box Lacquer on wood, round, 2 tiers with lid, basket with handle black outside, red inside, with gilt pattern on outside of flowers and birds (red and blue) with geometric spiral pattern on lid. Donor received item from an estate. No history available. Dimensions: 11" diameter, 14" handle height 4.5" deep bottom tier 4" deep upper tier 2.25" high lid 3-18-86 C. Nelson
1985.056.001 Figurine Funerary art. Mold made, joined at center. Buff ground stoneware, beige glaze, brown streaks. Some glaze degeneration. Eyes painted in at later time in ink and can be removed. Tang Dynasty: 618-906 A.D. Some glaze degeneration
1985.057.001 Mirror, Hand Cast bronze mirror with center knob for cord surrounded by archaic stylized animals and registered archaic characters (untranslated). Raised outer rim with stipple design. Heavily verdisgried. Some flat polish on mirror side. Poor casting and suspicious patina makes this object suspect as a copy of a Han Dynasty mirror.
1985.058.001 Coin Cast bronze coins: spade shape, archaic character inscriptions. (a) and (b) have hole, (c) is thinner. All have border rims and verdigris. (a) has casting flaw. Possibly from Chow Dynasty (1027 - 4th century B.C.) or Warring States Period (475-221 B.C.). Could be probably 19th century replicas. Spade money evolved from use of actual iron spades as currency.
1986.001.001 Purse Purse or eyeglass case. Gilt couching and multi-color embroidery in satin stitch (pinks, greens, and yellows). Green ribbon loop handle and tassel. "Best Wishes" embroidered on one side. 3-13-86 C. Nelson
1986.002.001 Purse Purse. Gilt couching and embroidery on dark blue fabric. Braided ribbon trim. Gourd-shaped, red pull-cord across middle, pink cord loop handle.
1986.003.001 Purse Purse. Multi-color embroidery on red brocade fabric. Dark blue pull cord with large multi-color tassel (5 tassels together).
1986.005.001 Figurine Polychrome on wood - blue, green, red, white, gilt. Paint badly chipped around base and in some other places. Empress in court costume seated on dragon throne. 3-86 C. Nelson
1986.006.001 Statue Hollow cast bronze; paste or stone inlay; engraved design; some inlay missing. Top knot hairstyle; jar in hands. Meditative pose, holding medicine jar; probably a Buddha of medicine. Probable 19th century date.
1986.007.001 Hat Pillbox shape hat. Black satin band with white edging on top and bottom with large pearl at front. Chinese felicitous character and peaches embroidered in gilt thread on black band. Crown of purple silk. Center is gathered into center. In center is machine embroidered ribbon gathered into circle. Lining is brown and pink striped cotton.
1986.009.001 Teacup Six porcelain tea cups, curved sides on low foot, decorated with floral spray with bird. Flowers painted in pink and pale green leaves. Red branches, bird in grey and black, on white background. Inscription in black letters on opposite side, below rim. 20th century. White adhesive sticker on base (removed) with "PAT KAN" written in blue pen.
1986.010.001 Dish Coarse stoneware foot with overglazed enamel decoration. Footed dish with white glaze on exterior and abstract red decoration. Quatrefoil forms. Turquoise, split-pea green, fruit, and amoeba-like forms. Late 19th century.
1986.011.001 Teapot Basket: Height: 9", Circumference: 32" Straw woven with straw and cloth fitted lining that holds teapot. Basket Lid: Circumference: 9.75" Straw stuffed cloth with metal handle. Teapot and Lid: Height: 6.75", Circumference: 16.5" White procelain, color decoration with three ladies in garden: one carrying flowers, two playing game. Calligraphy on rim and back side. Gilt edging on rim. Metal handle. Early 20th century. On paper found inside is translation of characters as: "The Joys of Drinking Tea" Newspaper stuffed inside is dated 1983.
1986.012.001 Caddy Coarse white porcelain over glazed enamels, Rose Medallion. A: Garden scene with figures and floral design. B: Lid: interior scene with figures and floral rim. Intended for export.
1986.013 Boot Single shoe, braided straw with black and red trim.
1986.014.001 Shoes Black silk uppers, leather bottoms, white interior lining with owner's name inscribed.
1986.015.001 Shoes Black velvet tops, sewn leather bottom. Tops have cotton embroidery in pink, turquoise, and yellow. Birds, butterfly, flowering branch motif. Owner's name on bottom. Trademark inside.
1986.016.001 Shoes Blue uppers with red embroidery, leather bottoms. Flowers motif. Materials on uppers appear to be blend materials.
1986.017.001 Sock One sock, white cotton, sewn and padded.
1986.018.001 Shoes Pair Chinese woven straw sandals, rope uppers, leathers interwoven in soles. For rustic use. Late 19th or early 20th century.
1986.019.001 Shoes Bundle of 5 pairs of straw shoes. Cloth line the section. Inner sole: red and natural color straw weave. Leather hand-sewn soles. Bundle tied with sisal. Early 20th century.
1986.020.001 Shoes Three pairs straw shoes. Cloth lines toe section. Inner sole: red and natural color straw weave. Leather hand-sewn soles. Early 20th century.
1986.021.001 Screen Black bamboo, Victorian frame, gold silk embroidery of birds and plants. Printed paper back, line with Japanese calligraphed paper previously listed as Chinese. Silk is rotton, bamboo heavily scratched, parts missing, loose pieces. Late 19th century.
1986.022.001 Cup Stand: Length: 4", Width: 4.5", Height: 4" Orange lacquer on wood, bamboo design in black and gold, raised legs, cup interior. Cups (3): Dimensions: (1) 4.5" x 1.5", (2) 4" x 1.25", (3) 3.5" x 1" (1) Red lacquer with gold characters interior and backside of exterior. (2) Red lacquer with military flags interior, characters around rim and on foot. (3) Red lacquer with bamboo design in gold in interior. Somewhat ceremonial pieces which can be used in weddings. Cups seem to be connected with patriotic models and emblems typical of pre-war (late 1930's) style.
1986.023.001 Teapot One tea pot with lid, orange lacquer on wood with raised lacquer relief of cherry blossom and branch. Wear marks on handle.
1986.024.001 Teapot Teapot: Tapered cylinder, fine white porcelain body with under- and overglaze enamels. Motif: Chinese scholars in landscape and landscape of pavillion on lake with boats. Round medallions of plants and textile patterns. Gold spout, white and gold handle, Palmeete design on base. Brocade pattern background. Lid: Brocade pattern background, round medallions of textile and plant design. Teapot: See back. (no further description) Kutani marks on base of both pieces.
1986.025.001 Bottle Sake Bottle Fine white porcelain bodies, red Kutani (Akai Kutani). Overall textile pattern in red and gold with medallions in fabric motif. Server a: Lake pavillion scene one side, two ladies other side. Server b: Lake pavillion one side, three ladies other side. Second half 19th century (Meiji Period)
1986.025.005 Crate, Shipping Wood Crate Wooden slats with rabbetted joints nailed, covered with greenish varnished paper with black printed decorative edging; printed on one side in black block letters "DRIED LYCHEES, (WAI CHEE), PREPARED AND PACKED BY TUNG CHUNG CO., KOWLOON, HONG KONG" above 1 line of Chinese characters, "GROSS 138 LBS., NET 50 LBS., PRODUCE OF HONG KONG", to the right is a vertical line of Chinese characters, on the other side is a line of Chinese characters in black and the logo in the form of a bird over "TC", on either side are 2 Chinese characters with "TRADE MARK" written between, above "TUNG CHUNG CO., MADE IN HONG KONG", on the end in block black letters "STOW AWAY FROM BOILERS AND ENGINES AND UNDER WATER LINE", on the other end is a block printed diamond border with "WOK" above "S.F." over "2".
1986.026.001 Service, Tea Fine white porcelain bodies with multi-colored decoration. b: Hundred poets motif with characters and figures, Kutani mark on spout. a: Lid, figures of three poets. e: Tea server with six poets in panels, Kutani mark on spout. c: Lid, motif of three poets. d: White porcelain sifting lid for interior of serving piece. Plain white, no decoration. Early 20th century.
1986.027.001 Bottle Coarse body white porcelain. Floral design with tassel motif. Greek key motif on foot. Brown band around nack. Both pieces identical. Early 20th century (pre-War).
1986.028.001 Pot Fine white porcelain body. Floral and abstract designs eight blue-green lion finial on know. Unglazed interior. Early 20th century.
1986.030.001 Set, Tableware From the Seto Kilns. Mould-made pieces with seal marks of the maker on the bottom. Edges incised with palette knife. One piece has signed poem in black. Other piece has green bamboo design. Glaze has fine crackel.
1986.031.001 Figurine Hollow-cast bronze or possible branze-finish pot metal. Base had been covered; may be some other type of metal as center. Weighted in center. Fine engraving in hair and collar. 2nd half of 19th century. Figure depicts Kannon or Kwan Yin, Goddess of Mercy.
1986.032.001 Frame, picture Carved soft wood, oak stained with two photo spaces in center topped by oval photo space with dragons flanking the oval. Below semicircular design with leaf pattern. Carved in five sections (whole piece). Late 19th - early 20th century.
1986.033.001 Jacket white cotton jacket; twill weave cotton fabric, machine sewn; long sleeve, mandaring collar; center opening; five buttons, cloth frog closing at throat, hand done button holes; wear marks on sleeve and shoulders; some rust marks
1986.033.002 Apron white bib apron; plain weave cotton, machine hemmed; bib and skirt are same fabric; neck loop is same fabric as apron side ties are twill tape and are tied to the apron through a grommet hole
1986.033.003 Apron off-white bib apron; plain weave canvas, machine hemmed; bib and skirt are same fabric in continous piece; neck loop and side ties are twill tape sewn to garment; navy blue stitching along sides of skirt
1986.033.004 Pants cotton flour sack pants; sperry flour sack; plain weave; machine stitched; some seams flat-felled, others a regular seam that is overstitched on the outside surface; off-white with faded red and blue printing; typical Chinese right angle crotch
1986.033.005 Jacket white food service jacket; twill weave cotton; mandarin collar; long sleeves; six button center front closing; attachable buttons for washing; all buttons missing; material in good condition; rust stains on shoulders
1986.033.006 Vest faded white cotton vest with blue stripes; hand sewn; no collar; five-button center opening; rolled finishing around neck; 8" slits on each hip; badly sun-faded; stains on back; material worn under arm pits; (possibly worn as undergarment? for warmth, or even as outer garment in hot climate)
1986.033.007 Apron white cotton bib apron; plain white cotton, machine-stitched; same material used for neck loop and ties; number 874 stamped on lower hem inside - possibly laundry number; stains center of bib
1986.033.008 Apron plain white apron; plain weave cotton; machine hemmed top and bottom; no bib; ties made from same material; series of strain 12" from top; number 1080 hand-written on inside upper hem - possible laundry number
1986.034.001 Basket Rattan woven with bamboo edging. Woven winnowing basket or grain riddle; Bamboo lip is pegged together with hand-made wooden pegs; Rattan broken in several spots.
1986.035.001 Strainer Twisted wire mesh basket affixed onto a bamboo handle. Hand made. Round wire basket; The wire radiates from a center core; The basket is fastened to its bamboo handle with iron stays; Bamboo handle is split piece of bamboo with hand grasp portion bent back.
1986.036.001 Broom Spotted bamboo handle and braided palm fiber broom. One of the metal buttons on broom end of piece missing.
1986.037.001 Spear Thrower Wood bound with engraved brass cutwork; One end hollow metal; Protruding shaft of wood midway along piece. Late 19th - early 20th century. Tribal piece.
1986.038.001 Basket Winnowing basket
1986.039.001 Padlock Cast brass with cutwork and engraving in Islamic motif; Dome top; Solder smeared in bottom.
1986.040.001 Shoes Interwoven colored straw; maroon, green, purple, natural. Traditional country style.
1986.041.001 Kimono Handwoven crepe, tan color, maple leaf design, paste resist techiques for fall wear for young woman, long sleeves, tan silk lining Meiji Period, 1886-1912
1986.041.002 Sock white cotton upper, coarse cotton sole, cotton lining, metal tap, string attachments
1986.041.003 Shoes Wood painted red with black lacquer design of woven Iris and two clogs, heavy wear. Straw woven sole. Pink clog thong. On bottom of one of them is a maker label.
1986.041.004 Cloth Fragment Dimensions: (a) 86" x 30.5", (b) 88" x 30.5", (c) 88" x 30.5", (d) 134" x 31" (e) 312" x 31". (f) 84" x 30.5", (g) 84" x 30.5" Handwoven silk damask, pattern of scattered medallions of flowers and Greek key, maker's mark on paper stapled to some pieces. Material originally had been made into curtain. Originally was intended to be into summer garments for the upper class and nobility. Yellow is the imperial color. Some spots need dry cleaning. Early 20th century.
1986.041.005 Belt Obi fabric of silk brocade with black background with a pattern of clouds, tendrils, and morning glories (asagao) of gunmetal gray with stripes of flowers in pale gray and bronze. Meiji Period, 1868-1912.
1986.041.006 Kimono Handwoven silk crepe with green background design of clouds and Greek key and scattered plants and flowers. Meiji Period, late 19th century.
1986.041.007 Hairpin (A): Hinged oblong box with lid. Red lacquer exterior. Design with gold outline of green leaves, blue flower, brown flower, pink bud, and butterfly. Keyhole in front. Black lacquer interior. MADE IN JAPAN stamped inside lid. Small printed paper inside with Japanese characters: Nani Wa Ogi (Osaka folding fan) and the name of the manufacturing (old and well- respected). (B): Hairpin with flowers - pink, blue, purple ribbon (C): Ribbon flowers (4 daisy shape, 2 rose shape) in blue, pink, purple, red, and white. Green leaves on paper backing. (D): 2 purple/pink fabric roses. (E): 2 pink fabric roses and leaf. (F): Barrette: 4 pink ribbon roses, white center, 2 purple violets (G): Hairpin, red fabric rose and leaves (H): Flower fragments
1986.041.008 Belt Japanese silk brocade obi fabric. Taiso or Meiji periods? Most at TX-14B. (A): Charcoal gray; gold pattern of chrysanthemums and vines. Fair: torn selvedge and stains; slight discoloration of center fold. (B): Black OBI; olive green dragon; pale green-gray flowers; tiny pale gray- green morning glories. Good: some discoloration. (C): Black; gold chrysanthemums and peacock feathers. Good: cut; color dam. (D): Metallic gray; weft stripes; gold vines; chrysanthemum patterns. Good: red and orange color bleeding from weft stripes. TX-14C. (E): Brown; brown chrysanthemum patterns, flowers, grasses, and leaves. Good: wear on center fold. TX-14C. (F): Gray-green; white & gray-green pompom chrysanthemums; dk. green leaves; off-white maple leaves; water pattern. Excellent. TX-14C. (G): Dark blue; gold/olive pine patterns, plum blossoms, tea houses, flying cranes, pheasants. Good. (H): Black; crane patterns, pines, clouds, and chrysanthemums. Good. (I): Purple OBI; gold and silver pine motif; silver bamboo leaves and cloud patterns. Fair: wear on center crease and edges. (J): Khaki green satin weave OBI; black and gold phoenix, flowers, and tendrils pattern design. Poor: water damage.
1986.041.009 Picture, Woven Japanese Fusa, blue lined brocade square. Gold, brown, blue flowers/medallions. Possibly for Buddhist usage because of predominance of gold color.
1986.041.010 Kimono Japanese lady's kimono. Teal color silk crepe, white resist dyed peacocks and peonies. Half length yellow silk lining, sleeve lining of orange silk. Family crest center back below the neck, upper back of sleeves, and upper breast, front. Staining on the front designs, silk lining is ripped in many places (see photo).
1986.041.011 Jacket Japanese jacket. Aqua colored crepe. Sleeves and main body slightly different shades. Child size.
1986.041.012 Runner, table Table runner, lined with purple silk, blue tassels 7" long at the four corners. Made from silk obi brocade, gold fans, and bamboo. White flowers, blue background.
1986.041.013 Cover, pillow Blue damask pillow cover, blue background, pines and ivy in blue and gold, wave patterns in silver, flying birds in gold. Edges bound with blue and gray braided cord. Back cover of light blue silk, with heavy staining. Opening on one side with three button closure. Lining of unbleached cotton fabric on the back, pink cotton fabirc on the front.
1986.041.014 Cover, pillow Green damask pillow cover. Green backgound with green pattern of Chinese garden scene with seated figure in a pavillion, small structures, floral pots, trees and flowers, attendants with parasols, etc.
1986.041.015 Cloth Fragment Orange and gold silk brocade unseamed obi. Pattern of gold poppies and stylized mochi (pestle) pounders on orange background. Could be used in summer due to poppy motif or at New Year's due to mochi pounder motif.
1986.041.016 Cloth Fragment Silk brocade obi fabric of chrysanthemum design on a blue background. Chrysanthemums are yellow, green, khaki, and light blue. Between flowers are two-toned blue clouds with yellow outline.
1986.041.017 Cloth Fragment Small piece of brown and cream tapa cloth. Tapa is divided into fourths. There are two different geometric designs, each one is repeated twice on opposite corners. One pattern is diamond and arrow shapes. The other pattern is diamonds, zigzags, and stair steps. The reverse also has two patterns of diamond and criss-cross shapes with a darker brown added.
1986.041.018 Kimono Faded silk crepe kimono with pattern of snow on bamboo. Bamboo is in shades of blue, orange and green showing the stripes in the leaves. Snow is cream color and the background is blended pale lavender and pale yellow. There is a brilliant red-orange China silk half lining in top half of the kimono and sleeves. Bottom lining is water pattern of peach and mustard colored silk crepe. Slight padding in the hem.
1986.041.019 Kimono Navy blue silk crepe kimono with furosode (long sleeves). There are 3 mon (family crest) of three-petal white blossoms enclosed in a white circle. End of sleeves and hem of garment have pattern of white spider chrysanthemums with graygreen leaves with gold veins. Lining is white china silk. Hem of kimono is padded.
1986.042.001 Cart Paper mache ox with bone and cloth detail hitched to the tassel entwined shafts of a lacquer court carriage decorated in black and gold lacquer, silk tassels, and metal engraved detail. Blinds on carriage: rattan with brocade detail. Stool and rear ladder made of gold and black lacquer on wood core. All items are attached to the base with red thread, the base itself is made of plywood covered with silk and fronted with gold and black lacquer trim. Part of a large set representing the imperial court which is displayed on a tiered stand on Girl's Day, 3-3.
1986.043.001 Scroll Painted on silk with tempera and ink. Mounted on brocade and paper, bone scroll ends. Depicts Ofuku, the goddess of happiness, throwing red beans at grimmacing demon (oni). Depicts a Japanese custom of throwing red beans around the house to purify and scare off demons on the third day of New Year's Setsuban. Showa Period, post 1926.
1986.044.001 Fan Bamboo sticks natural stain, metal peg. Black paper painted with landscape in gold, silver, browns, and greens. Red seal of artist on edge. This type of painting appears on export fans of the post 1850's and could be of this type which were primarily done in Canton. Ch'ing Dynasty, 19th century. Painting worn, but nicely done.
1986.045.001 Fan Bamboo sticks with wood pin, end sticks decorated in brown in registers of characters, landscapes, and figures. Black paper mounted on sticks and reinforced on ribs with shellac.
1986.046.001 Pipe Stem is covered with smoked bamboo veneer. The end pieces and bands of bone, inner band of abalone shell inlay with iron. The pipe bowl is 3/4 down the stem and is made of steel or iron. Located near it is a small carving of a mouse on a flower. Several cracks in the veneer.
1986.047.001 Plate, serving Wheel thrown porcelain body, overglaze enamels, Rose Medallion, alternating panels of floral and human figures, center medallion floral with minor kiln flaw. Blank back. Pontil marks on rim.
1986.048.001 Plate Wheel-thrown porcelian body, overglaze enamels, Rose medallion alternating panels of floral and human figures, center medallion. Black back. Plates (a) and (b) have small chips in rim. Plate (c) has stains on the back.
1986.049.001 Plate Four plates: Wheel-thrown porcelian body, overglaze enamels. Rose Canton alternating floral and bird panels on rim. Central medallion has floral border with 'shou' designs and floral design in center. Back bears "Made in China" mark. Some minor chips, ashfall, and stains.
1986.050.001 Bowl Overglaze enamels on white porcelian body. Rose Medallion style, alternating panels of floral and human figures, center floral medallion on bottom. Top floral border. Interior and exterior decoration the same. Marked China.
1986.051.001 Bowl Footed rim rice bowl, white porcelian body with overglaze enamels in Rose Medallion. Alternating panels of floral and human figures. Center floral medallion in bowl. China mark.
1986.052.001 Bowl Wheel thrown porcelian body with overglaze enamels. Rose Canton, alternating floral and bird on inside rim. Center medallion has floral border with 'shou' designs and central floral design. Outside has similar floral border with 'shou' designs and floral design at base. Bottom bears 'China' mark. Bowls (a) and (c) - small chips in rim. Bowl (b) - 'shou' deisgns on inside are very worn.
1986.053.001 Dish Rose medallion style overglaze enamels on white porcelian body. Blank exterior, interior decoration of floral and human figures, center interior medallion, floral. Chips around both rims, hair cracks on A. B is missing a section of rim 2" x 1". Some wear of enamel on both. Kiln pitting on glaze.
1986.054.001 Plate 2 - Wheel-thrown porcelian with overglaze enamel. Rose Canton alternating floral design with central medallion of floral design. Chips on rim. Bears "Made in China" on bottom. One marked 1986.054.001 and one marked X - 6.
1986.055.001 Pitcher Creamer with bamboo shaped handle, Rose Medallion style. Human figure on one side, floral on other side, round floral medallion under spout.
1986.056.001 Dish Crude pottery with enamel overglaze. Floral border with central floral design on inside. Outside has alternating floral and bat designs. Black bottom. Diamond shape. Orange, white, and green colors.
1986.057.001 Dish Coarse stoneware body, white ground, overglaze enamels, crude painting of flowers. Pontil marks. Pink, yellow, and green colors. No exterior design.
1986.058.001 Battledore Hagoita mounted in framed box with glass. Battledore: paddle-shaped, black-painted edges, black cloth covered handle, background of painted silk - white and salmon colored blossoms (plum), willow leaves. Calligraphy on wood upper left: Asa zuma ("shallow wife"). Padded silk female figure with dressed hairdo: silver and pink plum blossums, gold center piece, orange and gold brocade, silver ornaments, orange tie with orange and white tassels. Layers of kimono depicted: gold blossums on white ground; gold blossoms on pink and white ground; blue diamond-shaped design on white ground; gold brocade on orange ground; black and gold checks in center; gold on green brocade; gold, blue, and green brocaded cloud designs at left. Painted silk hands hold fan with pine design in right hand, and two pink feathered shuttlecocks with bells in left hand.
1986.059.001 Game Collection of paper cards with cut out figures attached which are able to stand on their own, perhaps used for storying telling or creating a play city or processional scene. Figures and cards are cut from off white cardstock. A narrow strip is glued to both the cards and the figures so the cut outs may be flipped up into a standing position with the card serving as a stand. The figures are colored with pen and ink and perhaps water color. All appear to be men. Figures were stored in two small envelopes, each with pencil written, "with love from Clemmie B." 22 figures as follows: A: Man (?) in dark blue shirt and white pants carrying a pole across the shoulders with large baskets of flowers suspended from both ends. B: Man in blue shirt riding black horse or donkey with light blue saddle blanket. C: Man in blue tunic and white pants with small carriage of light blue with pink stripe and black door, and horse or donkey. D: Man in dark blue shirt and light blue pants riding a camel behind which trails a younger camel. E: Man in light blue shirt and dark blue pants with horse and small yellow carriage with purple door. F: Single sail sampan with red flag atop mast, riding a wave. G: Man in light blue shirt and white pants pulling a rickshaw carrying a man in dark blue tunic who is reading. H: Man in Imperial dress, blue tunic and black vest, with horse or donkey with green saddle and Peking style green carriage with black tassles suspended from each corner. Base of carriage is red. I: Man in blue-green shirt and blue pants with yellow cart and donkey; cart is filled with a bale. J: Man in blue shirt and brown pants carrying a pole across the shoulders with spouted pot suspended from one end and a yellow basket hanging from the other. K: Man in brown shirt and blue-green pants with two horses or donkeys and blue carriage. L: Man in brown shirt and blue pants riding horse or donkey with green saddle. M: Man in dark blue shirt and light blue pants carrying a pole across the shoulders with a rice (?) container suspended from each end. N: Man in brown shirt and white pants carrying a pole across the shoulders with cookware and cabinetry suspended from each end. O: Man in blue shirt and gray pants carrying a pole across the shoulders with a teapot and other wares suspended from each end. P: Man in white tunic and gray pants carrying a pole across the shoulders with yellow baskets of green fruit suspended from both ends. Q: Man in dark blue tunic and white pants carrying a pole across the shoulders with green and black boxes suspended from both ends. R: Man in light blue tunic carrying a pole across the shoulders with packages suspended from both ends. S: Man in light blue shirt and dark blue pants carrying a pole across the shoulders with a yellow and red container suspended from each end. T: Man in white tunic with dark blue pants carrying a ploe across the shoulders with greean and red containers suspended from each end. U: Man in olive green shirt and blue pants with pole across the shoulders with lidded containers suspended from each end. Note the paper strip attached to the figure has become separated from the card. V: Four men in Imperial dress, wearing dark blue shirts and light blue pants, carrying a red and green Peking style palanquin with black tassles suspended from each corner.
1986.059.002 Puppet, Shadow Colorful, 2D shadow puppet cut to the shape of a dragon head (?), probably a fragment. Colors are green, red and black applied to thick, oblique animal hide. The dragon has two horns on top of head and wide open mouth, teeth and tongue protruding.
1986.060 Belt Blue/green silk brocade obi with maple, chrysanthemum, bamboo, pine, water, and footbridge motifs. Dated 19th century. The obi is double layered, the fabric folded and handstitched with black thread. The brocade consists of gold, white, grey-blue, and rust thread on a blue ground.
1986.062 Costume Woman's hanbok outfit with skirt and jacket. A: Jacket (Chogori): bright pink polyester satin. Short jacket with long sleeves, rounded at the bottom. The front and back curve down at the bottom. There is a band collar at the front opening. Two wide long ties on either side of the front which ties into a bow on the right side of the blouse. The jacket is also fastened with a plastic snap fastener. Around the upper edge of the collar is a band of stiffened white gauze. Jacket is fully lined with light pink polyester organza. There is a center seam down the back. There is a slight stain on left sleeve near the bottom. Dimensions: H: 13", W: 58". B: Skirt, (ch'ima), H: 51", W: 58", bright pink polyester satin high waisted skirt, open a the back. Skirt has a waist band with two long narrow ties at the back which are fastened in a bow. Small pleats are sewn into the band and the skirt is finished with narrow hems at the bottom in the back. It is lined with pale pink polyester lining fabric. Two white polyester narrow straps are sewn on either side of the skirt to hold it high above the waist. There are orange streaky stains on left side front.
1986.063 Costume Woman's hanbok outfit with jacket, skirt, slip, and pantaloons. A: Jacket (Chogori): orange - pink polyester organza with all over floral pattern in white and violet flowers, embellished with bands of decorative machine stitching. Short jacket curves down at front and back, has long sleeves rounded at the bottom. It has a band collar around the front opening with an inset band on the left front. The upper collar edge is bound with stiffened white oraganza. The jacket fastens with a plastic snap fastener with the left crossing over the right. Two white thread bar tacks on either side of the front would hold a decorative fastener. The jacket has a center back seam and is fully lined with white polyester organza. Dimensions: H: 12.5", W: 58", B: Skirt (ch'ima): orange - pink polyester organza with all over floral pattern in white and violet flowers, embellished with bands of decorative machine stitching. The high waisted skirt is open at the back and gathered into a waist band that has two ties at the back. The skirt is completely lined with white polyester oraganza. There are two narrow white polyester oraganza straps on either side to hold the skirt high above the waist. The hem is narrow around the back and bottom. Dimensions: H: 50", W: 38". C: Slip (Sok Chima): white polyester organza slip with short bodice that curves at the opening and has two narrow ties for fastening the short opening. There are wide straps that are lined with self fabric. The skirt is box pleated into the bodice and has a narrow hem. Dimensions: H: 54.5", W: 34.5". D: Pantaloons (possibly man's Pagi): pants made from four main pieces with a two piece crotch gusset. The legs narrow near the bottom and have a 1" hem. The pants are gathered at the waist with a dark elastic inside a casing. Dimensions: H: 34", W: 29".
1986.064 Costume Woman's hanbok outfit with jacket and skirt A: Jacket, (chagori), H: 13.5", W: 56", pale pink polyester satin. Jacket curves down in front and back, has long sleeves which are curves on the bottom, band collar around the neck opening, with a satin band on left front and an extension on right front. There are two long wide ties on each front which fasten into a bow on the right side. The jacket is decorated with machine embroidered roses in alternating orange and yellow double blooms with green leaves on the lower edge, sleeve edges and around the band collar. The collar is bound with stiffened white organza and there are two white ties on the inside, one attached to right collar at the bottom, and the other at the left under arm. These hold the jacket closed. There is a center back seam and the jacket is fully lined with pink polyester oraganza. B: Skirt, (Ch'ima), H: 45", W: 41", pale pink polyester satin with large yellow and orange machine embroidered flowers and green leaves near the bottom. Smaller flowers are scattered upwards from the hem. The outlines of the flowers and leaves are enhanced with orange and green fabric paint. The skirt has small pleats sewn into a wide waistband which has long narrow ties at the back. The skirt is fully lined with light pink polyester oraganza. Two straps on either side made of same material and hold the skirt high above the waist. The back opening and the bottom have a narrow hem.
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