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Wing Luke Museum
2008.049.038 Dress Dress Cheong Sam Navy Blue silk dress with push in buttons at neck, and the edge of the dress. Frog buttons around the collar and continues to the edge of the dress. White (with purple and blue floral design) edging around the collar, cuffs, edges and along the side.
2008.049.039 Dress Dress Cheong Sam Sleeveless dress with push in buttons and frog buttons around the collar, at neck and along the side that continues to the edge of the dress. A tag seen insdie the collar that says, "The Wing On Co. Ltd., HongKong" and below that, it is wriiten in blue ink, "LUM." Separate embroirdered flower pieces stitched along the sleeves, neckline, edge and along the side.
2008.049.040 Tunic Tunic Men's black tunic with frog buttons at neck and along the side. Pocket on the front lower right.
2008.049.041 Tunic Tunic Men's black tunic with frog buttons at neck, around the collar and along the side. Pocket on the front lower right.
2008.049.042 Tunic Tunic White cotton half sleeved tunic with light pink stripes. Frog buttons at neck to the edge.
2008.049.043 Tunic Tunic Red tunic with one frog button ( in black) at neck followed by push in buttons to the edge. A separate black 'eternal knot' design cutout fabric stitched on the lower left, front side.
2008.049.044 Costume 5 piece costume: a) Tunic:Black tunic with frog buttons at neck, along the side to the edge. b) Pants: Black wool material with zipper and eyehook on the right side of the waist. c) Apron: Maroon cotton material with flower button at the neck and red cotton straps. Blue cotton fabric bordering the neckline. d) Hat: Circular straw ring hat with black cotton frillings around the edges. e) Shoes: Black shoes with metal buckles.
2008.049.045 Costume 3 piece costume a) Tunic (large): Half sleeve blue and black cotton tunic. Wide bands in black on the sleeves, and around the collar. Frog buttons at neck, collar and along the side. Written in blue ink, "Mrs. Chin Han" on the inner collar and on the left (inner) mid section of the tunic. b) Pants: Indigo cotton mateiral for the waist. Black ( Polyester?) for the legs and black cotton bands stitched on both ends. Green piping at both ends of the band. Embroirdered fabric seen above the bands. c) Collar: Embroirdered with red cotton lining. A white button sewn on the right and a white elastic band on the left. A tag glued on the lining reads, "MRS. CHIN HAN, TOW MEI."
2008.049.046 Costume 2 piece costume. a) Tunic: Blue material with embriordered patterning. Frog buttons and white bordering seen at neck, around the collar and along the side. Bordering seen also at the edge and sleeves. Orange lining for the entire tunic. b) Skirt: Black skirt with black fasterners and push in buttons at the side.
2008.049.047 Costume 2 piece costume. a) Tunic: Orange and green polyester? material with pink frog buttons at neck, around the collar and along the side. Purple and yellow embroirdered fabric borders the sleeves, collar, along the side and edges. Lower pocket on the right inner portion. Pink (polyester?) lining for the entire tunic. b) Pants: White cotton for the waist. Rest made of black polyester material.
2008.049.048 Costume 2 piece costume. a) Tunic: Green damask? silk material with forg buttons at neck, around the collar and along the side. Separate pink fabric with gold borders the sleeves and the collar. Light pink lining for the entire tunic. Lowe pocket on right-inner side. b) Skirt: Made of same material as the tunic.
2008.049.049 Costume 2 piece costume. a) Tunic: Blue silk damask? material with frog buttons at neck, around the collar and along the side. Blue edging on the cuffs and collar. Plain blue silk lining for the entire tunic. Lower pocket on the right inner side of the tunic. b) Skirt: Same material as the tunic. Black cotton material for waist with white cotton fasteners. Push in buttons at the side
2008.049.050 Costume 3 piece costume (along with a pair of pants.) a) Tunic: White silk material with frog buttons at neck extending to the bottom of the tunic. b) Pants: White cotton border at waist. Black synthetic? material for the rest of the pant. c) Pants: Indigo (darker) cotton at waist. Black synthetic? material for the rest of the pant.
2008.049.051 Table Cloth Table Cloth Embroirdered on red background at the center. Extended corners. Cotton lining of same material as the extended corners.
2008.049.052 Table Cloth Table Cloth Red synthetic square piece at the center with white cotton lining. Extended four corners.
2008.049.053 Handkerchief White silk handkerchief, dirty, 10 in pack and one by itself (11 total)
2008.049.054 Handkerchief White handkerchief with lace edges
2008.049.055 Cloth Blue-green cloth with silver snowflake pattern
2008.049.056 Cloth Yellow-orange silk
2008.049.057 Cloth White silk
2008.049.058 Cloth Pink silk with floral pattern
2008.049.059 Cloth White silk from Jin Yun Silk Mill, Shanghai, China, some stains
2008.049.060 Cloth Gray cloth with stripe pattern
2008.049.061 Cloth Black cloth with traditional Chinese pattern of coins, pots, etc. in silver
2008.049.062 Cloth Pink cloth with floral pattern
2008.049.063 Cloth Blue cloth with tan floral patterns, colors reversed on other side
2008.049.064 Cloth multi-colored cloth featuring trees, people, and pavilions, other side consists of brown, green, pink, and purple stripes.
2008.049.065 Cloth Yellow-orange cloth with leaf pattern
2008.049.066 Shoes Pair of golden shoes for women, with bead work, size 9 (a + b)
2008.049.067 Shoes Red shoes for women with floral decorations in green, yellow, purple, and red (a+b)
2008.049.068 Shoes Black pair of shoes for men, Stag Brand, made in Canton, China, right shoe has attached note reading "Compliments, Yick Fung & Company" and an address. (a+b) Two labels found inside of left shoe also included, largly written in Chinese (c+d)
2008.049.069 Shoes Black mens shoes, Stag Brand (a+b)
2008.049.070 Shoes Green womens shoes, made by Man Cheong, bead work in floral patterns along with multi-colored sequins
2008.049.071 Shoes Pink womens shoes with floral pattern in black (a+b)
2008.049.072 Shoes Blue and green womens shoes, floral pattern, black strap (a+b)
2008.049.073 Shoes White womens shoes with floral patterns in red and purple, significant bleeding of color on left shoe (a+b)
2008.049.074 Shoes White women's shoes with floral patterns and green leaves. (a+b)
2008.049.075 Shoes Tan shoes with blue and yellow and green floral patterns. a+b
2008.049.076 Hat Black skullcap with red tassel. Says "business association" in red in Chinese characters. Size 7, made in Japan.
2008.049.077 Hat Black skullcap with red tassel. Says "business association" in red in Chinese characters. Size 7 and 1/8.
2008.049.078 Hat Black skullcap with red tassel. Size 6 and 1/2.
2008.049.079 Hat Black skullcap with red tassel. Size 6 and 3/4.
2008.049.080 Fan Wooden fan with metal fastener and with tassle. Hollow out floral patterns. Held together with white cloth.
2008.049.081 Dress Navy blue dress with black trim around cuffs and collar. With a belt of the same navy blue color.
2008.049.082 Dress Purple dress with blue patterns and white trim and collar. Comes with a belt.
2008.049.083 Dress Tan dress with a black underdress. Comes with a belt in black and tan.
2008.049.084 Dress Red dress for a child with grey patterns. Orange and blue stripe around the collar and the sleeves, and running down the front.
2008.049.085 Shirt White shirt for kids. With buttons on the front. Decorative collar and cuffs.
2008.049.086 Shirt White silk shirt, buttons down on the front with two front pockets.
2008.049.087 Shirt Small white silk shirt with white collar and buttons
2008.049.088 Shirt Small white silk shirt with floral patterns.
2008.049.089 Skirt Pink silk skirt
2008.049.090 Shirt White dress shirt. Fasten on the back. Bib on the front. Made by Studleigh. aka Long Bosom Shirt
2008.049.091 Skirt Black silk skirt with floral patterns and a belt.
2008.049.092 Shoes Black shoes in traditonal style, decorated with geometric patterns, thick sole. (a+b)
2008.049.093 Neckerchief Blue neckerchief with red edges, white sun in one corner, meant to represent Chinese Nationalist flag. Gold Boy Scouts of America pin in same corner as sun
2008.049.094 Bowl Ceramic bowl painted green on the inside, painted white on the outside with images of flowers and a chicken in red, green, blue and yellow
2008.049.095 Bowl White eramic bowl painted with blue along outside. "Made in China" printed on bottom in red
2008.049.096 Duplicator Stencil Duplicator, wood painted green with metal fasteners and red paper covering the bottom. Label identifies it as made by the Pretocopy Co. of San Francisco California and patented on 12/7/1926. Bottom is imprinted with Chinese characters from use.
2008.049.097 Jug Brown, ceramic jug. Small hole at top with smaller hole (spout) just off center. Several large tan markings on surface.
2008.049.098 Spittoon Small metal spitoon, painted blue with gold stripes and a green clover pattern.
2008.049.099 Purse, Change Black leather change purse with metal fasteners.
2008.049.100 Can, Laundry Mallet-shaped metal can used to sprinkle water on clothes before pressing (as in a laundry). Numerous small holes on one side, one large hole with screw-on cap on adjacent side.
2008.049.101 Mortar and Pestle Heavy metal mortar with several cracks and pestle with metal end and wooden handle. Handle is also cracked, with a section being very loose. Mortar is "a", pestle is "b"
2008.049.102 Dice shaker Copper object used as a dice shaker.
2008.049.103 Medicine Two (a+b) glass vials, filled with small, round, silver balls that is medicine for heatstroke. Closed with cork, label reads "Made in China" and has Chinese characters and an image of Saturn.
2008.049.104 Protector, sleeve Woven cuff protectors, 14 count
2008.049.105 Button Small button with image of airplane in blue and states in Chinese "Buy the plane to save the country, Seattle, America, Anti-Japan Support Association."
2008.049.106 Button Small button in red, white, and blue, stating "I don't buy silk or goods made in Japan."
2008.049.107 Button Small white button with image of old Chinese nationalist flag and the word "China." Back of button reads in Chinese, "Made by Chinese Ceramic Pin Co."
2008.049.108 Button White button with crossed US and old Chinese nationalist flags, reads "Humanity Legion aid to China, California Rice Bowl, 1941." Maker's mark on back.
2008.049.109 Button White button with "Chinese" written in blue. On back edge, maker is listed as Star Engraving Co. of San Francisco
2008.049.110 Button Small white button printed in green with a cross and "Chinese Civilian Relief, A.B.M.A.C."
2008.049.111 Button Button with image of Space Needle and stating "Souvenir of World's Fair, 1962, Space Needle, Seattle, USA." Printed in red, blue, and white.
2008.049.112 Button Gold button with image of a dragon, stating "Seattle Chinese New Year, 4662, Year of the Dragon, 1964." Chinese characters stating a wish for fortune, printed in black and red.
2008.049.113 Pin Gold pin from Girl Scouts of America, featuring image of eagle and initials "G.S."
2008.049.114 Pin Small pin with blue star and white background, reading "American Legion Auxiliary"
2008.049.115 Pin Pin of old Chinese nationalist flag, in red, blue, and white
2008.049.116 Pin Brown wooden Pin says "China".
2008.049.117 Card Yellow membership card for the American Legion Auxiliary. Cardholder is Helen Chinn, in the Cathay Unit. Card was givin on 9/20/1948. Back of card gives membership number "719569" and an oath. Printed in black and red.
2008.049.118 Toothbrush White toothbrush in cardboard box, made in China, toothbrush and box have manufacture information in Chinese.
2008.049.119 Razor Straight razor in box, brand is Clean Cut Razors, made by Dunham Carrigan & Hayden Co. of San Francisco
2008.049.120 Eyeglasses Pair of bifocals in black case, round frames, comes with pink cloth with instructions printed on it. Made by Binyon Optical Company. (a-c)
2008.049.121 Currency Four pieces of Chinese paper money: a: 1923, portrait of Sun Yet-Sen, one dollar b: 1912, portrait and crossed flags, silver certificate for five dollars, Guangdong province c: 1927, image of bridge, twenty cents, from Beijing area d: 1905, images of dragons, equivelent of one silver yuan, Qing dynasty, Guangdong province
2008.050.044 Figure, Action Action figure of Chun Li, a character from the video game Street Fighter II. Figure still in packaging and comes with a number of plactic weapons.
2008.050.045 Yo-yo Purple and yellow yo-yo, "Filipino Twirler" printed in yellow on purple side.
2008.050.046 Button Campaign button from Washington State governor's race, 1996. Light blue, reads in black "Washington State Governor 1996, Gary Locke Democrat."
2008.050.047 Button White, political button, reads in blue and red "Asian Pacific Americans, Vote in 1996, Democratic National Committee."
2008.050.048 Doll Hula dancer nesting doll with four interior dolls. Largest four dolls are in two part (a-d. labelled as ai, aii, bi, bii, ci, etc.), smallest doll is in one part (e).
2008.050.049 Doll Bobblehead of a girl in a bikini surfing, stand is green and reads "Hawaii" in yellow.
2008.050.050 Board, Game Hawaiian Punch Game, based on the soft drink (a-h) a: game box b: game board c: spinner d: red pinapple mold in shape of can of Hawaiian Punch e-h: plastic figures of Punchy (the Hawaiian Punch mascot) in orange, yellow, pink, and blue. Game originally came with orange, yellow, pink, and blue clay, since discarded.
2008.050.051 Jacket Black transparent fabric, decorated with silver sequins in floral pattern.
2008.050.052 Shawl Black transparent fabric decorated with black sequins and beads in floral patterns. Worn around the shoulders.
2008.050.053 Shawl Green transparent fabric, decorated with green sequins and beads in a leaf pattern. Worn around the shoulders.
2008.050.054 Cloth Blue cloth embroidered with red and yellow flowers on one section.
2008.050.055 Cloth Yellow cloth embroidered with yellow flowers in a triangle.
2008.050.056 Plaque Wooden Plaque Small sword and shield replicas on the front with the writing: Weapons of Moroland Mindinao; Taming; Karasak, Agong Philippines
2008.050.057 Tape, Video Video tape movie Stereotypical presentation of Asians
2008.050.058 Figurine Ceramic Figurine Boy leaning against a well. Stereotypical caricature of Chinese boy Green clothing and hat.
2008.050.059 doll Six paper dolls of Japanese women wearing kimonos. Four of the paper dolls have cocktail umbrella-parasols.
2008.051.015 dart 6 cutout cardboard heads of Japanese military men- yellow with black print- 1. a lot of holes 2. some holes 3. a few holes 4. a few holes 5. no holes- brighter yellow 6. no holes- brighter yellow
2008.051.016 Darts 2 cutout cardboard bodies of Japanese military men- yellow with black print - sitting on wooden base a. darker yellow b. brighter yellow
2008.051.017 Box Cardboard and wood cigar box "The Jap", lid stamped "The Jap" with a decorative border; on the right side of box from back wrapped around to the front a decorative blue and white tape "Canada Fifty Cigars"; on lid and front of box a broken seal of an image of a woman smoking a cigar with a decorative floral and bird border in pink, blue, and yellow; along lid and front a label "Union-made Cigars"; on right side panel stamped "Style 20th Century"; on left side stamed "The Jap" and a sticker that wraps around the bottom with the same image of a woman smoking a cigar; on bottom makers stamp with copyright restrictions; on inside of lid same image of woman smoking cigar, table of flowers and open box of cigars, along top "The Jap" on right "Flor / Fina" on left "El Buen / Gusto" images of coins along bottom and " Manufactured only by John McNee & Sons London Canada" inside lined with red paper
2008.051.018 Mold, Gelatin Jello mold Chinaman head; made of metal
2008.051.019 Box empty cardboard sock box, image of two men, one Asian man running in a green uniform with holes in his socks and rudimentary weapon with green helmet away from a white man in a tan military uniform with a bayonet and a green helmet, background of green bushes, top left corner "Time for some Good 'Socks' " bottom right corner "Special Quality, War Service Socks, by, Interwoven, better appearance, more comfort...longer wear" right side sticker "comfort sock" "Interwoven Socks" tag inside, black with teal and orange lettering "Hy-test, Interwoven, Hi-Lo Leg Length"
2008.051.020 Puzzle Oriental Sliding Puzzle; yellow plastic sliding puzzle with image of reclining naked woman with Asian features wrapped in red robe; floral background; red, blue, yellow and flesh tones
2008.051.021 Make-up Kit "Chinese Make-up Kit" image of Chinese man on left with an image of a gong on right, red lipstick, foundation, and black eye make-up; on packaging "Non-Toxic" "Easy to Apply" "Easy to Remove" "Made with Lanolin" "Remove with cold cream" "$.10"
2008.051.022 Necktie maroon men's necktie; painted with image of toilet bowl with Asian male face (Toyo) on interior of lid
2008.051.023 Brooch ceramic pin of a green head with Asian features wearing gold hat
2008.051.024 apron white apron with blue border; outside pocket image of man with long hair que; red hat, blue shirt, black pants; stitched lettering "So fat this little Chinkman grows he can not see his shoes or toes!" white tag with printed name in red "Janet H. Botsford"
2008.051.025 Scarf blue slik scarf, image of man carrying lemon tea, man wearing a blue hat, red coat with dragon design and blue pants, smiling. picture of devil in right corner
2008.051.026 Ashtray glass ashtray, bottom of tray, yellow background, picture of a man as a rat holding a bloody dagger, top left corner image of swastika, top right corner image of red sun, "Jam your, cigarette, butts on, this rat"
2008.051.027 Button Miniature Chinamen heads a. 11 red plastic heads wearing white hats with button shank on the back- 1/2" b. 53 yellow plastic heads with flat back- 1/2" c. 7 ceramic heads with bead holes in back- 3/4"
2008.051.028 Box yellow soap box made of cardboard, empty, image of a woman with a rose in her hair, "Jap Rose Soap", "For complexion Hair and Bath" on all side, left side sticker, right side maker.
2008.051.029 game blue rectangular plastic box with clear plastic lid; illustrated game with atomic bomb image and Japan island image labelled with three city names; yellow and black ink; small metal ball enclosed in gel cap x 2; back cardboard surface inscribed with "7.00 WO"
2008.051.030 game blue rectangular plastic box with clear plastic lid; illustrated game with atomic bomb image and Japan island image labelled with three city names; orange, blue, white, and black ink; small metal ball enclosed in gel cap; one broken half gel cap with loose metal ball; back cardboard surface printed with game description, instructions, and manufacturer's info
2008.051.031 Game greyish-blue rectangular cardboard box with clear plastic lid; illustrated game with war scenes-soldiers, tanks and a plane on fire, "Trap Sap" printed on left hand corner. Three gel caps with metal balls (one half-broken) enclosed. Back of the cardboard surface inscribed with "742".
2008.051.032 Game Japanese War Game in cardboard box with game pieces inside, game board made of paper, instructions in Chinese, a dice printed with numbers, round game pieces with a image of a plane in yellow, green, red or blue, box cover is blue with image of pilot and planes, Chinese characters
2008.051.033 game Game in box with nine marbles (4 blue, 4 white, 1 red); top inside cover of box is printed with game description and instructions, plus manufacturer's info; bottom of box is game board with image of map of Western Pacific with various islands and cities labelled with geographic names; images of battleship fleets, logo of a bomber flying over a burning city or village; top cover image is a replication of game board image without cut-outs; on sides of top cover, images of planes, ships, artillery, and zeppelins
2008.051.034 Pin Round pin with white background, Japanese flag circled and crossed out, top lettering "Buy American" bottom lettering "Made in U.S.A."; price sticker on back with barcode ".29"
2008.051.035 Pin small button with Asian caricature image; orange figure in hat with buck teeth and slanted eyes with text "Splendorient"; back marked with "140"
2008.051.036 Doll, Mechanical wind up doll with 3 spinning plates in red, green, blue, man with beard, wearing black hat, yellow shirt, with red and gold stitching, red and white belt, black felt pants, blue felt shoes, wind up in back of man
2008.051.037 Album, record 33 1/3 LPS Record Album Jimmy Shigeta, Scene One
2008.051.038 album, record 33 1/3 LP record album James Shigeta: We Speak the Same Language
2008.051.039 Album, Record 33 1/3 LP Record Album Marlin Brando in Sayonara
2008.051.047 Tape, video Film Teahouse fo the August Moon.
2008.051.048 Tape, video Film Crimson Kimono, the
2008.051.049 Box Box O'Sullivan's Rubber Heels Pair of heels in box Box has image of Japanese soldier running. Cut out war characters.
2008.051.050 Bank, Still Bank, Bobble Head 2 - Asian figurines wiht solid plaster body and plaster head on spring Painted and molded Asian features. Tag on head says: "Bank" Slot in back for coins a: red b: blue, craked. Has been glued and taped.
2008.051.051 Bank, still Bank. Bobble head Chinese man characater in robe. Skull cap, srting mustache. Head ir plater and hangs on hook in clay body. Slot in back of body for coins Head is damaged
2008.051.052 Service, Tea Sugar Bowl and 3 tea bag saucers A: Ceramic Asian man character bowl with lid B - D: 3 saucers Painted features "Made in Occupied Japan"
2008.051.053 Teapot Tea Caddy with lid Ceramic caddy made to look like an Asian faced tea pot. On top of lid is weritten "TEA"
2008.051.054 Jar, Cookie ceramic cookie jar in the shape of a chinaman in white with a brown hat as a lid. a. body b. hat
2008.051.055 Vase ceramic flower holder of girl's head and torso with Asian features; bluish greh, brown, pink, white, and flesh tone glazing; Royal Copley stifker on front right center; maker's mark on center park with copyright symbol; round mounting hold on back
2008.051.056 a & b Vase 2 vases -Trader Vic's Chinaman drinking vase; ceramic yellow and brown glazed face with stylized Asian features; slanted eyes, long mustache, and beard
2008.051.057 Vase Vase 4 - Ceramic Drinking Vases. Trader Vic's restaurant ware Asian man's face with painted features, yellowish tint
2008.051.058 Vase Vase Ceramic Drinking Vase. Trader Vic's restaurant ware Asian man's face with painted features, on back are 3 Chinese characters
2008.051.059 Vase Vase Ceramic drinking vase Asian face on front On reverse: "House of Ming , Bali Hi, Madrid"
2008.051.060 Vase Vase Ceramic drinking vase Asian face on the front. On the reverse: Faux Chinese characters, "Hawaiian Cottage"
2008.051.061 Bowl, sugar Sugar Bowl 2 - ceramic sugar bowls with lids Bowl attached to saucer. Painted Asian face, mustache.
2008.051.062 Shaker Shaker 4 - Salt and or Pepper shakers Painted with stereotypical Asian face, yellow tint. Conical hat with bird on top. Ceramic shakers with 4-5 holes in top. Pepper shakers have handle on right, salt on left.
2008.051.063 Board, Game Dart Board Cardboard painted red, yellow and black. "Bom Jap" Illustrations of Japanese soldiers, aircraft and ships
2008.051.064 Board, game Dart Board Cardboard Paper illustrations pasted to each side. One side is: "Set the Sun --- !" Japanese soldier running.
2008.051.1000 Button, political Button Round metal button with US flag and lettering. In red, white and blue: Remember Pearl Harbor"
2008.051.1001 Button, political Button Round metal button with hand with bloody dagger. "Remember Pearl Harbor"
2008.051.1002 Button, political Button Round metal button with white lettering on blue background. Remember Pearl Harbor"
2008.051.1003 Button, political Button Round metal button with large V and US flag. "Remember Pearl Harbor"
2008.051.1004 Button, political Button Round metal button with silouettes of airplanes. "Buy Defense Bonds - Remember Pearl Harbor:"
2008.051.1005 Button, political Button Round metal button with lettering in red, white and blue. "Remember Pearl Harbor"
2008.051.1006 Button, political Button Round metal button with blue lettering on white background. "Special Deputy Authorized to Issue Jap Hunting Licenses - 6th War Loan Drive."
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