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Wing Luke Museum
2009.003.001 Menu
2009.007.001 Dress Dress Chinese Opera Costume White silk with embroirdered patternings on ther collar and dress. Cloth frog buttons at neck, around the collar, and along the left side. Pink and red silk bordering at neck, collar, sleeves, sides and edges.
2009.008.001 Painting Painting, Oil on canvas Large modern absract Paul Horiuchi
2009.008.002 Sculpture Sculpture Mixed Media with Etched Glass Pencil background with glass sides and front pieces in wood frame.
2009.011.001 Model Fountain Maquette, bronze George Tsutakawa Maquette for the fountain originally installed at the former Seattle First National Bank courtyard in Seattle Washington in 1969
2009.013.001 Boots Pair of boots from Bhutan, very colorful, includes white, black, blue, red, yellow, green, etc. (a+b)
2009.014.001 Hat Cloth hat from china, blue with gold embroidery and white tassel.
2009.016.001 Translation Small cloth sheet with American flag (48 stars) and translations of request for help in ten different languages, including Japanese, Chinese, Korean, German, Russian, Urdu, Burmese, Hindi, French, and English. Published by the Aeronautical Chart and Information Service in February 1951, marked as "Restricted."
2009.016.002 Map US Air Force cloth chart of Korean penninsula, 1:500,000 scale, published by the Aeronautical Chart and Information Service in 1951. Labeled as "Restricted," one side features southern Korea, other side northern Korea.
2009.017.001 Token Tokens made from aluminium, meant for gambling. All have Chinese characters, meaning "Wah Mee" or "East." Come in four sizes (a-d) a: 1.5 in. diameter (74 - "Wah Mee," 2 - "East," 76 total) b: 1.25 in. (39 - "Wah Mee," 6 - "East," 45 total) c: 1.12 in. (19 - "Wah Mee," 37 - "East," 56 total) d: .87 in (73 - "Wah Mee," 66 - "East," 179 total)
2009.017.002 Token Tokens made of brass, three different sizes (a-c), All have Chinese characters reading either "Wah Mee" or "East." a: 1.5 in. diameter (201 total) b: 1.25 in. (173 total) c: .62 in. (30 total)
2009.017.003 Token Five rolls of aluminium tokens, twenty to a roll. Wrapped in brown paper, some have Chinese characters written on the outside. (a-e)
2009.017.004 Token Two rolls of brass tokens, twenty tokens in a closed roll wrapped in brown paper (a), and twelve in an open roll wrapped in pink paper (b).
2009.017.005 Chip, Poker Two green plastic poker chips.
2009.017.006 Dice Two pairs of dice, sides 1 and 4 are painted red, all others are black. (a+b)
2009.020.001 Bowl Brown suribachi bowl, maker's mark stamped on bottom.
2009.020.002 Pestle Wooden surikogi pestle, tapered, and rounded at both ends
2009.020.003 Pestle Wooden surikogi pestle, carved handle.
2009.021.001 Sword Sword in wooden scabbard. A kris (asymetrical dagger native to Indonesia archipeligo and southern Philippines), obtained at the Manila Trade Fair in 1936. a: Sword b: Scabbard
2009.030.002 Poster 2 - Posters Blue and green with white lettering. "Kollin Min For Seattle City Council"
2009.032 Painting Oil on canvas Still Life of eggs, fruts and vegatables on red and white striped cloth. Signature in lower right corner. John Matsudaira
2009.034.001 Uniform Chinese Consul Uniform Includes dress hat, shirt, jacket, pants, gloves, cuffs and coat. Formal red Jacket and pants.
2009.035.001 Suitcase Suitcase Woven Bamboo. Painted on front: T. Hiramatsu 17064
2009.035.002 Suitcase Suitcase, black. leather cover wooden suitcase In front: T. Hiramatsu
2009.036.001 Tray Wooden Berry Tray on a wooden stand. 12 cardboard inserts in the tray.
2009.038 Sign A sign of Luck Ngai Musical Soceity, a Seattle Cantonese opera amateur group established in 1935. The sign was found when a store (located at 7th Ave S & S King St) was closed.
2010.001.001 Story Cloth Textile Story Cloth Brown, Blue, White with multicolored embroidery Text in English Story of Hmong immigration from Laos to USA
2010.002.001 Jar Ceramic Jar Large 4 gallon jar with tappered top Lid held on with metal band. Wire handle Lid: "The Weir" No. 4 Pat. April 10, 1907 Used for soy sauce
2010.002.002 Jar Ceramic Jar Brown. Used for raw sugar. Wooden cover and woven bamboo handles
2010.002.003 Jar Ceramic jar Glazed ceramic, brown and beige. Dragon motif on side Woven bamboo handle Used for preserved eggs
2010.002.004 Jar Ceramic Jar Brown glazed ceramic jar, no lid
2010.002.005 Jar Ceramic Jar Green tappered ceramic jar with indentation pattern over top 1/3 then 4 concentric groves.
2010.002.006 Jar Ceramic Jar Preserved Egg container
2010.003.001 T-shirt T Shirt Red Summer Festival 2005 Hing Hay Park
2010.004.001 Iron Iron Chinese bronze iron, 18th century, no handle
2010.007.002 Poster Poster Illustration of Japanese American family behind barbed wire American flag. Illustration by Roger Leyonmark for the Cleveland Plain Dealer. Used by the JACL in 1983. Same as 2011.016.002?
2010.007.006 Button Button Round with yellow background. Hand with chop sticks "Yellow Power"
2010.007.007 Button Button Round with red background. Illustration of person. Kanji Redress for Japanese Canadians
2010.008.001 T-shirt T - Shirt Orange T-shirt Adult L in original wrapper Artful Bigotry & Kitsch Ignorance - Racisim - Excuses since 2002 Parody of Abercrombie & Fitch racist t-shirts Produced by Blacklava.
2010.008.002 T-shirt T-shirt M White with "Asian is .. not Oriental" red no symbol for NO Blacklava
2010.009.001 Jar Ceramic Ginger Jar 3 - Green glazed 6 sided jars. 2 - b,c - have straw wrapping. I has a cork. 1 loose lid.
2010.009.002 Jar Ceramic jar Brown glazed wide jar for pickled vegetables.
2010.009.003 Jar Ceramic jar Chinese rice wine jar with cork stopper.
2010.011.001 Ashtray Amber glass Ashtray "Open Daily in Chinatown Hong Kong Restaurant and Sanpan Room. Seatle"
2010.011.004 Game Mah Jong Game set Rose wood box with ivory inlay Pieces are ivory and bamboo with ivory counting sticks.
2010.011.005 Game 4 - Mah Jong tile holders
2010.012.007 Shirt Shirt Blue cotton denim button shirt Embroidered over left pocket is AAJA: A Commitment to Diversity Asian American Journalist Assoaciation
2010.012.008 T-Shirt T-Shirt White cotton shirt Printed on the front is the exhibition logo design for the Wing Luke Musuem's exhibit: Executive Order 9066: 50 Years Before and 50 years After
2010.012.009 T-Shirt T-Shirt White cotton shirt Printed on the front is 2000 Taiko Regional Gathering On the back is a list of participating organizations.
2010.012.010 T-Shirt T-Shirt White cotton shirt Printed on the front is 2004 Taiko Regional Gathering Illustration by Michelle Kumata
2010.014.001 Bench Bench Wood bench with arms. Stenciled on the front of the seat is "LOC.-7" Building at 2nd and Main St in Seattle was owned by the Cannery Workers and Farm Laborer's Union Local 7 later the International Longshore & Warehouse Union Local 37
2010.015.001 Camera Speedgraphic camera 4 x 5" in case
2010.015.002 Enlarger Silver metal enlarger on plywood base. DeJur Professional
2010.015.003 Plate, Dry Enlargement plates Timer and heat lamp
2010.015.004 Dryer, print Photographic print dryer
2010.016.001 Trunk Black steamer trunk Large black trunk with 2 inset trays.
2010.016.002 Suitcase Suitcase Leather suitcase, separate top from bottom Painted on either end "Look Y.D."
2010.016.003 Machine, Sewing Sewing machine in wood desk Iron fame and wheels
2010.016.004 Radio Radio wood cabinet Western Air Patrol All Wave Super - Heterodyne
2010.016.005 Iron Iron American Beauty electric pressing iron on trivit and in box. No cord
2010.016.006 Iron 3 - Irons Cast flat iron with wooden handle "8" on top of iron.
2010.016.007 cord, iron Cords for electric irons American Beauty Cord set in box
2010.016.008 Button Buttons 2 - boxes of pearl buttons size 20
2010.016.009 Pin, safety Safety Pins 3 - bags A: pins with lablel area B: large safety pins C: Extra large pins for laundry bags
2010.016.010 Tag Tags Clip on tags - 3 boxes 1 - box Victory Marking Tags No. 2 2 - boxes #1 Heavy Open Tags Sytex by Tagit Company
2010.016.011 Weight Weight 2 - lead weights 1 - QKL Co. NY 1 - 10
2010.016.012 Wrench Wrench A: Adjustible plumber's wrench with wooden handle B: Adjustible plumbers wrench, metal
2010.016.013 Shears, Bench Shears Metal shears.
2010.016.014 Sprinkler Sprinkler Red rubber bottle with metal spout Used to dampen lanudry befor ironing.
2010.016.015 Spool Spool of thread 2 - spools of black thread Commercial size
2010.016.016 Twine String 2 - spools of butcher's twine
2010.016.017 Stamp Stamp Hand stamp for business Hong Lee 5014 University Way Seattle Wash USA on stamp. On top is: Song Lee 4735 University Way
2010.016.018 Album, Record 38 RPM record albums Cantonese songs and music
2010.016.022 Book, address Adress Book Black leather spiral book with addresses to Hong Kong and China
2010.016.023 Bill Bills Washington Natural Gas Co.
2010.016.026 Jar Ceramic Jar 4 gallon ceramic jar with tapered top, ceramic lid Metal handle with wooden grip. Separate lid, glazed ceramic The Weir No. 4
2010.016.027 Dispenser, paper Metal and wood paper roll dispenserwith brown paper
2010.016.028 Cabinet Wooden Cabinet Counter Original counter of the Song Lee Laundry. Three drawers and 3 cabinets in on beaded board cabinet with linoleum on top.
2010.018.001 Print Frame and matted color print.
2010.019.001 Plate Plate Alaska Yukon Pacific Exposition commemorative Territory of Hawaii
2010.020.001 Painting Painting Ink on paper. Sumi ink and paper.
2010.020.002 Painting Painting Ink on Paper Sumi Ink and paper Black, blue on white paper.
2010.021.001 Type Type Lead type kanji from Japanese printing store.
2010.021.002 Type
2010.021.003 Type
2010.021.004 Type
2010.021.005 Type
2010.021.006 Type
2010.021.007 Type
2010.023.001 Print Color print Washington Street between 2nd and 3rd Seattle WA
2010.026.001 Calligraphy Calligaphy, Framed pices of silk with black Chinese calligraphy Dated 1924 (the seventh day of the second lunar month, which corresponds to March 11, by the solar calendar). It is a congratulatory gift, from a branch of the Hop Sing Tong in "Dalin City" (Mandarin pronunciation of the characters) to the Seattle branch of the organization The text, the four large characters in the center, says "Our (military) strength will spread throughout," a phrase attributed to the founder of the Zhou dynasty, and serve as a political and military rallying cry. James Legge translated the book it is from (the Shang Shu [though some say it is found in Mencius as well]), The first (upper right) and last (lower left) characters are in quite archaic form.
2010.028.011 Doll Doll Japanese doll in case
2010.028.012 Doll Doll Korean Doll Cloth doll in traditional costume. Dancing. This doll was a gift to First Church from Mr. Lee, after seeing the embrodierd picture of the school in Seoul, in 1952.
2010.028.013 Doll Doll Korean Doll
2010.028.014 Embroidery Embroidery Korean Calligraphy with illustration of church in Korea. Illustration is of the church built by the foreign missionary D.A. Bunker under the sponsoship of the First Methodist Church in Seattle.
2010.030.001 Painting Painting Watercolor and Chinese ink on paper, laid down to a wood panel. Fay Chong "City Patterns" 1967 24.25 x 36.25"
2010.032.001 Scroll Scroll Embroidery of a hen and chick with bamboo mounted on a paper backing
2010.032.002 Scroll Scroll Painted A fat lady wearing a black kamoto A red devil by her side
2010.032.003 Scroll Scroll Red background with black chinese writing
2010.032.004 Scroll Scroll painted A little boy riding a lion while holding a lotus flower
2010.032.005 Scroll Scroll Painted white background with a picture of an animal and three characters
2010.032.006 Scroll Scroll paper scroll Chinese writing from one end of the scroll ot the other
2010.032.007 Scroll Scroll Black Chinese writing
2010.032.008 Scroll Scroll Blue color scroll with white background Chinese writing
2010.032.009 Scroll Scroll Blue scroll white background with Chinese writing
2010.032.010 Scroll Scroll An old man and two boys walking in the woods the background are mountains and trees
2010.032.011 Scroll Scroll from 1967 Ascenery painting of the mountains and trees A person fishing in the fishing boat
2010.032.012 Scroll Scroll New York time paper "Declaration"
2010.032.013 Scroll Scroll Painted An old man with long white beard A dear at the old man's side
2010.032.014 Scroll Scroll 6 painting on very thin issue papers 1. an old man 2. Crane 3. Eagle sitting on a tree branch 4.Tiger roaring 5. Two birds on a tree branch 6. Two birds flying toward the bamboo trees
2010.032.015 Scroll scroll Tiger in its natural habitat, surrounded by bamboo trees
2010.032.016 Scroll Scroll Chinese poem with bamboo trees on the side of it
2010.032.017 Scroll Scroll A man wearing a yellow clothing with dragon patterns Maybe an government official
2010.032.018 Scroll Scroll Two man going fishing and caught two large fish A mouse on top of the painting
2010.032.019 Scroll Scroll 2 part Chinese writing on a white scroll
2010.032.020 Scroll Scroll 2 parts Chinese writing on white scroll
2010.032.021 Scroll Scroll Paper scroll with decorated borders and inside are chinese writing It looks like an award certificate
2010.032.022 Scroll Scroll painted picture of seven chinese gods/goddess they are watching two men free the fish in to the water
2010.032.023 Scroll Scroll Silkwrapping for boys day helmet It is purple color with flowers on the corner
2010.032.024 Scroll scroll A man wearing a yellow gown with dragon patterns on it.
2010.032.025 Scroll Scroll A chinese poem A picture of white flowers on a gray background
2010.033.004 Rack, Magazine Wooden magazine stand 2 pockets with center handle and scroll work on sides.
2010.033.005 Table, Night
2010.035.001 Print Print, Mandala 2 - framed prints of Shingon Mandalas
2010.036.211 Print Print Portion of the mural "One Hundred Years History of the Chinese in America"
2010.038.001 Dress Dress Cheung Sam - Black and silver brocade of 2 different designs. Lined with beige felt
2010.038.002 Dress Dress Cheong Sam Silk brocase, pink and purple peony flowers on black cloth
2010.041.001 Still Still Copper kettles. A: Bottom kettle, round with handles. Top has inner baffel and drip spigot to funnel liquid. B: Top kettle with cone shped bottom. Fits over A to collect condensation from kettle A. Spigot on bottom and drip spigot on top.
2010.043.001 Menu Menu Paper menu cover with stereotypical English pronumciations. Covered with comic advertising for use with daily typed menu.
2010.043.002 Menu Menu Paper menu with red cover Empress Restaurant 11204 Roosevelt Way NE Seattle WA 98125
2010.043.003 Menu Menu Gold paper cover Nikko Rainier Ave at King St. Seattle 44, Wash. Telephone EA 2-4641
2010.043.004 Menu Menu Grenn faux leather paper cover Lun Ting 4318 University Way Seattle 5, MElrose 1675
2010.043.005 Menu Menu Red glossy paper cover Seattle Wok
2010.043.006 Menu Menu Red paper cover China Doll, 3001 Broadway, Everett Washington Phone AL 9-0284
2010.043.007 Menu Menu Red plastic cover China Doll, 3001 Broadway, Everett Washington Phone AL 9-0284
2010.047.001 Certificate Certificate Japanese Hunting License Racist propaganda produced during WW II This one is from Juneau Alaska
2010.047.002 Figurine Figurine Stereotypical Asian woman in tunic, turquoise, wearing large conical hat and holding a yolk with buckets.
2010.048.001 Tunic A:Battle Dress Tunic, USMC MARPAT style B: Pants
2010.049.001 Hat Hat Chinese Woven bamboo and banana leaf
2010.052.001 Chair, rocking Chair, rocking
2010.059.001 Desk Desk Wooden office desk Used by Wing Luke in City Council office
2011.001.001 Windowpane Glass Door windowpane From Sagamiya Japanese Confectionary on 5th and Main St
2011.002.001 Program 2011 Tet Festival at the Seattle Center Program
2011.002.002 Directory Vietnamese American directory 2011
2011.003.001 T-shirt T-shirt White cotton shirt Printyed on the front are iamges of the owner and donor with famous guests of his restaurant. On the back an image of the donor.
2011.009.005 Jacket Jacket Black cotton Sashiko embroidered jacket. Diamond and wave pattern. Mon on back.
2011.009.006 Jacket Jacket Ochre cotton Sashiko embroidered jacket. Overlapping circles and flower patterns. Mon on back
2011.009.007 Jacket Jacket White raw silk Sashiko embroidered jacket with tappered sleeves Lined with beige silk. Y pattern in gold, oragami crane on left breast and back
2011.009.008 Vest Vest Black cotton vest with zig zag pattern on shoulders and bottom. Flowers in front and Mon on back. Lined with floral print cotton.
2011.009.009 Vest Vest Black cotton vest with diamond pattern on shoulders and plum blossom pattern on bottom. Mon on back. Lined with floral print cotton. Sash attached to the back.
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