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Wing Luke Museum
2010.016.018 Album, Record 38 RPM record albums Cantonese songs and music
2010.016.022 Book, address Adress Book Black leather spiral book with addresses to Hong Kong and China
2010.016.023 Bill Bills Washington Natural Gas Co.
2010.016.026 Jar Ceramic Jar 4 gallon ceramic jar with tapered top, ceramic lid Metal handle with wooden grip. Separate lid, glazed ceramic The Weir No. 4
2010.016.027 Dispenser, paper Metal and wood paper roll dispenserwith brown paper
2010.016.028 Cabinet Wooden Cabinet Counter Original counter of the Song Lee Laundry. Three drawers and 3 cabinets in on beaded board cabinet with linoleum on top.
2010.018.001 Print Frame and matted color print.
2010.019.001 Plate Plate Alaska Yukon Pacific Exposition commemorative Territory of Hawaii
2010.020.001 Painting Painting Ink on paper. Sumi ink and paper.
2010.020.002 Painting Painting Ink on Paper Sumi Ink and paper Black, blue on white paper.
2010.021.001 Type Type Lead type kanji from Japanese printing store.
2010.021.002 Type
2010.021.003 Type
2010.021.004 Type
2010.021.005 Type
2010.021.006 Type
2010.021.007 Type
2010.023.001 Print Color print Washington Street between 2nd and 3rd Seattle WA
2010.026.001 Calligraphy Calligaphy, Framed pices of silk with black Chinese calligraphy Dated 1924 (the seventh day of the second lunar month, which corresponds to March 11, by the solar calendar). It is a congratulatory gift, from a branch of the Hop Sing Tong in "Dalin City" (Mandarin pronunciation of the characters) to the Seattle branch of the organization The text, the four large characters in the center, says "Our (military) strength will spread throughout," a phrase attributed to the founder of the Zhou dynasty, and serve as a political and military rallying cry. James Legge translated the book it is from (the Shang Shu [though some say it is found in Mencius as well]), The first (upper right) and last (lower left) characters are in quite archaic form.
2010.028.011 Doll Doll Japanese doll in case
2010.028.012 Doll Doll Korean Doll Cloth doll in traditional costume. Dancing. This doll was a gift to First Church from Mr. Lee, after seeing the embrodierd picture of the school in Seoul, in 1952.
2010.028.013 Doll Doll Korean Doll
2010.028.014 Embroidery Embroidery Korean Calligraphy with illustration of church in Korea. Illustration is of the church built by the foreign missionary D.A. Bunker under the sponsoship of the First Methodist Church in Seattle.
2010.030.001 Painting Painting Watercolor and Chinese ink on paper, laid down to a wood panel. Fay Chong "City Patterns" 1967 24.25 x 36.25"
2010.032.001 Scroll Scroll Embroidery of a hen and chick with bamboo mounted on a paper backing
2010.032.002 Scroll Scroll Painted A fat lady wearing a black kamoto A red devil by her side
2010.032.003 Scroll Scroll Red background with black chinese writing
2010.032.004 Scroll Scroll painted A little boy riding a lion while holding a lotus flower
2010.032.005 Scroll Scroll Painted white background with a picture of an animal and three characters
2010.032.006 Scroll Scroll paper scroll Chinese writing from one end of the scroll ot the other
2010.032.007 Scroll Scroll Black Chinese writing
2010.032.008 Scroll Scroll Blue color scroll with white background Chinese writing
2010.032.009 Scroll Scroll Blue scroll white background with Chinese writing
2010.032.010 Scroll Scroll An old man and two boys walking in the woods the background are mountains and trees
2010.032.011 Scroll Scroll from 1967 Ascenery painting of the mountains and trees A person fishing in the fishing boat
2010.032.012 Scroll Scroll New York time paper "Declaration"
2010.032.013 Scroll Scroll Painted An old man with long white beard A dear at the old man's side
2010.032.014 Scroll Scroll 6 painting on very thin issue papers 1. an old man 2. Crane 3. Eagle sitting on a tree branch 4.Tiger roaring 5. Two birds on a tree branch 6. Two birds flying toward the bamboo trees
2010.032.015 Scroll scroll Tiger in its natural habitat, surrounded by bamboo trees
2010.032.016 Scroll Scroll Chinese poem with bamboo trees on the side of it
2010.032.017 Scroll Scroll A man wearing a yellow clothing with dragon patterns Maybe an government official
2010.032.018 Scroll Scroll Two man going fishing and caught two large fish A mouse on top of the painting
2010.032.019 Scroll Scroll 2 part Chinese writing on a white scroll
2010.032.020 Scroll Scroll 2 parts Chinese writing on white scroll
2010.032.021 Scroll Scroll Paper scroll with decorated borders and inside are chinese writing It looks like an award certificate
2010.032.022 Scroll Scroll painted picture of seven chinese gods/goddess they are watching two men free the fish in to the water
2010.032.023 Scroll Scroll Silkwrapping for boys day helmet It is purple color with flowers on the corner
2010.032.024 Scroll scroll A man wearing a yellow gown with dragon patterns on it.
2010.032.025 Scroll Scroll A chinese poem A picture of white flowers on a gray background
2010.033.004 Rack, Magazine Wooden magazine stand 2 pockets with center handle and scroll work on sides.
2010.033.005 Table, Night
2010.035.001 Print Print, Mandala 2 - framed prints of Shingon Mandalas
2010.036.211 Print Print Portion of the mural "One Hundred Years History of the Chinese in America"
2010.038.001 Dress Dress Cheung Sam - Black and silver brocade of 2 different designs. Lined with beige felt
2010.038.002 Dress Dress Cheong Sam Silk brocase, pink and purple peony flowers on black cloth
2010.041.001 Still Still Copper kettles. A: Bottom kettle, round with handles. Top has inner baffel and drip spigot to funnel liquid. B: Top kettle with cone shped bottom. Fits over A to collect condensation from kettle A. Spigot on bottom and drip spigot on top.
2010.043.001 Menu Menu Paper menu cover with stereotypical English pronumciations. Covered with comic advertising for use with daily typed menu.
2010.043.002 Menu Menu Paper menu with red cover Empress Restaurant 11204 Roosevelt Way NE Seattle WA 98125
2010.043.003 Menu Menu Gold paper cover Nikko Rainier Ave at King St. Seattle 44, Wash. Telephone EA 2-4641
2010.043.004 Menu Menu Grenn faux leather paper cover Lun Ting 4318 University Way Seattle 5, MElrose 1675
2010.043.005 Menu Menu Red glossy paper cover Seattle Wok
2010.043.006 Menu Menu Red paper cover China Doll, 3001 Broadway, Everett Washington Phone AL 9-0284
2010.043.007 Menu Menu Red plastic cover China Doll, 3001 Broadway, Everett Washington Phone AL 9-0284
2010.047.001 Certificate Certificate Japanese Hunting License Racist propaganda produced during WW II This one is from Juneau Alaska
2010.047.002 Figurine Figurine Stereotypical Asian woman in tunic, turquoise, wearing large conical hat and holding a yolk with buckets.
2010.048.001 Tunic A:Battle Dress Tunic, USMC MARPAT style B: Pants
2010.049.001 Hat Hat Chinese Woven bamboo and banana leaf
2010.052.001 Chair, rocking Chair, rocking
2010.059.001 Desk Desk Wooden office desk Used by Wing Luke in City Council office
2011.001.001 Windowpane Glass Door windowpane From Sagamiya Japanese Confectionary on 5th and Main St
2011.002.001 Program 2011 Tet Festival at the Seattle Center Program
2011.002.002 Directory Vietnamese American directory 2011
2011.003.001 T-shirt T-shirt White cotton shirt Printyed on the front are iamges of the owner and donor with famous guests of his restaurant. On the back an image of the donor.
2011.009.005 Jacket Jacket Black cotton Sashiko embroidered jacket. Diamond and wave pattern. Mon on back.
2011.009.006 Jacket Jacket Ochre cotton Sashiko embroidered jacket. Overlapping circles and flower patterns. Mon on back
2011.009.007 Jacket Jacket White raw silk Sashiko embroidered jacket with tappered sleeves Lined with beige silk. Y pattern in gold, oragami crane on left breast and back
2011.009.008 Vest Vest Black cotton vest with zig zag pattern on shoulders and bottom. Flowers in front and Mon on back. Lined with floral print cotton.
2011.009.009 Vest Vest Black cotton vest with diamond pattern on shoulders and plum blossom pattern on bottom. Mon on back. Lined with floral print cotton. Sash attached to the back.
2011.009.010 Skirt Skirt Blue cotton skirt with a series of curving bands enanating from the waist down. Alternating sashiko and printed cloth bands.
2011.010.001 Model Boy's Day Display Wooden box with model armour, weapons, carp
2011.011.001 Chest of Drawers Chest of Drawers Created at Minidoka Internment Center by Satoshi Miyahara in 1942
2011.011.002 Trunk Trunk, steamer Used by Tatsutaro Miyahara when immigating to the US from Japan in the 1920s
2011.011.003 Box Box Tin lined wooden box. Food shipping. Used by the Miyahara family at Minidoka to for storage.
2011.011.004 Washtub Tub Baby bath wash tub Purchased in Minidoka to bath newborn baby Tim in 1943.
2011.011.005 Crock Crock Ceramic #5 crock with wooden lid Used to make tsukemono pickles for the Miyahara family
2011.011.006 Kimono Kimono 3 - men's kimono To be catalogued
2011.011.007 Cloth Cloth Japanese synthetic cloth with dyed pattern of purple and ochre.
2011.011.008 Game, Card Cards 2 - sets of Hanafuda cards in small cardboard boxes. One set has black back and one is brown.
2011.011.009 Mold Mold, wooden 2 - Omusubi rice molds A & B
2011.011.010 Mold Mold Wood nigiri sushi mold
2011.011.011 Grater Katsuobushi Kezuriki Japanese bonito shaver. Wood
2011.011.012 Razor 5 - straight razors Bone or plastic handles, steel blades
2011.012.001 Crate, Shipping Crate Wood create with lid and interior shelf Used to move to Rhower Internment Camp
2011.012.002 Crate, Shipping Crate Wooden crate with lid Lid was attached with hinges. Front has latch Rope handles on either end.
2011.013.001 Sculpture Cowboy figure on rocking horse
2011.014.001 Sculpture Sculpture Meng Huang Service Tray Acrylic collage and varnish on recycled tin tray, candy tins, beads, wire, buttons Portrait of a resident of the International District who used other people's garbage to make art.
2011.015.001 Painting Painting Ink on Paper By Alan Lau In the Land of Fading Grapes 2001 Sumi, mixed media Courtesy of Francine Seders Gallery 53?" x 53?" (measurement unframed)
2011.016.001 Poster Japanese America: Contemporary Perspectives on the Internment A Film series and day long conference.
2011.016.002 Poster Poster The American Nightmare, Published by the Cleveland Plain Dealer, 1981 by Roger Leyonmark Presented to the JACL February 19, 1983
2011.016.003 Poster Poster Chinese Art Society Illustration by Lucy Liu 1984
2011.019.087 Poster Poster Hand printed and painted exhibition poster Pride and Shame The Japanese American Experience 1890 - 1971 Created by the Seattle Chapter of the Japanese American Citizens League and the State Capital Musuem
2011.020.001 Desk Desk Wooden desk built from scrap lumber in the Minidoka Internment Camp. The top drawer bottom is part of an orange crate. This desk was made by the donor's father. Minoru "Mac" Hamamura. See notes for additional information.
2011.021.001 Token Token Company store token for trade Ah King Co cannery 1916 50 Cents
2011.021.002 Token Token Hop Wo cannery Ketchikan Good for 10 cents in trade
2011.023.001 Cane Walking Stick Created at the Minidoka Internment Camp Wood, tapered with metal thimble on the small end.
2011.027.001 Cloth Bolt of white Belfast Mills cotton cloth 16 yards primary use of this type of white cotton cloth was for mourning purposes. Since white, not black is the Chinese color of mourning........ most of the garments made for family members to wear at Chinese funerals were traditionally made of crude hemp with under robes of white cloth. Later on, just the white robes made of plain white cotton cloth were made for the family to wear at the funeral (the dead is not dressed in white). Many of these robes were kept by the family after washing them, to be used for future funerals and for symbolic purposes. Bolts of white cloth purchased for one funeral could be kept to make more robes for future funerals also.
2011.029.001 Costume Chinese Dragon Costume 12 pole cloth, bamboo, paper dragon used for dragon dance.
2011.035.001 Textile Textile 2 - Hmong emroideries identical White embroidery on blue and black. Red flower patterns.
2011.035.002 Textile Hmong Textile Brown square with interior multiple squares of alternating patterns.
2011.035.003 Textile Textile squares 2 - squares 1 - with blue edge and a red duck in center on blue patch 1 - with one brown edge and a yellow bird on blue patch in center
2011.035.004 Textile Textile 2 - Pillow Cases. Zippers in the back side. Green cloth with white cloth applique pattern with red and yellow accents.
2011.035.005 Textile Textile Pillow case. Zipper in back side Black cloth with red cloth applique with yellow and green flower and white stitch dots.
2011.038.001 Painting Painting Acrylic on canvas
2011.041.001 Hat Silver Alloy Crown from Miao group in Guizhou China
2011.042.001 Bench Bench Wooden bench with metal legs From basement holding area
2011.042.002 Frame, Window Partition window Part of the partition for visitors to speak with detainees
2011.042.003 Book Mass Media Law book removed from boiler room
2011.042.004 Shoe Single shoe removed from laundry room
2011.042.005 Document Emergency Supplies Inventory sheet dates 09/25/03 taped to exterior wall of isolation cell
2011.042.006 Screen Window screens 10 window screen or partitions Large mesh woven wire screens, grates and partitions painted yellow
2011.042.007 Mirror Mirror Metal frame and face mirror
2011.042.008 Telephone Telephone Blue Security Telephone
2011.042.009 Book Books Code of Federal Regulations: Aliens and Nationality From library
2011.042.010 Tray Meal Tray From cafeteria
2011.042.011 Document Form document Order to Detain or Release Alien Removed from Employee Locker area
2011.042.012 Label 3 - labels from shelf in Employee Locker area "Organized Crime Drug Enforcement Task Force" "Anti-Smuggling Unit" "Alien Criminal Apprehension Program"
2011.042.013 Sign Sign Office sign "Jack Baker Supervisory Detention Center"
2011.042.014 Sign Sign Interview Room 120A
2011.042.015 Pencil Pencils Detainees would throw the pencils
2011.042.016 Sign Calendar page covered with plastice tape "Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to breathe free, The wretched refuse of your teeming shore. Send these, the homeless, tempest-tost to me, I lift my lamp beside the golden door!"
2011.042.017 Sign Signs from weapons Room
2011.042.018 Sign Signs fromt he desk at the visitors desk
2011.042.019 Sign Sign Paper sign for Procedures for New Commits/releases from INS
2011.042.020 Sign Signs from barbershop
2011.042.021 Valance Valence Cloth decorative window cover. Used during searing in ceremony
2011.042.022 Door Door Heavy metal sliding door from quareintine area of infirmary
2012.009.001 Fireworks Firecracker strand for use during lion dance in wooden box. Label in seaprate folder
2012.013.001 Dress Dress Filipino High School graduation dress
2012.013.002 Dress Dress top Formal Filipino dress top Worn with camisole and skirt
2012.013.003 Shirt Shirt Rice bag shirt Embroidered Sho Chiku Bai Sweet Rice Koda Farms
2012.016 Box, Artist's Plain Wooden case with handle and latches. Inside is paper, a removable flat piece, underneath of which is a number of campartments, water bowls, brushes, matches and paint.
2012.016.002 Engraving Linolium on plywood Linocut wood block print on linolium
2012.020.001 Print Composition in the style of Chinese paper cut print 2 women one in traditional clothing and one in contemporary clothing
2012.020.002 Print Sketch of the Chinese lion dance
2012.020.003 Print Chinese cash coin with American dollar in the center Gold Mountain USA along the bottom
2012.020.004 Print Silhouette with samurai sword
2012.021.001 Set, Tablecloth Table set 3 - napkins and placemats Designed by Pricilla Jue
2012.022.001 Poster Photo of dirt road Text: The road for a refugee is as long as you make it. UNHRC United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees
2012.022.002 Poster Photo of a young refugee United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees
2012.022.003 Poster Brick wall with gaffiti "Refugee Go Home" Below this is: "He Would if he Could" United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees
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