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Wing Luke Museum
2012.022.004 Poster Color drawing of refugee women "Refugee Women in Southeast Asia" "They Need Help to Help Themselves" United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees
2012.024.001 Shoe Shoes Korean straw shoed Shinbal
2012.028.001 Print Color print Of watercolor of 2 birds on a tree in Chinese style. James Sing, noted Chinese calligrapher Painted on cardboard box top
2012.032.001 Tunic Tunic Chau cloth dyed black with see leong 3 - Black tunic with rust colored interior. Cloth frog buttons
2012.032.002 Pants Pants 2 - pair Black Chau cloth pants.
2012.032.003 Belt 2 - cloth belts used to hold pants
2012.032.004 Hat Hat Flat woven hat with black cloth fringe.
2012.032.005 Hat Woven hat. Pith style tiwh gromets in the criown for ventelation.
2012.037.001 T-Shirt T - Shirt Youth Empowment Storytelling Workshop 2010 Summer - Rainier Community Center Seattle Parks and Recreation; Wing Luke Musuem; Coalition for Refugees from Burma
2012.038.001 T-shirt T-shirt Celebrate Little Saigon in English and Vietnemese 9/17/11
2012.041.001 Trunk Steamer Trunk Used by George Woo to emigrate from China
2012.042.001 Cup, tea Cup Chinese style tea cup Wah Kue Cafe - Food to Take out 13434 1st Ave So Seattle 242-5454 Dragon on other side Made by Cherry Japan
2012.042.002 Ashtray Ashtray Ceramic with one cigarette holder on each side. Handpainted in the center: Chinese character, symbols of longevity and Far East Restaurant E. 4824 Sprague Ave Spokane Wash
2012.042.003 Ashtray Ashtray Ceramic Hand painted illustration of the Pagoda Restaurant 3839 N.E. Broadway Portland ORE Home Delivery AT-1-5887
2012.042.004 Ashtray Ashtray Round ceramic plate with hand painted illustration of 2 drunken natives Trader Vic's
2012.044.001 Poster 4 - political posters a) Asian American & Pacific Islanders for Obama b) 2012 c) Obama Pride LGBT for Obama d) Washington For Obama
2012.048.001 Dresser Internment camp Dressers (Minidoka) 1 dresser handmade by Ichikaku Mayeda (1887-1967) - Made in camp minidoka - Used crates from San Juan fish co and lumber taken from the camp lumber yard. - shipping address label on back of dresser
2012.048.002 Dresser Internment camp Dressers (Minidoka) 1 dresser with mirror handmade by Ichikaku Mayeda (1887-1967) - Made in camp minidoka - Used crates from San Juan fish co and lumber taken from the camp lumber yard. - shipping address label on back of dresser
2012.052.001 Firecrackers 3 - packages of Hitt's Navy Brand Flashlight Firecrackers Green, red and blue paper packages
2012.052.002 Box 3 - version of boxes, flat Hitt's Thunder Firecracka fireworks Firecrackers Box
2012.056.001 Basket Tiered Chinese food basket with handle 2 compartments with lid
2012.056.002 Box, Tool Tool Box Wood tool box made with wood from corned beef crate.
2012.056.003 Mixer, Ice-cream Mixer Malt milk shake mixer with steel cup Gilchrist No. 22
2012.056.004 Saw Tool Saw Wood Disston D-8
2012.056.005 Saw Tool Saw Atkins No. 65
2012.056.006 Saw Tool Saw Diamond Edge hand saw
2012.056.007 Hacksaw Tool Hacksaw with wood handle. Handle is attached with 2 screws
2012.056.008 Scythe Tool Scythe North Wayne Tool Co "Little Giant"
2012.056.009 Ax, Felling Tool Ax Wood handle iron head.
2012.056.010 Strainer 2 - wire strainers with bamboo handle One large and one small
2012.056.011 Spatula 2 - wok cooking tools Stainless steel with wood handle Spatula and Spoon
2012.056.012 Machine, adding Adding Machine American Can Company No. 7076
2012.056.013 Plane Plane Metal plane for wood
2012.056.014 Plane Plane Metal plane for wood Bailey
2012.056.015 Wrench Wrench Pipe wrench Drop Forged Steel #10
2012.056.016 Screwdriver Ratchet Screw Driver Yankee" no. 130A vintage ratchet screwdriver. Produced by North Bros. in Philadelphia
2012.056.017 Box, Tool Box, Toll Wood box with metal hinge and handle.
2012.057.001 Hanbok Hanbok Green skirt chima with fuschia top jeogori
2012.057.002 Hanbok Hanbok Child's red skirt chima and yellow with multi colored sleeves jeogori
2012.057.003 Hanbok Hanbok Young girls pink skirt chima with flowers and navy blue jeogori with embroidered patch on each sleeve.
2012.058.001 Coat Coat Long fur lined Chinese navy blue damask coat
2012.059.001 T-shirt T Shirt Gray tee with photo of George Wong On back his biography and story of Riverside CA Chinatown Created by Save our Chinatown Committee SOCC
2012.060.001 Drawing Drawing Miniature Ink Drawing framed
2013.002.001 Pipe Pipe opium pipe Long bamboo stem with a brass bowl
2013.002.002 Scale scale metal pan with 3 strings attached to a metal hook seperate weight that has a string on it long wooden dowel for holding the scale and weight
2013.002.003 Sprinkler Watering can for laundry made from brass with long pipe applicatort
2013.002.004 Pipe pipe brass pipe with metal pipe stem in the middle
2013.002.005 Teapot Teapot ceramic chinese style teapot with ceramic lid and wire handles Basket is insulated and padded with a seperate padded lid
2013.002.006 Embroidery pink cloth with flower embroidery
2013.006 Apron Hmong Embroidered Textile Apron Purchased 8/14/1988 from Yakob Xiong at an open market craft fair in Seattle
2013.008.001 Doll Bobblehead Bruce Lee action figure bobblehead signed by Shannon Lee Mulvanney G3
2013.009.001 Screen Silk Screen of the original Redress logo created by Frank Fujii A graphic desigm representing the ichi, ni and san generations surrounded by a circle. 1967 created for the Puyallup pilgrimage as sign for the bus. Includes prints of the design one with stamp.
2013.010.001 Bell, Altar Bells Japanese bells Given to the Nobles Family by Henry Okuda A gift to the donor's grandparents E.T. and Cornelia Nobles of Bellingham by Heiji (Henry) Okuda around the turn of the 20th century.
2013.015.003 T-Shirt Black t-shirts Seattle Asian American Film Festival
2013.016.001 Print, Photographic Color photograph, framed Man meditating in rain gear in front of the Washington Monument
2013.016.002 Print, Photographic Color photograph Chinese restaurant sign "No 1 Chinee Takee Outee"
2013.016.003 Print, Photographic Black and White framed print Men on wood porch
2013.016.004 Print, Photographic Black and white framed print Funeral open casket
2013.016.005 Print, Photographic Black and white framed print Mother in front of son.
2013.017.001 Uniform Boy Scout Uiniform from Troop 254 in Seattle Wayne Hom
2013.022.001 Collage Mixed media on wood
2013.023.001 Print, photographic 3 x 5" postcard Baby girl on fur coat On back "Margaret K. Itami, 100 days old, Taken Dec. 1940"
2013.024.001 Bedspread Crocheted beige bedspread
2013.026.001 Stick, Swizzle Swizzle Stick Red plastic Foo's Den Eugene Oregon
2013.026.002 Lighter Metal lighter Image of Foo's Eugene Oregon On back image of Buddha
2013.027.001 Poster 2 - posters 2003 Basketball Tournament for Chinese in Seattle
2013.031.001 Painting Painting on wood Icon "Girl From Homs" Exhibited in Under My Skin, 2013
2013.035.001 Kimono Kimono Made in Japan by friend of the donor Fred Furuta on behalf of his wife. Kuniyo Furuta was the grand daughter of the maker Toku Nakamura. It was made in Yokohama. She would make kimono for distribution by Yoshino-ya and Nishiki-ya in Yokohama, Japan
2014.001.001 Embroidery 4 - Embroidery scenes on paper backing
2014.003.001 Mold Mold, wooden Moon Cake Mold
2014.005 Watercolor Chinese ink on paper Sumi-e of a tree date in Chinese 12" x 9" Matted and Framed
2014.006.001 Microscope Microscope YT Lam's microscope
2014.006.002 Box Box Dr. Y.T. Lam's pharmacy school specimen box
2014.006.003 Jacket Jacket Chinese black silk embroidered jacket. Dragon and phoenix motif. Manufacturer label in Chinese and English: Mee Wah Embroidery Co. 105 Wellington St HK 578 Shinghai St Kowloon.
2014.006.004 Fan Fan Peacock feather fan used by Dr. Goldie Chan Lam
2014.006.005 Carving Carving Carved wood painted gold color Backdrop in Fu's Den Chinese Restaurant in Portland OR
2014.006.013 Fan Fan - peacock feathers
2014.006.014 Lighter Foo's Den lighter Little Billboard brand Japan
2014.006.015 Pen Pen, ball point "Foo's Dance to the Original D.J. Bar Chinese Food 764 Willamette Eugene Oregon"
2014.006.016 Certificate Certificate - Dr. Goldie Chan's from American University of Sanipractice, Framed
2014.006.017 Diploma Diploma of doctorate of physical therapy Dr. Goldie Chan
2014.006.018 Certificate Certificate - Dr Lam's Oregon natruopathic licence
2014.006.019 Carving Wood carving Decorative piece from Foo's Den Gold painted wood
2014.006.029 Print, Photographic Framed Photo Gold frame with oval color image of Goldie Chan
2014.006.030 Print, Photographic Framed print Soapstone and wood frame holding photo of Nymphia Lam in costume with peacock feather fan.
2014.006.031 Dress Dress Cheong Sam Short sleeve gown of dark purple silk damask fabric with silver chrysanthemum pattern. Purple cotton lining.
2014.006.032 Jacket Jacket Black silk damask chinese blouse Multicolored good fortune symbols. Made in Hong Kong label.
2014.006.033 Robe Robe Black silk robe with multicolored embrodered flowers on sleeves and hem and shoulder.
2014.006.034 Robe Robe Magenta silk house coat with simple dragon embroidery, short sleeves and shoulder pads.
2014.006.035 Jacket Jacket Black silk embroidered jacket. Red piping along inside edges. One large button. red cotton lining.
2014.006.036 Robe Robe Traditional Chinese women's formal gown. Buttons to the side. Blue raw silk damask with expansive collar of black silk with green piping. Pattern is repeated along the bottom. There is an embroidered band along the lines of the black silk.
2014.006.037 Skirt Skirt Chinese skirt Green pleated linen and black raw silk. Cotton waist band with string fastener.
2014.006.038 Dress Dress Cheong Sam Peach colored silk dress with embroidery, dark red collar and hem with sequin row.
2014.006.039 Jacket Jacket Black silk damask jacket. Closes to the side.
2014.006.040 Skirt Skirt 2 Part each with one embroidered panel. Top is blue cotton with pink cloth tie.
2014.006.041 Robe Robe Dark blue silk with embroidered designs and figures. Cuffs and hem has a embroidered ware pattern.
2014.006.042 Dress Dress Cheong Sam Black silk with silver and gold thread embroidery of Chrysanthemums.
2014.006.043 Robe Robe Magenta linen robe and black sil cuffs and collar. Buttons to the side.
2014.006.044 Tunic Tunic Chinese women's tunic. Blue silk with black raw silk cuffs, collar and base. Piping designs on breast and bottom of base.
2014.006.045 Tunic Tunic Black brocade silk tunic with greena nd blue piping on collar line and on sleeves. frog buttons gren and blue.
2014.006.046 Pants Pants Chinese women's pants. Cotton waist with brown silk legs, embroidered cuff with raw black silk with blue piping following.
2014.006.047 Pants Pants Chinese women's pants Black silk with purple embroidered thunder motif around cuff.
2014.006.048 Tunic Tunic Black silk top with purple embroidered swastika around collar. Blue embroidered thunder pattern down front and side. Embroidered swastika pattern around hem.
2014.006.049 Robe Robe Small robe Pink silk with white thread brocade pattern Embroidered collar and front. Waist ties.
2014.006.050 Tunic Tunic Child's tunic Beige silk with embroidered flowers. Orange piping around collar and front.
2014.006.051 Ensemble Chinese tunic and pants ensemble for young girl Peach colored brocade silk with green floral pattern around cuffs and down front. Applique frog button fasteners.
2014.006.052 Robe Robe Chinese girl's robe Peach colored silk with embroidered florala nd butterfly patterns Applique frog buttons.
2014.006.053 Robe Robe White silk robe with embroidered good luck symbols Blue outline and black silk cuffs.
2014.006.054 Uniform U.S. Navy cap and blouse without insignia. Nymphia Lam.
2014.006.055 Talisman Box with 72 "laughing buddha" figures with earring backs. Used to promote Foo's restaurant. They were attatched to posts as earrings, cuff links, and tie clasps and given to customers and vendors. The handwritten note says "sterling silver" but that is unconfirmed. Removed from box and placed next to each other.
2014.006.056 Booklet The Chinese Classics in Miniature series. Includes: Chinese Metal Art Kuan Yin Legends of the Eight Immortals x2 The Story of Jade Chinese Religious Beliefs Chinese Symbolism China, the Cavaclade of China Chinese Carvings Chinese Proverbs Chinese Porcelain
2014.006.057 Diary Dr. Goldie Chan's Diaries from 1949, 1951, and 1957.
2014.006.058 Diary Dr. Y. T. Lam's diaries from 1933 to 1939. Chronicles of his return to Portland from China following the invasion of Japan. Reference to "Kew" and "Kewpie" are his nickname for his daughter, Deanna.
2014.006.088 Pen 3 - ball point pens with Foo's Dance to the original D.J. Bar
2014.006.091 Scrapbook scrapbook Of Aileen Freet who was Dr. Lam's second wife. Contains newspaper clippings related to the China campaign in WW II article urging caution in considering repeal of the Chinese exclusion Act due to the irreconcilable cultural differences between Chinese and Caucasians.
2014.006.092 Print, Photographic framed print of man in front of Mt. Hood Oregon 1930
2014.006.093 Certificate Framed certificate American Natruropathic Association membership of Y.T. Lam
2014.006.094 Certificate Framed Certificate Honorary Sanipractic Degree on Goldie Chan
2014.006.095 License, Occupational Framed License Pharmacy license from Washington state to Yeuk Tsun Lam
2014.006.096 License, Occupational Framed License Naturopathic Board of Examiners Goldie H. Chan
2014.007.001 Chest Chest of Drawers
2014.007.002 Bottle Bottle, whisky Old Granddad
2014.007.003 Chair Chairs 2 - cane chairs with wood seat.
2014.007.004 Bed Bed Frame Wooden head and foot boards
2014.007.005 Shoes Shoes Pair of embroidered shoes (A & B) for a woman with bound feet.
2014.007.006 Trunk Trunk Carved Chinese trunk
2014.007.011 Painting Framed and glass covered painting Chin Gee Gow
2014.007.012 Painting Framed and glass covered painting Li Tai or Chin Lee Shee
2014.007.015 Shoes Shoes Black Chinese men's cloth shoes with leather soles
2014.007.016 Bank, Still Bank Rectangular metal money safe. Coin slot on top Side door opens with key Japanese Safe imprinted on door Iron with some rust. Kyser & Rex
2014.007.017 Mold, Cookie Mold Chinese cake or cookie mold 3 round engraved depressions in single piece of wood.
2014.007.018 Camera Camera Folding Autographic Kodak Brownie
2014.007.019 Razor Razor Kropp straight razor in box
2014.007.020 Razor Razor W.H. Morley & Sons Straight Razor in original box
2014.007.021 Buttonhook Metal button hook or shoe lacer.
2014.007.022 Buttonhook Buttonhook or shoe lacer Tan and dark broen handle with metal hook
2014.007.023 Holder, pen Pen holder Marble base with plastic pen holder and metal case for paper calendar. A slip of paper the size of a fortune from a fortune cookie has been taped to the marble in front of the calendar. It reads "You are a real leader rather than a follower"
2014.007.028 Pillowcase Black cotton pillowcase
2014.007.029 Robe Robe Beige linen children's robe embroidered with dragon motif on back and on front pockets.
2014.007.030 Robe robe Beige linen robe with embroidered green dragon motif on back and sleeves. Made in China
2014.007.031 Pants Pants Blue satin pants with drawstring waistband and cinched at the ankles.
2014.007.032 Tablecloth Table cloth square damask table cloth. figures of pheonix and Shang style three legged vessel. Edge in swastika pattern. Gold on royal blue with red highlights. Tassels in the corners.
2014.007.033 Cheongsam Cheongsam, Qipao Black silk short sleeve cheongsam with embroidered flower pattern in gold with color accents along collar. Label: Lo Kai Fook silk store Hong Kong
2014.007.034 Cheongsam cheongsam, Qipao Black silk cheongsam with embroidered floers from collar to hem. Buttons the full length of the garment.
2014.007.035 Robe robe Black padded cotton gown with frog buttons down the length of the garment.
2014.007.036 Robe Robe Black padded satin robe with frog buttons down entire length of garment
2014.007.037 Cap Cap Black satin women's cap
2014.007.038 Hat Hat embroidered Chinese hat with green tassesls.
2014.007.039 Purse Purse Black coin purse with 50 Chinese coins
2014.007.040 Film Film 7 reels of 16 mm film.
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