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Wing Luke Museum
2015.002.024 Dress Off-white cotton child's dress. White cotton ruffles below waist and on sleeve cuffs. Has two ruffled cotton flowers at waist attached to sashes that tie in the back. Buttons down the back of the neck.
2015.002.025 Undershirt White crochet-lace women's undershirt with pink cinching ribbons at the neck, waist, and arms. Opens and ties together in the front.
2015.002.026 Engraving Etching of
2015.003.001 Print Color Lithograph, framed, signed
2015.004.001 Doll a. Empress from hinomatsuri doll set 7" x 5.5" x 6.25". Seated doll on top of two wooden stands (bottom stand: black with gold flower, top stand: fabric covered) Doll has red cloth robes and is holding fan (hi-ogi). b. Emperor from hinomatsuri doll set 7" x 5.5" x 7.5". Seated doll on top of two wooden stands (bottom stand: black with gold flower, top stand: fabric covered). Doll has green cloth robes and is holding a sword. Wearing a black 'swallow tail' shaped headdress that is tied to head with purple cord. c. Wooden box with two compartments for dolls. Has sliding wooden lid on side 15.75" x 6.5" x 9".
2015.004.002 Doll a. Old minister (udaijin) from hinomatsuri doll set. 5" x 8" x 3.75" Doll is seated on stool on top of black wooden stand. Doll has a long white beard and is wearing a black headdress. Doll is holding a sword and carries a quiver of orange arrows and a bow on his back. Robes are mainly blue with gold trim. b. Young minister (sadaijin) from hinomatsuri doll set. 5" x 3.75" x 8" Doll is seated on stool on top of black wooden stand. Doll has a clear white face and is wearing a black 'swallow tail' (kanmuri) headdress. Doll is holding a sword and originally had an orange quiver of arrows attached to his back with a belt. Belt has deteriorated and 2 quivers of arrows and 2 bows are placed next to him in his box compartment. Robes are mainly blue with gold trim. c. Wooden box with two compartments for dolls. Box has a sliding wood lid on side. 11" x 4.25" x 9"
2015.004.003 Doll ai. Black wooden platform with wooden fence. 10" x 7" x 3.75". Includes 2 figures of man and woman depicting the story about Oto Dakan. It is said that Oto Dakan asked a woman to bring him a raincoat in bad weather, she then brought back a bunch of camellia flowers. Enraged, Oto Dakan left and told his friends about what happened. They laughed at him and said the word for raincoat is the same as the word for 'seed' (a famous Japanese poem states that it is a shame camellias have no seeds). The girl did not have a raincoat and wanted to poetically tell Oto Dakan that like camellias, she did not have a raincoat to give him. aii. Kneeling woman doll from hinomatsuri doll set. Woman is kneeling and holding a strand of camellia flowers. Her robe is mainly green with gold flowers. aiii. Standing Oto Dokan from hinomatsuri doll set. Standing man with hand in the air. He wears a fur skirt and is holding a sword, hat, and bag attached to a string. Man is Oto Dokan, a Japanese army commander. b. Wooden box with a sliding wood lid on side. 11" x 5" x 9"
2015.004.004 Doll a. Ox attached to a gold and black two-wheeled cart (palaquin or gosho guruma) 12" x 4.5" x 5.5". Ox and cart are attached with string to a wooden platform wrapped in red fabric. A gold and black seat with four legs is also attached to the wooden platform with string. There are two sets (4 total) of wooden platform sandals loose in the box. There are also two black sticks with white handels loose in the box. b. Wooden box with sliding side lid 12.5" x 5" x 7".
2015.004.005 Doll a. Male servant from hinamatsuri doll set 5" x 3.75" x 5.5". Doll is sitting cross-legged on a black and gold wooden platform with arms in front of torso as if to hold something. Doll is wearing a black tapered hat attached with purple string. He has black hair underneath the hat. His robes are mainly white with red sleeves. A wooden four-legged stool with black shoes taped on top is loose in his compartment of the box. b. Male servant from hinamatsuri doll set 5" x 3.75" x 7". Doll is seated with one leg slightly outstretched on a black and gold wooden platform. He is holdng a stick with a small bundle of fabric on the end if it. Doll is wearing a black tapered hat attached with purple string with white/grey hair underneath. His eyebrows are also white/grey hair. His robes are mainly white with pale green sleeves. c. Male servant from hinamatsuri doll set 5" x 3.75" x 6.5". Doll is seated with one leg slightly outstretched on a black and gold wooden platform. He is holding a stick with a white fabric banner attached to it. His black tapered hat is attached around his neck with a purple string and hangs down his back. His black hair is tied back in a bun. His robes are mainly white with purple sleeves. d. Wooden box with sliding side lid 17" x 5.5" x 8". Box has three compartments. Each compartment has a yellow fabric backing. Backing is peeling at edges.
2015.004.006 Doll a. Courtesan/sake bearer from hinamatsuri doll set 5" x 3.75" x 5.5". Doll is seated on a black and gold wooden platform with arms in front of torso holding a metal kettle (probably a sake pouring device). Her hair is black and tied in the back to form a long pony tail. Her robes are mainly white on top and golden-yellow below the torso. b. Courtesan/sake bearer from hinamatsuri doll set 5" x 3.75" x 5.75". Doll is seated on a black and gold wooden platform with arms slightly outstretched in front of torso holding a black box with a bowl inside (used to hold sake). Her hair is black and tied back in a long pony tail. Her robes are white on top and red below the torso. c. Courtesan/sake bearer from hinamatsuri doll set 5" x 3.75" x 7". Doll is standing upright on a black and gold wooden platform with arms in front of her torso holding a long metal handle with a pot attached to the bottom (probably to dispense sake). Her hair is black and tied back in a long pony tail. Her robes are white at the top with red below the torso. There is a 6.5" long small wooden plank with two small nails on either end loose in her compartment of the box. d. Wooden box with sliding lid 16.75" x 5" x 9". Box has three compartments. Each compartment has a white paper backing flecked with gold paint.
2015.004.007 Dollhouse Goten palace from hinamatsuri doll set 20" x 11" x 31.5". a. Base platform of palace. Black wooden platform with painted gold trees 20" x 10" x 4.25". b. Stage seating in palace center 14" x 4.75" x 2". Wooden platform covered mainly in green fabric. Also covered in accented red fabric. There is a plank that is unattached to the platform. It is the same length (14" x 2.25") and is covered in green fabric. It sits at the base of the platform. Platform and plank sit on center rear of base platform. c. Hinged walls. Three sides of black wooden walls fitted with hinges. Painted with gold birds and trees. Walls lined with gold paper. Paper punctured in some areas. Walls fit with pegs onto base platform. d. Lower roof tassle decoration. Wooden decoration with wooden slots that connect to the front of the upper walls. Black wood with gold wooden screen decoration. Hanging tassles are connected to delicate thin wood and fabric. Originally attached to black wood with non-archival green tape. Now the two pieces are seperate in the box. Fabric deteriorating. e. Roof base. Red and lime green painted wood rectangle frame. Lies flat on top of palace walls. f. Roof triangle. Red and lime green painted wood. Stands on top of roof base to create steep roof. g. Roof triangle inserts. White painted wood shaped as slightly curved triangles. Inserts with pegs between roof base and roof triangle to cover empty space. h. Roof spine. Painted red, black, and gold wooden roof spine. Has metal (tin?) round decorations attached. Sits on top of roof triangle. i. Roof front decoration. Painted red and lime green wood with metal (tin?) round decorations and fish shapes attached. Curved roof shape that sits with a peg on the front, center roof base panel. j. Stairs. Painted red wood with metal (tin?) decorations on each step. Steps are broken and detached from their black wooden stand with gold paint. Metal decoration is starting to corrode. k. Stair railings. Set of 2 red and gold painted wood railings that attach with pegs on either side of the stair platform. l. Front railings. Set of two red painted front railings with metal (tin?) decoration that attach with pegs to the base platform. Metal decorations are thin, rectangular sheets that are corroding. Some sheets greatly corroded while others look unaffected. m. Side railings. Set of two painted red wood side railings. Attach with pegs to the base platform and interlock with the front railings. n. Fish decoration on roof spine. Set of 2 clay (?) fish shaped that connect with pegs to the top of the roof spine. Painted gold with glitter sttached. Slightly deteriorating, glitter falling off.
2015.007.001 Doll (a) -figurine base: 10" x 9" x 4" in. - Double display of figurines, a pair of characters from the Noh play, "The Old Couple from Takasago". Male character is named "Jo," female character "Uba." (bi): lid (bii): box - 10 3/4'" x 8 13/16" x 4 3/4" - Labelled "Ojisan + Obasaan", slight damage to lid - Box interior- inlaid with parchment. Small paper with kanji. - Box exterior- notation in kanji
2015.007.002 Doll (a) -6 3/4" x 12" x 4" - Single figurine of samurai holding flagpole/spear shaft(?) -flagpole/shaft removable - Loose base, decorative antlers broken off (bi): lid (bii): box - 7 1/2" x 7 1/2" x 11 1/4" - Kanji on box exterior, fabric straps
2015.007.003 Doll (a) - 4" x 9" x 4" - Single figurine, missing base, damage to right hand fingers - Comes with club, probably meant to be held by figurine (bi): lid (bii): box - 7 3/8" x 11 1/4" x 5 3/4" - Small paper with kanji and possible family seal on interior - Faded kanji on exterior
2015.007.004 Doll (a) -8" x 13" x 4" - Figurine on horseback, spear accessory (bi-bv): box parts - Collapsed, separated into five segments - Small paper with kanji and possible family seal - inscribed in pencil on box lid: "Kato Ichijo Masa"
2015.008.001 Toy Toy Paiwan painted red, white, black wood boat - Taiwan
2015.008.002 Cloth Cloth 2 - Paiwan mouring cloths - Taiwan Written on tag: "Taiwan, Paiwan mourning cloth. Ramie & wool $175 (tag removed)".
2015.008.003 Bag Bag Paiwan betel nut bag - Taiwan Written on tag: "YCO Old Taiwan Aboriginal (Paiwan) Beatlenut Bag $200" (tag removed).
2015.008.004 Skirt Skirt Paiwan or Ruikai skirt - Taiwan Patchwork skirt with black, blue, red, and pink cotton fabrics. Floral embroidery on the front black panel. Red sash around the waist. Tag reads: "Ami Tribe Taiwan. Skirt front embroidered cotton $150" (tag removed).
2015.008.005 Skirt Skirt Ami dance skirt - Taiwan Written on tag: "Ami Dance Skirt Ceremonial $250" (tag removed).
2015.008.006 Jacket Jacket Atayal group man's jacket - Taiwan Written on tag: "Atayal Tribe Men's Jacket. Wool and ramie $250" (tag removed).
2015.008.007 Cloth Atayal cloth - Taiwan Red cloth with navy blue and white stripe accents. Written on tag: "Atayal tribe Taiwan, skirt $225" (tag removed).
2015.008.008 Jacket Jacket Ami (?) Jacket - Taiwan Black and blue cotton short jacket with buttons down the front.
2015.008.009 Outfit Tunic and skirt outfit. Black cotton tunic with green, red, and yellow wool embroidery at the cuffs, hem, and neckline. Off white cotton ruffled skirt with black swirl applique at the hem. Rukai woman's jumper and applique skirt - Taiwan
2015.008.010 Sling Sling Flores Island slendang - Indonesia Brown and mauve ikat with fringe. Tag reads: "Indonesia Flores Is. Leo people slendang ikat $240" (tag removed).
2015.008.011 Cloth Cloth Batik - Java Maroon and yellow batik cloth.
2015.008.012 Legging Legging Paiwan woman's legging - Taiwan Black cotton piece of square fabric with two polka dot string ties. Red, green, and yellow beading.
2015.008.013 Cloth Cloth Batik on silk - Java Tag reads: "Sa rong early 20th c. Made in Java for Bali $375" (tag removed).
2015.008.014 Sarong Sarong Ikat sarong - Indonesia Brown and blue wool ikat. Has white embroidery but design damaged from moths. Tag reads: "Rare ikat sarong 'tupis' from village of Bintu Han in South Sumatra Indo $500" (tag removed).
2015.008.015 Quilt Quilt Patchwork - Pakistan
2015.008.016 Cloth Cloth Sack Cloth - India White wool woven cloth.
2015.008.017 Cloth Cloth Ikat from Tenganan village - Bali Purple and brown wool ikat rectangular fabric with brown embroidery on each end.
2015.008.018 Cloth Cloth Mirror cloth embroidery - India Square cloth with colorful embroidery and circular mirrors. Corners have small fabric tassels attached.
2015.008.019 Coat Coat Child's coat - Hmong - Woven pattern Written on tag: "Hmong child's coat. Deep indigo woven pattern. Mid 20th c. $165" (tag removed).
2015.008.020 Purse Purse Japanese basket woven purse with brown floral fabric at drawstring.
2015.008.021.001 Print Woodblock print. Set of 8 identical woodblock prints depicting a group of people standing around a child riding a antlered creature. Prints are colored with mainly red, pink, and blue/green dye.
2015.008.021.002 Print Woodblock print. Set of 2 identical woodblock prints depicting birds in a garden. Prints are colored mainly with red, pink, and green/blue dyes.
2015.008.021.003 Print Woodblock print. Set of 6 identical woodblock prints depicting a woman and doe in a garden. Prins are colored mainly with red, pink, and green/blue dyes.
2015.008.021.004 Print Woodblock print. Set of 4 identical woodblock prints depicting a man being pushed on a cart. Prints are colored with mainly red, pink, and blue dyes.
2015.008.021.005 Print Woodblock print. One colored print depicting a religious alter.
2015.008.022.001 Paper Postcards Set of 11 postcards in evelope container from the National Museum of History in Taipei, Taiwan. Each postcard features a unique Chinese folklore print.
2015.008.022.002 Toy Puzzle. Fully assembled 20-piece cardboard puzzle in plastic packaging. Puzzle depicts a young girl in colorful clothing riding a toy horse. Made in Japan.
2015.008.022.003 Envelope Envelope. Brown paper envelope used to hold painting brush. Lable reads: "Jub Tai Choon LTD".
2015.008.023 Basket Storage basket - Thailand Woven grass basket with nesting lid.
2015.008.024 Basket Basket Chinese basket with lid- Taiwan
2015.008.025 Hat Headgear Wedding headress - China
2015.008.026 Hat Headgear Opera headress - China
2015.008.027 Table Table Elm table - Korea
2015.008.028 Hat Hat Horsehair and lacquer - Korea
2015.008.029 Pipe Pipes - Paiwan a. Wooden pipe in the shape of human head b. Wooden pipe in the shape of human head and torso c. Wooden pipe in the shape of a creature, probably a femail deer
2015.008.030 Bowl Bowl Paiwan carved wooden bowl with carved human head and snake design.
2015.009.001 Cloth Framed embroidered red cloth with signatures commemeorating James Mar's 70th birthday
2015.009.002 Collage Collage Framed wood panel covered in red velvet. Attached to velvet are miniature shells forming an image of horses.
2015.009.003 Embroidery Framed embroidery of a peacock and plum blossoms
2015.009.004 Collage Framed shell collage Image of dragon made with small shells and sand
2015.009.005 Print, Photographic Framed portrait of James Mar and his wife
2015.009.006 Trunk Trunk Black laquered wood trunk with brass handles and clasp and lock
2015.009.007 Barrel Wood barrel Not tappered at the top. No top cover Written on the label: Poria Cocos Hong Kong, 55lbs.
2015.009.008 Sculpture Sculpture 2 - Framed Cork carvings of Chinese water garden scenes. One has background pink silk and one background blue silk. Hangzhou scenes.
2015.009.009 Print Print Paper on cardboard on one side with Christmas and New Year greeting on reverse side. From Mr & Mrs Hou Wai Fortune Hand Work Family Co., Ltd. Hong Kong
2015.009.010 Collage Collage 2 - framed collages of Fowl and Trees A: Cranes B: Peacock
2015.009.011 Sculpture Sculpture Framed plastic carved flower vase with Crysanthemum. Blooming Prosperity
2015.009.012 Embroidery Embroidery Framed embroidery square in frame
2015.009.013 Basket Baskets 2 - winnowing baskets.
2015.009.014 Basket Basket Small round winnowing basket
2015.009.015 Basket Basket Oval bowl shaped
2015.009.016 Basket Basket Large bowl shaped round basket
2015.009.017 Basket Basket Lidded round hinged basket
2015.009.018 Iron Iron Steam Electric Corporation of Canada Series C
2015.009.019 Iron Iron Samson United steam iron
2015.009.020 Bowl Cut Crystal Bowl Commemeorative award to James Mar for 50 years of service to Butterworth mortuary, December 17, 1996
2015.009.021 Statue Award Acrylic circle on a stand Organization of Chinese Americans Greater Seattle Chapter 2005 Golden Circle Award to James Mar
2015.009.022 Clock Clock Commemorative clock given to Ida Mar for 30 years of service at South Seattle Community College
2015.009.023 Drawing 2 - drawings in round glass frames Sumi ink with some coloration. Three women in scenic setting.
2015.009.024 Stationary Stationary Mar Association New Year's cards and receipt books.
2015.009.025 Teacup Teacup western style with handle.Thin porcelain. Painted gold frame with painted draon motif. On bottom: CHINA
2015.009.026 Lantern Lantern 2 - wood frame lanterns with cloth panel, plastic tassel holders. A: has a broken frame piece.
2015.009.027 Lantern Lantern Wood frame folding lantern with red cloth panel. Plastic tassel holders. In box. Old tissue paper removed and repalced with acid free tissue.
2015.009.028 Lantern Lantern 4 - wire framed fold out lanterns with painted plastic mesh panel. Wood top and bottom. B & C are 3 faceted and A & D are round.
2015.009.029 Chopsticks Chopsticks 2 - boxes A: Ping On Imitation ivory chopsticks. (20) in box B: O.K. brand imitation ivory chopsticks, red color. (16) in box
2015.009.030 Program Program Second Annual Oriental American Basketball Tournement 1948. Seattle College Gym Co-sponsored by Cathay Post 186 American Legion and Nisei Veterans Committee
2015.009.031 Key Key Casket locking key in box.
2015.009.032 Stand Stand Brass picture stand
2015.009.033 Diploma Dilpoma framed GArfield High School Diploma for James Mar
2015.009.034 Print, Photographic Black and white photo of Chinese American women's group in front of the Chong Wa Benevolent Association building.
2015.009.035 Stand Stand 3 - black colored wood folding stands for pictures or plates
2015.009.036 Bag Bag Burlap rice bag Mar's Finest Patna Rice Packed for Yick Fung Co. 100 lbs
2015.009.037 Crock Crock 3 - Tianjin Preserved Vegetable containers
2015.009.038 Bowl Bowl 3 - painted ceramic bowls, green interior
2015.009.039 Bowl Bowl 2 - painted ceramic bowls
2015.009.040 Stand Stand 4 - round wood vase stands
2015.009.041 Bowl Bowl 4 - small painted ceramic dipping dishes.
2015.009.042 Cup Cup 2 - ceramic tea cups. Painted blue around rim and base with gold bands. Glazed holes around the center.
2015.009.043 Cup Cup 3 - tea cups glazed and painted designs.
2015.009.044 Cup Cup Ceramic tea cup with painted red design around rim exterior and alternating red and glazed green motif.
2015.009.045 Cup Cup Small glazed ceramic tea cup.
2015.009.046 Plate Plate small cloisonne plate with chrysanthemum design
2015.009.047 Plate Plate Cloisonne dish with some damageto the rim. Bird and flower motif on teal.
2015.009.048 Dish Dish Small ceramic side dish, white with painted flower design. Glazed. Gold rim.
2015.009.049 Brush, Calligraphy 4 - calligraphy brushes 1 - ink pen
2015.009.050 Tea Tea medicinal tea packets in cardboard box.
2015.009.051 Fan Fan 8 - Chinese folding fans
2015.009.052 Chopsticks Chopsticks 2 - buddles of black wood chopsticks. 20 each
2015.009.053 Toy Toy China toy Tea Set; A Sonsco product in original box. Toy western style tea set with cups, saucers, sugar and creamer. Main tea pot is missing.
2015.009.055 Ink Ink slab 2 - ink slab A: has wood cover and B: is open and has ink stick.
2015.009.056 Box, file Box, file Index card box, wood.
2015.009.057 Paper Paper Calligraphy writing paper 2 sets
2015.009.058 Print 4 - prints paper of 4 seasons in flowers and birds.
2015.009.059 BAG, SLEEPING Army green sleeping bag. Stencilled James Mar, HQ DET 56TH Medical BN
2015.009.060 Haversack Army green back pack with internal metal frame. On back U.S. Additional frame attached with string. Removed.
2015.009.061 suitcase Canvas suit bag suitcase. US Army Stenciled: CAPT. JAMES MAR. 01691762 Inside bag: Hat, cold weather Hat, standard green cap Sleeping bag sleeve rain coat Wool pants Cold weather pants socks Yale lock Fels Naptha soap field dressing sharpening stone matches thread instruments writing materials tax tokens Vicks Vatronol shoe laces
2015.012.001 Painting Print on paper Image of a female mythological figure
2015.016.001 Sculpture Sculpture Mixed media on metal stand
2015.019.001 Hat Hat Baseball cap, blue and white Cheryl Chow for Mayor
2015.019.002 Sweatshirt Sweatshirt Red with white lettering Seattle City Council
2015.019.003 Eyeshade Cheryl Chow King County Council
2015.019.004 T-shirt T shirt Girl Scouts Totem Council China Trip 2004
2015.020.002 Calendar 2015 Calendar
2015.022.001 Jar Chinese sugar jar
2015.022.002 Jar Thai soy sauce jar
2015.022.003 Jar Chinese wine jar from Taiwan
2015.022.004 Jar Chinese storage jar
2015.022.005 Jar Japanese wine jar
2015.022.006 Belt Taiwnese Paiwan Tabacco belt
2015.022.007 Boot Japanese rain boots Straw boots with blue fabric decoration around opening.
2015.022.008 Shoe Japanese grass sandal with white cotton fabric.
2015.022.009 Shoe Korean grass sandal
2015.022.010 Vase Vase Japanese Ikebana Woven reed boat 21 x 10"
2015.022.011 Vase Vase Japanese Ikebana woven reed boat with tin container inside.
2015.022.012 Costume Costume Laos Hill tribe womn's garment (pig's blood dye?
2015.022.013 Jacket Jacket Hmong unmarried Woman's jacket Black jacket with primarily red and green silk applique and embroidary on the sleeves and down the front opening.
2015.022.014 Jacket Jacket Chinese women's jacket with bead work
2015.022.015 Costume Garment Taiwan Puyuma garment
2015.022.016 Hat Hat Chinese boy's tiger ear hat with 10 silver talisman. Pink silk with floral and moth embroidary.
2015.022.017 Underwear Underwear 2 - pair Taiwanese women's
2015.022.018 Embroidery Embroidery with mirror cover celebrating the passing of an exam
2015.022.019 Hanging Hanging
2015.022.020 Coat Coat India, boy's' wedding late 20th century
2015.022.021 Hat Hat Chinese minoirity
2015.022.022 Cloth Fabric Ikat Sumba ikat of man
2015.022.023 Textile Japanese batik on hand woven indigo cotton
2015.022.024 Jacket Jacket Taiwanese Puyuma woman's jacket
2015.022.025 Legging Legging Japanese indigo legging
2015.022.026 Banner Banner or Noren Japanese Batik
2015.022.027 Kimono Kimono Boy's Some damage
2015.022.028 Kimono Kimono Silk stencil dyed
2015.022.029 Embroidery Embroidery India Rajhastan mirror cloth 16 x 170"
2015.022.030 Shawl Shawl Cashmere from Pakistan
2015.022.031 Costume Costume Chinese pant and jacket Glazed black silk damask women's top (A) and pant (B) set.
2015.022.032 Textile Textile Silk batik made in Java for Bali
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