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Wing Luke Museum
2015.009.033 Diploma Dilpoma framed GArfield High School Diploma for James Mar
2015.009.034 Print, Photographic Black and white photo of Chinese American women's group in front of the Chong Wa Benevolent Association building.
2015.009.035 Stand Stand 3 - black colored wood folding stands for pictures or plates
2015.009.036 Bag Bag Burlap rice bag Mar's Finest Patna Rice Packed for Yick Fung Co. 100 lbs
2015.009.037 Crock Crock 3 - Tianjin Preserved Vegetable containers
2015.009.038 Bowl Bowl 3 - painted ceramic bowls, green interior
2015.009.039 Bowl Bowl 2 - painted ceramic bowls
2015.009.040 Stand Stand 4 - round wood vase stands
2015.009.041 Bowl Bowl 4 - small painted ceramic dipping dishes.
2015.009.042 Cup Cup 2 - ceramic tea cups. Painted blue around rim and base with gold bands. Glazed holes around the center.
2015.009.043 Cup Cup 3 - tea cups glazed and painted designs.
2015.009.044 Cup Cup Ceramic tea cup with painted red design around rim exterior and alternating red and glazed green motif.
2015.009.045 Cup Cup Small glazed ceramic tea cup.
2015.009.046 Plate Plate small cloisonne plate with chrysanthemum design
2015.009.047 Plate Plate Cloisonne dish with some damageto the rim. Bird and flower motif on teal.
2015.009.048 Dish Dish Small ceramic side dish, white with painted flower design. Glazed. Gold rim.
2015.009.049 Brush, Calligraphy 4 - calligraphy brushes 1 - ink pen
2015.009.050 Tea Tea medicinal tea packets in cardboard box.
2015.009.051 Fan Fan 8 - Chinese folding fans
2015.009.052 Chopsticks Chopsticks 2 - buddles of black wood chopsticks. 20 each
2015.009.053 Toy Toy China toy Tea Set; A Sonsco product in original box. Toy western style tea set with cups, saucers, sugar and creamer. Main tea pot is missing.
2015.009.055 Ink Ink slab 2 - ink slab A: has wood cover and B: is open and has ink stick.
2015.009.056 Box, file Box, file Index card box, wood.
2015.009.057 Paper Paper Calligraphy writing paper 2 sets
2015.009.058 Print 4 - prints paper of 4 seasons in flowers and birds.
2015.012.001 Painting Print on paper Image of a female mythological figure
2015.016.001 Sculpture Sculpture Mixed media on metal stand
2015.019.001 Hat Hat Baseball cap, blue and white Cheryl Chow for Mayor
2015.019.002 Sweatshirt Sweatshirt Red with white lettering Seattle City Council
2015.019.003 Eyeshade Cheryl Chow King County Council
2015.019.004 T-shirt T shirt Girl Scouts Totem Council China Trip 2004
2015.020.002 Calendar 2015 Calendar
2015.022.001 Jar Chinese sugar jar
2015.022.002 Jar Thai soy sauce jar
2015.022.003 Jar Chinese wine jar from Taiwan
2015.022.004 Jar Chinese storage jar
2015.022.005 Jar Japanese wine jar
2015.022.006 Belt Taiwnese Paiwan Tabacco belt
2015.022.007 Boot Japanese rain boots Straw boots with blue fabric decoration around opening.
2015.022.008 Shoe Japanese grass sandal with white cotton fabric.
2015.022.009 Shoe Korean grass sandal
2015.022.010 Vase Vase Japanese Ikebana Woven reed boat 21 x 10"
2015.022.011 Vase Vase Japanese Ikebana woven reed boat with tin container inside.
2015.022.012 Costume Costume Laos Hill tribe womn's garment (pig's blood dye?
2015.022.013 Jacket Jacket Hmong unmarried Woman's jacket Black jacket with primarily red and green silk applique and embroidary on the sleeves and down the front opening.
2015.022.014 Jacket Jacket Chinese women's jacket with bead work
2015.022.015 Costume Garment Taiwan Puyuma garment
2015.022.016 Hat Hat Chinese boy's tiger ear hat with 10 silver talisman. Pink silk with floral and moth embroidary.
2015.022.017 Underwear Underwear 2 - pair Taiwanese women's
2015.022.018 Embroidery Embroidery with mirror cover celebrating the passing of an exam
2015.022.019 Hanging Hanging
2015.022.020 Coat Coat India, boy's' wedding late 20th century
2015.022.021 Hat Hat Chinese minoirity
2015.022.022 Cloth Fabric Ikat Sumba ikat of man
2015.022.023 Textile Japanese batik on hand woven indigo cotton
2015.022.024 Jacket Jacket Taiwanese Puyuma woman's jacket
2015.022.025 Legging Legging Japanese indigo legging
2015.022.026 Banner Banner or Noren Japanese Batik
2015.022.027 Kimono Kimono Boy's Some damage
2015.022.028 Kimono Kimono Silk stencil dyed
2015.022.029 Embroidery Embroidery India Rajhastan mirror cloth 16 x 170"
2015.022.030 Shawl Shawl Cashmere from Pakistan
2015.022.031 Costume Costume Chinese pant and jacket Glazed black silk damask women's top (A) and pant (B) set.
2015.022.032 Textile Textile Silk batik made in Java for Bali
2015.022.033 Textile Textile panel Laos Black and rusty red fabric with colorful embroidary.
2015.022.036 Postcards A booklet containing a series of 11 postcards from the National Museum of History in Taipei, Taiwan. Postcards show a variety of Chinese folk prints and paintings.
2015.022.037 Envelope Brown paper brush envelope. Written in Chinese and english on envelope: "Jub Tai Choon LTD. Chinese Brushes 254 Queen's Road C. Hong Kong".
2015.022.043 Shoe Grass woven sandal with blue silk footbed and leather sole.
2015.022.046 Belt Paiwan deer skin and bamboo tobacco belt. Outer deer skin is dyed red while inner fur is brown and surrounds 9 bamboo tubes.
2015.022.049 Woodblock Print Set of 4 square woodblock prints. Prints are identical and depict a man being pushed in a cart. Prints are colored with mainly pink, blue, and red dyes.
2015.022.050 Woodblock Print Set of 6 square woodblock prints. Prints are identical and depict a woman with a doe in a garden. Prints aqre colored and mainly use red, blue, and pink dye.
2015.022.051 Woodblock Print Set of two identical woodblock prints. Prints depict birds in a garden and use mainly red, pink, and blue-green dyes.
2015.022.052 Woodblock Print Set of 8 identical woodblock prints depicting a group of people surrounding a child on an antlered creature. Prints are colored with mainly red, pink, and green/blue dyes.
2015.023.001 Shrine Butsudan cabinet, shrine accessories, and Gohozon. a. Black wooden Butsudon cabinet with Gohonzon scroll image of the Buddha inside. Metal hinges and latch attached. Painted onto bottom of cabinet: "Hand made in 1943 in Tule Lake or Hunt Id. Nishimoto", 8.5" x 9.25" x 16.5". b. Triangular shrine decorative cloth. Rayon with red and gold floral pattern. Length: 18". Commercial cardboard box for cloth stored separately 8.5" x 8.5" x 0.5". c. Triangular shrine decorative cloth. Rayon with purple and gold floral design. Length: 12". d. Triangular shrine decorative cloth. Rayon and cotton with orange and gold floral design. Length: 6.75". e. Water or plant ceramic cup. Painted blue rim with tan, rusty red, green, and gold glaze on body. White glaze on inside. Diam: 3". f. White ceramic water cup with gold flower on side. Diam: 2.25". g. Fruit, mochi, ect holder. Red plastic stand with lid. Diam: 2.5". h. Plastic gold and red fruit holder stand. Diam: 2.25". i. Wooden chime bowl stick with purple and gold cloth. Length: 4.75". j. White stick candle, unused. Length: 5.75". k. Brown metal candle stick. Diam: 1.4" l. Metal chime bowl. Diam: 2.6". m. Round black box with gold plant design and lid. Used for small powder Sinko for Oshoko. Diam: 3.25". n. Ring of white meditation beads with orange tassel. Diam: 5". o. Ring of yellow meditation beads with brown strings. Diam: 5.5". p. Round cushion made from red, white, and green cloth. Diam: 3.25". q. Insence sticks. Removed from mailing envelope. Length: 6.25". r. Cardboard box used to hold accessories 7.5" x 7.5" x 2.75".
2015.024.001 Watercolor Framed watercolor on paper Backing removed to vacuum. Origianl label and Fay Chong price list in donor's file
2015.024.002 Watercolor Framed watercolor
2015.025.001 Album, record Record album in Chinese
2015.029.001 Collage Collage Immigration document of Ng Yen with photograph and envelope and letter. Affixed to a wood frame with Chinese written document in the background Purchased from the Sun May Co.
2015.031.001 Shoes Platforn sandals. Black wooden sandals with bells hanging inside platform.
2015.031.002 Shoes Platform sandals. Black wooden platform sandals.
2015.031.003 Shoes Sandals. Cork sandals with green fabric.
2015.031.004 Shoes Platform sandals. Half-moon shaped sandals with wooden platforms and red velvet fabric.
2015.031.005 Shoes Sandals. Child's gold sequin sandals.
2015.031.006 Shoes Booties. Child's turquoise leather booties.
2015.031.007 Stretcher, Sock Child's slippers. Pair of red velvet child's toe socks/slippers.
2015.031.008 Stretcher, Sock White toe socks, 5 pairs.
2015.031.009 Stretcher, Sock White toe socks, pair.
2015.031.010 Stretcher, Sock Pair of unused white toe socks. Paper wrapper tie around the pair.
2015.031.011 Stretcher, Sock One white toe sock. No pair.
2015.031.012 Kimono Toddler kimono. Flannel kimono with pink and grey checker board pattern.
2015.031.013 Kimono Girl's kimono. White with cartoon faces and pink sash.
2015.031.014 Kimono Girl's kimono. White with pink and purple roses. Pink sash.
2015.031.015 Kimono Toddler kimono. White and pale blue with bird pattern.
2015.031.016 Kimono Women's kimono. White with roses and pink sash.
2015.031.017 Kimono Women's kimono. white with butterflies.
2015.031.018 Kimono Girl's kimono. White with fairies.
2015.031.019 Kimono Women's kimono. White with leaves and bamboo.
2015.031.020 Kimono Girl's Kimono. white cotton with yellow floral pattern.
2015.031.021 Kimono Men's Kimono. Green, orange, white, and black cotton.
2015.031.022 Sash 2 matching sashes, pale pink.
2015.031.023 Sash 3 matching sashes, white and pale pink satin.
2015.031.024 Sash Sash, neon pink and white.
2015.031.025 Combination Undershirt and underskirt set. White with lace.
2015.031.026 Sash Sash, yellow plastic mesh with white cotton tie.
2015.031.027 Sash Obi sash and clip. Rusty pink and white fabric. Clipmay have inflatable pillow inside (?).
2015.031.028 Sash Obi sash and clip. Yellow fabric with white writing.
2015.031.029 Bow Bow clip. Large bow clip supported with wire. Coral and white fabric with metal applique.
2015.031.030 Scarf Scarf, white and pale pink. Cinched design, light translucent fabric.
2015.031.031 Tie, String Cord with tassels. White cord with hot pink tassels.
2015.031.032 Brush Brush. Girl's brush with 'Princess' written on the back metal plaque.
2015.031.033 Carrier, Luggage/shawl Cloth baby sling/carrier. Black satin padded baby carrier. Worn on front of body.
2015.034.001 Cabinet Cabinet Wood , with 3 shelves and flush mounted doors.
2015.034.002 Chair Chair - made in camp by S. Moriyasu
2015.034.003 Suitcase Suitcase Suitcase - brown leather - HT Eguchi
2015.034.004 Suitcase Sutcase, black - Yash Eguchi
2015.034.005 Satchel Satchel used by Taiichi Eguchi With NYK tag from 1954
2015.036.001 Cup 2 - sets of 2 each Tai Tung commemorative tea cups Tai Tung Restaurant est. 1935
2015.037.002 T-shirt Tee shirt, black with design: Le Drapeau" The four red stripes symbolizes the the main "Krongs" (autonomous municipalities) which are Phnom Penh, Kep, Pailin, Sihanoukville. The Angkor silhouettes represent the 20 provinces of Cambodia.The USA design influence is for the Khmerican diaspora.
2015.037.003 Decal Flag decals - Le Drapeau and Khmer Pride
2015.040.011 Directory Seattle Chinese Business Directory 1986 - 1987
2015.043.001 Calendar Beacon Market Calendar 1993
2015.045.001 Suitcase Basket suitcase with metal clasps and leather handle
2015.046.001 Painting Han Mural By Kyung Lim Shin and Moon Lee Han is complex concept evolved from Korean historical experience of frequent foreign invasion, social injustice, and inequalities suffered by women, common people. Han is unresolved sorrows and anger that manifest as a dull lingering ache both physically and psychologically. In this mural, Moon and I wanted to explore challenges Korean American face to fulfill American dream. Sense of displacement and inadequacy felt by 1st generation Korean American, heigthened by LA Riot experience. The pressure 1.5 generation must have felt to excel and success in new environment as they are forced to bridge parent to American culture when they are still young kids them-selves often. And identity crisis of 2nd generation; sense of alienation from both parent's culture and American culture; American born Asian American still often asked about a place of their origin. "Where are you from?" Hip-Hop culture symbolized young generation, a marginalized subculture often with stigma to older generation or/and mainstream culture. This cultural phonomena demands us to confront a feeling of disconnection between culture and generation. It also symbolized confrontation to old by young by verbalization and exhibition of thought and emotion. In essence, it is not different than Madang Guk and Sa Mul No Ri. We have been catalized Han by getting ahead, dancing, and singing. And we wanted to find harmony within conflick. - Kyung Lim Shin and Moon Lee
2015.047.001 Sculpture Sculpture Shovel with handle wrapped in layers of pink twine. Created for the Bellevue Art Museum opening in 2001
2015.052.001 Calendar Calendar Gim Ling Restaurant 1970 pin up illustration
2015.055.007 Pin Pin 14th AAF Air Service Group
2015.055.008 Pin Pin Flying Tigers
2015.055.009 Pin Pin China Burma India Theatre of WW II
2015.055.010 Pin Pin 14th Air Force
2015.055.011 Patch Patch Army Corporal WW II
2015.055.012 Patch Patch US Army Air Force WW II 14th AAF
2015.055.013 Patch Patch China Burma India Theatre shoulder patch
2015.055.014 Patch Patch 14th Army Air Force patch Flying Tigers
2015.056 Cloth Black Damask Silk
2015.056 Cloth Black Damask Silk
2015.056 Cloth Black Damask Silk
2015.056 Cloth Black Damask Silk
2015.056 Cloth Black Damask Silk
2015.056 Cloth Black Damask Silk
2015.056 Cloth Black Damask Silk
2015.056 Cloth Black Damask Silk
2015.056 Cloth Black Damask Silk
2015.056 Cloth Black Damask Silk
2015.056.001 Cloth Black Damask Cloth
2015.057.001 Calligraphy Calligraphy for the characters Sew Ying Chong To be painted on the corne window if the East Kong Yick Building
2015.058.001 Bell A) White ceramic monkey. Light pink face with black eyes and a pink mouth. It is holding a mallet and wearing a black hat with gold and red floral decorations. A bead inside and a slit in the bottom create the bell sound. Red and white synthetic cord tied in a bow through a loop on the monkey's back. B) Cardboard box. Dark red with a while diamond and Japanese characters with a floral crest. Top reads "No. 43" with stickers reading "Made in Japan."
2016.003.001 Button Button War Relocation Authority Tule Lake internee identification button. Matsuo Tokoshima, 32917, Trans. & Supply Mess #56, 7270
2016.004.002 Stamp, postage Stamps Okinawa stamp sheets
2016.006.001 Bedspread Bedspread, crocheted
2016.006.002 Blanket Blanket made from crocheted squares
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