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Wing Luke Museum
2016.006.004 Dress Dress Black straight with single button
2016.006.005 Purse Purse Black with gold-colored clasp and short black strap handle Contains attached coin purse and pocket mirror
2016.010.005 Doll Doll Boy's Day doll in glass case. In original box.
2016.010.006 Doll Doll Boy's day doll in glass case. Samurai
2016.010.007 Doll Doll Boy's Day Doll in glass case in original box.
2016.010.008 Doll Doll Boy's day doll in glass case. In original box
2016.014.001 Towel Towel Bush Hotel towel 1938
2016.016.001 Key Hotel Keys Publix Hotel 636, 437 Savoy Hotel Seattle 705 Generic 104
2016.016.002 Box Box Round Chinese with lid
2016.018.001 Dress Chinese cheong sam Silver silk brocade with flower patterns in purple, red and yellow.
2016.018.002 Dress Cheong sam Light purple silk with embrodered flowers in purple and white with yellow and red accents.
2016.019.001 Dulcimer 2016.019.001a Yangqin Chinese hammered dulcimer. Wood wings on either side open up to show pegs that hold strings. 2016.019.001b black carrying case for yangqin 2016.019.001ci Yangqin mallet with dark brown resin on head 2016.019.001cii Yangqin mallet made from bamboo with dark brown resin. Some resin has fallen off 2016.019.001d Yangqin mallet made from two pieces of bamboo bound together at the head with white tape 2016.019.001e Long, thin piece of white paper taped in the middle and marked with numbers 3-1, 7-1, G7-5, B and C. Number 1 circled in pencil at the bottom 2016.019.001f Long, thin strip of white paper marked with numbers 6-1, 7-1, G, B, and C in black marker. Number 2 circled at the bottom in pencil. 2016.019.001g Long, thin strip of white papar marked 6-1, 7-1, G, B, and C. 3 written in pencil at the bottom. 2016.019.001h L-shaped yangqin tuning wrench. Silver metal head with yellow wood handle
2016.020.001 Basket Basket Large round with lid and metal hardware to fasten the top.
2016.020.002 Basket Basket Large round storage basket with no lid. Tag TX #170
2016.020.003 Basket Basket Large round basket with hinged lid and metal fastener to secure the top. Faded paper label on top.
2016.020.004 Basket, storage Storage basket, ratan (?)
2016.021.001 Iron Electric metal iron with wood handle and iron, brass, and copper components manufactured by Triankle Lektrik, Detroit, Michigan. Used in Luke family dry cleaner business. No power cord.
2016.021.002 Sprinkler Cylindrical metal can (brass?) with two holes in the top and a long, conical handle attached on the top. Used in Luke family dry cleaner business.
2016.022.001 Robe Chinese embroidered silk robe with horseshoe cuffs circa 1910 (?) or sometime between 1860 and 1910. Purchased in North America by donor's father/grandfather. Blue background with 8 gold-colored dragons with four claws, eternal knots, bats, and flowers. Bottom hem has blue, green, and yellow diagonal stripes with blue clouds and waves above.
2016.023.001 Sculpture Half of a diptych sculpture by Cheryll Leo-Gwin Steel, porcelain enamel, and plywood depicting from top to bottom: A leg wearing a high heal with eight five-pointed stars A reproduction of a black-and-white photograph of the artist's father's family. According to Leo-Gwin, "My father was born in 1905 in St. Louis, Mo. His father died when my Dad was 8 years old (when the photo was taken) so he quit school to help his mother raise the rest of the kids. My father was a third generation Chinese American. His mother spoke no Chinese and knew no Chinese customs. She was the first Chinese baby born in San Rafael CA somewhere around 1880-1890" (personal communication, May 28, 2016). A road running diagonal from right to left A candle A thorny vine curling through a woman's torso A woman in a blue robe bowing her head
2016.023.002 Sculpture Part two of a diptych sculpture by Cheryll Leo-Gwin. Wood with acrylic fauch finish paint "from a spray can" (personal communication, May 28, 2016). The two pieces should be installed together, meeting in the middle to form a V. The artist also stipulates that a painted white branch (in her possession) be installed at the base of the silhouettes (ibid). Wood and plywood with textured, gray-flecked paint layered to create silhouettes of the artist's father's family (a woman, seated, holding an infant with a child standing on either side) in the same arrangement as the black-and-white photograph in the upper right corner of 2016.023.001
2016.024.001 Dish, serving 2016.024.001a Oval, glazed ceramic serving dish from Hing Loon Seafood Restaurant, 628 Weller St. White glaze with red border and two seagulls flying over waves. Makers mark shows RED Chinese characters and "MADE IN CHINA" in a diamond. 2016.024.001b Identical to above with more wear on seagulls and waves. Ceramic chiped on upper left rim.
2016.024.002 Dish, serving 2016.024.002a Large, oval, glazed serving dish from Hing Loon Seafood Restaurant, 628 S. Weller St., Seattle. White glaze with blue borders around rim and center oval. Glaze scratched and worn through in center. Stylized flowers inside the outlined areas. Maker's mark on bottom reads "DURABLE CHINA TATUNG IN GLAZE TAIWAN." 2016.024.002b Identical to above.
2016.024.003 Bowl 2016.024.003a Single-serving rice bowl from Hing Loon Seafood Restaurant, 628 S. Weller St., Seattle. Interior glazed plain white. Exterior shows blue, red, and yellow repeating "thunder" line motif. Underneath are a red dragon, a pheonix, and red, yellow, and green pearl. Maker's mark on bottom reads "F.S. LOUIE & CO BERKELEY CALI" 2016.024.004b Identical to above with darker maker's mark. See Creighton, A. (2002). "Chinese Restaurant Ware and its Imporance to Asian American Archaeology." In Journal of Northwest Anthropology, 36 (2): 227-250.
2016.024.004 Dish, serving 2016.024.004a Smaller, oval serving dishes from Hing Loon Seafood Restaurant, 628 S. Weller St. White glaze with dark blue outlines. Inside outlined areas has stylized blue flowers. Maker's mark on bottom reads "DURABLE CHINA TATUNG IN GLAZE TAIWAN". Some yellow stains on bottom. 2016.024.005b Identical to above with pink stains on bottom.
2016.024.005 Bowl, soup 2016.024.005a Large, glazed ceramic soup bowl from Hing Loon Seafood Restaurant, 628 S. Weller St. Seattle. White glaze overall with blue outlines inside. Area inside outlines shows blue, stylized flowers. Glaze at bottom worn and scratched. Maker's mark on bottom reads "TATUNG DURABLE CHINA TAIWAN" 2016.024.005b Identical to above. Ceramic on bottom chipped.
2016.024.006 Plate 2016.024.006a Small, glazed ceramic plate from Hing Loon Seafood Restaurant, 628 S. Weller St., Seattle. Yellow-white glaze overall with dark red equestrian figures and chariots between dark red borders around edge. Black maker's mark on bottom reads "BUFFALO CHINA U.S.A. 209" Glaze scratched and worn. 2016.024.006b Identical to above except missing "S" in maker's mark.
2016.024.007 Sculpture Plastic or resin (?) decorative sculpture from Hing Loon Seafood Restaurant, 628 S. Weller St., Seattle. Three dark red, running horses support a large white and green cabbage. Three Chinese characters inscribed in gold on a green background on the front side of one horse.
2016.024.008 Mill 2016.024.008a Electric rice mill from Hing Loon Seafood Restaurant, 628 S. Weller St., Seattle. Appears to be red painted cast iron. Top plastic spout cracked and repaired with packing tape before collection. Brand label on front reads "GOLDEN ANVIL". 2016.024.008b Metal hopper for mill
2016.024.009 Mill 2016.024.009a Electric rice mill from Hing Loon Seafood Restaurant, 628 S. Weller St. Brown painted cast iron with blastic parts. Japanese instructions in black and red on silver sticker and "Hing Loon" with phone number written in blue perminant marker on side. Japanese characters with dolphin on spout. 2016.024.009b Metal hopper for grinder. Two small holes near upper rim.
2016.026.001 Drawing Digital archival print from pencil drawing, edition 1 of 12. Horizontal field split in half vertically. The two halves show a mirror image with inverted colours. One is red-brown with cream lines, the other has a cream background with red-brown lines. The text on the left side is cut off, but reads "for [...]ergies, and their cummulative nature can result in [...]sion, frustration, anger, rage, loss of self [...] anxiety, etc." This text is layered over partially-legible writing on a whiteboard. In the center field, a man in a suit faces the viewer and gestures with his hands. In the foreground, the back of two audience members' heads and shoulders are visible. Matted on white with a dark wood frame and acrylic plexiglass.
2016.027.001 Vase, Bud Small bud vase found without perminant Object ID during 2016 collections inventory. Mottled gray and black textured glaze. Four Chinese characters in blue ink under crackle glaze on bottom.
2016.027.002 Jar Chinese ginger jar, green with straw and string wrapping. Label reads "Choy Heong"
2016.027.003 Jar Ginger jar Green glazed, hexagonal ceramic jar Design stamped on side Chinese
2016.027.004 Jar Wine Jar
2016.027.005 Spoon, Soup 2016.027.005a Rough, glazed ceramic soup spoon. Floral pattern on gray-blue background. 2016.027.005b Rough, glazed ceramic soup spoon. Pink floral pattern with light blue background.
2016.027.006 Bowl Glazed porcelain bowl
2016.027.007 Teacup Small ceramic teacup found in collection Red glazed interior with gold dragon
2016.027.008 Dish Dish
2016.027.009 Bowl 2016.027.009a Large, glazed bowl. Walls are shaped to imply eight petals. Gray-blue glaze with pink, green and red chrysanthemum and bird decoration. Chinese characters in black on body. 2016.027.009b Same as b with a crack through the bird.
2016.027.010 Dish Dish Lid to a bowl?
2016.027.011 Vase Small brass vase with decorative, beige clay (?) layer on outside. Deep relief carvings show flowers above a landscape with hills, water, trees, and men in robes.
2016.027.012 Teacup Porcelain teacup with mottled, dark green glaze outside and light green glaze inside. Rim broken and repaired.
2016.027.013 Bowl Brass bowl with Japanese (?) characters carved into exterior.
2016.027.014 Figurine Porcelain figure of a woman in pink, yellow, and green robes leaning against a rose bush with pink blossoms. She holds a bouquet with a yellow rose. More flowers hold up her hair
2016.027.015 Cup (A) Tiny rice wine (?) cup. Interior glazed white, exterior iridescent orange over a red floral pattern (B) Identical to A
2016.027.016 Sifter Cylidrical wooden form stiched at seam with organic fiber. Loosely woven, brown textile is stretched across the bottom. Textile is fragile and torn.
2016.027.017 Ticket Box filled with 100 packets of 2.5 in by 2.5 in papers. Most papers are printed with a Chinese character. Some lose papers are curled and folded along one side of the box.
2016.027.018 Purse Purse Chinese white silk drawstring Embroidered with moiuntains, clouds, dragons in pastels of green and pink beads
2016.027.019 Purse Purse Chinese embroidery on black silk of stripes and Chinese characters. Drawstrings with coral beads
2016.027.020 Slipper Woven straw, braided soles, green and pink open toe. Accompanying carrying case of floral silk.
2016.030.001 Drawing Portrait Framed charcoal portrait of Ron Chew by Nori Okamura, 1994 42.5 x 28.5"
2016.033.001 Embroidery Embroidered peacock, framed. 29" x 29"
2016.033.002 Marionette Burmese Yoke th? marionette puppet, maron clothing with metal sequins and faux jewels and gold paint on the head, hands and feet. 38" x 17" Thagyramin (the-jar-min) and he is the king of angels, ruler of the heavens. During Burmese New Year in April, he is said to descend from the heavens to bless the earth in the upcoming year.
2016.035.001 Sign Brown cardboard sign with blue lettering "CHAN" Warren Chan for Judge
2016.036.001 T-shirt ROAR - Vote to Roar, Raising Our Asian Pacific American Representation
2016.036.002 T-Shirt Regional Taiko Gathering Seattle 2004
2016.040.001 Box, cereal Cereal box Wheaties with Greg Lougainis
2016.040.002 Box, cereal Box for Honey Frosted Wheaties with Kristi Yamaguchi, 1998 "Winter Olympics Legend Skating"
2016.040.003 Box Box, cereal Tiger Woods Wheaties 1998
2016.040.004 Box, cereal
2016.041.001 Clarinet Clarinet Vito Resotone brand plastic body in black leather case with red velvet lining.
2016.042.001 Picture, Cut-paper Papercut portrait of Wing Luke
2016.044.001 Painting Framed watercolor of Canton Alley looking north.
2016.047.001 Embroidery Embroidery Hmong storycloth
2016.049.010 Tunic Tunic Black Hmong tunic with embroidered pocket. Orange string around color and front and cuffs. One button missing from the front.
2016.050.001 Costume Jumpsuit Yellow with black stripe on sides made famous by Bruce Lee. Costume worn by the donor at the opening of the Bruce Lee Exhibit in 2014
2016.050.003 Medal, Political The Order of the Rising Sun Kyokujitsu-sho 2 medals, one with ribbon and one a badge and 1 certificate
2016.050.004 Medal, political Order of the Golden Heart Grand Cross Rank A: Large medal on red ribbon. B: Large badge C: small medal and ribbon bar D: Lapel Rosette E: mounted Certificate. F: Mounted Official Translation
2016.051.001 Sign Sign Wooden painted sign. Mark Wing Long Co 908 First Ave S.
ADOPTEE#2.001 Tape, video Arrival at SeaTac
ADOPTEE#2.002 Passport Korean Passport
ADOPTEE#2.3 Binder papers, legal documents, letters, photos, tickets,
ADOPTEE#4.001 Book The Lost Daughters of China
ADOPTEE#4.002 Book Wanting a Daughter, Needing a Son: Abandonement, Adoption and Orphanage Care in China
ADOPTEE#4.003 Tape, video Ni Shuang Shuang 6/24/1994
ADOPTEE#4.004 Tape, Video Good Fortune: Families with chinese Children
ADOPTEE#4.005 T-shirt Chinese American Heritage camp 2002
ADOPTEE#4.006 T-shirt Born of the Heart: Families with Children from China
ADOPTEE#4.007 T-Shirt Chinese American Heritage Camp 2004
ADOPTEE#4.008 2 - tri fold Fliers for Families with Children From China 2 - unused decals.
ADOPTEE#4.009 Newsletter 2 - Newsletter; Families with Children From China - Northwest, Nov. 1997; Feb. 1998.
ADOPTEE#4.10 Flyer Flyer about a book on adopted girls from China "The Lost Daughters of China:"
ADOPTEE#4.11 Document Envelope from China with 5 letter pages and 3 - documents about adoption procedures and documents for adoption of a child from China.
ADOPTEE#4.12 Booklet Spiral bound black and white booklet for the Heritage Camp Weekend and the Chinese Zodiac CAmp Casey Whidbey Island Washington, July 9 - 11, 1999
ADOPTEE#4.13 Document US government State Department and Chinese People's Republic Ministry of Justice documents on adoption in brown paper envelope.
ADOPTEE#4.14 Document Documents from the World Association for Children & Parents WACAP
ADOPTEE#4.15 Scrapbook Spiral bound laminated scrapbook about the adoption of Chloe Choi
ADOPTEE#4.16 Article Newspaper article on adoption from China. Chinese Rejection of Baby Girls fits Adoption Demands of the US By Lisa Schnellinger Seattle Post Intelligencer
ADOPTEE#4.17 Article Newspaper article on adopting children from China. China: An Intricate but Rewarding Adoption Process" Seattle Post Intelligencer continued from C1. beginning of article not found.
ADOPTEE#4.18 Article Newspaper Article from Seattle Newspaper.
ADOPTEE#4.19 Article Newspaper Article from Seattle Weekly by Susan Biskeborn
ADOPTEE#4.20 Article New York Times Article of state of children in Chinese orphanages.
ADOPTEE#4.21 Article New York Times Magazine article I Met My Daughter at the Wuhan Foundling Hospital By Bruce Porter
ADOPTEE#7.001 Article Pacifc Magazine article on Moody's adoption of Jocelyn from Korea. By Fred Moody February 7, 1998
ADOPTEE#7.002 Article Pacific Magazine article on Jocelyn Moody by her sister Caitlin September 28, 2003
ADOPTEE#7.003 Article Pacific Magazine article on Jocelyn Moody by Fred Moody. October 15, 2000
ADOPTEE#9.001 Certificate Travel Certificate, Republic of Korea
ADOPTEE#9.002 Certificate, Birth Eastern Child Welfare Society Inc., Certificate of Birth
ADOPTEE#9.003 Document Adoptive Placement Agreement
ADOPTEE#9.004 Currency 1000 Won Korean Bank Note
ADOPTEE#9.005 Certificate Photocopy of Certificate of Naturalization
ADOPTEE#9.006 Book South Kitsap High School Year Book 2003
ADOPTEE#9.007 Hanbok Pink and purple Child's Hanbok
ADOPTEE#9.008 Pajamas Pair of white cotton child's pajamas with Snoopy motif
ADOPTEE#9.009 Outfit Pink child's terry cloth outfit with top, pants and bib.
ADOPTEE#9.010 Dress Knitted lavendar child's dress
ADOPTEE#9.011 Bib Three bibs 1 - yellow terry cloth 1 - Lace 1 - pink quilt
ADOPTEE#9.012 Outfit Red Chinese style child's outfit, made by Plum Blossoms.
ADOPTEE#9.013 Flag Small American flag, broken staff
Adoptee2011#1 Painting 18 x 18 inches, acrylic painting
Adoptee2011#1.2 Painting 18 x 18 inches, acrylic painting
Adoptee2011#2 Print Digital Print of Acrylic, 24 x 24 inches
Adoptee2011#3.1 Print Archival Giclee print, 16 x 20 inches
Adoptee2011#3.2 Print Archival Giclee print
Adoptee2011#3.3 Print Archival Giclee print, 12 x 24 inches
Adoptee2011#4.1 Painting Black, silver, gold and red ink on paper, 12 1/2 x 22 1/2 inches
Adoptee2011#4.2 Painting Silver and gold ink on paper, 20 1/2 x 30 inches
Adoptee2011#5 Print Title: K77-1383, 13 x 20 inches
Adoptee2011#6 Print Title: Re-centering, 10 x 13 inches
Animals#01.001 pipe test object for Mikala to learn the database. 5'5" length of 1.25" pvc pipe
Art in Motion 006.00 Skateboard (courtesy of Jeff Ament, bassist of Pearl Jam) While many know Jeff Ament as the bassist of the band Pearl Jam, Ament is also a former skateboarder, a skate park builder, and a long-time Wally Inouye fan. With the help of Wounded Knee Skateboards, Vans, and the Tony Hawk Foundation, Ament started Montana Pool Service, a skatepark whose name gives a nod to Inouye's own Inouye's Pool Service. Built on a Native American reservation, Montana Pool Service seeks to educate about the tribes in the Montana area and assist with supplying decks to skaters on the reservations. Ament has also worked to bring a skate park to South Dakota's Pine Ridge Reservation. On the right is a skateboard that Jeff Ament illustrated. The illustrations feature the skaters he saw as the big leaguers of the culture at the time, such as Mike Olson, Neil Blender, Steve Schneer, Jeff Grosso, and Stacy Peralta.
Art in Motion 006.00 Skateboard Boards that Inouye has used over the years. The striped black-and-yellow board is Inouye's board from the X-games. Notice all of the wear on the nose of the skateboard.
Beyond Talk 11 Collage 9 - serving trays with collage and varnish
Beyond Talk 12 Painting Acrylic, pva on paper on canvas
Beyond Talk 14 Print, photographic Gelatin Silver Print
Beyond Talk 15 Print Exactly Who is Yellow? Color print
Beyond Talk.001 Print Greetings - greeting cards and business cards and shelves and plexiglass cover
Beyond Talk.002 Sculpture Golliwog in heating duct
Bruce Lee #1.004 book book published gongfu book
Bruce Lee #1.005 photo framed photo BL with monk Enter the Dragon
Bruce Lee #1.006 Model model gravesite by George Lee
Bruce Lee #1.008 Poster Poster Green Hornet Bruce Lee as Kato
Bruce Lee #1.009 Glass drinking glass Green Hornet
Bruce Lee #1.015 Toy Memorobilia magic slate Green Hornet (1)
Bruce Lee #1.018 Toy Toy Green Hornet candy box
Bruce Lee #1.019 Toy Toy Green Hornet flip memo book
Bruce Lee #1.020 Toy Toy Green Hornet bubblegum box
Bruce Lee #1.021 Toy Toy Green Hornet pencil set
Bruce Lee #1.022 Toy Toy Green Hornet whistle loose
Bruce Lee #1.023 Toy Toy Green Hornet wrist "watch"
Bruce Lee #1.024 Toy Toy Green Hornet flip book (2)
Bruce Lee #1.025 Toy Toy Green Hornet wrist radios box set
Bruce Lee #1.026 Magazine Magazine Article "Love knows no geography"
Bruce Lee #1.029 Magazine Magazine article "Interracial Marriage"
Bruce Lee #1.039 Toy Toy Framed whistle plus comic
Bruce Lee #1.040 Toy Toy Green Hornet Electric Drawing Kit
Bruce Lee #1.041 Toy Toy Green Hornet Kato Plastic assembly kit
Bruce Lee #1.042 Toy Toy Green Hornet Flicker Rings
Bruce Lee #1.043 Toy Toy Green Hornet stickers
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