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Wing Luke Museum
Bruce Lee#1.2.016 Wallet GHWallet
Bruce Lee#1.2.017 Radio GH Wrist Radios
Bruce Lee#1.2.018 Stereoviewer GH Movie Viewer
Bruce Lee#1.2.021 Puppet GH hand puppet and stand
Bruce Lee#1.2.022 Stand Stand for hand puppet
Bruce Lee#1.2.023 Pennant GH orange and blue felt Pennant
Bruce Lee#1.2.024 Dispenser, candy Pez Candy Dispenser
Bruce Lee#1.2.025 Despenser, candy GH Kato Pez
Bruce Lee#1.2.026 Bag GH Trick or Treat bag
Bruce Lee#1.2.028 Book GH Whitman Coloring book
Bruce Lee#1.2.029 Book GH Hardcover American novel
Bruce Lee#1.2.030 Book GH Whitman playbook
Bruce Lee#1.2.032 Pad,drawing GH Magic Slate USA Version #B
Bruce Lee#1.2.033 Toy GH "Magic Rub-off"
Bruce Lee#1.2.036 Paint GH Numbered Pencil and Paint set
Bruce Lee#1.2.037 Paint GH Oil paint by Numbered Set
Bruce Lee#1.2.038 Kit GH Thing maker and accessory kit
Bruce Lee#1.2.039 Kite GH Kite
Bruce Lee#1.2.040 Puzzle GH Sliding Square puzzle
Bruce Lee#1.2.041 Toy GH signal ray
Bruce Lee#1.2.042 Puzzle GH Frame Tray Puzzle
Bruce Lee#1.2.043 Balloon GH Punching BAlloon
Bruce Lee#1.2.044 Toy GH Black Beauty Balloon Car
Bruce Lee#1.2.045 Toy GH Bagatelle Pinball Game
Bruce Lee#1.2.047 Toy GH Black Beauty Corgi Car in box
Bruce Lee#1.2.048 Toy GH Black Beauty Slot Car
Bruce Lee#1.2.049 Toy GH Black Beauty Plastic Car Kit
Bruce Lee#1.2.050 Toy GH Electric Drawing Set
Bruce Lee#1.2.051 Toy GH Print Putty
Bruce Lee#1.2.052 Glass GH Drinking Glass
Bruce Lee#1.2.053 Glass GH Kato Drinking Glass
Bruce Lee#1.2.054 Toy GH Bendy figure
Bruce Lee#1.2.055 Mug GH Drinking mug
Bruce Lee#1.2.056 Toy GH Playing cards with separate box
Bruce Lee#1.2.057 Ring GH VAri Vue Ring set (12) PLUS (12) Blue edition
Bruce Lee#1.2.058 Advertisement GH Vari Vue Ring Ad
Bruce Lee#1.2.060 Box GH Mini Gum Box
Bruce Lee#1.2.061 Box GH Wheatie Cereal Box
Bruce Lee#1.2.062 Box GH Candy and Toy box
Bruce Lee#1.2.063 Toy GH View Master
Bruce Lee#1.2.064 Toy GH Sting Ballons
Bruce Lee#1.2.065 Box GH Kato Box Medi-Con Toy
Bruce Lee#1.2.066 Toy GH Action Flicker Ring on Card
Bruce Lee#1.2.068 Toy GH and Kato Kim Ito Action Figures
Bruce Lee#1.2.069 Toy GH Sticker Pack (18 CArds)
Bruce Lee#1.2.070 Pin GH Large Button Pin
Bruce Lee#1.2.071 Shoe GH Slippers
Bruce Lee#1.2.072 Pin GH Small button Pins (9 pieces)
Bruce Lee#1.2.076 Album, Record GH TV Score Vinyl Album
Bruce Lee#1.2.077 Album, record GH Adventure album
Bruce Lee#1.2.078 Toy GH Humming Bee
Bruce Lee#1.2.079 Frame GH Japanese Card Holder
Bruce Lee#1.2.080 Mask GH Mask and Dart from Origianl TV mold
Bruce Lee#1.2.082 T-shirt GH Version #B
Bruce Lee#1.2.083 Poster GH TV Poster Ad 11 x 17
Bruce Lee#1.2.085 Magazine GH TV guides 10
Bruce Lee#1.2.086 Card, Trade Gh Gum card set 44 pices
Bruce Lee#1.2.087 Toy GH Sticker Set (44)
Bruce Lee#1.2.088 Toy GH Cartoon Kit
Bruce Lee#1.2.089 Toy GH BZ Car
Bruce Lee#1.2.090 Sock GH Socks
Bruce Lee#1.2.092 Toy GH Color Stickers
Bruce Lee#1.2.093 Toy GH Action Strips
Bruce Lee#1.2.095 Book GH Inferno Light Paperback
Bruce Lee#1.2.096 Book, comic GH Japanese Comic Book #1
Bruce Lee#1.2.097 Book, comic GH Japanese Comic Book #2
Bruce Lee#1.2.098 Document Framed GH Kato Press info ABC and Kato Press Photo
Bruce Lee#1.2.100 Document GH Original Call Sheets
Bruce Lee#1.2.101 Album, record Japanese 45 GH Record
Bruce Lee#1.2.102 Poster Framed KAto poster green and blue
Bruce Lee#1.2.104 Toy Rings Framed Emblem rings
Bruce Lee#1.2.105 Badge Badge Framed bike badge
Bruce Lee#1.2.106 Toy Slot Car Large Black Beauty slot car
Bruce Lee#1.2.107 Toy Toy car Japanese tin Black Beauty
Bruce Lee#1.2.108 Toy Corgi Black Beauty car no figure heads
Bruce Lee#1.2.110 Album, record George Lee Album
Bruce Lee#1.2.111 Document GH License Ad/Notice
Bruce Lee#1.2.112 Envelope Taky Kimura envelope
Bruce Lee#1.2.113 Document Jun Fan Gung Fu Institute Member Contract
Bruce Lee#1.2.114 Certificate Jun Fan Gung Fu Certificate Taky Kimura
Bruce Lee#1.2.115 Print, photographic Mounted photographs Bruce and Brandon Bruce and Linda
Bruce Lee#1.2.116 Print, photographic Color photograph of Bruce, Linda and Brandon
Bruce Lee#1.2.117 Print, photographic 3 - prints Basement Studio Color GH with mask Studio shot
Bruce Lee#1.2.119 Magazine Esquire Magazine on Martial Arts movies
Bruce Lee#1.2.120 Flyer Flyer Big Boss Promotional flyer
Bruce Lee#1.2.121 Flyer Flyer Press Kit Circle of Iron movie
Bruce Lee#1.2.122 Document Enter the Dragon Synopsis, yellow and black
Bruce Lee#1.2.123 Flyer Marlowe exhibitors press kit
Bruce Lee#1.2.124 Document Enter the Dragon Script
Bruce Lee#1.2.126 Fan Way of the Dragon promo fan
Bruce Lee#1.2.127 Letter Letter regarding Number One Son
Bruce Lee#1.2.128 Print, photographic Kato without mask in front of map and 8 additional loose photos
Bruce Lee#1.2.129 Program Program 6
Bruce Lee#1.2.131 Letter Taky Kimura correspondence Ticket and envelope Telegram Linda letter Oct 2, 1972 Bruce Letter - going to Hong Kong Linda Letter Dept 30, 1971 GH Typed letters
Bruce Lee#1.2.133 Card, Commemorative 18 photo collectors card of Chinese Connection/Fists of Fury
Bruce Lee#1.2.135 Program Color copies of programs 1967 and 1968 karate championships
Bruce Lee#1.2.136 Magazine Kung Fu Monthly #23 British publication
Bruce Lee#1.2.137 Print, photographic 2 - Milton Berle photos
Bruce Lee#1.2.139 Magazine Best of Bruce Lee magazine Stirling Silliphant
Bruce Lee#1.2.141 Print, photographic Color photograph if GH and Kato used on cover of TV guide
Bruce Lee#1.2.142 Document NGP Press release for Fists of Fury
Bruce Lee#1.2.143 Letter Copy of Preying Mantis episode letter to Taky Kimura
Bruce Lee#1.2.144 DVD Music video of BL fighting scenes
CCA.001 Dress 1. Traditional dancer dress, pink with silver embroidery
CCA.002 Shawl 2. Traditional dancer shawl with silver sequins
CCA.003 Belt 3. Silver belt
CCA.004 Shirt 4. Men's shirt for temple clothing
CCA.005 Dress 5. Women's dress for temple clothing
CCA.006 Sign 6. Decorative signs for New Years
CCA.007 Model 7. Farmer's house model made of skewers
CCA.008 Sculpture Wood elephant (9 x 6 x3)
CCA.009 Sculpture 2. Wood sculpture of Angkor Thom (12 x 8 x 2)
CCA.010 Sculpture 3. Wood apsara sculpture (20 x 8 x 3)
CCA.011 Painting 4. Hanuman painting (17.5 x 21.5)
CCA.012 Sign White banner sign
CCA.013 Decoration Gold banner decorations (3)
CCA.014 Book Comb-bound book with color reproductions of Cambodian currency, courtesy of Orn Phin and Vuthy Nouv of CCAW
CCA.015 Picture Loose paper image of Buddha, courtesy of Orn Phin and Vuthy Nouv of CCAW
CCA.016 Picture Loose paper image of Khmer temple, courtesy of Orn Phin and Vuthy Nouv of CCAW
CCA.017 Painting Unframed painting of scene from Cambodia, courtesy of Orn Phin and Vuthy Nouv of CCAW
CCA.018 Scarf Green and purple scarf, courtesy of Orn Phin and Vuthy Nouv of CCAW
CCA.019 Container Silver offering carrier, courtesy of Orn Phin and Vuthy Nouv of CCAW
CCA.020 Bowl Silver bowl with lid and base, courtesy of Orn Phin and Vuthy Nouv of CCAW
CCA.021 Plate Silver plate with image of Angkor Wat, courtesy of Orn Phin and Vuthy Nouv of CCAW
CCA.022 Sculpture Wood framed image of Buddha, courtesy of Orn Phin and Vuthy Nouv of CCAW
CCA.023 Program 6 programs from White Center Cambodian New Year Street Festival 2007, courtesy of Orn Phin and Vuthy Nouv of CCAW
CCM-KFM.001 Statue Jayararman's wife, carved stone, 12" tall x 5" wide x 5.25" deep
CCM-KFM.002 Statue Apsara, carved stone, 9" tall x 4.5" wide x 1.25" deep
CCM-KFM.003 Statue Monkey King and King Rama fighting, carved stone, 12.5" tall x 6" wide x 4" deep
CCM-KFM.004 Statue Musician, (2 pieces) cast metal, 3" tall x 3.5" diameter
CCM-KFM.005 Statue Head of Buddha, carved stone, 7" tall x 2.5" wide x 3" deep
CCM-KFM.006 Statue Visnu, carved stone, 14.5" tall x 3.5" wide x 3.5" deep
CCM-KFM.007 Statue Apsara, carved stone, 14.5" tall x 6.75" wide x 3" deep
CCM-KFM.008 Statue Apsara, carved wood, 12" tall x 5" wide x 1.5" deep
CCM-KFM.009 Box Flower jewelry box, carved stone, 2.25" tall x 3.5" deep
CCM-KFM.010 Box Pumpkin jewelry box, metal (silver?), 4.5" tall x 4" wide x 3.5" deep
CCM-KFM.011 Box Elephant jewelry box, metal (silver?), 2.25" tall x 2.5" long x 1" wide
CCM-KFM.012 Statue Banteay Srei, carved stone, 10.5" tall x 4" wide x 1.5" deep
CCM-KFM.013 Statue Head of Visnu, carved stone, 9" tall x 6" wide x 5.75" deep
CCM-KFM.014 Table Wedding ceremony hexagonal stand and 4 containers for chewing tobacco, metal (silver?), 12.5" tall x 9.5" diameter
CCM-KFM.015 Painting Farming scene - 3'3" tall x 6'8" wide
CCM-KFM.016 Painting Painting on canvas Building Angkor Wat - 3'3" tall x 6'5'' wide
CCM-KFM.017 Painting Painting on Canvas Ankgor Wat - 3'3" tall x 6'7" wide
CCM-KFM.018 Article Framed article Dara Duong's collection
CCM-KFM.019 Hat Hat Black cloth hat Manditory Khmer Rouge clothing
CCM-KFM.020 Jacket Jacket Black cloth jacket - shirt Manditory Khmer Rouge clothing
CCM-KFM.021 Jacket Jacket Green cloth jacket - shirt Manditory Khmer Rouge military clothing
CCM-KFM.022 Hat Jacket Green cloth hat Manditory Khmer Rouge military clothing
CCM-KFM.023 Sandal Sandals Black rubber Manditory Khmer Rouge clothing
CCM-KFM.024 Flag Flag, Polyester, Yellow on red Khmer Rouge Angor Wat outline on red background
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