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Wing Luke Museum
GRIT #1.001 Label 9 - Alaska Packers Association Salmon Can Labels
GRIT #1.002 Label Salmon Can labels from other distributors
GRIT #1.003 Label Packet of loose salmon can lables
GRIT #1.004 Book Fleet Book
GRIT #1.005 Book Alaska: Top of the World Tours
GRIT #1.006 Postcard Packet of Alaska postcards
GRIT #1.007 Book Book How to Eat Canned Salmon
GRIT #1.008 Book Pacific Salmon Fisheries by John Cobb
GRIT #1.009 Print, Photographic Star of Bengal
GRIT #1.010 Booklet 2 - copies of Square Rigged Sailing Vessels owned by APA (including Star of Bengal)
GRIT #1.011 Letter Letter about travels in Alaska 14 pages
GRIT #1.012 Menu
GRIT #1.013 Print, photographic Patterson of Lake Bay Alaska
GRIT #1.014 Letter Letter From John Scott Carter to Michael Sullivan
GRIT #1.015 Print, photographic Square rigged sailing vessel Nokomish
GRIT #1.016 Journal Article The Great Star Fleet
GRIT #1.017 Document Description of ships
GRIT #1.018 Book 2 - death books 1907
GRIT #3.001 Sherd 1 sherd portion of Japanese rice bowl From Corea Area
GRIT #3.002 Sherd 2 sherds glued together - rim of Japanese rice bowl From Corea Area
GRIT #3.003 Sherd 3 - sherds of Japanese rice bowl From Corea Area
GRIT #3.004 Sherd 4 sherds Japanese rice bowl From Twin Tunnels area
GRIT #3.005 Sherd 3 - sherds Indeterminate place of origin or function Embro area
GT2008.001.001 Model Hand hammered copper
GT2008.001.005 Model Hand Hammered Copper
GT2008.001.006 Model Hand Hammered Copper
GT2008.001.008 Model Hand Hammered Copper
GT2008.001.009 Model Hand Hammered Copper
GT2008.001.010 Model Hand Hammered Copper
GT2008.001.011 Model Hand Hammered Copper
GT2008.001.012 Model Hand Hammered Copper
GT2008.001.013 Model Hand Hammered Copper
GT2008.001.014 Model Hand Hammered Copper
GT2008.001.015 Model Hand Hammered Copper
GT2008.001.016 Model Hand Hammered Copper
GT2008.001.017 Model Hand Hammered Copper
GT2008.001.018 Model Hand Hammered Copper
GT2008.001.019 Model Hand Hammered Copper
GT2008.001.022 Model Hand Hammered Copper
GT2008.001.025 Model Wood
GT2008.002.004 Drawing Matte board, 3-D sketch
GT2008.002.008 Drawing Metal, 3-D sketch
GT2008.002.009 Drawing Metal, 3-D sketch
GT2008.002.013 Drawing Paper, 3-D sketch
GT2008.002.017 Drawing Wood, 3-D sketch
GT2008.002.018 Drawing Wood, 3-D sketch
GT2008.003.001 Sculpture Red Cedar
GT2008.003.002 Sculpture Bronze
GT2008.003.003 Sculpture Bronze
GT2008.003.004 Sculpture Bronze
GT2008.003.005 Sculpture Bronze
GT2008.003.006 Sculpture Cedar
GT2008.003.008 Sculpture Bronze
GT2008.004.001 Print Linocut
GT2008.004.002 Print Linocut
GT2008.004.005 Print Linocut
GT2008.005.002 Painting Sumi on Washi
GT2008.005.004 Painting Sumi
GT2008.005.008 Painting Oil
GT2008.005.011 Painting Oil
GT2008.006.001 Drawing Pencil and conte on vellum, site drawing
GT2008.006.002 Drawing Pencil and conte on vellum, site drawing
GT2008.006.005 Drawing Brown Line, site drawing
GT2008.006.006 Drawing Mechanical Drawing Photo Credit: Roger Dudley
GT2008.007.001 Print, Photographic Photograph
GT2008.007.002 Print, Photographic Photograph
GT2008.007.003 Print, Photographic Photograph Photo Credit: David Potts
GT2008.007.004 Print, Photographic Photograph Photo Credit: David Potts
GT2008.007.006 Print, Photographic Photograph Photo Credit: Roger Dudley
GT2008.007.008 Print, Photographic Photograph
GT2008.007.009 Print, Photographic Photograph Photo Credit Mary Randlett
GT2008.007.010 Print, Photographic Photograph
GT2008.007.012 Print, Photographic Photograph
GT2008.007.017 Print, Photographic Photograph
GT2008.008.001 Sculpture Bronze Fountain
GT2008.008.002 Sculpture Bronze Fountain
HIGO.001 Telescope Brass telescope in leather case. Seattle Police Department Evidence tag attached. Tag is dated 2/13/1942. written on the back is Sanzo Murakami, 604 Jackson St. Higo
HIGO.002 Pistol Iver Johnson's Arms and Cycle Works 22 caliber pistol in leather holster. Seattle Police Identification Tag was taped on to it. Tag is dated 1/2/1942 Higo
HIGO.003 Binoculars Metal binoculars in leather case. Higo
HIGO.004 Flag 2 - Medium size Japanese Flags 1 - Large Japanese Flag 1 - Small Japanese Flag 1 - Small Rising Sun Japanese Flag
HIGO.005 Flag 3 - United States flags
HIGO.006 Board, Ironing Wood Ironing Board with folding legs, blanket pad.
HIGO.007 Board, ironing Wood ironing board with wooden folding legs. Sewn and nailed pad attached to the top.
HIGO.008 Box, Packing Tall cylindrical black hat box with lid. leather strap and handle. Inside are 16 women's felt hats.
HIGO.009 Box, Packing Black cylindrical hat box with lid and strap. 31 women's panama, straw and silk hats
HIGO.010 Pattern Blue print dress pattern with parchment tracing pages
HIGO.011 Pattern Dress pattern, blue print in Japanese with parchment tracing page.
HIGO.012 Book, account 5 - books with daily entries in Japanese from 1935 - 1942.
HIGO.013 Book, Account Daily and Monthly entries of total income of each day and month from 1928 - April 1942.
HIGO.014 Manikin Female Japanese manikin dressed in orange colored kimono.
HIGO.015 Manikin Female Japanese Manikin in blue shibori cloth kimono
HIGO.016 Tambourine 2 - Tin tamborine2 with tin top and three sets of cymbals.
HIGO.017 Bell 4 - tin "cow" bells.
HIGO.018 Mariachi 2 - tin noise makers. Tin cans on handles with metal pieces inside that rattle.
HIGO.019 Mold Wooden mould with three shapes cut out. Shapes are on a press that fits into the cut outs. Used to make onigiri (?)
HIGO.020 Iron, waffle Cast iron waffle maker in iron stove ring.
HIGO.021 Register Decorative Premier Jr. steel cash register
HIGO.022 Box Tin lined wooden crate with removable top. Labels on each end in Japanese
HIGO.023 Crate, Shipping Wood crate with Japanese ikeda zumi charcoal, made from a type of oak in Osaka Pefecture, Often used for tea braziers for tea ceremony.
HIGO.024 Cabinet Wooden cabinet for for Diamond Dyes
HIGO.025 Scale Brass color painted Toledo Scale.
HIGO.026 Album, Record Set of vinyl phonograph record albums.
HIGO.027 Dolly Wood and metal hand dolly - barrel dolly.
HIGO.028 Bathtub Metal Japanese tub Furu
HIGO.029 Bathtub Metal Japanese tub Furu
HIGO.030 Bottle 41 clear glass bottles wih bent neck and embossed: "The Quaker Drug Co. Seattle, 10 cents" and on the back graduated to 8 ounces.
HIGO.031 Lid White ceramic pot lid
HIGO.032 LID Ceramic lid with floral design
HIGO.033 Lid 5 - Ceramic lids with blue, orange, yellow floral design.
HIGO.034 Lid 2 - ceramic lids with floral design
HIGO.035 Cup Small ceramic tea cup
HIGO.036 Strainer 2 - metal strainers
HIGO.037 Vase 3 - 12" tall glass vases
HIGO.038 Stand 4 15" tall glass pillar stands.
HIGO.039 Candlestick 12 - Glass candle holders 10" high. 2 - in box 7.
HIGO.040 Rice Cooker Pink automatic electric Japanese rice cooker.
HIGO.041 Box Wooden Japanese doll box
HIGO.042 Checkwriter Protectoraph Checkwriter
HIGO.043 Checkwriter Lightning checkwriter.
HIGO.044 Crate, Shipping Wooden food crate used for Canned kamaboko
HIGO.045 Candlestick 3 - Black ceramic candlesticks.
HIGO.046 Vase 2 - 9" high glass vases.
HIGO.047 Vase 6 - 12" high glass vases.
HIGO.048 Mandoline 4 - wood and metal Japanese mandolines.
HIGO.049 Bonito Shaver Bonito shaver in box.
HIGO.050 Beater Metal hand cranked egg beater
HIGO.051 Birdhouse 2 - Japanese parasol shaped bird houses.
HIGO.052 Iron Westinghouse Open Handle Steam Iron in original box.
HIGO.053 Machine, Sewing Stitchwell Sewing Machine in wooden box.
HIGO.057 Board, Ironing Small ironing board on stand
HIGO.058 Box Red cardboard box with Happy Days Stockings label. Inside are 10 sets of 6 each birthday candle holders.
HIGO.059 Sign Plastic sign holder with daily sushi offerings
HIGO.060 Tin Large rectangular tin. Label is for Takagi Japanese Rice Cake Ajikurabe.
HIGO.061 Bench 5 - HAND MADE BENCHES. Made at the Minidoka Relocation Camp. HIGO.061A HIGO.061B HIGO.061C HIGO.061D HIGO.061E
HIGO.062 Suitcase Pair of nesting woven straw suitcases.
HIGO.063 Chalkboard Japanese restaurant daily special chalkboard
HIGO.064 Sign labels of former tenents of the building at Jackson and Sixth Ave S.
HIGO.081 Print Printed photograph of Emperor Yoshihito of Japan.
HIGO.084 Manikin Female manikin wiht under garments. College Girl brand
HIGO.085 Manikin Boys manikin with black body stocking, thigh stockings and cast iron button up shoes.
HIGO.086 Manikin Boys manikin with black body stocking, thigh stockings and cast iron button up shoes.
HIGO.087 Manikin Boys manikin with black body stocking, thigh stockings and cast iron button up shoes.
HIGO.088 Manikin Femail torso with attached slip on wooden stand
HIGO.089 Manikin Femail torso with attached slip on wooden stand.
HIGO.090 Manikin Femail torso with attached slip.
Higo.159 Card 12 - note cards with watercolor and small colored shells Possibly made in Minidoka Internment Camp
HIPHOP007.001 Shoes 2 pairs of shoes
HIPHOP007.002 Game 1 lego set
HIPHOP007.003 Book, comic "Fantastic Four" (366)
HIPHOP007.004 Book, comic "Spiderman" (353)
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