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Wing Luke Museum
HIPHOP007.005 Book, comic "Aquaman" (5)
HIPHOP007.006 Book, Comic "Cloak and Dagger" (11)
HIPHOP007.007 Book, Comic "Deathlok Doom" (3)
HIPHOP007.008 Book, Comic "Avengers" (343)
HIPHOP007.009 Book, comic "Captain America" (28)
HIPHOP007.010 Book, Comic "Radioactive Man" (1)
HIPHOP007.011 Book, Comic "WildB.R.A.T.S." (1)
HIPHOP007.012 Book, comic "Wonder Man" (1)
HIPHOP007.013 Book, Comic "X-men" (23)
HIPHOP007.014 Book, Comic "Kraven the Hunter" (17)
HIPHOP007.015 Book, comic "Punisher" (26)
HIPHOP007.016 Figure Swamp Thing
HIPHOP007.017 Figure Red figure with wings
HIPHOP007.018 Figure Semitruck transformer
HIPHOP007.019 Figure Ghostbuster
HIPHOP007.020 Figure Figure in red hooded cape
HIPHOP007.021 Figure Skeletor
HIPHOP007.022 Figure Tank transformer
HIPHOP007.023 Figure Thundercat
HIPHOP007.024 Figure Jet transformer (black)
HIPHOP007.025 Figure Rock figure
HIPHOP007.026 Figure Jet transformer (red)
HIPHOP007.027 Figure Slimer from Ghostbusters
HIPHOP007.028 Figure Jeep transformer
HIPHOP007.029 Figure Figure with blue and brown costume
HIPHOP007.030 Figure Blue alien with red gun
HIPHOP007.031 Figure Cowboy
HIPHOP007.032 Figure Red ship with metal piece sticking out
Hmong.001 Costume
hmong.001.003 Photo Framed photo of Chong Moua Lee, hand colored.
hmong.002.009 Document Letter from Dept. of HR. 8.5" x 11"
hmong.003.001 Doll 4 dolls in Hmong closing represenitng different kinds of Hmong. Black Hmong (girl in black), Green Hmong (girl in colorful skirt, boy in black wide leg pants), White Hmong (girl in white skirt). 16" tall
hmong.003.002 Hat Young girl's hat, given to little girls from a wealthy family. The more coins the hat has symbolizes the value of the family. 15" w x 8" tall. Boy's hat (plain black). 10" wide x 7" tall.
hmong001.001 Instrument Qeej (Kheng), bamboo wooden harmonic instrument. Solo instrument played with other instruments, or with singing. Used during ceremonies and rituals only. Mainly used for funerals to safely guide departing souls to the ancestral spiritual world. Also played at weddings and new years celebrations. Used to communicate with the spiritual world. Dimensions: 59" wide x 31.5" tall x 4.25" deep. Also included are 3 small metal reefs, used to make sound in the qeej.
hmong001.002 Instrument Three ncas (courtship mouth harps in cases). Young men and women would use the ncas to court at night as a form of communication. Young men would go to a girl's house at night and use the ncas. Rather than talking through the wall, young men and women would communicate with the ncas to the parents would not hear. Ncas are used to soothe the aching heart, sorrow and longing of someone. If you don't know how to play the ncas, you're almost of no value. It was a necessary practice to find a mate. Dimensions: 4.5" - 5.25" long
hmong002.001 Document Mt. Baker Apartment rental agreement, 1981. First place that the Vang family lived in Seattle. 8.5" x 14".
hmong002.002 Document The Vang Community Contact List, early 1980s. 8.5" x 11"
hmong002.003 Document Map of U.S. given to Khoua Lee before arrival to Oregon. Note markings on Oregon. 8" x10.5"
hmong002.004 Document Newspaper article about Hmong and sewing, featuring Heur Vang and son Moua, July 21,1983. 10.75" x 10"
hmong002.005 Document Photocopy of receipt for Khoua Lee's first automobile purchase in Oregon, March 1980. 8.5" x 14"
hmong002.006 Document 4 documents received in refugee camp before resettling in U.S.
hmong002.007 Document 9 Continental Airlines tickets. 4" x9.5"
hmong002.008 Document Letter to Yang Mee Vang from Migration and Refugee Services Collection Dept. regarding payment for promissory note on airfare. 5.5" x 7.5"
hmong003.003 Basket One bamboo farming basket made entirely out of bamboo. Used for everyday farming to carry vegetables and tools. 22" tall x 15" wide x 15.5" diameter. One vab, used to harvest rice. 18" diameter, 2.5" deep.
hmong003.004 Photo Two framed photos
hmong003.005 Cloth Baby carrier, embroidered. 18" wide x 26" tall with long pink straps.
hmong003.006 Cloth large story cloth, 48" x 64". Kay Moua and her husband, Boua, bought it from St. Paul around 2005. It's all sewn by hand and took a whole year to complete. It tells the history from our migration from China to Laos to the Secret War into Thailand and then America. I don't think they have the name of the artist as it was sold through a vendor. Handstitching is an important art form of hmong women for many many generations. This part of our culture is slowly vanishing as generations raised/born here do not have a desire to carry on the tradition. Even back in Laos/Thailand, sewing and print machines are incorporating their way into the stitchings of hmong costumes and textiles b/c they provide a faster turnaround time then if it were hand sewn in turn, the quality and aesthetic is compromised when modern technology is being used but the demand and convenience makes it highly sought.
HOJ # 1.001 Monstrance Eucharist Holder
HOJ # 1.002 Bell, Altar Bell Double Mass bell
HOJ # 1.003 Robe Roman Catholic Priests ceremonial clothing -5 piece a) Alb (short word for tunica alba which mean white tunic) : A plain, lightweight, ankle-length tunic with long sleeves. Fasterners at neck. Generally worn with a rope cincture around the waist. b) Chasuble ( also called phelonion) : An ornate circular garment with a hole in the center for the wearer?s head. When worn, it reaches to the wearer?s wrists, so that if the wearer holds both arms straight out, the chasuble forms a semi-circle when viewed from the front or the back. It is in the shape of a folded-over semicircle Yellow synthetic? lining for the entire chasuble. c) Cincture: A white rope cincture, generally tied around waist over alb. d) Stole: Same material as the chasuble. Yellow synthetic? lining with fringes. Generally, the stole is worn the chasuble e) Pectoral Cross: Wooden cross with red rope. If the cross is large enough to be seen from a distance and the chain is long enough to position the cross over the center of the chest, it is called a pectoral cross
HOJ # 1.004 Book Bible in Korean
HOJ # 1.005 Beads, Rosary Rosary
Ishii.054 Poster Framed 2 color poster of Lawson Inada with a poem of his.
Ishii.055 Drawing Framed color drawing
Ishii.056 Painting Paint on canvas Poodle on the shore. Tug in the background. Tiger Too and Emmett Watson on the Waterfront
Ishii.058 Print Framed Print 14 Oregon Poets Poem by Lawson Inada
Ishii.059 Painting Framed Watercolor Triptych 3 watercolor abstracts by Alan Lau
Ishii.060 Painting Framed Sumi Triptych Children by Alan Lau
Ishii.061 Painting Painting Sumi ink circle (Enso) by Alan Lau
Ishii.062 Painting Framed Sumi ink painting
Ishii.063 Print Print Copy of woodblock print by Shiko Munakata
Ishii.064 Print Print Wood block print by Karel Renard Winslow Hand written note on the back
Ishii.065 Print Print Framed Wood Block print in red paper Signed "Karel"
Ishii.066 Print Print Framed print of a painting by James Leong Mat signed
Ishii.067 Painting Painting Framed watercolor abstract by James Leong
Ishii.068 Print Print Framed Wood block print by Karel Renard Winslow
Ishii.069 Print Print Framed wood block print by Karel Renard Signed and numbered 1/50
Ishii.070 Poster Poster Framed poster of wood block print by Karel Renard Winter - Art of the Season 16th Annual Holiday Gift Show and Sale Methow Valley
Ishii.071 Print Print Framed woodblocl print Signed and numbered 8/50
Ishii.072 Print Print Framed woodblock print
Ishii.073 Print Print Framed woodblock print Signed and dated
Ishii.074 Print Print Framed woodblock print signed
Ishii.075 Print Print Framed woodblock print of a snowy cabin
Ishii.076 Print Print Framed woodblock print signed and numbered 34/50
Ishii.077 Print Framed print Anton Pieck color print of a German bookstore On the back June 1972, Brenda, Ted, Kits
Ishii.078 Print Framed Print Anton Pieck Illustration of interior of bookstore
Ishii.081 Print Framed print triptych Fishing flies
Ishii.082 Painting Framed Painting Finger painting of 2 hearts with gold blob
Ishii.083 Card Baseball Card Framed Tyler Davidson University of Washington
Ishii.084 Print Print Framed black and red wood block print From One Millennium to Another Millenium David" Elizabeth & Mike 1999
Ishii.085 Print Print Wood framed print of abstact ink drawing
Ishii.086 Painting Painting Oil on canvas framed Two figures
Ishii.087 Print Print Framed black and yellow wood block print Joyeux Noel David Elizabeth & Mike 2003
Ishii.088 Sign Sign Painted and framed sign two sides David Ishii Bookseller
Ishii.090 Hat Hat 2 - Tan cloth fishing hat. ubiquitously worn by David Ishii One in Ishii box 3
J - 11 Jar
J - 9 Jar Chinese ginger jar, green, hexagon shape.
KAHS.001.299 Carving Carving 2 - carved wooden ducks. One smaller have a made in Korea stamp on bottom. Large one does not.
Khmer #4.001 Painting Untitled - Terror Bird 1, 81" x 60"
Khmer #4.002 Painting Woman Dreaming - sitting on books, 92" x 65"
Khmer #4.003 Painting Untitled - Nightmare of an Artist, 45" x 39"
Khmer#.004 Document My Autobiography Essay, by Bopha Cheng
Khmer#1.001 Article
Khmer#1.002 Article Newspaper article International Examiner - 7/2/2003- 7/15/2003
Khmer#1.003 Tape VHS tape of "Dance This"
Khmer#10.001 Sculpture 2 ox and cart wooden sculpture from Cambodia
Khmer#2.001 Objects 4 colorful paper masks of Hanuman and others
Khmer#2.002 Artifacts 5 silk/cotton textile pieces
Khmer#2.003 Uniform Navy uniform and belt
Khmer#2.004 Artifacts purse with tobacco, containers and tools
Khmer#2.005 Artifacts metal belt
Khmer#2.006 Artifacts blouse
Khmer#2.008 Sarong sarong (skirt)
Khmer#2.009 Suitcase suitcase
Khmer#2007 Scarf Krama (scarf)
Khmer#3.001 Scarf large red colored krana
Khmer#4.001 Painting Painting of King Jayavarman VII and his wife with frames. Bought 2009.
Khmer#5.001 Photo Photos. Returned on 9/21/15.
Khmer#5.002 Books 7 books.
Khmer#6.001 Certificate Certificate for 10 years of service with Dept. of State US Embassy. July 1972
Khmer#6.002 Picture Picture shaking hands with Thomas O. Enders. Charge d'Affairs. July 1972
Khmer#6.003 Picture Picture of the group in the US Embassy. July 1972
Khmer#7.001 Booklet Face to Face Cambodia 2012
Khmer#7.002 Booklet Face to Face Cambodia 2008
Khmer#8.001 Painting Prasat Bayon Painting 121" x 58"
Khmer#8.002 Sculpture Lotus relief 15" x 15"
Khmer#8.003 Sculpture Sovan Macha wood sculpture 9" x 17"
Khmer#8.004 Vase Holy water holder (carved wood) 7" x 11"
Khmer#8.005 Vase Water vase (carved wood) 6" x 6"
Khmer#8.006.A Carving Stone carving 27" x 14"
Khmer#8.006.B Carving Stone carving 6" x 7"
Khmer#8.007 Carving Prom carving 12" x 19"
Khmer#8.008 Costume Traditional clothing
Khmer#8.009 Drum Skor Daey Drum
Khmer#8.010 Costume Costume Male wedding costume.
Khmer#8.011 Costume Costume Female wedding costume
Khmer#8.012 Costume Costume Everyday female wear.
Khmer#8.013 Guitar String Instrument Takhe, large string instrument.
Khmer#8.014 Xylophone Xylophone type instrument Roneat Ek
Khmer#8.015 Violin Violin type instrument Tro Khmer
Khmer#8.016 Gong Curcular gong instrument Kong Vong Toch Consists of a ring of small gongs or symbols.
Khmer#8.017 Gong Gong Khmuoh and mallet
Khmer#8.018 Scarf Scarf 18 scarfs
Khmer#8.019 Shawl Shawl Angor Wat brocade
Khmer#8.020 Dulcimer Dulcimer Khim Toch
Khmer#9.001 Books 3 Books - "Lucky Child", "First they killed my father", -
Khmer#9.002 CD 4 CDs - Khmer music, Arn Chorn Pond, Cambodian living arts
Khmer#9.003 Figures 9 Bronze figures of instruments, Khmer Royal Court musicians, given to LInda by ZLong Beach Khmer Student Association
Khmer#9.004 Poster Movie Poster "Don't think I've Forgotten", 17" x 25"
Korea 001.001 Book Book on traditions of Korea with illustrations.
Korea 001.002 Book
Korea 001.003 Book
Korea 001.004 Book Article on Arirang being part of UNESCO's Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity from January 2013 issue of Korea: People and Culture.
Korea 001.005 Book
Korea 001.006 Book Books on calligraphy.
Korea 001.007 Book Book on creation of Korean alphabet, phonetics/sounds.
Korea 001.008 Book
Korea 001.009 Book Comic book for youth on fundamental Confucian teachings.
Korea 001.010 Book Titled, The Dawn of Seattle: A Collection of Poems of Moon, Hye Sook.
Korea 001.011 Painting From Patsy Surh O'Connell: "In my mature understanding of my role as an artist, through using different media, I now focus primarily on painting in ink on rice paper. My creative work constitutes a promise to myself to continue exploring my heritage while becoming American. I was born in China of Korean parents and lived my early life in Korea until I came to the United States in 1963. I also lived in and traveled to many Asian Pacific countries. In my art, I like to juxtapose something American with something from my heritage that shows layers of color in varying degrees of value. Cultural icons, patterns, metaphors and symbolism are the visual languages I use to explore the perception of life and the transitory nature of the human condition."
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