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Wing Luke Museum
Parallel #4.001 Lamp Ceramic scupture girl reading book to a dark figure
Parallel #4.002 Lamp Ceramic sculpture Tree figures with lamp.
Parallel 001.001 Painting Ink, acrylic and oil on canvas over board.
Parallel 001.002 Painting Oil, acrylic, graphite and ink on canvas
Parallel 002.001 Statue Stoneware with underglaze Painted figureine
Parallel 002.002 Statue Stoneware with underglazes. Painted figurine
Puppet #2.001 Puppet Carved wood, gesso, covered with gold leaf and inset with colored glass jewels
Puppet #2.002 Puppet Indonesian Shadow Puppet Wood, carved and painted
Puppet #2.003 Puppet Indonesian Shadow Puppet carved and painted Wood Monkey
Puppet #2.004 Puppet Indonesian Shadow Puppet Wood, carved and painted Megaung Sakti
Puppet #2.005 Puppet Indonesian Shadow Puppet Wood, carved and painted Farmer
Puppet #2.006 Puppet Indonesian Shadow Puppet Wood, carved and painted Parikesit
Puppet #2.007 Puppet Marionette Painted Prancing Wood, sequins, horse hair and fabric
Puppet #2.008 Puppet Bunraku rod puppet carved and painted wood and fabric
Puppet #2.009 Puppet Heroic Figure of Rama India, Andhra Pradesh Framed 43 x 85"
Puppet #2.010 Puppet Large White Elephant marionette. Thailand
Puppet #2.011 Puppet Elephant marionette, Thailand
Puppet #2.012 Puppet Horse, small white Thailand
Puppet #2.013 Puppet Frog marianette Thailand
Puppet #2.014 Puppet Dragon marianette Thailand
Puppet #2.015 Puppet
QAPIOHE Exhibition Traveling Exhibition Leaving Silence Queer Asian and Pacific Islander Oral History Exhibit
Ref. 20.1 Suitcase Suitcase brought over to the US in 1950 by Ron's mother
Ref. 20.2 Suitcase Suitcase brought to the US by Ron's mother in 1950. Contains clothing
Ref. 20.3 Suitcase Suitcase owned by Ron's uncle. Contains photographic paper, scale, negatives and prints primarily of Volunteer park, University of Washington.
Ref. 39.001 Distiller 1 - Distiller for alcohol, in two parts (do not fit together)
Ref. 39.002 Water Pipe One water pipe, used by Rose Koe's father
Ref. 42.011 Silk cloth remnants
refugee001.001 Mortar Thanaka - grinder and Thanaka wood. Paste ground from wood/bark is used as a sunscreen in Burma.
Return Home 1.001 Medal Desert Storm Operation medal
Return Home 1.002 Card Hospital ID card
Return Home 1.003 Card Geneva Convention ID Card
Return Home 1.004 Sticker Desert Storm sticker
Return Home 1.005 Postcard Desert Storm Postcard
Shimomura001 Painting Acrylic on Canvas
Shimomura002 Painting Acrylic on Canvas
Shimomura003 Painting Acrylic on Canvas
Shimomura004 Painting Acrylic on Canvas
Shimomura005 Painting Acrylic on Canvas
Shimomura006 Painting Acrylic on Canvas
Shimomura007 Painting Acrylic on Canvas
Shimomura008 Painting Acrylic on Canvas
Shimomura009 Painting Acrylic on Canvas
Shimomura010 Print Print Framed, Ed 47
Shimomura011 Painting Acrylic on Canvas
Shimomura012 Painting Acrylic on Canvas
Shimomura013 Painting Acrylic on Canvas
Shimomura014 Painting Acrylic on Canvas
Shimomura015 Painting Acrylic on Canvas
Shimomura016 Painting Acrylic on Canvas
Shimomura017 Painting Acrylic on Canvas
Shimomura018 Painting Acrylic on Canvas
SHIMOMURA019 Painting
Shimomura020 Painting
Shimomura021 Painting
Shimomura022 Painting
Shimomura023 Painting
Shimomura024 Painting
Shimomura025 Painting
Shimomura026 Painting
Shimomura027 Painting
Shimomura029 Painting
Shimomura030 Painting
SHIMOMURA031 Painting Acrylic on canvas
SHIMOMURA032 Painting Roger and Janet Acrylic on canvas 14" x 11"
SHIMOMURA033 Painting Painting Acrylic on canvas 36" x 48"
SHIMOMURA034 Painting Painting Acrylic on canvas 72" x 24"
SHIMOMURA035 Painting Painting Acrylic on canvas
SIKH#10.001 Turban 4 - turban cloths, white, red, blue, ochre.
SIKH#10.007 Poster Poster of the Gurumukhi script of the Punjap alphabet.
South Asian #1.001 Vase Terracotta pottery vase
South Asian #1.002 Sari Translucent, cotton and silk jamdani sari w/ black border
South Asian #2.001 Statue Bronze statue of Krishna w/ flute and feather
South Asian #2.002 Purse Hand-woven, multicolor purse
South Asian #2.003 Scarf Red and gold scarf
South Asian #2.008 Statue Statue of Ganesh
South Asian #2.009 Statue Statue of the Buddha
South Asian #2.010 Ring Rings (Qty: 3), flat ruby, synthetic ruby, yellow saffire
South Asian #2.011 Sari Dark blue, striped sari
South Asian #2.012 Sari Turquoise sari
South Asian #2.013 Sari Red sari
South Asian #2.014 Lamp Oil lamp w/ swastika
South Asian #2.015 Necklace Necklace
South Asian #2.016 Painting Tagore painting
South Asian #3.001 Jersey Jersey, Microsoft Cricket Club, Northwest Cricket League
South Asian #3.003 Kite Blue and green paper kite
South Asian #3.004 Kit Junior cricket kit and bag
South Asian #4.001 Plate Victoria Jubilee plate, 1887
South Asian #4.002 Cloth Brocade
South Asian #4.003 Sari Red and white silk saree
South Asian #5.001 Drum Tabla Indian drum set
South Asian #5.002 String, Instrument Ghijak string instrument
South Asian #6.001 Mat Bamboo mat
South Asian #6.004 Cloth Gold fabric from Pakistan
South Asian #6.005 Sari Maroon sari
South Asian #6.006 Costume Red kameez
South Asian #6.007 Toy Wooden aligator toys (Qty: 3)
South Asian #6.009 Wall Hanging Blue scroll, tagore hanging
South Asian #8.003 Helmet Helmet (in box)
South Asian #8.004 Bat Cricket Bats (Qty: 2)
South Asian #8.005 Hat Hats (Qty: 4)
South Asian #8.006 Jersey Shirts and Jerseys
South Asian #8.007 Gloves Gloves
South Asian #8.008 Pad Leg Pads
South Asian #8.009 Ball Balls (Red and White)
South Asian #8.010 Set Shane Warne Cricket Set (Qty: 2)
South Asian #8.011 Kit BDM Cricket Kit
South Asian #9.001 Basket Round Flat Rice Basket
South Asian #9.002 Wall Hanging Ruffled Yellow Wall Hanging
South Asian #9.003 Flag Prayer Flags (Qty: 2)
South Asian #9.004 Frame Carved Wooden Frame w/ Window
South Asian #9.005 Box Silver Floral Cardamom Box
SPORTS16.001 BskBall Team @ Collins playfield, photocopy
SPORTS17 Midgets BskBall team, photocopy
SPORTS18 Mary Knoll School Bskball team, photocopy
SPORTS19 Tokuda Bskball Team, photocopy
SPORTS2 Photo 1- 8x10 photo Nisei Vets Basebal Team, 1947
SPORTS20 Tokuda Basketball Team, photocopy
SPORTS21 Tokuda Bskball Team, photocopy
SPORTS22 Team photo WA ST Park AAU champions
SPORTS23 Chinese All Star Team
SPORTS24 Chinese All Star Team with new players
SPORTS25 Chinese All Star Team with new players
SPORTS26 Franklin High bskball team, F.Fujii Coach, photocopy
SPORTS28 4x6 Erin Otagaki Action Photo: with/opponent
SPORTS29 4x6 Erin Otagaki Action Photo: solo Shot
SPORTS3 Photocopy 1- 8x10 photocopy 5-member Girls basketball team
SPORTS30 UW 2001 Women's Soccer Media Guide
SPORTS31.001 Program Funeral program for Amy Yee
SPORTS31.003 Seattle Park Department Basketball clinic 1 1961-62
SPORTS32 List of Quotes by Amy Yee, compiled by her Joyce and Gordy Yee
SPORTS34 Two digital prints on 8 x 10 photo paper of ACRS table tennis team with trophies
SPORTS35 Two digital prints on 8 x 10 photo paper of ACRS table tennis final with trophies.
SPORTS39 1-Vancouver B.C. Chinese Tennis Club Jubilee Annual
SPORTS40 1-Blue photo album with various photographs related to sports and community overall (photo of Hing Chinn golfing)
SPORTS41 1-Framed photo of women's group (needs identifying)
SPORTS42.001 Medal 1 - martial arts medal
SPORTS5 1-8x10 photocopy, Youth boys baseball team, (1938?)
SPORTS50.001 Trophy 1994 West Coast Open 1st Place This trophy belonged to Phi T. Pham, a Vietnamese-Italian female powerlifter in the mid 90's.
SPORTS50.002 Trophy AAU Powerlifting 1995 This trophy belonged to Phi T. Pham, a Vietnamese-Italian female powerlifter in the mid 90's.
SPORTS50.003 Belt Tan leather weight lifting belt.
SPORTS50.004 Belt Black weightlifting belt
SPORTS50.005 Belt Black weightlifting belt with large metal buckle
SPORTS50.006 Medal, Commemorative Bronze weightlifting medal - First Place - with red white and blue ribbon. l
SPORTS50.007 Gloves Pair of black weightlifting gloves.
SPORTS50.008 Uniform Black spandex weightlifting uniform.
SPORTS50.009 Uniform Heavyweight black weightlifting uniform
SPORTS50.010 Equipment, Weightlifting Miscellaneous weightlifting bands. These weightlifting bands were used by Vietnamese-Italian powerlifter Phi T. Pham in the mid 1990's.
SPORTS52.001 Ball Ichiro/ Mariners baseball set.
SPORTS53 Newspaper Article Photocopy "Tiger Hoop Aces Ready to Go" Newspaper photo clipping of 1940 Broadway High School basketball team, led by Shig Murao.
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