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Wing Luke Museum
War Baby #3.002 Print Framed Print 20 x 18.5"
Women Artist #3 Sculpture 3 wood sculptures
Women Artist #5 Collage Misacellaneous personal items, drawings and mats
Women's Room 1.001 Purse Snakeskin purse
Women's Room 1.002 Purse Beaded purse
Women's Room 1.003 Box, jewelry Black lacquer jewelry box
Women's Room 1.004 Bottle, Medicine 2 containers of Watson's Cubeb Paste: "An infallible remedy for Gonorraea."
Women's Room 1.005 Box, jewelry Wood jewelry box with jade inlay. Contains brass and jade pendants, including: Jade buddha pendant Jade and metal abbicus pendant Brass lock pendant (2 pieces)
Women's Room 1.006 Bottle, medicine 3 containers of Tiger Balm: two hexagonal glass jars with metal lids and 1 smaller, red metal container
Women's Room 1.007 Box Boxes of assorted Chinese medicines: 1.007a Yellow, red, and black cardboard box labelled "Po Sum On Oil". Contains multiligual paper directions wrapped around small glass vial containing red liquid sealed with red wax. 1.007b Unopened red and orange cardboard cube approximately 1 in per side. No English on labels. 1.007c Green and red paper wrapped around small glass vial and sealed. English on label reads "FOR ANY CHOLERA USE Manufactured by Sze Yuen Ming 9 Great Western Road Shanghai" 1.007d Red and blue cardboard box with plastic wrap. English label reads "PO CHAI PILLS MADE IN HONG KONG" 1.007e Small red package labelled "EXPORT KOREAN GINSENG CHEWING GUM" 1.007f Blue and red cardboard box containing glass vial with cork and paper seal filled with white powder. No English on labels. 1007g Orange and red cardboard box containing paper wrapped around small glass vial sealed with red wax. No english on labels. 1.007e Small glass bottle identified by donor as "Gui Lin on Pain Medicine". Contains redish powder sealed with a cork. 1.007f Tiny black plastic vial with screw-top lid and Chinese characters
Women's Room 1.008 Bottle, medicine Red and yellow metal cylinder with lid labelled "PO SUM ON OIL". Contains orange and black printed paper. Black writing advertizes "British Empire Exhibition 1924". Glass bottle with red plastic screw cap containing redish liquid. Strong smell of peppermint.
Women's Room 1.009 Bottle, medicine Brown glass bottle with white metal lid and paper label (falling off). Partially full of iodine-smelling liquid. Label in English and French reads "222 TABLETS WITH CODEINE"
Women's Room 1.010 Bottle, medicine Glass bottle labelled "GERITOL A HIGH POTENCY IRON AND VITAMIN TONIC 114 TABLETS". Contains brown liquid. Sealed with brittle, yellowing tape.
Women's Room 1.011 Bottle Green glass 7-Up bottle. Missing lid. White powder inside at the bottom.
Women's Room 1.012 Camera 1.012a Black and brown hand-held video camera labelled "GAF ST/602". Battery and film compartments empty 1.012b Clear plastic bag containing owner's manual and description of "BENTLEY B-3 Super-8 Movie Camera". Possibly sold by Forde Motion Picture Labs, Seattle, WA 1.012c Black plastic carrying case with shoulder strap and silver metal clasp. Labelled "YASHICA".
Women's Room 1.013 Blanket Crocheted blanket wit pink, blue, gray, green, and yellow yarn. Some loops are broken, causing lose stitches.
Women's Room 1.014 Dish Small glazed ceramic bowl. Light gray on the inside, orange with brown painted Chinese characters and stylized floral decoration on outside. Light gray bottom has orange maker's mark.
Women's Room 1.015 Dish Set of 3 small, glazed ceramic dishes. Light gray with green, pink, and brown floral motif on inside. Orange streaks on outside with "CHINA" painted on bottom.
Women's Room 1.016 Coathanger Metal hanger with black, glossy coating and gray, pink, and blue fabric covering. Fabric shows palm treas and flowers. 10 fabric loops from hang from the bottom: 7 hold clothespins, 1 has half a clothespin, and 2 have been cut.
Women's Room 1.017 Coathanger Metal hanger with black, glossy coating and redish-purple cloth covering. Cloth has emroidered floral patern and is fraying on one corner. 10 blue cloth loops hang from the bottom, 9 of which hold clothespins. The 10th is missing both wooden parts of the clothespin.
Women's Room 1.019 Jar Large pickle jar containing sticks and fungi.
Women's Room 1.020 Album, photograph 13 inch by 10.5 inch album of family photographs. Textured red and black cardboard cover tied with black cord. Black paper pages.
Women's Room 1.021 Blanket Blanket made of crocheted squares in green red, white, purple, light and dark blue, pink, gray, yellow, and brown. Some loops have come undone, causing holes.
Women's Room.001.022 Coat Green and black over coat
Wong.001 Sculpture Sculpture Eight Immortals Carved wood figurines with a varnished root wad pedistal. Hangs vertical.
Wong.002 Scale Scales Chinese style weighing device Metal pan with stick and counter weights. 5 large pan with weighing stick 3 small pan with weighing stick
Wong.003 Calligraphy Framed Calligraphy Congratulations to King Chong Lung reopening.
Wong.004 Calligraphy Framed Calligraphy To the Wong Association
Wong.005 Book, Account Leger books 2 - cloth bound books. 1 - Journal 1923 - 1933 of depreciation of fixtures and sales. 1 - Account book 1923 -1933
Wong.006 Book, Account 5 - Chinese account books 1937, 1942, 1943, 1944, 1948
Wong.007 Book, Account 5 - string bound Chinese acount books Wong Family Benevolent Association 1974 - 75 Membership, food purchases, family altar prchases, women members.
Wong.022 Tin Tin box Printed tin box with paper label on one end.
Wong.026 Incense Paper covered box Label: Chun Lun Hing DEaler in Best Quality Joss Stick Macao China 6 oz
Wong.040 Poster Poster Large poster format illustration of Young Chinese woman Calendar at bottom with Chinese calligraphy 625 King St.
Wong.041 Poster Poster Chinese advertising poster Portrait of Young Chinese woman
Wong.042 Poster Poster Chinese advertising poster Hong Kong Illustration of young Chinese woman holding parasol.
Wong.047 Fan Fan Round wood frame wiht black paint. Screen is silk with crane and bamboo embroidery
Wong.048 Fan Fan Bamboo and paper, printed fish on one side Promotional item Written on one side: Tenkatsu, Cafe, Sukiyaki House, Beer and Sake 520 So. Main St. Phone Mutual2-2912, Seattle 4, WASH.
Wong.049 Sign Sign Wood sign Carved Chinese Characters for King Chong Lung with gold leaf or paint inlay.
Wong.054 Box 5 - maroon cardboard record or storage boxes. Clothing inside and removed and catalogued separately.
Wong.055 Box 6 - blue cardboard records or storage boxes. Clothing inside removed and catalogued separately.
Wong.056 Tunic Tunic 3 - Blue cotton tunics with front frog buttons. Interior pocket on upper left breast; lower interior pocket on right.
Wong.057 Tunic Tunic Padded blue cotton tunic with balck frog buttons black piping around collar and cuffs.
Wong.058 Tunic 2 - starched white tunics 2 buttons on lower front and only button holes on rest of the front. Long Sleeves
Wong.059 Tunic 10 - white cotton tunics Most have no collar and frog buttons. 2 - have collars and western style buttons
Wong.060 Tunic Men's light green satin tunic dress shirt, no collar Manufacturer label Hop Cheung Lung, Hong Kong
Wong.061 Tunic Tunic 6 - Black satin Chinese tunics. Collar, vest pocket and 2 waist pockets. White shell buttons are on the inside of the front.
Wong.062 Tunic Tunic 2 - Lavender cotton Chinese style tunic with frog buttons
Wong.063 Tunic Tunic 2 - black satin Chinese style tunics with frog buttons. Empire Paper tags with written Chinese pinned to the inside of the collar
Wong.064 Tunic Tunic 2 - Dark blue cotton Chinese tunic with frog buttons
Wong.065 Tunic Tunic Blue lightweight cotton Chinese tunic with frog buttons
Wong.066 Tunic Tunic Brown fabric rubbed to make shiney. Buttons to the side. Paper tag in Chinese on top button
Wong.067 Shirt Shirt 10 - light green silk dress shirts. Made for button on collar. Never used with original pins Label: "Hop Cheung Lung Jenvois Street Hong Kong"
Wong.068 Shirt Shirt 10 - Chinese style blue cotton shirt with frog buttons
Wong.069 Shirt Shirt Flannel tunics or night shirts 3 - Pink striped 4 -blue striped 2 - pink and blue pin stripe
Wong.070 Tablecloth Table cloth Gambling cloth for table. 2 - large green cloths used to gamble.
Wong.071 Smock Smock Blue Smock Standard Linen Co Medium
Wong.072 Robe, paper Paper Robe 2 - Imperial dragon robes made of paper.
Wong.073 Bag Rice Bag King Chong Lung Co
Wong.074 Figurine Figurines Chinese good fortune personage. Fine Chinese porcelain figures, carefully and beautifully hand glazed to accent the faces, robes, and accoutrements of these three classic Taoist household deities. Traditionally thought to attract wealth, luck, and long life, they were and are often given as wedding, anniversary, birthday, housewarming, or new enterprise gifts, as it was thought that every home, business, or enterprise should display them, for luck, and these in particular, for beauty. Fu, Lu, and Shou is the concept of Happiness (Fu), Prosperity (Lu), and Longevity (Shou).
Wong.075 Tray Tray 10 - printed tin serving trays Color image of classical Chinese domestic scene
Wong.076 Stamp Stamp King Chong Lung Co stamp
Wong.077 Box Box 3 - boxes for medicine bottles 2 - have 6 bottles each. One empty
Wong.078 Collar Collar Box of starched collars for shirts
Wong.079 Document Documents Business receipts and bank records
Wong.080 Purse White canvas pouches with ties and loops
Wong.081 Print Print of the legacy of Wong ancestor Wong Yao
X - 14 Plate Plate
X - 18 Bowl Bowl
X - 24 Dish
X - 26 Bowl Bowl
X - 34 Cup, tea Tea Cup. blue and white outside and orange and gold dragon inside.
X - 36 Spoon Chinese spoons Museum purchase
X - 43 Vase
X - 46 Cup, Tea Two tea cups
X - 67 Vase Metal vase covered with carved white clay.
Yellow Terror.001 Panel 6 - Text panels for the Yellow Terror exhibit
Young 1 Robe Robe Applique and painted black silk, embroidered sleeves.
Young 2 Robe Robe Madarin red embroidered silk, blue silk lining.
Young 3 Robe Robe Dark blue silk with embroidery and applique.
Young 4 Pants Pants Women's Manchu Trousers Multi colored pleated with embroidery and embroidered cuffs
Young 5 Apron Apron Silk brocade and embroidery.
Young 6 Apron Apron Ebroidered panels with tassels smaller embroidered panels between.
Young 7 Vest Woman's Vest Silk embroidered with gold thread.
Young 8 Apron Apron Black satin with gold thread Dragon on center panel.
Young 9 Apron Apron 2 panel apron embroidered with fur seam.
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