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A handwritten Chinese document A row of 12 Chinese characters in red across the top and then 8 vertical columns of Chinese characters written in black. In the lower left is a notation and the date. At the left of the columns of writing is a signature and the date, 27/12/29, written in pencil. In the lower right in blue pencil is the date 26/12/29 and initials. At the top of the page is typewritten translation of the message. It says: "Report from Dolonar (dated 22/12/29). The conditions in this week is as follows: - The regions in vicinity of Dolonor are infested with with bandits and travel to various places is render-ed difficult. Robbery is frequently reported. The motor - car leaving Kalgan on 14th inst. Has not arrived here. Whether it is delayed by snow or robbers no report is available."
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