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Christmas card, with photograph. Sepia tone photograph, 3.375" X 2.375", of an individual. Probably John Dean, leaning against a stone archway with a barren mountain in the background. The photo is mounted on red art paper, 4.5" X 3.5", set under a frame of blue art paper 4.25" X 3.25", these are mounted on a folding mottled green and tan folder. On the downturned outer flap of the folder is a stylized seal in red ink. The underside of this flap has an imprint in brown "Yuletide Greetings !!!! John A. Dean" On the iner side of the bottom of the folder is a quotation from the old Chinese; "My soul has lingered in this arch of Tai-shan, the majesty of which once humiliated the great Kung-tze. .. Like an enormous lotus flower its temple roofs of tile ..arose to the clouds, and there the poets receive the dew ... from heaven."
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