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Employment booklets - Archives

1992.065.002: Booklet with hard black cover with embossed chains and inter- locking design. 2 stickers on front, one with the name "Shoichi Kawamura", and gold Kanji "Yokosuka Naval Shipyard Workers Record Book", p. 1-3 rules and event of death in war, p. 9 employment history, p. 11 & 12 wages. 1992.065.003: Booklet with hard black cover embossed with chains and anchors, bound on right side, 2 stickers attached to cover, one with the name "Teruo Aihara", gold embossed kanji "Yokosuka Naval Shipyard Workers Record Book", inside cover lists, wife, sister and eldest son, p. 1-3 rules, p. 9- 10 employment history - ironworker, p. 11 & 12 wages. 1992.065.004: Booklet with cardboard cover, bound on right, brown cross- hatch design. Kanji on cover "Yokosuka Welfare Department". Inside lists rules and restrictions, employment history, when he was drafted, family home, current address. Photograph of man in western 3 piece suit and tie on p. 10.
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