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65 letters (letters counted as one if stapled together) 9 news Articles "Save Our Ships Plans Drive for Members," The Seattle Times, Friday, July 3 , 1964 "Voice of the People: to Save the Ship," Seattle Post-Intelligencer, May 19, 1964 "Seattle Business" Special Edition Feature "Old Ship, New Song: Public Officials to Sing for Wawona," The Seattle Times, May 27, 1964 "Wawona Benefit: Luncheon Adds to Ship Fund" "Wit/ Wisdom Enliven Board Meeting," The Seattle Times, March 29, 1964 "Seattle Museum to Open on May 3," New York Times, April 19, 1964 "Wawona Drive Recalls Codfishing" "Famed Old Ship May Become Breakwater" 2 memorandums stapled to 2 messages 3 single memorandums 4 messages, stapled 2 single messages 1 news release 7 S.O.S. newsletters 1 typed essay, entitled "The Wawona" 1 typed carbon with scotch tape attached, entitled "The Wawona" 1 piece of paper with song, "Stay Home, Wawona (Don't Let Them Take You Away)" 1 chart with various names 1 list of members of the Seattle Yacht Club 1 file folder tab, labeled
File: Save Our Ships
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