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Buddhist Sutra and envelope - Archives

Large Buddhist inscription with envelope A: Long rectangular white paper in two sheets pasted together with red ink print of a pagoda with 7 levels, flame at top and at each level, image of Buddhist figures (Boddhisatvas?) at each level; entire pagoda is filled with Chinese characters which comprise the Sutra (religious text), 4 large Chinese characters across the top of the paper and a column of Chinese characters on the right side. The inscription indicates that Wan Shu a Boddhisatva (pu sa) brought this Sutra from India to China. Printer's inscription indicates a connection with Tibet. B: Envelope, 14.25" x 10.25", white paper with red wood block printing on front of 3 Buddhist figures with halos standing on a cloud in front of the sun; to the right in red Chinese characters is the title of the print; on the left side is the name of the temple where it originated.
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