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Mimeographed copy of the play "Isuda Ti Immuna, " "Those Who Came First" A: 13 white typed pages, Scene I, stapled together. The front page has a handwritten title "Isuda Ti Immuna" and then "Those Who Came First". Written near the bottom is: "May 6, 7, 8, 1976 Norse Auditorium" and "Copyright Pending." Written in blue ink in upper right hand corner is "# 87." The text of the play is typed and goes through Scene I. Paper is yellowing and there is a brown paint smudge on the front left. A stain on the back upper left and a folded corner. The two back pages are creased. B: Seven pages stapled together entitled: "Scene II, Hawaii, A Plantation in Hanapepe, 1924" C: Eight pages stapled together entitled: "Scene 3, Stockton, MANILATOWN" D: Six pages stapled together entitled: "Scene Iva, THE WATSONVILLE RIOTS AND THE DEATH OF FERMIN TOBERA" E: Fifteen pages clipped together entitled: "Scene Va, Manila Town" F: Seven pages stapled together entitled: "Scene 6 (a), Seattle, Manilatown, 1 year later"
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