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Photo Sleeves - Archives

A: H:6.375", W: 4" Folded paper each side is a sleeve. On the front is Purple triangles and lines culmination in circle with Silouette of man holding a card with "TCK" on it. At the top in white is " CAMERAS" and at the bottom is "terada and Co. "and a blank space with "No." on the back is a light purple background with Kanji in dark purple. In lower right corner is inverted triangle with logo "TCK." Inside on the oeft side is a billing from. It is dated August 5, 1924. Total due si $1.10. There is written kanji at the bottom and on the other side. B: i and ii " H: 5.25", W: 3.25" Folded paper sleeves, each side has a pocket. This sleeve has become completely separated from the other side. On the front is a solid light purple background across 3/4 of the front, the 1/4 on the far left has rows of connected diamonds running vertical. Across the top in Times lettering is "Camera" this is the center of the logo, inverted triangle, and "TCK" and then in dark purple " Terada and CO." underlined and a blank oval with "NO." in it. On the back a light purple back ground with art deco outline. Kanji in dark purple. Inside on the left is a billing form. It is dated July 21, 1924. The price is 50 cents.
Terada and Co.
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