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A: Employment Security Department, Identification Booklet, H: 4", W: 3" Orange paper cover with black printing with yellow pages. Staple binding. Name: "Ham, Wing Doo", First three pages filled in with benefit information. B: Business Card, H: 1.875", W: 3.375" White card with blue printing on one side. "Moon's Cafe, Food to Go, Huey Moon Lee, 1927 1/2 Zonal Avenue, Los Angeles , CA 90033" written at the top in pen is Chinese characters and "213", written Chinese on the back. C: Reciept, H: 7.5", W: 3.5", White paper with black printing on one side. At top: "No. 2501" The rest is in Chinese. Date is July 29, 1962. There is a red stamp near bottom center. Di -Diii: Receipts, H: 6.375", W: 3.375", White paper printed on one side with black ink. Filled out in blue pen. At top is "Payroll Tax Record and Receipt for Employees." All are for Wing Doo Ham for monthly wages. Employer is stamped in red at bottom: "Linyen Cafe" Ei-Eiii: Envelopes, H: 3.625" W: 6.5", white unused envelope with blue printed retrun address in upper left corner. "Kuo Min tang, Chinese Nationalist League 711 King St. So. Seattle, Wash. U.S.A." F: Receipt Book, H: 3.125" W: 6.875", D: .375, Manilla cover single staple binding. Double page receipt white and yellow alternating pages for contributions to the Chong Wa Benevolent Association. Page has Chong Wa address, space for dante and name of donor, Amount and signature of collector. Front cover has written Chinese on front. Year 1977 G: Booklet, H: 8.375 W: 6", Burnt orange cover, construction paper. Four staples bind it. Cover has black vertical printing of Chinese. Center title has wide dark frame with leaf motif. To the right is the Nationalist Chinese Date and to the left the western date. 1st page is pink. Then sigle burnt orange page and then brown paper double pages. Dated 1930 H: Notebook, H: 7.625 W:5", Beige card stock covers. string binding, double paper pages with red lined areas divided from top and bottom , at edges of page is: "MADE IN HONG KONG CHEE SHING". Front cover has bright pink paper pasted over it with black ink Chinese Dated 1982. I: Notebook, H: 7.625 W: 5" Beige card stock covers with string binding double paper pages with red lined areas divided from top and bottom sections. String is coming undone. On the back is small red stamp: "MADE IN HONG KONG. A green price sticker in upper corner "50cents" The first 5 pages are written in. The front cover has a bright pink paper pasted over it with black ink Chinese dated: 1983 J: Notebook, H: 7.625" W: 5" Same as "I" except there is a red paper also pasted over the pink, and stapled and no pages are filled out. Dated 1982 K: Notebook Same as "I" Pink page has been partially torn off. Not used. L: Same as H, not used M: Book H: 7.375" W: 5.25" D: .375". Title in Chinese says " Wan-Bao Mountain Incident and Anit-Chinese movement in Korea". Paper back, opens left to right. Red cover with white shell, black Chinese characters across it. Above this is a broad band outlined by 2 black lines within this are 3 silouettes. On right is a man on high stilt shoes with and rifle and bayonet then a man in tall hat with 2 knives aimed at the third man holding up his arms and falling back. Cover is dirty and greasy. Pages are yellowing. N: Booklet H: 7.5", W: 5.25" Paperback, Poetry/Song lyrics/, red cover with blue rectangle in center. Along left side is orange marquis area with yellow scroll frame and black Chinese characters. Below this two circles one large and yellow and one small and blue both with Chinese. Cover and 1st 2 pages have come away from the text. Text has brown pages, single sheet, with black Chinese characters. On the back is a red flower shaped logo with Chinese in the center. The back 2 pages are also separated. O: Booklet, H: 8" W: 5.25", Paper back, Novel, string binding, opens left to right, Double paper pages. Large black Chinese characters on front. P: Booklet, H: 8", W: 5.25", paperback book with string binding, Novel, double paper pages. Cover has illustration of 3 government officials all wearing hats. All have mustaches. Q: Booklet, H: 8", W: 5.25", paper cover book with string binding, Novel, double paper pages. Cover has no writing or illustration there is a written "2" at the top of the page. The plain cover is torn and missing pieces. May be part 2 of P. R: Signing Book, H: 5.75" W: 12.75" D: .5", Cover has been torn off along with some pages. Manilla colored pages and card stock back cover. Chinese text in black ink through 1st quarter of the book. String binding on the spine is a red stamp "MADE IN HONG KONG" Si & Sii: Letters, H: 11" W: 8.5", Orange paper letterhead with same letter in Chinese. Letterhead: 1 row of Chinese characters and then: "Chong Wa Benevolent Association 522 Seventh Avenue South Seattle, Washington 98104 U.S.A." Dated 1980 T: Form, H: 11" W: 8.5", White paper black printing in Chinese and English. Three perforations on right side. English at top is: "Chinese Youth Club of Seattle Wash U.S.A." Page is marked rows. Ui-Uiii: Stationary, 8.5 X 11", white paper with blue and red printing. Body of page is outlined in red with vertical red lines. At the top are two flags, one all blue with sun in the center. In blue below this is: "The Young China Association" then a line of Chinese in red then in blue: "416 Eighth Ave South Seattle, Washington U.S. V: Letter, 8.5X11", white paper, black printing. At the top is : "To: Member of the Chinese Community" "From: Small Business Administration, Seattle District Office Chong Wa Benevolent Association" announcing a bi-lingual conference on small businesses. On the other side it has been divided into squares with a red pen. Chinese characters mark most of the squares. W: Some sort of "tickets" record, 8.5X11" white paper with blue Chinese hand-writing. X: Letter 8.5X11" Onion skin paper, black hand written Chinese characters. Red square stamp on left side. Letterhead: in red, Chinese at the top and then: "Bing Kong B.L. Tong Telephone Main 2-8844, 417- 7th Avenue So Seattle 4, Washington, U.S.A. A blue check mark in upper right corner. Bottom left corner folded in. DatedJan 16, 1979. Y: Letter, H: 8.5" W: 9", White paper, yellowing, on right side. Black chinese characters on front one line of blue pen characters. Two identical partial stamps. Ovals in red. Along bottom is "Seattle Washington U.S.A." Dated 1979. Z: Letter H: 11 W: 8.5", White onion skin paper, typed, stamped at top: "S.C.A.A. 18617-41st Pl. N.E. Seattle, WA 98155" To Chong Wa Benevelont Association stating that Alyce King is Seattle Chinese Athletic Association delegate to Chong Wa Association, Signed by Hoover Mar. Dated Jan 15 1979. Pen signature in Chinese. AA: Letter H: 11" W: 8.5" White onion skin paper, same as Z stating that Hoover Mar is also a delegate to the Chong Wa Association. Blue pen Chinese in upper right. BB: Letter, H: 8.5" W: 8", Notebook paper with 2 holes in the top. Written in Chinese in black pen with the paper sideways. 2 blue checks at top of page. CC: Letter, H: 11" W: 8.5", White tissue paper with black hand written Chinese characters. A red stamp with seal style characters near bottom left. Letterhead in red top line Chinese characters and then "Wong Family Beneveolent Association 701 1/2 South King Street Seattle, Washington 98104 Tel: 622-8903" A blue check mark in upper right corner. DD: Letter, 8.5X11", white paper, typed, dated January 12, 1979 To: "Mr.Harry Woo... Chong Wa Benevelont Association" From Art Lum of the Chinese Parents Service Organization saying that Bertha Chinn and Louise Lew will be delegates. Pencil Chinese at bottom right. black check mark in upper right corner. EE: Letter, 8.5X11" White paper, typed, dated January 16, 1979 To: Mr. Harry Woo..., Chong Wa Benevelont Association" From: Ruth Chinn of the Chinese Women's Auxiliary saying that Theresa Liem and Florence Hing will be representatives to the Chong Wa Board of Trustees. Delegates names in Chinese next to type face and signed in blue pen. FF: Letter 8.5X11", White paper, dated January 12,1979, typed, To: Mr. Harry Woo,... Chong WA..." From: Abe Lum of the Seattle Chinatown Chamber of Commerce saying that Wally Chinn and James Yee will be delegates from the Seattle Chinatown Chamber of Commerce. Signed in Chinese by Wally Chinn and James Yee GG: Letter, 8.5X11", White onion skin paper, printed red letter-head and lined body. Letterhead is in Chinese and then: "Gee How Oak Tin Association, 519 1/2 7th Ave So. Seattle, Wash., U.S.A. Telephone EL 5878" Letter written in black felt pen in Chinese. Dated January 15, 1979. Check mark in upper right corner. HH: Letter, 8.5X11" White paper, black ink Chinese characters on letterhead. Purple stamp on left bottom. Letterhead in purple ink is: 1 line of Chinese characters and then - "Luck NGI MUSICAL CLUB, 512 - 7th Avenue South Seattle Washington 98104" In upper left corner is a lyre with laurel leaves, an open book and a baton. In the upper right is the phone #. A check mark is in upper right corner. Dated 1979 II: Letter, 8.5X11" White onion skin paper, with red printed text lines and letterhead. Date on left side: January 16, 1979. Black brush Chinese characters in text. Letterhead has one line of Chinese and then "Lee's Association 509 1/2 8th Avenue South Seattle 4, Washington U.S.A." JJ2: Letter, 8.5X11" White paper with black brushed Chinese characters in body of text. Red vertical Chinese character stamp on bottom left. Dated January 12, 1979. Letterhead in black ink. Top line Chinese characters and then "Hop Sing Tong, 512 Maynard Ave, So. Seattle WA 98104 U.S.A." blue check in upper right corner. Both i+ii appears to be the same. KK: Letter, 8.5X11" white paper letterhead, text in black brush ink Chinese. Purple stamp in bottom left corner in Chinese and a date: "Jan 16, 1979" Letterhead has top line in Chinese and then "Yee Benevolent Association 715 1/2 South King Street, Seattle, Washington 98104 U.S.A. Blue pen check mark in upper right. LL: Letter 8.5X11", white paper with black ink letterhead text in black ink brush Chinese. 2 purple stamps on left side. Middle one is square with seal style characters and bottom one is vertical characters. Letterhead has top line in Chinese and then "Soo Yuen Benevolent Association, 510 7th Ave. So. Seattle, Washington 98104" A blue pen check in upper right. MM: Letter 8.5X11" White paper with red ink letterhead. Text is in blue ball point pen Chinese. Dated Jan 16, 1979. Black ink stamp in lower left corner. Letterhead has top line in Chinese and then "Lun Kong Teu Yee Association 709 1/2 South King Street Seattle, Washington 98104 NN: Letter 8.5X11 White paper with black ink letterhead text is blue ball point pen Chinese. Stamped red seal in bottom left in seal style Chinese. Letterhead has top line in Chinese and then: "Chew Lun Benevolent Association" 416 Seventh Avenue South, Seattle, Washington 98104 USA Phone: 682-2110" Dated Jan 12 1979. OO: Letter H: 8.5" W: 14", Folded widthwise. White paper with light red floral motifs spaced across page. Text on front of folded side in red ball point pen. Dated 1979 PP: Letter, 8.5"X11", black ink letterhead. Text is in black felt tip pen with with a red character stamp in bottom left corner. Letterhead has 1st line in Chinese and then: "Suey Sing, Chamber of Labor and Commerce (413 1/2 Maynard Ave So.) Crossed out and written in blue ink 664 So. Weller) and then "Seattle, Washington 98104" Dated 1979 QQ: Letter, 8.5X11" black ink letterhead text is typed in English. To Harry Woo and Peter Lee of Chong Wa Benevolent Association. From Ted Choi, president of Chinese Community Service Organization. Signed in pen in English and Chinese. Letterhead has seal in upper left in red and then in black: "Seattle Chinese Community Service Organization." Dated January 12, 1979. It appoints Ted Choi and Nancy Jang as representatives to Chong Wa board. RR: Card, H: 6", W: 3.5", Red Card with black printing on one side. There are at the top 4 Chinese characters and then "A Happy New Year" then the logo of the Luck Ngi Musical Club and the vertical row of Chinese characters.
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