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Ledgers and Certificates - Archives

Ai: Ledger, Account Book, H:12", W:7.5", D .125" Green and Beige cloth bound book with green reinforced covers. Front has white paper glued to it. 2 faded red seal stamps on left side with seal characters and hand brushed Chinese in black ink down the middle and right side. Dated 1986. Pages are lined horizontall in blue. First 6 pages used. Aii: White envelope, H: 4.125 W: 9.5" Blue pen Chinese written lengthwise down front of envelope. Dated 1988 Found inside Ai - ledger. Aiii Bill Stub, H3.5 W: 6.75", City of Seattle Combined utility Bill Found inside Aii. Aiv: Letter, an announcement of the "Tomb Sweeping Day" gathering to visit ancestors' tombs. 8.5"X11" White paper with black brushed Chinese characters, dated 1985 B: Ledger, H: 11", W: 8.25" Viynal covered paper cover with external stitch binding. White paper pages have black ink printed grid on one side. Large Chinese characters above the grid and smaller ones along right side of the grid as catergories. The first one is for name. 24 pages have names filled in. On the inside of the front cover is a tempra painted Nationalist Chinese flag in blue with 2 red Chinese characters above it (says 'Nation Soul') On the opposite page down the center are 4 Orange Chinese characters outlined in red (says "Patriotic Figure"). Painted over this in black outline are 5 Chinese characters (says member roster). To either side is a vertical row of blue Chinese characters. A small row of black Chinese at the bottom. On the left is "Chong Wa Benevelent Association" and on the right bottom - "Kuo Min Tang" C: Letterhead note, 8.5X11" Tissue paper with black ink letterhead: 1st line is Chinese and then: "Hoy Sun Ning Young Benevolent Association 719 1/2 King St. Seattle, Wash., U.S.A. " A note written in black Chinese brush on 2nd half of page. On upper half notes in ball point pen. Scribbles about money received. D: Certificate, H: 10.25" W: 14.625", White card stock with blue scroll work frame 1-1 1/2" in. Blue nationalist sun logo at the top. Four large yellow outline seal style characters in center. Black Chinese across most of certificate a large red seal stamp on left center. Dated November 1981. Red ink stains on left side. Front is smudged and dirty. EandF: Memorials, H: 11" W: 14" card stock, white for Sun Yat-sen. The page is divided into three sections with the center one larger than the side ones. The areas have creases to fold the left and right sides in so as to hold it up. The center section has a black and white illustration of Sun Yat-sen. Below this it says Dr. Sun Yat Sen, Founder of the Republic of China." Below this is a small rectangle area sith Chinese. The left and right sides both have rectangular boxes commenting on Sun Yat-sen.
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