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Letters - Archives

15 Personal Papers a Letter to Clarence Arai from John Sylvester Aug 24, 1945 b Letter to Clarence Arai from Civil Service Commission c Letter to Mr. S.O. Thorlaksson July 9, 1945 d Letter to Clarence Arai from S.O. Thorlaksson April 28, 1945 e Letter to C. Arai from S.O. Thorlaksson April 4, 1945 f Application for short term leave C.Arai g Applicatoin for short term leave C.Arai Dec.23, 1942 h Personal Data Sheet Feb. 23, 1943 i Personal Information for leave application j Letter to C. Arai from Frank Barrett, Aug25, 1945. k Letter to whom it may concern, from Frank Barrett, Aug.25, 1945 Letter of recommendation l Letter carbon copy of (k) m " " " " n " " " " o Letter from Matthew Hill Nov 27, 1946 p Letter to WIMC from H.W. Cox August 24, 1945 Letter of Recommendation q Carbon copy of (P) r Letter TWIMC from H.L. Stafford August 27,1945 Letter of Recommendation s Notary Report for 1942 t Request for renewal of commission u Personal Information v Letter to collector of Internal Revenue April 11, 1944 w Income Tax Form 1944 x Letter to Collector of Internal Revenue Dec. 10 1943 y Income Tax Form 1943 z Receipts, letter, Instructions for 1943 Income Tax AA Letter from Collector of Internal Revenue to C. Arai BB Income Tax Return for 1942 CC Typed list of geneology of C. Arai's mother Kan Arai DD Typed half page listing family of Kan Arai EE Receipt from Seattle Monuments Company Oct.29,1956 FF Typed geneology of Kan Arai GG Typed list of Arai family members HH Typed half sheet of C. Arai's parents' and sisters' date and place of birth. II Typed list of relations of Kan Arai JJ Typed list of travels of Tatsuya Arai
Clarence Arai Papers
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