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Letters - Archives

a Paper "Written by a Japanese Student in reply to a Questionnaire on Race Relations" b Paper "The Life History as a Social Document" c Paper "Life History of Sako Tsuboi" d Paper "Case Brief on Anglo-Japanese Marriage" June 18,1924 e Paper "Story of a Chinese Girl Student" 1924 f Paper " Interview with Mrs.Machida" 1924 g Paper (3 copies) "Japanese in Agriculture" h Paper "A Wedding in Chinese and in American" i Paper "Seattle's Japanese George Washington" j Paper "My Oriental Husbands" k Paper "A Japanese Wedding in America" l Paper "Chinese Interviews" m Paper "What the General Public Knows and Does not Know About the Japanese Question" 1924 n Article " The Confession of a Japanese Servant" o Paper "Preliminary Statement of Racial Relations Between Chinese Students in an American University" p Paper "Intermarriage" q Paper "Interview with Mrs.H..." r Paper "Interview with Mrs.Sasabe 5/28/24 s Report "Of two cases of controversies between the Buddhist Churches and Christian Churches"
Student Papers on Race Relations
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