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Magazine, mail envelope, letter A: Glossy paper cover magazine, H: 7.375", W: 5", D: .125". The publication is staple and glue bound. It opens left to right. On the cover, which has a pink pattern background, is an inset photograph of a newly constructed building. The title is in red Chinese characters across the top, and in English below that. The photo has a caption in black Chinese characters and then there is a date in red. On the back are three inset color photos. The top one is of a street scene; the second is of a group of men dining with Gary Locke and his father in China; the third is of a group of men standing in front of a temple. All have black Chinese charcter captions. B: Brown paper envelope, H: 6.25", W: 9", on the front is a return address in the upper left corner in black ink. In Chinese and English is: "Fu Shan Monthly Magazine, Fu Shi, Dou Shan, Tai Shan, Kwangtung, People's Republic of China." Then there is a rectangle with three Chinese characters and "IMPRIMES". There is a xerox cut and paste mailing label on the center right. It reads: "Mr. Gregory Chew 1919 S. College St., Ceattle [sic] WA. 98144 U.S.A." At the bottom left is a blue ink stamp with 2 Chinese characters and "Par Avion" outlined. On the back are five Chinese postage stamps with 2 round cancellation stamps printed over them. C: Fuschia colored xeroxed letter. H: 7.625", W: 10.5", there are the faint outlines of a printed gridand with in the grid are handwritten Chinese characters. The letter is dated October 12, 1998 and is asking for the Fu Shi school overseas alumni to donate money to the school.
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