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Metal round token coins from the Ah King Co. All have on one side: "Ah King Company Hunters Bay Alaska" There are 6 denominations. The coins worth from 10 cents to $1.00 are silver color aluminum. The coins worth $5 and $10 are gold colored aluminum or tin. The denomination side all say: Good For - In Trade" A: $1.00 l,ll,lll,lV 1.5" Dia. B:50cents l,ll,lll,lV 1.125" Dia. C:25cents l,ll,lll,lV 1" Dia. D:10cents l,ll, lll,lV .875" Dia. E: $5.00 l,ll,lll 1" Dia. F: $10.00 l,ll,lll .875 Dia. 2X2's 3:00 . 100
Ah King Co.
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