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Letter to Mr. Shi lin Eng of Gom Hong in Seattle. One envelope is addressed to Shi lin Eng from Yu Zho Eng of Kwong Lee Wah in Hong Kong. Another envelope is addressed to Mr. Long pei Eng. The letter: "Greeting s to who opens up the letter! On the twenty fifth of the ninth month I received one letter for your family and a piece of red paper with the amount of one thousand and two hundred dollars. Following the instructions on your letter I gathered the money, sent it to Kuang Li Yuan Co. of Xining and delievered it to Mr. Ji da Eng. Two hundred was collected for services and twelve dollars was used for to reimburse the miscellaneous expenses according the current price. There was one thousand dollar left after the deduction. You will see it on the written record. Once we receive a message form your family, we will send it to you quickly to inform you of good news. I hope you can carry out great plans successfully in foreign land, open up various ways of making profits and have everything as you wish. Best wishes for your success. Bandits appeared in our area again. On the 11th of the 9th month. they captured more than 10 men and women at Shi keng kou. Among them there are three or four from Tang xia village, six or seven from Lai shan village. Also on the 16th they captured more than thirty men and women in total at Man-po. They are villagers in the areas of Song zi lang and Da heng village. Fourtunately, there is none of our area. The news in our province: Viceroy Mo resigned on the 18th. Jong Ming Chen (a military leader of a revolt) has returned to the Guangdong area on the 20th. our part is as usual. Since I am not able to inform you of everything, I will wait till next time to present more news to you. To Respectable brother Shilin as face to face on the twenty-eighth day of the ninth month the year of Geng, enclosed by Yu-zho Eng of Kwong Lee Wah, Yong le street Shang-huan, Hong Kong.
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