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a-f: Investment record books, Blue cloth, bound ledger with string, folded pages, red string bindings. a: 1943-5 Ledger b: 1945-6 Ledger c: 1947-8 Ledger d: 1952 Ledger e: 1953 Ledger f: Abstract- Investment record of a business (Min-Xing?) Record of Min-Xing shares Min-Xing: a thousand dollars Gom Hong: a thousand dollars Wu Shi-siu: nine hundred dollars Wu Shang-Ji: five hundred dollars Wu Shang-huai (?): Two hundred adn fifty dollars Wu Long-Pei: two hundred and fifty dollars Wu Qi-Chang: two hundred and fifty dollars Wu Shi-Bao: Two hundred dollars Wu Shang-Xian: two hundred dollars Lo Man (Shi-Zhen): two hundred dollars (Note: Lo Man's share was purchased by Shi-Sui, the the share was again purchased by Shi-Zhen) Wu Shi-Xiang: five hundred dollars Huang Lin-an: one hundred dollars Huang Chuan-Mao: one hundred dollars Wu Shi-li (?): two hundred and fifty dollars Wu Shang-You (?): three hundred dollars
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