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Image Letter
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Three envelopes and two letters. The two Chinese letters and envelopes were inside the western envelope which was addressed to Li Rujiao in Port Gamble. D: Letter to Rujiao from his son Hongyan: Both young and old in our household are fine. Please take care of yourself. Hope your business is doing well and making a good fortune. After we became a republic, various things are extremely expensive and bandits appear everywhere. We owe people a lot of money because we do not have enough money to meet the needs of our household. And people are coming frequently to ask for the money we owe them. Hope you can send money back often. E: Letter to Rujiao from his father. the money you sent to us was robbed by bandits. We are in a difficult situation. Please send money back as soon as you receive my words.
Letters to Li Jiao from his father and son.
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