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Envelope and letter and invoice A: Envelope from Gom Hong Co., Seattle, Wa. To: Kam Yen, Port Gamble, WA. B: A letter with a red store stamp of Gom Hong Co. You entrusted Shilin to ask for a list of your expenses as well as the amount of meals. You can bring money with you when you come over here again. Small gambling games are not available yet. If you are doing well, you can send money over. I will keep it under you share. At this time, big gambling games are ready. However, owing to the depression it is not opened yet. For newphew Li Rujiao, on the 14th of the 7th month. Gom Hong & Co., in Seattle, Golden Mountain. C: Invoice: You sent a total of one hundred forty and twenty-three cents. The total of your expenses is one hundred forty-three and twenty five cents. the amount of over expense is three dollars and two cents. For nephew Li Rujiao the 3rd year of the Republic of China the 14th of the 7th month. D: Buttons: In the envelope were 6 mother of pearl buttons with metal rings and clips.
Letter and invoice to Mr Li Yao from Gom Hong & Co.
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