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Letter - Archives

Envelopes: To: Cook House. Port Gamble, Washington. The envelopes tucked inside one envelope indicated that they had traveled more than one stop to reach the recipient. A: From Li Rushe in Hong Kong to Li Rujiao B: From Wing Cheong Kut, Hong Kong, China To: Gom Hong, 709 King St., Seattle, Wash. C: From Gom Hong Co. D: Receipt: We received seventy-five Hong Kong dollars from Li Rujiao through Shilu Eng of Gom Hong Co. to Li Ruzhe of Wing Cheong Kut. This is the proof. The year of Renzi, 29th of the 4th month, Li Ruzhe. E: Letter: "The queen of India arrived in Hong Kong on the twenty nineth of the fourth month. We have learned the good news you sent and received the seventy-five big yuan... At this time our city is selling goods to gather funds for military expenditure. Everyone is enthusiastic. We have nearly a hundred taels. When we are short of some supplies people of every village will provide them. Please do not worry."
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