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Image Letter
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three envelopes and one letter. A: From Zee Tai Co., Port Townsend, Wash., to Kim Yen, Cook House, Port Gamble, Washington, March 11, 1912 B: Chinese envelope To: Li rujiao From: Eng Yarong. C: Printed return envelope to: Zee Tai Co., No. 330 Water Street,Port Townsend, Wash., USA, PO Box 27 D: Letter: To Li Yao from Eng Shibao. "I received one letter from my friend yesterday, and have learned everything. My friend is dwelling in an abundant state, the source of wealth flows smoothly. This is something that should be celebrated. Last month I sent a message through Li Xiangchong brother... He must be busy with his clothes store, so I have not received any response. I asked him about this letter, he said there was no response sometimes... At this time Port Townsend in doing poorly in business, I am sure you are aware of it. For my friend Li Yao to examine. The 10th of the 3rd month, the first year of the Republic. Eng Shibao. "
Envelopes and letters to Li Yao
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