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Letter and two envelopes C was placed in B: a red striped Chinese envelope which was placed in A: a western style envelope addressed to Gom Hong Co., from: Jida Wu, Jinlong Village, Taishan, stamped: Kwong Lee Yuen in Canton, China. C: "Father, Great Man, Kneeling, I report to you respectfully that everyone in the household is in peace. Please do not worry ar all. I wonder if you have any idea about what to do with the money you sent to Guanglihua in Hong Kong recently. Uncle Xin plans to go to Hongmao... Uncle Xin would like to borrow five hundred dollars from Great Man with his field as an acknowledgement of indebtness. He will also pay interest. I would like to know if Great Man agrees or not? If Great Man agrees please let me know soon. Great man sent money to Guanglihua in Hong Kong. I wonder if you want to build a new house? You will need to send more money over if you want to build a house because it is not enough. Various things are pretty expensive nowdays. However, since Uncle Xin is frugal and upright, it would be fine to lend him money. This letter is short, yet my thoughts of you are numerous. I am not able to fully express what I want to say. I hereby wish you respectfully Golden Peace. Little son, Jida Wu, reports respectfully. The ninth year of the Republic of China Twelfth day of the Eleventh month."
Letter and Envelopes
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