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envelope and contents (A-F_ A: envelope in corner Gorn HOng Co. 709 King St. B: letter with Ning Yung Ben. Ass. San Francisco, all in chinese writing 1Reciept:" Now we have recieved One Yuan mebership fee for the first Ren Qin Conference( conference help you recongnize your relates) , which from Mr. Wu Shangjie who live in Ping Sui village, Xia Pin Bao. Person who recieved his moneny: Mai Li Ning Yung Ben. Association Feb. 30th. of 18th. years of Republic Of China" 2 Registion Certificate:" Mr. Wu Shangjie who is 23-year-old live in Ping Sui village, Xia Pin Ba. He followed the 8th. registion instrument of the first Ning Yung Ren Qin Conference in America to registed and paid for one Yuan membership fee for the Conference. This is a certificate for him. Person who recieved his money: Mai Li Hoi Sun Ning Yung Ben. Ass'n Feb. 30th. of 18th years of Republic Of China" C: a letter in all chinese writing D: Directions for a clock-all in english E: A gaurantee from Ingraham Co. with orange background F: sealed envelope-front has " I owe you $6.50 and a name
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