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Thin paper letter with red vertical lines with black handwritten Chinese in between. "Shi Zhen, my dear husband, I have the honor to inform you, Nearly 10 years have passed since we separated in our hometown, because the family is so poor that you have to go abroad to make a living. You have been working hard and have experienced hardships in life. I am worried about this. Fortunately, you have been in good health and remained safe and I feel better for this. Thank you. Now, I received your letter and with it 200 Yuan and 33 Yuan in coins. After deducting the commission I have 262 Yuan to meet family expenses. All of the things you talked about in the letter I understand, but last year you sent 300 Yuan. Last year we sent you several letters asking for news of Shang Fu; does he have a job? You didn't tell us about it. The relatives coming back from the US say Shang Fu sauntering through life spending money like water. Is it true? You have sent no word about this. When you receive this letter please teach him how to save his money. In the past Shang Fu often communicated with us, but we have heard little from him. Since he left Jing Xiang Store he is little concerned about his mother and family. The opinions about him are widely divided. As his mother I feel uncomfortable. Please tell me if he is working, has left for another place or lost his job. Jin Yi is going to the school of Chang Ping and the tuition is 30 Yuan a year with other fees so Jin Yi is taking food at home to cut down expenses. Prices are rising and family expenses are large. The family needs 5 - 600 Yuan. You asked me to give Cheng Cao 10 Yuan and Pan Sen 5 Yuan and I have done so. Jin Yi is growing up. I earnestly hope you apply to allow him to travel to the US. In brief, after two more years of study we need to send him to the US to work, then in a few years you and he can come back. Jin Yi will get married. The money we have gotten from you has mostly been used to repay the loan. The few spare Yuan is left to meet family expenses. We hope we can get more money from you soon. Your Wife, Yuanshi, February 24, 1929"
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