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A+B: Translation from a Chinese letter which is written by two sons to their father. Note: In China, it was popular in the past, in the name of two people to write a letter to someone or more than one. Honorable Father, Your son as I am bending my knees on presence of youa nd report respectfully. Sicne you left home and went out several years have passed. We miss you very much. We guess you are in good health and safety. These are our great expectations. We are studying in the school. Everything is going fine, don't worry. Now, on the date of November 6th of Chinese lunar calender it is the 12th anniversary of our school and opening meeting of the 22nd district branch association of Kuomintang too. We have celebration on them. Will have a good time. The other is the things you asked elder brother Shang Quan brought back to us. We all received and everyone in our family is going fine, don't worry, thank you. We write specially to inform you [ In China, the son cannot say "inform you." It is better to say "report you."] I respectfully wish you happy Your son Eng, Xiu Hong Eng, Zhen Hong November 7, 1926
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