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Tranlation of a Chinese letter which was written by two sons to their father: Honorable father. Your sons as we are bending our knees on presence of you and report you respectfully. We've go your letter in successively. Since you left, you sent us things and money are all received. Thank you. Just on July 26th, Uncle Shi Quan brought back a gold - boy and gold - silver coin 5 piece to us from you are received too. Thank you. Don't worry. You ask about the expenses of what was done on the mountain. It was just a few 2 yuan to Xinsheng and 1.6 yuan to Shang Jing brothers but the Cuo Yu scholar said "it is the best time to make up it in the next year March to April." If Uncle Shi Zong have spare time come back please. To handle it if not, please inform us more early. We can have plenty of time to conduct it. Our relatives on mother side are studying in Nan Village school, but the teachers in the school were kidnapped. The kidnapper wanted a ransom to return the 3 teachers back. And the ransom is too high. The total is 75000 yuan, but grandmother's (on mother's side) family is in straightened circumstances. So mother gave him supporting silver coin 20 yuan. As to buy land to build the house. To buy land there are a lot of things to be done. It's not yet now, let's report to you later. Now, everyone in the family is fine. Don't worry and we hope you take care of your safety and health, and want to receive your more letters. We write specially and respectfully. Wish you happy. Your son Xiu Tong Zhen Tong August 1, 1922
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