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Translation from a Chinese record of an interview with a customs officer: Officer: What's your name? Answer: My name is Ru Sheng. Officer: How old are you? Answer: I am twelve years old. Officer: What is your last name? Answer: My last name is Eng. Officer: Where were you born? Answer: I was born in China. Officer: What is your birth place in China? Answer: I was born in the Ding An Village, Tai Shan County, Guangdong Province. Officer: Where do you live now? Answer: I live in Dong hua village. Officer: What's your exact place of birth in Ping An Village? Answer: Da-Si-Jian house. Da-Wu-Jiao Lane Officer: How long did you live in Ping An village? Answer: I have lived there for 9 years. Officer: How far is the Donghua village from Ping An Village? Answer: About 500 meters. Officer: Who shared the houses with you in Ping An Village? Answer: I shared the house with Ai-Da-Gong. Officer: You lived in the front-door or side-door? Answer: I lived in the side door. Officer: Who lived in your opposite door? Answer: It was Yu Qun. Officer: Who lived in the rear house behind yours in your former residence now? Answer: It is Shi Huan's mother. Officer: What's about the front house (in the front of yours)? Answer: The midwife Ms Li lives there now. Officer: Is there any pool in Ping An Village? Answer: Yes there is. Officer: The exact place where you live in Dong Hua Village? Answer: I live in Da-Er-Jian house. Da-Shan-Jiao Lane. Officer: How many houses are there in Dong Hua Village? Answer: About 12-13 houses. Officer: Is there any temple or ancestral Hall? Answer: No, none of them. Officer: What is the direction of the Dong Hua Village? Answer: It faces west-south. Officer: Is there any country fair around Donghua Village? Answer: Yes there are. About 100M apart from Donghua village it is 2 times in 10 days. It opens on the dates of 4th, 9th, 14th, 24th, and 29th every month. Once in every 5 days. Officer: Is there any streams or rivers? Answer: Yes, there is one near by the country fair. Officer: How long have you attended school? Answer: 3 years and 6 months. Officer: Where is your school? Answer: I studied att eh school in Ping An Village. Officer: Who were your teachers? Answer: Yes, there were two teachers. Eng, Yu Kong and Eng Rui Zheng. Officer: Do you have any "Shu Shu" [father's younger brother] Answer: No, I have none. Officer: Do you have any "Bo Bo?" [father's elder brother] Answer: Yes, I have one. Officer What is your "Bo Bo's" name? Answer: My "Bo Bo's" name is Shi Bao. Officer: Does you "Bo Bo" have any children? Answer: He has 3 brothers and 3 sisters. Officer: Are you maternal grandparents still alive? Answer: Yes they are. My maternal grandfather is Li, Nanzhen. Officer: What's your maternal grandmother's maiden name? Answer: Her maiden name is Eng. Officer: Did your maternal grandmother have bound feet? Answer: Yes she did. Officer: Do your aunt and your mother all have bound feet? Answer: Yes, a little. But now they are unbound. Officer: Where does your aunt live? Answer: She lives with me. Officer: Where is your uncle? Answer: He is in the US now. Officer: Did you meet your uncle before? Answer: I dont' know, as I was very young. Officer: Are you aquainted with Shi Si in the Donhua Villiage? Answer: Yes, I know him. Officer: Did Shi Si have any children as you were in Donghua Village? Answer: I knew he had some children at that time. Officer: Are you acquainted with Shi Si's children? Answer: I am acquainted with Jun Ye (13 years old), Jun Tai (12 years old), Qu Xian, Zu Zhong, Qu Yun. Officer: What is your father's name? Answer: He is Eng, Shi Zong. Another name is Eng, Lian Chang. Officer: Do you have younger brothers? Answer: Yes, I have a younger brother. He was born in 1919. His birthday is December 29th, 1919. Now he is 2 years old. His name is Eng Yu Tang. Officer: Where was your father born? Answer: He was born in the US? Officer: What do you want to do as you come to the US? Answer: I am going to school in the US. This is a brief record of an interview with a customs officer. I have the honor to inform you. Yesterday, I've got my own brother's letter accomanying the letter is 150 yuan all are received (include the record of the interview with the customs officer) and know the detail as you said in the letter. I've copied it by hand writing. The only thing has to be done recently. I've sent a letter to Yu Kuan and Maitong. I've asked you to mail this letter for me. I think it must have been done. In the letter, I asked them have to be witness for me. As I arrive, I will be badly in need of having a witness if they don't agree with it. I earnest hope you can pray for them to do it. After I arrived will certainly thank them for their help. I am going to come on June 24th by Nan-Yan-Tong steamer Shi Li, Yu Wan, Shi Kuan, Shum Fu come with me together but Shang Quan come by "the Queen" steamer on June 14th. Now, everyone in our family is fine. Don't worry. With best wishes. To my dear brother Shi Bao Your young brother Shi Zhong May 27, 1921
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