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a i, a ii: Translation of letter: Father your excellency under your knees: Yesterday we received your letter and knew that you were healthy. We also received the $233 dollars. We gave grandmother $10 and the other grandmother $10. We are all happy about it. Everyone in the family is safe and peaceful. Please don't worry. We are studying at home. We have begun our vacation since November 28. Next semester when I pass the test I will be promoted to 2nd year. The price of rice has been risen. Next year we hope that you will send money home earlier. This year we did not have to [ ] last time the money you sent home. We had to return $70 to people we had borrowed money from. I remember that father told us never gamble. I have never gambled. If you can find nice English picture back please send home the rest of the matters. I will reprint to you later. Have you received the pictures we sent to you in August? Please let us know. Your sons Xiu Tong and Zhen Tong Date: 13th year of Republic of China (1924). December 19
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